Pumpkin Spice Hair is Beautiful – 25 Examples You Should See

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Fall-Inspired Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Check out this fall-inspired strawberry blonde balayage. Capture the essence of fall with hair tinted in a pumpkin spice shade. The red tones can be accentuated with blonde highlights. These gorgeous highlights will create a stunning depth and bring out your vibrant end-of-summer spirit.

Chestnut Red Pumpkin Spice Hair with Medium Layers
Instagram @a.x_hairchill

#2: Chestnut Red Hair with Medium Layers

Contrasting pumpkin orange on the autumn color spectrum is chestnut red. Chestnut red hair with medium layers exudes autumn vibes. Yet, its rich vibrancy makes it perfect for winter and spring, too.

#3: Brown Hair with Pumpkin Spice Ombre Highlights

Make your brown hair better with a fresh look and pumpkin spice ombre highlights! A small amount of pumpkin spice tint can boost your hair color to a more seasonal and enjoyable look.

#4: Muted Pumpkin Spice Hue

For women who prefer less vibrant colors, a toned-down pumpkin spice hue is also a popular choice instead of a brash orange. Choosing natural red shades can also help one get on board with the color trend without entering bright color territory.

Golden Pumpkin Spiced Highlights with Root Melt and Long Layers
Instagram @danielmbeauty

#5: Golden Pumpkin Highlights with Root Melt

Adorn your mane with pumpkin spice color all year. Add irresistible golden pumpkin highlights and a root melt. This hue is so gorgeous you’ll never want to change it up!

#6: Wavy Reddish Ginger Long Hair

If you fancy both pumpkins and mermaids, a wavy, reddish-ginger long hairstyle is perfect for you.

Deep Auburn Short Bob with Subtle Pumpkin Spice Tones
Instagram @colorsbyjaime

#7: Deep Auburn with Subtle Pumpkin Tones

Transform your look with a deep auburn hair color with subtle pumpkin tones &mdash a darker take on the pumpkin spice color trend. To further enhance your style, consider adding a slight coppery shade around your face. This acts like a highlight, adding depth to your look and drawing more attention to your face.

#8: Bright Pumpkin Spice Balayage Highlights

It’s the time for hair styled in a pumpkin spice hue. A pumpkin spice balayage highlight turns light red summer hair into a rich copper shade for fall. The rich fall copper tone is ideal for those with peachy pink or olive skin tones.

Glossy Pumpkin Spice Red Bob with Bangs
Instagram @leadstylist36

#9: Glossy Pumpkin Red Bob

Do you have a bob haircut? Tell your hairstylist to give you a bob in a glossy pumpkin red color. Your bob’s shape and texture will pop if you add copper tones.

#10: Cinnamon Hair with Soft Waves

Cinnamon-colored hair, soft and wavy, like pumpkin spice, is a trending style. This rich and warm color is perfect for late summer and fall and will resonate with the Halloween spirit.

Shoulder-Length Pumpkin Spice Lob with Blonde Money Piece
Instagram @_hairbyrayven_

#11: Pumpkin Spice Lob with Blonde Money Piece

When you add a blonde streak to a pumpkin spice lob, it brings out the red color! This bold contrast provides an edgy look to the rich color. Use a hydrating hair mask weekly to keep your hair strong and healthy.

#12: Low-Maintenance Dark Pumpkin Spice Latte

A dark pumpkin spice latte hue is an easy hair color trend for this fall. Choosing a color that blends with your natural hair before fading into pumpkin spice shades ensures your dye lasts longer and extends the time between salon visits.

#13: Butterscotch Balayage Hair with Curtain Bangs

The model has hair styled in butterscotch balayage with curtain bangs. Brighten up your brunette hair with a butterscotch balayage. Warm tones are perfect for fall. Add some curtain bangs to show off the balayage ribbons.

#14: Rich Pumpkin Copper Medium Hair

Color your hair in a pumpkin spice shade with a rich pumpkin copper for medium hair. This lush color looks even brighter on medium-length hair as light shines from root to tip.

#15: Light Pumpkin Short Hair

Opt for a light pumpkin-colored hairstyle for a vibrant and cozy look! Red tones tend to fade quickly, so plan for frequent salon visits to refresh your color.

#16: Pumpkin Highlights on Dark Hair

Dark hair will look more appealing with pumpkin highlights. The trendy pumpkin spice shade will enhance your dark hair with a dimensional color. Your stylist will combine various techniques to match the pumpkin spice gloss with your skin tone this fall.

