25 Best Red and Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Fiery Ladies

Red and blonde hair colors

Red and blonde hair colors are a cool twist to the classic blonde hair that incorporates sweet shades of reds and pinks. Also known as the flirty strawberry blonde, this pinkish-hued hair is what’s pumping every millennial girl up for this season!

There’s a wide gradient of shades available for everyone to enjoy – all you have to do is consider what type of complexion you have. Red blonde hues can be worn on any type and length of hair as long as it has the health and strength to undergo the lightening processes. (Lucky if you already have light-dyed hair!)

You also need to keep in mind that this envy-inducing deluxe hair color requires a lot of TLC and maintenance for it to stay for a long time. Upgrade your hair tone with this lovely modern shade and see how you can work it for yourself.

So before your next hair appointment, check out these trendy photos of red and blonde hair!

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Red Velvet to Blonde Ombre for a Fall Hair Idea

red velvet to blonde ombre
Instagram @alexathehairdresser

Look sophisticated and sexy with one of the hottest fall hair colors—the scarlet red-to-blonde color melt! This makes a stunning fall hair trend, for sure. For unique hair ideas like this, it’s a good thing to start with natural colors. It lessens the upkeep and time in-between salon visits and also enhances the beach blonde color at the hair ends.

Rose Gold Beauty with Blonde Balayage

Rose Gold Beauty with Blonde Balayage
Instagram @xcellent_kevin

Embrace the trendy pink hair with a seamless blonde ombre balayage hair color like this one done with a shadow root for more depth. Perfect for any hair – long or short – this rose gold and blonde color balayage is a total must-have!

Dark Red and Blonde Hair Color with Highlights

Dark Red and Blonde Hair Color with Highlights
Instagram @hairandnailsbyteri

Try a dark red and blonde hair color with highlights for a multidimensional look. Blonde-red hair color with many shades may look best on one-length hair. Ask your stylist about multiple hair color ideas.

Dark Ginger Red Hair with Caramel Highlights

Dark ginger red hair with caramel highlights
Instagram @hairbykatierose

Dark ginger red hair with caramel highlights is a hair hue you’ll want to try. The contrast of the caramel highlights on this rich red base is stunning. This color is perfect for women with warmer skin tones and will add the extra shine and brightness you’ve been looking for!

Red-Violet and Blonde Balayage

Red-violet and blonde balayage
Instagram @hairbycatcox

Red-violet and blonde balayage is a soft and beautiful color melt of warm tones. To get this color, ask your colorist for a balayage with a warmer base and light blonde on the ends.

Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Dark strawberry blonde hair color
Instagram @myhotmessstylist

Dark strawberry blonde hair color is typically a go-to shade for women with fair skin complexions. It’s also a great way to try a copper color without having to commit to going all over copper. For maintenance, try Davines Alchemic Copper Conditioner to keep hair color healthy and radiant.

Golden Red and Blonde Hues

Golden red and blonde hues
Instagram @kkays.beauty

Ask for golden red and blonde hues to brighten your dark locks to give an extra layer of dimension, and shine. For lasting results, use hair care products designed specifically for redheads, such as the Davines Alchemic line.

Burgundy with Blonde Streaks

Burgundy with blonde streaks
Instagram @bombshellred

Try burgundy with blonde streaks if you want to add some fun to your highlights. The burgundy shade will add in-depth dimensions and make your blonde pop even more. Finish your look off with some waves to show off your new look!

Dimensional Auburn Blonde Hair

Dimensional auburn blonde hair
Instagram @laurabergaminihair

A dimensional auburn blonde hair can be achieved by adding some highlights to create brighter areas of color. Talk with your stylist about placements that are best for your haircut. Once you have some brighter pieces, you can go for an auburn hair color that suits your skin tone and will pick up different shades where the hair is darker and lighter.

Bright Red Tones

Bright Red Tones
Instagram @parvinebeautysalon

Be the girl on fire when you get hair as fierce and vivid as this bright red to blonde hair ombre! Use the best color-safe products for a long-lasting relationship with reds. Ombre hair color ideas like this one look awesome with wavy hair styles, too!

Berry Red and Ash Blonde Highlights

Berry Red and Ash Blonde Highlights
Instagram @kayleedawnhair

Feel like the Little Mermaid with this modern straight hair painted with a divine blend of warm and bright streaks of blonde-red tones! These combinations of red and blonde highlights creates multi-tonal hues that could bring the warmth out of your complexion.

Scarlet and Honey Blonde Highlights

Scarlet and Honey Blonde Highlights
Instagram @tousledbykirsten

Rock out a fresh new straight cut with a bright red radiant color melt! Berries and vanilla definitely go together in everything!

Summer-Ready Strawberry Blonde Balayage on Short Hair

Summer-Ready Strawberry Blonde Balayage on Short Hair
Instagram @jessicaeckelmanhair

Blonde highlights on red blonde hair will wow everyone like this wavy bob! This summer-ready strawberry blonde hair color on short hair has become a very popular trend. There are not many at home dyes that can produce this shade so a colorist will definitely be needed.

Light Ruby Hair with Highlights

Light Ruby Hair with Highlights
Instagram @april_shelley

This strawberry blonde red hair amplifies the look of any light-colored hair. It adds a pop of color to a monotone look and makes it appear softer and full of body. Light red hair with blonde highlights shows stunning dimension when styled with waves or curls.

