Red Balayage Hair Colors: 59 Hottest Examples for 2023

Red balayage hair colors
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A red balayage is a hair color that involves a freehand painting technique to dye the hair with red hues to create highlights or ombres. It’s every fiery girl’s dream come true!

If you’re craving a sizzling change to liven up your look yet do not want to commit to the maintenance that red hair normally requires, it’s time to celebrate because the answer to your wish is here!

California hair painter Constance Robbins is known for making sweet waves even sweeter with this popular dye job! With the various vivid shades of red – cherry, wine, copper, and auburn – you might be confused at first about which hue to try.

Here are a few tips to consider!

Warm red shades pair best with yellow undertoned complexions, while cool-toned skins match more of the darker reds. Color-safe shampoos are still necessary to keep the vibrancy flaming and the color fresh.

This sweet blend will fire up your look and inject a dose of brightness and dimension into your mane! Let your strands shimmer with flashes of ruby hues when you try one of these gorgeous red balayage hair colors!

Dark Cherry Red Balayage with Dark Roots
Instagram @alena_nakhodka
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#1: Dark Cherry Red Balayage with Dark Roots

A dark cherry red balayage is the color choice you want if you want to add life back to your hair! With the added dark roots, this color is a fun way to spice up your regular balayage. To help avoid your color fading fast, use a sulfate-free shampoo that is also color safe. Wash your hair with cool water as it reduces the stripping of color in your hair.

Ruby Red Balayage for long dark hair
Instagram @blend_n_snip
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#2: Ruby Red Balayage

If you apply a ruby red balayage to your hair, it will look exceptionally rich. The balayage technique enriches your hair by adding layers of red, avoiding overly light tones, and preserving the depth of your color. To maintain this color between appointments, you should use a red-enhancing treatment at home.

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#3: Romantic Red Balayage Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a statement color that will turn heads, a red balayage is the perfect choice. Emphasize berry tones over copper for a vibrant outcome. To make it more noticeable, request thicker ribbons of color throughout your hair. This will add more depth and contrast. A good home care routine is vital for maintaining creative shades. Always use a top-quality color-safe shampoo.

Multiple Shades of Red Balayage for long hair
Instagram @samihairmagic
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#4: Multiple Shades of Red

If you want a romantic look, consider using various shades of red. The combination of cool and warm red tones will surely turn heads. Using color-protectant products for styling, shampoo, and conditioner helps to maintain vibrant crimson hair.

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#5: Hot Tamale Red Balayage

If you love red tones in your hair, an intense red hue like hot tamale can be a fascinating choice. To achieve this vibrant red look, you should first lighten your hair, which makes the red tone as bright as possible. The most effective product at home is a red-enhancing shampoo and treatment.

Blood Red Balayage Ombre for ladies with long v-cut hair
Instagram @georgeeblancoo
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#6: Blood Red Balayage Ombre

If you have naturally dark hair, a blood red balayage ombré hair coloring technique could be the best choice for you. The dark base color of your hair can blend seamlessly with the deep red tone of the balayage ombré. To maintain the freshness of this hairstyle color, scheduling regular toners at the salon could be beneficial. Additionally, consider using a shampoo and conditioner that enhances the red color.

Vivid Red Balayage with Dark Roots for women with long wavy hair
Instagram @valeconcas
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#7: Vivid Red Balayage with Dark Roots

Are you ready for a bold change? Consider a vivid red balayage with dark roots if you have long wavy hair. This unique hair color adds dimension and depth to your look, making it perfect for those who want to stand out. This hair color works best with warm skin tones. It perfectly complements olive and tan skin. It’s important to note that this bold hair color requires routine maintenance to keep it vivid and healthy. Ask for color-saving products from your stylist so you’re prepared!

Red and Copper Balayage for women with long wavy hair
Instagram @hailtothehair
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#8: Red and Copper Balayage

Consider going for a red and copper balayage if you want warmth to your long wavy tresses. This hair color features a subtle blend of reddish and coppery tones. They perfectly complement each other. When dyeing your hair red and copper, it’s ideal for women with warm or neutral skin tones. It can help brighten up their complexion. To make this hair color work well on long wavy hair, ask your colorist to apply the balayage gradually. Starting from the mid-shaft of your hair and down to the ends. This helps to create a more natural look that blends well with your natural color.

