Pink Balayage: 21 Photos That Will Inspire You to Try This Hair Color Next

Pink balayage ideas for women

Pink balayage gives hair a natural-looking rosy or pale red hue. Depending on the intensity of the tones, this hair color can give you an effortless romantic style or a bold look that stands out.

Elle Bruno, a hair colorist from Nutley, NJ, shared her top suggestions for ladies trying this fashion color.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Hair goals can be unrealistic in one session, so be patient.
  • Understand how much maintenance will go into your desired look. Make sure it’s the color you can keep up with and enjoy in the coming weeks.
  • Come back to the salon two weeks after the initial service.
  • Avoid washing the hair every day to prevent fading. Washing it with color-treated shampoo and conditioner, along with cool water, is key.
  • Redkens Acidic Bonding shampoo and conditioner are great. And, FUSIO-Dose by Kerastase, too!
  • Here’s a recap. During the consultation, these are the questions to ask your stylist:
    • What will the maintenance look like?
    • After achieving my desired look, how long should I wait before changing my hair color again? And to what shade?
    • Will this process damage my hair?
    • What products do you recommend?
    • Will this whole idea work with my budget?

Ready for a major hair revamp this year? Here are images of gorgeous pink balayage hair ideas to inspire you next time you want to change things up.

Strawberry Pink Balayage on Dark Hair

Strawberry Pink Balayage on Dark Hair
Instagram @stylewithsades

Use a vibrant pink tone to show the contrast if you have darker hair. Your stylist will need to lighten your hair first. If you would like a fuller amount of color on the ends, then around the root, an ombre technique works well. Always use a color-safe shampoo to help prolong the life of your color.

Rooted Pink Balayage for Thin Hair

Consider trying a rooted pink balayage if you want to add color to your fine hair. This technique uses vibrant shades of pink that blend into your soft, natural-looking roots. The rooted effect gives depth and prevents your hair from looking dull, making it appear thicker. Pink balayage suits different skin tones and adds a playful and feminine touch to hairstyles. To get this look, consult a professional colorist to tailor the pink shades to your liking and enhance your features.

Barbie Pink Balayage Mid-Length Hair

Barbie Pink Balayage Hair for girls with mid-length wavy hair
Instagram @itsalwaysbecks

Barbie pink balayage hair would be a perfect upgrade to your current brunette hair! If you worry about upkeep, discuss with your stylist the right pink shade that fits your routine.

Barbie Pink Balayage Hair

Barbie Pink Balayage Hair
Instagram @seolahair

A Barbie pink balayage hairstyle is one of the coolest and sexiest ways to style your hair. This striking hair color makes you feel like the center of attention.

Very Long Pink Balayage Hair

Try this very long pink balayage if you are looking for balayage for long hair! Remember, this color will require more salon visits for toners to keep this color fresh.

Dark Rooted Cotton Candy Hair

Dark Rooted Cotton Candy Pink Hair for ladies with long hair
Instagram @alexabeauty.touch

Consider dark-rooted cotton candy hair if you want a fun new hair color that combines sweet and bold. This unique color adds a pop of playful pink to your hair. It keeps your roots natural and low maintenance. This color creates a stunning contrast against darker strands. It’s also perfect if you have long hair.

Pink Lemonade Balayage

Try this edgy pink lemonade balayage if you want a trendsetting look! It’s a showstopper. Talk with your stylist if you think this look is something to consider. They will have all the answers you need to make your final decision when in doubt.

Cool-Toned Rose Gold Balayage

Cool-Toned Pink Rose Gold Balayage
Instagram @locksbylauryn

If you want to warm up your blonde hair, but not permanently, a pastel balayage is the way to go. Bubblegum pink, soft pink, or rose gold balayage are soft pastel colors that will brighten your color. Use a Kera Color Klenditioner to maintain your new glow. It will fade after a few washes. For more dimension, ask your stylist to blend the different tones of pink.

Face-Framing Pink Balayage Ombre Hair

Balayage is a free-form painting technique. When you try a pastel color on top of your blonde balayage, the combo is breathtaking. Though the fade is quick, you can refresh as needed with viral color shampoo. Semi-permanent colors are soft on the hair and don’t need a developer to process.