Redwood Auburn Hair with Gold Hair Highlights

Redwood Auburn Hair with Gold Hair Highlights
Instagram @melissanoelledesigns

Enhance your natural crimson red-tinted locks with this stunning technique! These warm and bright streaks of blonde and gold hair highlights totally lighten the hair and give it a dimensional effect. This shade is very similar to the color auburn.

Red to Blonde Ombre

Red to Blonde Ombre
Instagram @getfadedanddyedbystacey

This blended ruby red ombre with bright blonde streaks is one to die for! It’s charming both on straight and wavy hair as long as the transition is done precisely. This color is perfect if you want to paint your hair blonde but in a fun and trendy way.

Medium-Length Blonde Hair with Red Lowlights

Medium-Length Blonde Hair with Red Lowlights
Instagram @baileyhuff95

Go subtle like how this bright white blonde color is incorporated with hints of reds. The lowlights definitely break the monotonous look and gives it a more interesting finish!

Crimson Red and Dirty Blonde Highlights

Crimson Red and Dirty Blonde Highlights
Instagram @stellar.mane

Paint your hair red and blonde for this fun, edgy but conservative look at the same time. These crimson red and dirty blonde highlights were created by stylist Samantha Luna of Turlock, CA.

“Such rich red highlights make the style very versatile,” says Luna. “I also love creating loose waves, as it really shows the contrast between the two colors.”

Fire Engine Red with Blonde Highlights

Fire Engine Red with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairbyagomez

“It’s an edgy hot red hair with highlights of a very soft blonde hue. The cutest thing about this look is the two tones of color to make something completely different from the ordinary,” describes cosmetologist Adriana Gomez of Bakersfield, CA.

“Coldwater and dry shampoo are going to be your best friend,” says Gomez. “I recommend Amika dry shampoo and Redken color extend magnetics. Washing your hair with cold water really helps to keep the color vibrant as long as possible.”

Blonde to Red Reverse Ombre

Blonde to Red Reverse Ombre
Instagram @msnataliejean

This blonde to red hair is a lot like a dip dye or reverse ombré. It was created by stylist Natalie Jean of Huntington Beach, CA.

“Semi-permanent colors like this wash out very fast, or between 4-6 weeks,” says Jean. “Take into consideration that you need to not wash your hair every day while having semi vivid colors.”

She adds, “this color is for women wanting to try to add some pops of color throughout their existing color. They look best on blondes because not all vivids show up on levels 6 and darker without lightening the hair.”

Short Blonde Hair with Red Highlights

This style is a slight A-line bob with layers and lots of texture cut into it plus pops of red and blonde hair highlights. It was cut and colored by stylist Kelly Ries of Ellicott City, MD.

“It’s very low-maintenance, especially if you have a natural wave in your hair,” says Ries. “If your hair is very straight naturally, it only takes a few minutes to throw in some loose, messy curls just to add a little movement and texture.”

Even though the color has a lot of contrast, it’s still a very natural color.

Shoulder-Length Blonde Hair with Red Streaks

Shoulder-Length Blonde Hair with Red Streaks
Instagram @aroqhd

This blonde hair with red streaks was created by hairstylist and color specialist Ashlea Roquemore of Odessa, TX.

“It’s colorful and vibrant but can also be mature and office friendly,” she notes. “I don’t often see clients who want these types of bright rooted colors so it’s definitely unique.”

Roquemore says it’s important to use salon quality color care and be mindful when showering. “While these colors are permanent, they should not be shampooed in hot water. Tepid water temperature is preferred with a cool rinse.”

Two-Tone Blonde and Red Hair

Here’s a two-tone blonde and red hair color created by hair artist Verity Clarke of Essex, UK.

“It doesn’t have lots of complicated sectioning and blends, but the precision of the two colors that split straight down the middle definitely stands out,” notes Clarke.

Clarke continues, “this look is easiest to create on natural virgin hair or hair that is already blonde. Trying to get that lovely even, clean blonde on hair that is already red or colored with a dark color would be a challenge. It may take several appointments to achieve whilst maintaining the condition of the hair.”

“Reds do fade quickly, so the color would need regular top-ups (every 6 weeks or so),” she adds. “A professional color-hold shampoo and conditioner will help maintain the color. Washing in cool water helps prevent both color fade and the colors bleeding together.”

Two-Tone Highlights on Brown Hair

Brown hair makes a high-fashion color if lit up with a pop of light blonde, cherry, copper, auburn hair accents, and red highlights. Framing the top and sides of the hairstyle, this combo of colors helps enhance the haircut and style. It was created by salon owner and stylist Becky Calderone of Painesville, OH.

Calderone reminds us to invest in professional products from the salon to help support the hair color and to keep the integrity of the hair. “This is a hi-lift blonde and a creative hair color. Remember when trying out pop hair colors to be committed,” she adds.

This look has a few long substile layers that blend beautifully into the woman’s long hair making it easier to grow out and to accent the hair color nicely.

Natural Red Hair

Try a natural-looking red hair because it’s romantic that meets trendy. This has soft but vibrant hints of copper blonde, soft texture with the cut and style, but with an asymmetrical fringe. The soft waves and fun bangs really help bring out all the shades in this color.

The copper highlights work for ladies with a lighter skin tone. Nevertheless, this whole hair idea is best for all face shapes, fine to medium texture, and a woman who’s not afraid of color and cut maintenance to preserve the look.