High Contrast Red Balayage Hair for women with thick mid-length hair
Instagram @alex.mercedesss
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#9: High Contrast Red Balayage

A rich, dimensional red balayage works well with those who love the warmth and don’t mind the upkeep. If you want to maintain the color’s richness, it’s helpful to keep up on every 4-6 week appointment.

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#10: Red Balayage with Hints of Orange

A red balayage with hints of orange is the perfect choice to showcase your vibrant spirit. This color combination creates a striking and eye-catching look that demands attention. Aim to create a seamless transition between the red and orange tones. Allow them to blend nicely for a stunning effect. This style works best for those with warm skin tones. It complements and enhances their natural complexion. The red balayage adds depth and dimension to your hair. It will give you a dynamic and multidimensional appearance if you desire.

Alluring Red Balayage on Black Hair for women with long hair
Instagram @val_sok209
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#11: Alluring Red Balayage on Black Hair

Alluring red balayage on black hair can create a stunning contrast that turns heads. This hair color technique involves seamlessly blending shades of red into black hair. They add depth and dimension to your locks. Red balayage can be a striking choice for those who want to enhance their natural beauty. When you consider this color, choose shades that complement your skin tone. Talking with a stylist can help you achieve the perfect balance and desired result. Embrace the allure of red balayage on your black hair and let your confidence shine through.

Scarlet Red Balayage Waves for ladies with long v-shaped hair
Instagram @verodidmyhair
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#12: Scarlet Red Balayage Waves

Red balayage will change your life! Ask for a scarlet red balayage with waves to try the latest fiery hair trend. This beachy hairstyle and bright hair color for women will turn heads any time of year.

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#13: Cherry Red Balayage Highlights on Black Hair

Ask for cherry red balayage highlights if you want to brighten your black hair. High-contrast styles like this red balayage on black hair can sometimes be scary. Your hair colorist should be able to pick the best tones and lightness levels to add to the depth of your mane.

Vivid Black Roots to Red Balayage Ombre
Instagram @mattrazook
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#14: Vivid Black Roots to Red Balayage Ombre

Give this vivid red balayage with black roots a try for a super fun color! This would be best if your hair is naturally very dark. Plan to be in the salon more often for maintenance to keep the color looking bright!

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#15: Reddish Copper Balayage

If you’re looking for a bold and fiery change to your hair color, consider a reddish copper balayage. This stunning color choice blends red and orange for a warm, bold look. It’s perfect for those who want to make a statement. The balayage technique allows for a natural-looking blend of color. It creates dynamic depth and dimension. Plan to keep this light red balayage for a while? Ask for some professional products to help keep your locks nice and bright!

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#16: Fiery Red Balayage

Try this fiery red balayage to add brightness to your dark hair. Avoid using high heat when styling; always ask your stylist for the best at-home care.

Stunning Bright and Vivid Red Balayage Hair Color on medium-length wavy hair
Instagram @robindeltoro
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#17: Stunning Bright and Vivid Red Balayage

A stunning bright and vivid red balayage is trending. When you can go bold with your color, pre-lighten your hair with a global blonde and do a color melt from purple to red. Ask your stylist to create a balayage effect with your color melt if possible.

Sexy Long Red Waved Balayage Hair
Instagram @ongiga4__
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#18: Long Red Waved Balayage

If you want to add reds to your hair, you can get a full balayage to create lighter pieces. Ask your stylist to color melt with a darker red that gradually gets brighter on the ends. Red depositing cleansers and conditioners at home will help this stay vibrant longer.

Dimensional Brick Red Balayage on long wavy hair for women
Instagram @hailtothehair
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#19: Dimensional Brick Red Balayage

A dimensional brick red balayage is one of the season’s most requested reds! These tones are perfect for shifting brunette locks to something different and daring. Be sure to communicate with your stylist that you want pure red tones. Stay away from violet or copper! Your hair may feel slightly dry, so use a treatment oil. I recommend using  Loma’s Nourishing Oil Treatment for daily use.

