22 Pastel Blue Hair Color Ideas for Every Skin Tone

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Baby Blue Pastel

Baby pastel blue locks make you look twice with all the subtle undertones it brings.

Pastel Light Blue with Green Dip Dye on Medium Hair
Instagram @erika_krauze

#2: Light Blue with Green Dip Dye

If you love pastel colors, experiment with light blue for the base of your hair and green at the ends. Achieving this blended color requires fully bleaching your hair for the purest tones.

Soft Pastel Blue Highlights on Short Natural Grey Hair for Older Women
Instagram @dye_me_a_river

#3: Soft Blue Highlights on Natural Grey Hair

Adding soft blue highlights to your natural grey hair is a fun change. This color is the perfect balance of subtleness and edginess but doesn’t require a lot of extra maintenance.

Platinum Silver to Icy Pastel Blue Ombre for Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @steph.p.hair

#4: Platinum Silver to Icy Blue Ombre

For a cool winter look, try blending platinum silver into a blue ombre! Platinum silver and blue contrast just enough for a seamless blend and a stunning color impact!

#5: Pastel Blue with Silver Blonde Underlights

Opt for a look with pastel blue highlights at the top and silver-blonde color underneath! The contrast between the blue and blonde tones adds a rich variety to your hair! You might need to wash your hair in two parts to prevent the blue color from mixing with the blonde.

Light Purplish Pastel Blue Short Bob with Bangs
Instagram @relab_salon

#6: Light Purplish Blue Short Bob

A short bob is a great choice for thin hair. You can enhance it with a light, purplish blue shade! Short hair always makes thin hair look fuller. Unless you’re already very blonde, achieving this color requires full bleach. This ensures you obtain the truest tone.

Pastel Denim Blue Ombre with Money Piece for Medium Hair
Instagram @theneonblonde

#7: Denim Blue Ombre with Money Piece

Ask for a denim blue ombré that includes a money piece. A deep ombré with pastel denim blue ends can create a gorgeous icy finish. The best results can be achieved in hair levels 7 and above. A distinct money piece highlights your light blue hair around the face, cascading into a beautiful ombré. Ask your stylist for a color melt to ensure a perfect blend. To achieve a pastel blue, lighten your hair significantly. It’s an effort, but the pastel blue is worth it.

Faded Icy Blue
Instagram @sammierodhair

#8: Faded Icy Blue

Sky blue balayage on platinum hair is the modern short pastel blue hair cut you would rock! The blunt bob with full bangs prepares this light blue hair for the runway.

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Pastel Blue with Dark Roots
Instagram @georgeeblancoo

#9: Pastel Blue with Dark Roots

Try this pastel blue shade out for a beginner color treatment! Safe on the roots for a grow-out with all the fun and sass of having blue hair!

Black to Blue
Instagram @unfade_royren

#10: Black to Blue Pastel Ombre

Back to back with black and faded pastel blue hair color! Icy blue hair never looked so good.

#11: Pink and Blue

Pastel pink and powder blue go well together, no doubt. The unicorn pastel combo is one to watch out for.

blue pastel on short hair
Instagram @judeviola

#12: Short Pastel

Pastel blue tones look like the ’90s came back! The cute short bob with bangs makes the look even more fashion-forward.

light pastel blue
Instagram @bescene

#13: Light Pastel Blue

They are blooming in light blue! The soft waves go well with the light pastel blue hue. The long wispy bangs add a very wild touch.

Blue and Lavender
Instagram @sita_zoroa

#14: Dark Blue and Lavender

I love all kinds of blue. This dark pastel blue hair dye is one of my favorite colors for hair, and that’s the reason to make a work like this. As you can see, I make some purple strands to create the movement and give it that cotton candy vibe. The cut is a traditional bob finished with a broken wave. It’s something very popular in our salon. The most important is color treatment and a good shampoo. We always sell it before the color service.

#15: Purple and Blue

This look is the best way to incorporate vivids into icy blonde hair. Pastel blue and purple tones will likely fade back to blonde (as long as the hair beneath it isn’t super porous). The wavy styling makes the color look more elegant. This is totally mermaid hair for cooler blondes.

Anyone looking for this look should be ready to wash their hair in cold water. The cold water locks in the pastel color. Even with cold water, the color will likely fade in 4-6 shampoos. A client married to the idea of vivid hair should ask their stylist for a deeper tone. Blue pastel hair color should not be limited to any age group. That said, make sure your workplace is cool with colors like these!

Silver Blue
Instagram @_dyehappy

#16: Silver Blue

My favorite thing about this look is the grey-blue pastel and soft waves accompanying it. I always like to give a name to the tones/colors I create. I’d describe this color as blue steel. Because her hair is highlighted, styling it with a soft wave allows for showing dimension and depth. I always recommend to someone desiring a semi-permanent fantasy color to be prepared for the upkeep. This means investing in color-safe hair products.

This also means changing your hair routine. Be prepared to wash your hair much less. I recommend once a week but every four days at maximum. Most importantly, the hair must be washed in cold water; otherwise, that smokey blue hair color we invested time and money into will wash down the blue tips and down the drain. Also, keep in mind this will fade, so have fun with it! Allow yourself and the stylist creative freedom – it’s just hair.

