25 Peach Hair Colors That Will Make You Book a Salon Appointment Now

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Embracing peach hair color is a beautiful way to refresh your style with a warm, vibrant hue that brings a youthful radiance to your complexion. Whether you’re transitioning from a classic blonde or diving into color for the first time, peach offers a gorgeous blend of pink and orange tones that can be tailored to enhance your natural beauty. Opting for a lighter peach tone can illuminate your features, while a deeper peach adds a rich warmth that’s perfect for any season.

Carefully consider the base color of your hair, as this will influence the final outcome of your peach transformation. If you’re aiming for a subtle, pastel effect, ensure your hair is lightened adequately as a dark base will require more sessions to achieve the desired lightness. To keep your new peach locks looking fresh, integrate a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and consider a gloss treatment between color appointments to maintain vibrancy.

Feeling inspired to go peach? Discover more stunning styles and shades to find the perfect peach look for you!

Voluminous curls in a seamless peach coral melt, transitioning from vibrant coral roots to soft peach ends, perfect for adding warmth and depth to fair to medium skin tones.

#1 Peach Coral Melt

This peach coral melt is an absolute showstopper, featuring a stunning blend of vibrant hues that transition from a rich coral at the roots to a soft peach at the ends. The colors are masterfully melted together, creating a seamless, fluid look that enhances the voluminous curls. This hairstyle is particularly striking on those with fair to medium skin tones as it accentuates the warmth in their complexion. The vivid contrast between the roots and ends not only adds depth but also makes this color job a standout choice for those seeking a bold, yet wearable new look. Ideal for anyone wanting to infuse some vibrant color into their style without compromising on elegance.

Soft waves in muted peach layers, blending naturally to enhance volume and texture, ideal for lighter skin tones seeking a warm, inviting look.

#2 Muted Peach Layers

This elegant hairstyle features muted peach layers that cascade beautifully, giving a soft, romantic touch to the overall look. The peach tones are expertly blended into her natural hair color, providing a subtle yet impactful transition that enhances the texture and volume of the soft waves. This color is particularly flattering for lighter skin tones, creating a warm and inviting glow that complements the face. The layered cut not only adds movement and depth but also makes this style versatile for both casual and formal occasions. It’s a wonderful choice for anyone seeking a color that’s both unique and understated, offering an effortlessly chic vibe with each strand.

Stylish messy waves in peach with natural dark roots, offering a dynamic, low-maintenance look ideal for adding warmth and modern flair.

#3 Peach Color with Dark Roots

This vibrant look marries peachy hues with natural dark roots for a modern, edgy aesthetic. The dark roots not only add depth and dimension but also make this color easier to maintain as it grows out, reducing the need for frequent salon visits. The peach color infuses warmth into the style, making it perfect for those looking to brighten their appearance with a playful yet sophisticated twist. Styled into messy waves, this hairdo emphasizes the textural contrast between the roots and the lighter ends, enhancing the overall dynamic feel. It’s an excellent choice for anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants to keep their look fresh and fashionable without high maintenance.

Long, wavy hair styled with a natural peach glow, offering a vibrant yet subtle elegance, ideal for medium skin tones.

#4 Natural Peach Glow

This hairstyle radiates a natural peach glow, exuding a lively yet subtle elegance. The warm peach tones blend harmoniously into her hair, creating a look that’s both inviting and chic. Styled into loose waves, the color gains an added dimension that enhances its visual appeal and showcases the hair’s natural volume. This color choice is especially flattering for medium skin tones, as it enhances the complexion with a gentle, radiant warmth. The soft transition from darker roots to lighter ends also means maintenance is more manageable, allowing the natural growth to blend in without harsh contrasts. It’s a perfect option for someone who loves a vibrant look that’s both easy to maintain and effortlessly stylish.

Luminous peach pastel waves blending with blonde highlights, offering a soft, ethereal look that enhances lighter skin tones with a gentle glow.

#5 Peach Pastel Waves

This hairstyle showcases stunning peach pastel waves, a dreamy and ethereal choice for anyone looking to soften their look with a touch of whimsy. The delicate pastel blends seamlessly with blonde highlights, creating a luminous effect that catches the light beautifully. The soft, flowing waves enhance the fairy-tale feel of the color, providing texture and movement that’s both captivating and graceful. This look is particularly flattering for lighter skin tones, as it complements the natural undertones with a gentle, radiant glow. While maintaining pastel colors can require effort, the result is a breathtakingly soft and romantic style, perfect for those who appreciate a subtle yet striking appearance.