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#20: Hydrated Curls with Red Balayage

If you have a more olive skin tone, a warm chocolate copper color can help give you a more glowing complexion. Suppose you ask for a balayage with lowlights that start a few inches away from the roots to give more contrast. This also benefits your curly hair as it defines your curl pattern. Ask your stylist if you can maintain your color at home with a color wash like Keracolor Clenditioner.

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#21: Candy Apple Balayage

This rooted candy apple red balayage on long hair is a showstopper! This is it if you want a vibrant color that will and compliments draw attention. I recommend hand-painting the colors to blend warm tones that won’t leave harsh lines. Tell your colorist you’d like the colors placed throughout your mid-lengths and ends. This ensures even coverage without over-processing or damaging your locks. Use a red color-depositing shampoo and conditioner to maintain this look at home. Plus, use a weekly deep conditioning treatment. They have some just for colored hair.

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#22: Dark Red on Dark Hair

What I love about this color is how the brighter red flows into the depth of the mahogany waves of her hair. My lovely client has naturally wavy textured hair and wanted to see more vibrant red in her already-colored, deep mahogany hair. So I wanted to create bold red pieces to complement her waves and contrast with the darker red. Colors that flow like this go well with a haircut that gives body, so I gave her medium-length layers and lots of texture.

Reds should always be vibrant! Red pigments in hair color usually fade fast and become dull if you don’t keep up with maintenance. How long the vibrancy in your hair will last depends on what products you use and how often you wash your hair. I generally recommend refreshing it with your stylist every 6-8 weeks.

Red Copper and Blonde Balayage
Instagram @m.albernaz
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#23: Copper and Blonde Balayage

I love how the bright pieces play with the layers of the haircut. The rich copper tones within the root shadow balance beautifully with the sun-kissed blond, creating shine and contrast. The styling looks at movement while accenting the balayage highlights. This red balayage hair color is perfect for a woman on the go who doesn’t want high-maintenance hair—someone who wants to see more dimension and brightness through her mids and ends. Multidimensional tones are great for all skin types and easily customizable to fit most clients’ needs and want.

They will naturally grow beautifully, and last 8-12 weeks, so only the base color and gloss on the ends need to be refreshed. Red tones tend to fade easily, so home care is crucial! Kerastase Chromatique Shampoo and Conditioner will keep it healthy and secure the color in-between visits. The styling gives this look its oomph, and the product is the key. Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom texture spray is perfect for giving her the tousled beach wave finish we are going for. She should be comfortable loosely curling her hair to get the right effect on those beach waves.

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#24: Dark Red Roots with Red-Copper Ends

Walk on the warm side and pair your dark red roots with red copper ends. Red and copper tones make a striking combination that will make your locks look warm and inviting. When it comes to red tones, remember to tone every 4-6 weeks to keep your tresses looking true to tone. Reds are high maintenance, but the outcome is worth it.

Medium-Length Shag with Red Balayage
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#25: Medium-Length Shag with Red Balayage

Fiery mixed balayage could be a perfect fit for you. The soft balayage around your face will brighten it and make a great difference when curled. You’ll want to wash with cooler water to prevent too much bleeding. Cooler temps maintain the contrast between the balayage and base color.

Stunning Long Red Balayage Hair
Instagram @hairbyemmarain
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#26: Stunning Long Red Balayage Hair

Warm up your mane with stunning long red balayage hair. Dyeing your hair red will instantly make your locks look more luxurious. Rich red tones add warmth to your hair and add reflective shine. Remember, reds fade quickly, so use color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

Dimensional Auburn-Red Balayage
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#27: Dimensional Auburn-Red Balayage

Get compliments all day long with dimensional auburn red balayage. Dyeing your hair red is a commitment. When you have a blended balayage, it will make your color low-maintenance. Wear your hair waved or straight. With a hand-painted balayage, there are no harsh lines, and it will look beautiful either way.

Dimensional Red Sunset Balayage
Instagram @aaashleee
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#28: Dimensional Sunset Balayage

Try rocking a trendy color with a dimensional sunset balayage. Dyeing your hair should be fun, and what could be better than experimenting with some bold fashion colors? When keeping maintenance low, keep your natural root and have the balayage blended up. That way, you will get more time between touch-ups.

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#29: Sultry Blood Red Balayage

There is nothing more desirable than a rich dark blood-red tone in hair. My advice with colors is to spend time letting the color penetrate. A good saturation is needed so the color will be full of life—style with loose waves to show off the reflections of tones.

