26 Incredible Red Balayage for Brown Hair Ideas

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Light Brown with Bold Red Balayage Hair Ends for Medium-Length Cut with Soft Waves
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#1: Light Brown with Bold Red Hair Ends

If you have light brown hair, try this color with bold red hair ends. This look will require more regular visits to the salon, but it will be worth it!

#2: Red Balayage Tones on Brown Hair

These red balayage tones on brown hair are very dreamy. This look is great for people who prefer a darker base and love a rich contrast with copper-red tones. Your stylist will add ombre or balayage to enhance your hair length. They might suggest a refresh of your color and trim to remove any damaged ends every 10-12 weeks.

#3: Dark Red Velvet for Short Hair

Dark red velvet for short hair is lively and edgy! Adding a vibrant tone like red can make any short hairstyle more interesting. The pairing of the two can make for a creative hairstyle.

#4: Melted Dark Brown to Cherry Red Ombre

Try this melted dark cherry ombré for your fall and winter colors. This color would be best on a natural medium brown hair palette.

#5: Vivid Strawberry Red with Brown Roots

If you’re looking for a spring or summer color, give this vivid strawberry red a go! This is a great look, as it gives you dimension and brightness. This color is best on medium brown hair color, so it shows off the red more.

#6: Bright Merlot Red Foilayage

This bright merlot red is a beautiful color. This color would be best on a medium to dark base color. Be sure to use professional products to maintain this color between salon visits.

Hints of Brown Red Balayage Hues for Mid-Length Layered Cut
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#7: Hints of Brown Red Hues

Give this color a try that has hints of brown-red hues! This is a beautiful color option if you love to wear warm cozy hair colors.

#8: Auburn Brown to Red Ombre Balayage

Bring in any season with an auburn brown to red ombré balayage. You will want to pre-lighten hair with a balayage hand-painted technique. It will give you a seamless grow-out and create a lighter canvas to ombré over. With a darker base melting into a lighter copper is a low-maintenance color option. Refresh in between appointments with a gloss every 6-8 weeks.

#9: Chocolate Cherry Swirls with Mid-Length Waves

A wavy mid-length with chocolate cherry swirls is gorgeous. A mix of brown red , and copper-influenced balayage gives the perfect pop. To replicate, ask your stylist for a low-maintenance balayage to lighten the hair. Then finish with a color melt of darker transitioning into light. Always use a color protection cleanser for these delicate shades that fade more quickly.

Raspberry Balayage Swirls for Medium-Length Light Brunette Hair
Instagram @kenshosalon

#10: Raspberry Swirls for Light Brunette Hair

Opt for a raspberry swirl if you have light brunette hair. A red ombré balayage is a sweet, subtle color for the younger crowd. Focusing through mids and ends, this color combo pops the hair. Plus, it compliments natural brown hair tones. You can achieve this without bleaching, a great option for those new to color.

#11: Muted Berry Red Accents

I love this muted berry hair color! This is a great color where you can go more dramatic or subtle, depending on your style.

#12: Red Wine Ombre Highlights

Try this red wine ombré with highlights if you want a bright pop to add to your existing hair color! Remember that you will be in the salon more often to keep this color bright and shiny.

Rosewood Red Chunky Balayage Highlights for Long Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @studio.a.salon

#13: Rosewood Red Chunky Highlights

I love the depth in this rosewood chunky highlight color! This color would be a wonderful color transition for the cooler months.

Neon Red Balayage Highlights with Dark Brown Roots for Very Long Hair
Instagram @tania.pardal_hairstylist

#14: Neon Red Highlights with Dark Roots

Give this neon red highlight look a try. This look is best with a dark root so neon tones can pop!

Dark Brown Rooted Red Balayage Ombre with Long Waves
Instagram @yesi_glam

#15: Dark-Rooted Red Balayage Ombre

Try this dark-rooted red balayage if you’re looking for a fun color to go with your dark hair! This look is great for adding rich red tones to your dark hair.

Low-Maintenance Dark Flaming Red Color Melt Balayage with Medium Waves on Brown Hair
Instagram @hair.jstn

#16: Dark Flaming Red Color Melt

Ask about a dark flaming red color melt. A gorgeous modern red style creates a color melt with a few tones. A rich brown melting into a dark copper red will give you a glamorous color. You can maintain your reds at home with Celeb Luxury Viral Red Colorwash Shampoo.

Super Long Copper Brown to Red Balayage Ombre Waves
Instagram @estadessalon

#17: Copper Brown to Red Ombre Waves

Give this copper brown ombré a try! It’s a great combo of classic and trendy. If you want a little bit of dark and light yet stand out from the crowd, this copper red balayage on brown hair is for you.

#18: Vibrant Copper Red Balayage on Dark Hair

Here’s a vibrant copper red balayage on dark hair. A combination of brown and copper red creates a sophisticated blend of hues. If you have grown out highlights, this is a great option to switch up your color and blend in tones with a color melt.