Light auburn peach tinted hair styled into soft waves, enhancing the texture and providing a warm, vibrant look suitable for fair to medium skin tones.

#6 Light Auburn Peachy Tint

This light auburn peach tint is a stunning choice that gracefully merges vibrant and subdued hues, creating a look full of warmth and softness. The color strikes a lovely balance, making it a versatile option for various seasons and occasions. The gentle waves add texture and movement to the hair, highlighting the multi-dimensional color blend, which cascades beautifully down the shoulders. This particular shade and style combo is excellent for those with fair to medium skin tones, as it illuminates the complexion without overpowering it. It’s an ideal choice for anyone seeking a subtle yet impactful change, offering an easy-to-maintain look that doesn’t require constant salon visits but still holds its vibrant charm.

Long brunette hair with a soft peach balayage, featuring a color melt from dark roots to peach ends, enhanced by luxurious waves.

#7 Soft Peach Balayage for Brunettes

This stunning soft peach balayage creates a seamless transition from a deep brunette base to shimmering peach ends, exemplifying a masterful color melt technique. The waves highlight the gradual blending of hues, adding a luxurious texture and dimension to the hair. This style is ideal for brunettes seeking a dramatic transformation without the commitment to a full head of bright color. The peach tones offer a fresh, modern twist on traditional balayage and are especially flattering against darker hair, giving it a warm, sun-kissed look. While this hairstyle boasts visual complexity, it remains surprisingly low maintenance, as the dark roots grow out gracefully.

Short, wavy hairstyle with peach blonde highlights adding dimension and a warm, modern appeal, ideal for enhancing facial features and easy maintenance.

#8 Peach Blonde Highlights on Short Hair

This chic short hairstyle beautifully showcases peach blonde highlights that add a gentle touch of color to the natural brown base. The soft, subtle blending of the highlights creates a dimensional and textured look, enhancing the playful waves throughout the hair. This cut is particularly flattering for those with round or oval face shapes, as it elongates the face and draws attention upwards. The light peach tones are excellent for adding warmth to the complexion, making this style both refreshing and stylish. Ideal for someone seeking a low-maintenance yet fashionable hairstyle, this look offers easy styling and a vibrant, modern appeal.

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Vibrant electric peach hair styled into soft waves, offering a bold and energetic burst of color that enhances volume and texture.

#9 Electric Peach Hair Tint

This electric peach hair tint is a bold, vivid choice that exudes confidence and style. The intense peach shade infuses the hair with an energetic burst of color, perfect for those looking to make a statement. Styled into soft waves, the hair’s texture and volume are accentuated, enhancing the visual impact of the vibrant color. This hue works particularly well for those with a daring fashion sense and complements a variety of skin tones by adding a warm, radiant glow. Although stunning, this color can require significant upkeep to maintain its brightness, making it ideal for those who enjoy regular visits to the salon for vibrant hair that never fades into the background.

Edgy coral peach undercut with a vibrant top and closely shaved sides, offering a bold, low-maintenance style that enhances individuality.

#10 Coral Peach Undercut

This coral peach undercut combines daring and playful elements into a distinctive style. The vibrant coral peach tone on top contrasts sharply with the closely shaved sides, creating an edgy yet feminine look. This style is perfect for those who want to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd. The color adds a soft warmth that is flattering for many skin tones, and the short length makes this haircut extremely low-maintenance. However, the bold color may require regular touch-ups to keep it looking fresh. Ideal for those looking to make a bold statement with minimal styling effort.

Soft wavy hair with subtle peach highlights over a rich brown base, adding depth and a playful twist, ideal for enhancing warmer skin tones.

#11 Subtle Peach Highlights on Brown Hair

This hairstyle exquisitely blends subtle peach highlights into a rich brown base, creating a gorgeous depth and dimension. The soft waves accentuate the peach streaks, adding a playful twist to the natural movement of the hair. This coloring technique is fantastic for those wanting to experiment with color without making a dramatic change, as it offers a refreshing pop while maintaining a natural overall look. The peach highlights are especially flattering on warmer skin tones, enhancing the natural warmth of the complexion. Ideal for those looking for a versatile style, these highlights provide a beautiful, low-maintenance option that doesn’t require frequent salon visits for upkeep.

Soft waves in a peach tea glaze, enhancing the natural red base and adding volume, ideal for lighter skin tones and fine hair.