Fashionable Cherry Red Balayage
Instagram @bucio.glam
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#30: Fashionable Cherry Red Balayage

Get others’ attention with a fashionable cherry red balayage. It’s best to pick a red hue that best suits your complexion for an overall brighter-looking appearance. If you decide to go for a red balayage, keep your maintenance low by keeping your root natural if possible. Also, use a red color conditioner to keep your color looking better for longer at home.

Black and Dark Red Balayage Color
Instagram @colour.jade
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#31: Black and Dark Red Balayage

Go to the warm side with black and dark red balayage. Adding warm light reflecting tones gives your hair a glossy and luxurious shine. Adding a bold money piece around your face is the best way to give your hair a bold pop. Plus, it will make your complexion appear brighter.

Gorgeous Red Balayage Makeover
Instagram @john.n1115
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#32: Gorgeous Red Balayage Makeover

Liven up your look with a gorgeous red balayage makeover. Pre-lifting your hair will be required to keep red tones vibrant and bold. Ensure you opt for a hue for your skin tone to bring out your natural glow. Tones of fiery copper and red will give the illusion of glistening and glossy locks.

Bright Red Balayage Ombre on Long Hair
Instagram @theombredealer
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#33: Bright Red Balayage Ombre on Long Hair

Be a fire starter with bright red balayage ombré on long hair. Vibrant and bold, a red balayage will not disappoint. I’ve found that red fades very quickly. Having a color-depositing mask at home will help keep your locks more vibrant for longer. Make sure you always use color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

Black Cherry Balayage Hair Color
Instagram @hair_bymally
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#34: Black Cherry Balayage

The black cherry balayage is a head-turning color perfect for long dark to light brown hair. It won’t let you stay unnoticed, but it’s great to know that it will fade away quickly, especially on your ends. You’ll want to color at home with direct dye. Or, book regular semi/demi-permanent color appointments in the salon.

Naturally Red Balayage
Instagram @colour.jade
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#35: Naturally Red Balayage

Naturally, colored red balayage is very trendy right now. Add some highlights around your hairline if you go with a red tone. This will give your color a natural brightness. This color is best suited for a younger adult who wants to be trendy with the current style.

Fire Copper Red Balayage
Instagram @lo_davishair
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#36: Fire Copper Red Balayage

A fire copper red balayage is the perfect color for the fall season. When determining if a warm red color would complement your skin tone, take gold and silver pieces of jewelry to your appointment. When you put the different pieces of jewelry on, see which one highlights your skin tone. If the gold piece looks best, more than likely, a warm red copper color will look great too.

Peachy-Red Gorgeous Balayage
Instagram @slayejae
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#37: Peachy-Red Gorgeous Balayage

Try a new hair hue with a gorgeous peachy red balayage. Add peachy red, warm tones to your tresses to see your hair sparkle in the sunlight. Red flatters almost all skin tones and helps your complexion look brighter and healthy.

Full Tease and Foil Red Balayage
Instagram @georgeeblancoo
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#38: Full Tease and Foil Balayage

Ask your stylist for a full tease and foil balayage if you have darker hair and want a balayage look. A full tease is when your stylist backcombs your hair to give a soft, lived-in highlighted look, and by placing the balayage pieces in foils, you can get your hair lighter. Remember that it’s best to ask for a warmer tone color if you have dark hair.

Brick Red Balayage Wavy Bob
Instagram @bethanyschair
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#39: Brick Red Wavy Bob

Discover your perfect color with a brick-red wavy bob. Rich tones of red and copper balayage are one of the most eye-catching color combinations. Freshen up your locks when you can to keep your tone vibrant. Try to color every 4-6 weeks for beautiful warm tresses.

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#40: Reddish Copper Balayage

A reddish copper balayage is perfect for women who want a red with lower maintenance. Roots will easily grow without a line of demarcation, and a copper balayage is subtle but also dimensional.

Dark Auburn Red Balayage
Instagram @catcoiffeur
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#41: Dark Auburn Red Balayage

Consider getting a dark auburn hue using the balayage technique next time you’re at the hair salon. When painted as a balayage, a deep red color is rich and has lots of depth and dimension. The key to creating depth and dimension is going a shade or two darker of the same tone at the root area and underneath while keeping a little bit of a brighter, lighter shade around the face and on top. This will give you the pop you need and keep the richness and depth of your hair color.