#19: Dark Hair with Light Auburn Red Highlights

This dark hair with light auburn red highlights is a great color. Talk to your stylist today about what your maintenance would look like with a color like this.

Melted Brown to Burgundy Red Balayage Hues for Long Layered Hair
Instagram @kashhh_1121

#20: Melted Brown to Burgundy Red Hues

Ask about a color melted brown to burgundy red hues. For a blended red balayage, ask for a color melt, starting with brown and flowing into burgundy. You must pre-lighten where the red will be first with a balayage for a seamless color melt. Consider skin tone when deciding on which hue of red works best for you.

Long Brownish Cherry Red Balayage Hair with Choppy Ends
Instagram @balay.beauty

#21: Brownish Cherry Red Balayage Hair

Shifting your old brunette tone to a brownish cherry red balayage hair color is on-trend. Incorporating warm tones can help give your limp locks dimension. This fabulous ginger-brown tone reflects light and adds depth to your hair. You can play with any brown/red hair color. You don’t have to commit to a full head. Adding a few highlights to your dark locks can be the change you need.

#22: Red Velvet Chocolate Hair

Red velvet chocolate hair is rich and full of dimension. Switch up your traditional dark locks by adding red to your color pallet. I love keeping your natural base darker and melting it to lighter, brighter warm ends. The contrast between the two tones is beautiful and creates optimum dimension. Ask your stylist to use a teasy highlight technique for something like this.

Medium-Length Light Brown Hair with Bright Red Balayage Highlights
Instagram @schnittbrueder

#23: Light Brown Hair with Bright Red Highlights

Light brown hair with bright red highlights can be the fun pop of color you need. This edgy red colour isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re daring, adding pure red to your hair can be just what you want. A teasy highlight technique can be used to create softness in the placement. This will keep the overall look soft and feminine.

#24: Ruby Red Balayage Ombre

A ruby red balayage ombre is great for darker hair colors. Lifting darker hair types can often be difficult, especially if you have old or previous color on your hair. This deep red balayage is the perfect inspo for your next hair appointment. This color is beautiful because it can amp up your natural hair color while showing off your layers.

#25: Deep Orange Red Highlights

Deep orange red highlights are a fun and daring spin on traditional copper! This chic yet vivid hair color can be paired with any type of brunette. In my opinion, the best types of copper are the most dimensional ones. I recommend layering two types of copper to your overall canvas for an elegant feel. Be sure to incorporate both natural and vivid tones.

#26: Dark Brunette with Fire Red Highlights

Ask for a dark brunette with fire-red highlights. When looking for contrast in your color, it means seeing a difference between them. It’s important to use colors that also are complementary when doing contrast work. Red and dark brown are great examples of two extremes that complement each other well.

Red balayage on brown hair can be a stunning and bold choice for those looking to add a pop of color to their locks. To get expert advice on this topic, I interviewed Fryda Gonzalez, who shared her insights and recommendations for achieving the best results.

Meet The Expert

Fryda Gonzalez
Fryda Gonzalez
Fryda is a hairstylist with over 5 years of experience.
You can find her at Salontrose in Houston, TX.

Choosing the Right Shade of Red for Your Skin Tone

Gonzalez says that the best color for you is the color that makes you feel confident. She explains that, in general, deeper, vibrant red tones look great on more olive skin tones, while lighter copper colors look great on cooler skin tones. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and she recommends looking at other factors, not just skin color. Gonzalez suggests asking clients what features they want to enhance, as they may want their hair to complement their eyes or skin. She also considers techniques or placement, as almost any color can work if the client is open to suggestions.

Maintaining Red

Gonzalez says it’s all about the aftercare. She recommends using cool to lukewarm water when washing your hair, as hot water can cause the color to fade. She also suggests using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to protect the color and keep it from fading. Conditioning your hair regularly is important, too, as overly porous, dry hair will not hold color. To protect your hair from heat styling, use a heat protectant, as heat can damage and cause the color to fade. Gonzalez also recommends getting a gloss, an express service that refreshes the tone of your hair, making the color feel new again. Her favorite products for maintaining reds are Goldwell Dualsenses Color Revive and Oribe’s Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color.

Talking with Your Colorist/Stylist

When considering a new hair color, Gonzalez says it’s important to consider your current base color, the shade you’re interested in, your lifestyle, and your budget. It’s also important to have a good consultation with your hairstylist so they can understand your goals and help you choose the right color. Your natural hair color will play a big role in determining what colors will look good on you. For dark hair, the deeper the red tones, the easier and more gentle the process. For light brunette hair, there are more options to go darker or lighter, as it can be achieved through a one-step process. A dimensional brunette may require a corrective service if interested in a solid color.

Photos of Popular Red Balayage with Brown Hair