#12 Peach Tea Glaze

This elegant hairstyle is highlighted by a peach tea glaze, adding a rich, warm tone that’s both sophisticated and on-trend. The seamless blending of the peach tones with her natural red gives it a vibrant but not overwhelming appearance. The soft waves are skillfully styled to add body and movement, making this look ideal for those with fine or flat hair seeking volume. This shade and style are especially flattering for lighter skin tones, enhancing the natural flush of the cheeks. While this color can fade gracefully, regular salon visits will ensure the hue stays vibrant and the hair remains healthy. It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking for a fresh update that balances color and elegance.

Stylish light peach layered bob that enhances volume and texture, perfectly framing the face while offering a chic, easy-to-manage hairstyle.

#13 Light Peach Layered Bob

This light peach layered bob is a chic and sophisticated choice, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your style. The soft peach hue complements the layered cut, enhancing texture and volume, which makes it an excellent choice for those with fine hair seeking a fuller appearance. The style is cropped close to the jawline, highlighting the cheekbones and framing the face beautifully. This color and cut are not only trendy but also quite practical, as the layers make the hair appear more voluminous and the light color is forgiving as roots grow out. Ideal for anyone looking to update their look with a fresh, easy-to-manage style that radiates a youthful vibe.

Medium-length tousled hair with a soft Peach Melba tint, enhancing the light complexion with a vibrant yet subtle color update, ideal for a playful, everyday look.

#14 Peach Melba Tint

This Peach Melba tint on a tousled medium-length hairstyle radiates a soft, airy vibe, ideal for those who desire a playful yet subtle color update. The warm peach shade harmonizes beautifully with her light complexion, adding a vibrant glow without overwhelming. The tousled texture enhances the casual feel of the look, making it extremely wearable for everyday activities while still carrying a distinctive flair. This style is particularly suitable for individuals with naturally wavy hair looking for an effortless way to incorporate color. It’s low-maintenance in terms of styling but may require regular color touch-ups to maintain the freshness of the peach hue.

Medium-length wavy hair with bold neon peach streaks, offering a playful and fashionable look that enhances natural movement and texture.

#15 Neon Peach Streaks

These neon peach streaks offer a bold and bright addition to an otherwise natural base, blending seamlessly into soft, wavy locks. This style is perfect for those looking to introduce a pop of color without committing to an all-over change. The vibrant neon peach adds a playful touch, enhancing the waves and bringing a dynamic contrast to the hair’s natural movement. It’s an excellent choice for anyone with medium-length hair, providing a fresh and fashionable look that’s sure to turn heads. While it’s a standout style, keep in mind that maintaining such vivid colors can require more frequent touch-ups to preserve the intensity of the hue.

Luxurious golden peach long waves, adding dimension and luminosity to the hair, ideal for those seeking a glamorous and eye-catching style.

#16 Golden Peach Long Waves

These golden peach long waves offer a luxurious, flowing look that radiates with warmth and vibrancy. The deep golden peach shade perfectly complements the cascading waves, providing a luminous effect that enhances the hair’s natural texture. This style is particularly flattering for those with longer hair looking to add dimension and movement. While the waves create a sense of volume and elegance, this color does require maintenance to keep the golden tones rich and vibrant. It’s an ideal choice for those who want a glamorous, eye-catching style that pairs beautifully with the softness and versatility of long waves.

Close-up of a woman with warm peach curls, beautifully defined to enhance her brown skin and showcase a natural, voluminous style.

#17 Warm Peach Curls for Brown Skin

These warm peach curls are simply enchanting, especially on brown skin where they highlight the natural golden undertones beautifully. This color and style bring out the richness of the complexion, making it glow. The curls themselves are perfectly defined, suggesting the hair is well-moisturized and cared for, which is key in maintaining the health and beauty of curly hair. This look is not just visually stunning but also practical, as the layered curls offer volume and structure, making it easier to manage on a daily basis. Ideal for those who love a bold, yet natural look that emphasizes their features in the most flattering way.

Medium-length dark hair with subtle waves and deep peach tones, offering a gentle warmth and easy maintenance while enhancing natural features.

#18 Deep Peach Tones on Dark Hair

This hairstyle showcases deep peach tones elegantly swept through dark hair, creating a subtle yet striking contrast. It’s a fantastic option for those with darker hair wanting to experiment with color without going too bold. The hues add a gentle warmth to the face, enhancing natural features with a soft radiance. This look, with its medium-length cut and subtle waves, suits a variety of face shapes and is particularly easy to manage. While the peach tones provide a unique twist, they’re muted enough to make regrowth less noticeable, making this style a practical choice for those who prefer low-maintenance but stylish hairdos.

Chic and modern peach pop pixie cut with textured layers adding volume and depth, enhancing facial features while being easy to maintain.