Black and Red Balayages
Instagram @hairby.ambermarie
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#42: Black and Red Balayage

Red and black scream burning passion, and we’re passionate about that hair color by colorist Amber! She does a phenomenal job with a red balayage hair color on her client.

Copper Highlights and Red Balayage Hair
Instagram @lamacasias
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#43: Copper Highlights

Copper highlights are a stunning color to have over a darker base. This hair color is perfect if you’re looking for some contrast and dimension. Styled with some waves, it will shine through!

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#44: Black and Red Balayage Hair Color

Muted red on black hair leaves a powerful feeling. Plum tones can also be seen swept over the hair so lightly.

Cherry Red Balayage
Instagram @taylillian.xo
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#45: Cherry Red Balayage

A dash of sweetener on rich red hair. This monochrome ombre works by creating a distinction between both colors.

Red Balayage Highlights on Light Brown Base
Instagram @your_hair_hero
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#46: Red Balayage Highlights on Light Brown Base

Good thing the balayage happened because what other way to posh up a brunette than smooth scarlet streaks?

Red Wine Balayage on Black Base
Instagram @ellie.noel
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#47: Red Wine Balayage on Black Base

Plum for fun! Colorist Ellie worked on this wine-red balayage by sweeping rich red dye onto long locks, resulting in a gorgeous dimension.

Subtle Rose Gold Balayage
Instagram @tmelong
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#48: Subtle Rose Gold Balayage

Do I sense Ginny Weasley in these ginger locks? Try a rich rose gold hair color that would be swept down your locks, and you’ll find your own Harry in no time. Get a ginger and blonde balayage with your natural roots to achieve a soft rose gold tone that blends well.

Brown and Red Balayage
Instagram @mo_hairstyle_
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#49: Brown and Red Balayage

Crunch in those autumn colors in one mane as wearing a burnt sienna fade goes well in any season. Brown to red balayage hair colors is perfect fall shades.

Dark Brown and Red Balayage
Instagram @alliediazhair
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#50: Dark Brown and Red Balayage

Anyone who has naturally dark brown hair, take note. This is the ultimate crimson balayage look for straight hair. Stylist Allie made a spicy, fiery look so soft and flattering! This deep red balayage on dark brown hair will completely transform your appearance.

burgundy balayage
Instagram @lmariehairr
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#51: Burgundy Balayage

Go for a cool burgundy balayage. You don’t have to use bleach to get this look if you have virgin hair! If you already have a pre-existing balayage, you could throw a semi-permanent color over it. It’s great for someone who wants to add a fun color to their look without going crazy with the cut! Also, someone looking to do something funky with color without having to go through too much damage to their hair.

If you are considering this look, know it may fade quickly since it is in the red/violet family. A good trick when washing would be to use cooler water. It helps with fading. Use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner! Even a color-depositing shampoo/conditioner with greatly help prolong the color. If you want to maintain the color, it’s a good idea to come back about every 4-6 weeks to have it refreshed.

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#52: Deep Red Hair with Highlights

This is a bold, fun look for someone who likes to get noticed! Keeping my colors, even fashion colors, more rooty allows for better grow out & looks great longer.

Almost anyone can wear this shade of red. However, such hair colors ideas are a battle to keep the vibrancy. The professional-grade shampoo is a must! Also, the client will need to come in to refresh the color monthly. The great thing about lifting the hair to a level 9-10 first is that it lays the groundwork for many other colors afterward. This client has been bright purple & now we’re pursuing a blonde look.

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#53: Copper Red and Light Brown Balayage

Opt for a copper red and light brown balayage. Ask your stylist to frame your face with layers that add dimension and make the color pop. For hair color, use Calura by Oligo and add drops of Goldwell pure pigments in red and gold. For the blowout, protect your hair from the heat with Kerastase Ciment Thermique and use a large round brush to achieve a bouncy, silky look.

