29 Best Reddish Brown Hair AKA Red Brown Hair Color Ideas

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Balayage is full of warmth and richness, leaving you feeling fresh. The dimension created will give a natural, shiny look, especially when finishing with bouncy sleek waves. Reddish brown hair, or red brown hair, is a blend of various shades of reds and browns such as auburn, mahogany, burgundy, copper, and chestnut.

The combination of red and brown hues is endless. This multi-tonal color transcends the classic red and takes it to the next level for a more striking and rich blend that can brighten and freshen your look straightaway!

Red browns have a wide spectrum of colors making it a super versatile shade that can complement all types of skin complexion. Shades that go browner than redder suit fairer skins, while those that are more on the red side of the spectrum go well on tan to dark skins.

Find inspiration for red brown hair color tones for your next color appointment!

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Hints of Red and Brown Hair Color Blend
Instagram @mama_hairlab

#1: Hints of Red and Brown Hair Color Blend

Rich dimensions of copper and warm browns to heat things for the season ahead! The best natural-looking coppers and reds have multiple tones. They shine in the light, so play with two to three colors in your hair. This color is great for fair-toned skin. But there may be better options for you if you are more olive-skin-toned. It will blend with your skin too much and look washed out. Opt for a deeper, cooler red instead!

#2: Warm Reddish Brunette Toned Curls

Ask for a curly warm reddish brunette tone. Consider refreshing your brown hair with a warmer, almost red copper color. A gloss can help you achieve this color and create a high-impact shine. Gentle cleansers are the best way to maintain your rich color at home. Try Afterworld Organics’ Hair Glow.

Red, Brown and Copper Balayage for long hair with messy waves
Instagram @kl.hairartist

#3: Red, Brown and Copper Balayage

Dimensional coppers for long hair with messy waves are a great way to add a warm and subtle pop of color to your hair. Ask your stylist for hand-painting highlights and the desired colors. If you can, use your natural base color. This color technique suits those with naturally dark or medium brown hair. And those who are looking for an added touch of color.

#4: Brown Red Balayage

A reddish brown hair color is the perfect way to add subtle warmth to your look. For easy-to-maintain hair that will ensure a natural-looking result, try this hue. Did you know that adding balayage highlights can give dimension and depth? For extra texture and waves, ask your stylist about a layered cut.

Sexy Wavy Red Brown Balayage
Instagram @kl.hairartist

#5: Sexy Wavy Red Brown Balayage

Balayage is full of warmth and richness, leaving you feeling fresh. The dimension created will give a natural, shiny look, especially when you finish your style with bouncy sleek waves.

#6: Red and Brown Curly Color Melt

If you’re looking for a red-brown hair color that will make you look chic, try a curly cowboy copper color melt. This technique blends reddish tones with browns to create an absolutely stunning look. I suggest telling your colorist you’d like them to use warm, coppery shades of red. Then, you’ll achieve the perfect blend. Finish it off with glossy highlights.

#7: Chocolate and Merlot

Chocolate and merlot hair color tones are rich and warm! My best advice for achieving these colors is to bring some inspiration pictures to your consultation with your stylist. They will know if they can make your hair goals come true.

Dimensional Red-Brown Wavy Long Hair
Instagram @hairby.maggiee

#8: Dimensional Red-Brown Wavy Long Hair

If you want to add some warmth to your tresses and are comfortable dyeing your hair, try this dimensional red-brown wavy long hairstyle! Not only is this hue beyond stunning, but the lived-in cut also adds something extra to the overall look.

#9: Stunning Copper Blunt Cut

A blunt cut is great for creating an intense and bold hairstyle. Copper hair is well suited for pale skin tones, as it warms up facial features and compliments most eye colors. When combined with a blunt cut, copper hair expands the light and makes your hair look thicker and more voluminous, making it a great option for thin or fine hair.

#10: Soft Wavy Red-Brown Hair

A classic style of soft wavy red-brown hair is effortlessly romantic and chic. If your hair leans on the warmer side, adding more warmth may seem like a big risk, but well worth the results. Ask your colorist if red-brown works for your skin tone before committing. Adding pops of red and blonde to brown hair is a great option to transition to red. Soft waves can be done with hot rollers or curling iron and finished with a pomade for extra shine.

Sweet Burgundy Red Highlights on Brown Hair

#11: Sweet Burgundy Red Highlights on Brown Hair

Streaks of burgundy red on your dark natural hair can provide a stunning contrast that you won’t get from anything else. This is a great idea if you want to spice up your natural color but don’t want to fully commit to high maintenance.