#19 Peach Pop Pixie Cut

This peach pop pixie cut is a daring yet delightful choice for those wanting a bold, modern look. The light peach hue paired with the edgy, short pixie cut creates a fresh and youthful appearance that’s easy to maintain and perfect for all face shapes. The textured layers in the hair add volume and depth, making it an excellent choice for those with fine hair seeking a fuller look. This style is particularly advantageous for showcasing facial features prominently, giving a striking frame to the eyes and cheekbones. It’s a standout choice for anyone looking to combine convenience with style, though it does require regular trims to keep it sharp and chic.

Luxurious curls in a gradient of orange, peach, and pink hues, creating a bold and voluminous style that enhances facial features with a warm glow.

#20 Peach Sunset Curls

These “Peach Sunset Curls” are a true work of art, perfectly blending vibrant orange at the roots with cascading shades of peach and pink towards the ends. The curls amplify the visual impact, creating a dynamic and voluminous appearance that’s both striking and flattering on thicker hair types. This style is particularly suitable for those who enjoy standing out and have the commitment to upkeep intense colors. The different hues will beautifully frame the face, enhancing features with a warm glow. It’s an adventurous choice, ideal for making a bold statement while still appearing effortlessly chic!

Medium-length hairstyle with layers and dusty peach waves, ideal for adding volume and softness to the hair, suitable for a variety of skin tones.

#21 Dusty Peach Waves

This dusty peach wave hairstyle is a fabulous choice for someone seeking both style and subtlety. The cut features layers that add volume and movement, making it ideal for medium-density hair. The dusty peach color adds a modern twist, providing a soft yet vivid hue that complements a variety of skin tones. It’s particularly flattering for those looking to soften their features with gentle waves around the face. While this color is trendy, it’s more subdued than brighter shades, making it easier to maintain. Perfect for those wanting a bit of flair without overcommitting to frequent color touch-ups. Ideal for refreshing your style with a touch of elegance!

Woman with a stylish above-the-shoulder bob in vibrant peach color, showcasing a fresh, youthful, and low-maintenance hairstyle.

#22 Vibrant Peach Bob Cut

This vibrant peach bob is a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to sport a chic and contemporary look. The haircut falls just above the shoulders, making it a practical choice for those seeking low-maintenance but stylish hair. The warm peach hue is not just playful but also illuminates the complexion, making it ideal for those with fair to medium skin tones. The color and cut together offer a youthful vigor, but be aware, such vibrant shades may require more frequent salon visits to maintain their luster. A fantastic option for those ready to turn heads with a bold new style!

Vibrant rose gold and peach ombre hair cascading in waves, starting with deep red at the roots and blending into peach and rose gold at the tips.

#23 Peach and Rose Gold Ombre

This peach and rose gold ombre hairstyle is a stunning example of how vibrant hues can transform your look. The roots start with a rich, deep red that fades into a luminous peach, finally blending into a delicate rose gold at the tips. This choice is particularly flattering for those with warmer skin tones, as it enhances natural glow. It’s a bold, eye-catching style that’s perfect for making a statement, though it requires regular upkeep to maintain the intensity of the colors. Best for those willing to commit to salon visits for color preservation. A fabulous option for anyone looking to step out of their comfort zone with a splash of color!

Shoulder-length bob with natural brown and soft peach highlights, showcasing dynamic texture and a sun-kissed, low-maintenance style.

#24 Soft Peach Highlights

This stunning look features soft peach highlights that bring a playful twist to a natural brown base. Perfect for those wanting to experiment with color without the full commitment of a global color change. The peach streaks are beautifully woven through a shoulder-length bob, highlighting the dynamic texture and movement within the cut. This technique, often called balayage, gives your hair a sun-kissed feel while maintaining a low-maintenance edge, as the roots can grow out naturally without frequent touch-ups. Ideal for those with a busy lifestyle or anyone dipping their toes into hair coloring for the first time.

Medium-length wavy hair with a gradient of natural blonde to soft peach balayage, demonstrating volume and a playful summer look.

#25 Peach Blonde Balayage

This peach blonde balayage captures a delightful summer essence, perfect for adding warmth to your look. Notice the seamless gradient from a natural blonde base to a soft peach hue, ideal for medium to long length hair with a natural wave. This style boosts volume, showcasing each strand’s fullness. It’s a color that’s both fresh and playful, yet requires maintenance to keep the peach tones vibrant. Best suited for those with a lighter base, it might require bleaching, which can be harsh on fine hair. A stunning choice if you’re after a fun color change that makes a gentle yet impactful statement.