To keep red balayaged hair looking amazing, we recommend coming in every 5 to 8 weeks for color refreshing. Invest in quality hair products and always use a sulfate-free shampoo for color-treated hair. Use Oribe’s Beautiful Color Shampoo and Beautiful Color Conditioner because it’s gentle and luxurious and works to preserve the color.

Blonde and Red Balayage
Instagram @haircolorist.lacey
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#54: Blonde and Red Balayage Hair

A red velvet color melt is 4 different reds from darkest to lightest. The application to achieve this blended red and blonde balayage was performed in two sessions, avoiding blonde staining. The red was applied to damp hair for easy saturation and melt technique.

It’s one of the best hair colour ideas if you are a blonde. The blonde is the most difficult, lifting the hair to the desired level and then applying the red. Remember, red and blonde shades require more maintenance. You must use a professional shampoo and refresh your color every 4-6 weeks as fading occurs.

Natural Red Color with Caramel Balayage
Instagram @coloredbykarla
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#55: Natural Red Color with Caramel Balayage

I describe this look as natural, embracing her natural red tones but giving it an extra pop of color with the balayage. This natural red balayage is great for someone with red or auburn tones in their hair but wants to add a little dimension, yet not too much to take away from the red.

This hair color for ladies looks best on someone with medium/thick hair. This type of balayage can last someone three to four months, with the maintenance of just a glaze or toner every 6-8 weeks. The blown-out beach waves are my favorite. They are effortless and can last a few days. For the best hair length, I suggest shoulder-length or longer. You can always go right with a good dry texture spray to give that beachy lived-in look.

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#56: Reddish Brown Balayage

This is a red balayage hair color in combination with teasy lights to give it a softer look. I love how this shade of red still looks natural, so it could work if a client wants a subtle change!

This look is 100% customizable. If you’re nervous about doing it, start with small and subtle teasy lights, then go bolder with more! The color red can be overwhelming to some people. Take it slow, and you will love it!

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#57: Auburn Red Balayage

This look is a multi-tonal, auburn/copper color melt. To achieve this look, we did a subtle root smudge with a warmer color than her natural (4nw), followed by painting from the rooted area through the midsections in some areas and through ends in others (5c+5cb and 7c) to create depth and dimension. I used a lighter copper (8c) to complete her multi-tonal color melt for the ends and up into some of the midsections.

I recommend evaluating how much time and energy you invest in maintaining a warmer look. While technology in modern hair color has come a long way, any reds or coppers tend to lose vibrancy fairly fast. Make sure you are willing to use high-quality color care products at home to prolong your preferred color. Ask your stylist if your goal hair color is appropriate for your skin tone and eye color. There are (luckily) expansive choices when it comes to warm colors – so do your research and make sure you feel comfortable with your color technician. If you don’t like to visit the salon often, let’s settle on a copper or golden tone that has a longer lifespan than some reds that tend to fade after 4 weeks. Consider that the canvas you are applying color over matters as well. Do you have lighter or more ash-toned hair? It will likely fade faster than applying over hair with a deeper pigment or warmer underlying tone.

Bright Red Balayage Highlights
Instagram @toniiii_j_hair
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#58: Bright Red Balayage Highlights

This vivid bright red color is cheery and head-turning. The best thing about this color is its depth, richness, and brightness all in one! Add depth using rich natural tones at the base and lighten the strands so that when Joico Color Intensity is added for the overall red, you will have a variety of tones.

Find a stylist who is most comfortable doing the tone of red hair. This color would be recommended for someone with fair skin and deep features, eyes/eyebrows because of the depth in this color. They should be ready to wow people with brightness and commit to maintenance. Women with fashion or vivid tones can’t wash more than 2-3 times a week, purchase color-safe and color-extending shampoos, and are fans of dry shampoos!

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#59: Brunette and Red Balayage Hair

This vibrant red is a multi-purpose red. I did a blonde balayage for this client some months ago; now, she wanted something bolder. I kept her roots natural and used different reds to create more dimension depending on where the light was. I love how she can put her hair up and back to keep it more natural, and when she wants to show it off, she can let it all down. Waves help create the dimensions and intensity of the color.

It can be a high-maintenance color. You would need to touch up now and then. I always recommend my clients to use a good color preserve shampoo and conditioner. Too hot styling tools will make the color fade faster. And last but not least, if you are considering it, go for it! Colors are fun.