#12: Warm Reddish Brown for Curly Hair

Consider a warm reddish brown if you have curly hair. This rich, gorgeous hue makes your curls look silky and velvety. Ask your stylist to consider a demi-permanent color for a softer and gentler grow-out, and so as to not dry out your curls.

Medium Brown Hair with Fun Copper Red Highlights

#13: Medium Brown Hair with Fun Copper Highlights

The base is a dark mahogany brunette (think red wine) with subtle balayage copper highlights, and it’s the perfect autumn color. The cut is blunt and angled with some textured layers giving dimension. This reddish brown hair color is for the girl who works at the office and wants to go edgy with color, but also maybe isn’t allowed to have unnatural colors at work.

Vivid Mahogany Red and Brunette Balayage

#14: Vivid Mahogany Red and Brunette Balayage

Try a mahogany red and brunette balayage with deep red tones and copper babylights. This red brown hair is great if you are looking for low-maintenance hair color, only having to come in for a root touch up in 6-8 weeks.

#15: Gorgeous Red to Brown Caramel Ombre

Try some copper and golden honey blonde tones to add some dimension and brightness without losing your natural red hair. The most maintenance this red brown hue will require is some tonal and color balancing.

Two Tone Red on Brown Hair Color

#16: Two Tone Red on Brown

This sweet coppery vibrant red and brown shade has warm undertones in it that make it look so defined and full of contrast.

Beautiful Dark Brown to Red Ombre

#17: Beautiful Dark Brown to Red Ombre

I’m obsessed with this fiery blend of vibrant brown red hair colors that tone down when it reaches the end for a lighter finish. The balayage gives a sweet dimension to your natural chocolate roots.

#18: Red to Brown Ombre on Short Hair

Show off your ultra cool pixie with a cherry red and chocolate blend! This sweet red to brown ombre results in a totally awesome dimension and depth.

#19: Pretty Red Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

This brownish red hair is a stunning combination of deep with auburn red balayage on brunette roots.

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Bold Red Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @cyn_haas

#20: Bold Red Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Red highlights on your dark brown hair is the best way to dabble as a redhead without the commitment.

Reddish Brown and Dark Auburn Balayage
Instagram @sokiestylist

#21: Reddish Brown and Dark Auburn Balayage

Feel warm and fuzzy with dark red and brown tones done with dark roots for an effortless grow-out. Dark auburn ombres look so amazing if you have straight hair, especially when the blend is seamless.

Dimensional Dark Red and Brown Hair Color
Instagram @aubrey2355

#22: Dimensional Dark Red and Brown Wine

Get ready for fall with this gorgeous dark reddish-brunette hair paired with a shadow root. Painting your locks with a vibrant and shiny brown and red hair hue will add definition and enhance the shape of your hair.

#23: Yummy Red Chocolate Brown

Have the colors of the leaves and natural wood on your mane for a gorgeous red chocolate brown hair color.

#24: Classic Red and Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Trade your classic light brunette hair for a combination of honey and strawberry balayage for the perfect red and brown hair color.

#25: Classy Light Reddish Brown

This light reddish brown hue is totally suitable for warm and tan skin tones. Show off your marvelous vibrant copper color with a perfectly flat-ironed hair for that super smooth and shiny finish.

Stunning Reddish Golden Brown Hair Color

#26: Stunning Reddish Golden Brown

A reddish golden brown color is a more subtle and low-maintenance color compared to brighter reds. A light red brown tone is easy to rock and can be tweaked slightly to make cool changes to your hair.

Flattering Brown Chestnut and Red Balayage

#27: Flattering Brown Chestnut and Red Balayage

This brown chestnut and red color was hand painted using the balayage technique. It was matched up to the natural root color so it will grow out seamlessly into a lovely ombre. This really is a color that will suit lots of skin tones, so ask your stylist if it will work for you.

Alluring Reddish Brown Hair with Highlights

#28: Alluring Reddish Brown with Highlights

This sleek reddish brown hair is a dark chocolate brown melted into the cherry red with copper highlights and a long layered haircut. To keep a vibrant red brown hair dye lasting as long as it can, you should always use a sulfate-free shampoo.

#29: Rich Red Brunette

A rich red brunette creates a beautiful warm base to compliment almost any skin tone. Deeper colors such as brunette require fewer maintenance touch-ups and can be freshened up with a colored conditioner. Brunette is a great way to contrast light skin tones without washing your light facial features out.

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