Pink Ombre on Blonde Hair

Pink Balayage Ombre on Blonde Hair
Instagram @hairbyowen_

Try a pink balayage on blonde hair to amp up your next salon visit. When toning your client’s hair, use your toner for her crown area if you’re a stylist. Then, comb it down through the mid-shaft. Apply Joico intensity pink to your client’s ends and push up on the color to blend it into her toner. You’ll love your blonde to pink ombre effect. Wear a rose pink balayage on dark blonde hair if you want lower maintenance.

Rich Pink Highlights on Short Hair

Rich Pink Balayage Highlights on Short Hair
Instagram @eduardojavier.hairs

If you want a trendy hairstyle, consider a pink balayage on short hair. Pre-tone your client’s hair at the bowl for a dusty pink tone to cancel out any warmth. Because of the undercut, your stylist will focus on foiling the more prominent areas.

Pink Pastel Balayage with Dark Roots

Pink Pastel Balayage with Dark Roots
Instagram @beautifinder

Try pink pastel balayage with dark roots when changing your dark natural hair. Pink balayage on black hair is an on-trend way to modify your color. The soft pink will add femininity and can easily be touched up or changed. Great for a lady who has a trendy style and likes to stand out.

Ash Blonde Babylights with Hints of Pink

Ash Blonde Babylights with Hints of Pink Balayage

If you’re looking for a modern way to have pastel hair, try the blend of a pink blonde balayage. The bright pink color adds warmth in contrast to any blonde tones. Try pre-toning your client’s hair to have a cooler tone of pink and blonde. Refresh your color regularly with your favorite color wash at home.

Dark Pink Highlights with Long Layers

If you’re looking for a dimensional dark pink balayage, ask your stylist to add a pale tint of red to your blend. When I work with a warmer pink color, I like to add a vivid tone to a raw, lifted blonde. You can use 2-3 tones of a pink shade to get depth in your blend. Make sure you wash with cool water to preserve your color.

Dusty Pink Balayage on Wavy U-Cut Hair

Dusty Pink Balayage on Wavy U-Cut Hair
Instagram @amberjoyandco

If you want to add pastel to your blonde hair, try a pastel pink balayage. For more tame, you can use rose gold as a contrasting color to your soft pink highlights. Pastel colors tend to fade quicker. So ask your stylist how to preserve your color the best. When doing pink colors, I like to use Joicio intensity’s.

Choppy Bob with Magenta Pink Color

Choppy Bob with Magenta Pink Balayage Color
Instagram @marz_cielen

I suggest a pink balayage on dark hair if you want a vibrant color. Choose an intense hue between red and magenta. This will give you more depth and contrast in sunlight. It will also keep your hair from fading too fast. Do you like this color pink? See more pink and purple hair ideas.

Hot Pink Balayage on Mid-Length Hair

Hot Pink Balayage on Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @kendall_baud

Mid-length locks look edgy with a pink balayage on dark brown hair. Ask for a brighter area around the face called a money piece to keep the look up-to-date. I recommend always thinking about maintenance when going for a fashion shade. Professional home care is a must.

Bubblegum Pink Foilayage Hair

Bright bubblegum pink foilayage hair is a great technique to ask for when going lighter. From a natural light brown base, foilage your hair color until it has lifted to a light blonde. Apply this semi-permanent vivid bubblegum color all over. Enjoy the faded pink hues it turns to between appointments. By the time you’re ready to get a refresh, you’ll love your pink hair balayage.

Peachy Pink on Light Brown Hair

Opt for the perfect cool, peachy pink balayage on brown hair. And consider Kera colors soft pink Klenditioner color wash. The color is soft yet bright, perfect for this balayage rosa hair. You can also modify the tone by using the color wash more often. The wash is soft on your pink and brown hair and won’t damage or dry.

Glossy Light Pink Ombre on Brown Hair

Glossy Light Pink Ombre Balayage on Brown Hair
Instagram @hairloungenyc

light pink balayage may be needed if you’re looking for a new color for your long hair. Soft-painted pieces of pink highlights in brown hair look beautiful just by seeing the contrast. This is a great idea to amp up your natural brunette color. Maintain looking glossy with a deep conditioner mask and regular cuts.

Soft Pink Balayage Highlights

A blush pink balayage hair color is a beautiful tone. It’s soft and girly. Brown and pink hair hues blend so well together. The maintenance is lower than an all-over color. Keep your hair shiny by investing in a professional shampoo and conditioner. If your hair needs some help, I recommend a finishing serum.

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