#17: Pastel Blue Ombré

This light blue hair color is an aquamarine stone. It’s my mother’s birthstone, blue, meaning the water of the sea. My favorite thing about it is its muted, powdery blue, and I have a soft spot for blue pastel hair. Your hair must be in good health to embark on this journey. To achieve metallic or cute pastel blue hair, the hair must be lifted to platinum, so sessions may be necessary depending on the hair.

This would look best on cool-toned skin. For instance, if you look better with silver jewelry, it would work well for you. This look requires a good hair care regimen to keep the hair healthy and color intact. I love Alternative Caviar and Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Bond connecting mask. Pastels can give a fun twist to anyone’s hair. They are perfect for anyone who wants to avoid being committed to color for long, as they wash out after a few shampoos.

Sky Blue
Instagram @backseatbraids

#18: Sky Blue

This shade of pastel blue was inspired by the ocean when it connected to the sky. Believe it or not, to achieve this color, I only used two professional coloring products: Blank Canvas with 5vol & 10vol by Pulp Riot (a color remover) and 9p + clear shades eq by Redken (a demi-gloss), which is my favorite thing about this look! You would have thought I used pastel fashion colors, but I didn’t!

My canvas originally had vibrant purple, navy, and teal balayage. Still, to achieve the colors I was first inspired by, I used the safest products to deal with any fashion colors. I weaved thin sections and painted accordingly (avoiding the natural roots) with 5 vol & 10 vol. This was a process.

Blue Highlights in Brown Hair
Instagram @hairbydorathy

#19: Blue Highlights in Brown Hair

This pastel blue shade is a subtle and fun yet professional way to dive into the fashion color world without too much lightening. It is a color that requires maintenance and care (shampooing less frequently, using sulfate-free color-protecting shampoo and conditioners, heat protectants, etc.) for longevity. It is a great way to test out the world of fashion colors. I love that this sky-blue hair differs slightly from your average highlights! It tested my patience and skill but allowed me to give this client a seamless look that worked appropriately yet was fun and sassy!

Blue Hair Tips
Instagram @maryoliviahair

#20: Blue Hair Tips

This look is different because I kept her natural hair color and blended the blue to give it a fading/ombré effect. My favorite part is how it fades from her natural root color to minimal baby blue hair highlights to the big pop of pastel blue on her ends. Doing the color this way allows the client to wear the look longer as her roots grow, as long as she’s taking care of her hair at home with the right products.

It’s important to let your stylist know things. One great thing about this look is that her natural color is still present. This helps the client feel like they’re just having a little fun with their pastel blue shades, not that they colored or dyed their whole head blue.

Pastel hair colors aren’t easy to maintain. You must be willing to wash your hair with cold water and use the products your stylist recommends. My favorite product to keep fashion colors vibrant is Celeb Luxury Viral color depositing shampoo and conditioner.

Grey Blue
Instagram @jacobhair

#21: Grey Blue

This look is a silvery pastel blue color. Personally, my favorite thing about this balayage pastel blue was having to formulate it. I used a mixture of Redken’s Shades EQ Pastel Aqua Blue equal parts to 09B on level 9/10 hair. If the color didn’t seem blue enough, I would overlay it with a vivid color mixed with a white conditioner as a quick glaze. (Not a blue with underlying green pigments like teals or turquoise, but I would use a blue with a purple background like Nightfall from Pulp Riot). My advice to anyone considering this color, pastel blue hair, is to keep budget, maintenance, and attention in mind.

Green and Blue
Instagram @kai.fujimoto

#22: Green and Blue

The ocean waves inspire this color. As you can see, her hair has multiple shades of blue – it starts as deep ocean blue on the roots, melted into a pastel blue, and the ends are light teal that I created to make the color look like ocean splash. What I love about this color is the dynamic of the ocean color it gives me. I created this color with Oway (Organic Way) color. Oway color pastel blue dye is ammonia-free color, and it’s infused with biodynamic organic ingredients.

Any hair type or face shape can pull off this color, but I only recommend this for people who can maintain it. Pastel colors can fade very easily. After you get pastel colors done, the maintenance is crucial that you will be using the best shampoo, conditioner, and products for your hair, and you won’t be able to wash your hair so often. I only recommend washing 2-3 times a week, so you will use many products at home to maintain this color.

Pastel blue hair is a hair color that’s a muted, lighter shade of blue. Pastels were undeniably so in last year with celebrities going out of the box with their eye-candy pink and lilac strands – but this season’s spotlight is all on hair – baby blue hues!

With Lady Gaga, Blac Chyna, and Kylie Jenner starting the trend, the hair color’s been making rounds on everyone’s feeds for its cool vibe – in the form of ombré, balayage, highlights, and even mixed with other pastels.

As soft as seafoam, pastel blue strands suit any skin tone. It’s just a matter of confidence and personal style.

It’s seen as a calm hue, but getting it isn’t exactly chill. Being an unnatural shade, pre-lightening your hair is necessary. Consulting your trusted colorist for products will also help prolong the beauty of your wintry strands.

For all that, the glacial results are still definitely worth it! Get your locks frosted with these popular and pretty pastel blue hair colors below!