Deep Pumpkin Spice Pixie Hair
Instagram @spx_creations

#17: Deep Pumpkin Pixie Hair

Deep pumpkin pixie haircuts create a strong seasonal feel. Usually, pixie haircuts are bright blonde or dark brunette. But a gingery color is more appealing for a new or revised short haircut.

Honey Pumpkin Spice Medium Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @jeannemaureens

#18: Honey Pumpkin Spice with Blonde Highlights

Do you like hair with the color of pumpkin spice but want it a bit lighter? Try the honey pumpkin spice hair color with blonde highlights. This trend uses more blonde dye to create a brighter, less coppery look.

Mid-Length Brunette Pumpkin Spice Hair with Blunt Ends
Instagram @kampaamorose

#19: Brunette Spice Hair with Blunt Ends

A thick and luscious look can be achieved with a brunette spice hair color with blunt ends, in line with the PSL color trend. Darker brunette hair with pumpkin spice color will result in a richer, spicier look. Sharp highlights are made prominent by the blunt ends, completing the whole look.

#20: Gingerbread Caramel Hair Color

If you want to enhance your pumpkin-spiced hair, consider adding golden highlights. They would match your trendy hair color. Adding thick strands of balayage blonde will create a stunning look. Just a few strands are enough to make a bold statement.

#21: Pumpkin Spice Ginger Hair

Not all hair with pumpkin spice tint needs bright copper. This ginger hair color leans towards the spice, not the pumpkin. Copper, red, and brown blend for a full and autumn-like look.

#22: Pumpkin Red Straight Hair

Consider a pumpkin red straight hairstyle. Your stylist can choose the perfect shade of red by considering your skin tone and applying multiple matching tones for a beautiful look. If you choose a pumpkin spice hairstyle, varying shades of red will work perfectly.

Pumpkin-Spiced Long Ginger Red Balayage Curls
Instagram @lincontournable.beauty

#23: Long Ginger Red Balayage Curls

Color your hair with vibrant ginger red tones using these long, wavy curl techniques! This season, ginger red tones are popular and look amazing on naturally curly or wavy hair.

Side-Parted Burnt Orange Hair with Pumpkin Spice Collarbone Cut
Instagram @glambygii

#24: Side-Parted Burnt Orange Hair

A burnt orange color with a side part would be perfect for your fall inspiration. I recommend using a color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner at home to maintain this color. The burnt orange accentuates light eyes, creating a beautiful contrast and pop!

#25: Warm Light Pumpkin Hair Color

This warm and light pumpkin hair color is a gorgeous way to incorporate the colors of autumn into your look. If you’re obsessed with all things fall, then this is the hue for you!

Are you ready to sprinkle some autumn magic into your life? The red-orange hues of falling leaves might just be your next hair color inspiration! Let’s dive into the world of pumpkin spice hair with expert colorist Sarah Caicedo. Buckle up as she spills the secrets of pulling off this vibrant look like a pro!

Meet The Expert

Sarah Caicedo
Sarah Caicedo
Sarah is a salon co-owner & master colorist with 19 years of experience.
You can find Sarah at House of Mane in Miami, FL

Matching Skin Tones

Look at your skin tone before diving into this color. “Cool hair colors compliment cool skin tones,” says Caicedo. “Warm hair colors look best on warm skin tones.” If you have fair skin, copper and orange undertones will work well. For darker skin tones, try honey and amber undertones.

Not sure about your skin’s undertone? Here’s a trick – look at your veins. If your veins appear blue or purple, your skin has cool undertones. If you see green or blue-green hues, your skin has warm undertones. If it’s hard to tell, you likely have a neutral skin tone.

How to Maintain This Hair Color

Pumpkin spice hair is not easy to maintain. The red pigment is the largest molecule in the color formula, making it tough to get in and out. Here’s the key – use pigmented shampoos and conditioners every two weeks.

Caicedo recommends Davines’ Alchemic Copper and Alchemical Golden. “Mix the two for customized pigment,” she suggests. She also recommends color-safe shampoos free of paraben. To seal in the pigment, apply a clear gloss after reaching the desired color for longer-lasting results.

Things to Discuss With Your Stylist

Before going for the makeover, talk to your colorist in detail. Show them a photo of the fall color shade you want. If you’re doing highlights, select a photo with a base color similar to yours.

If you’re fine with changing your base color, know this – you will need to visit the salon every four weeks. This is not a low-maintenance look. But if you opt for a highlighted look, you can extend the refresh glosses to every two months, depending on your hair care routine.

Pictures of the Most Dazzling Pumpkin Spice Hair Colors