15 Pictures of Partial Highlights That Are Simply Stunning

Partial highlights

Partial highlights are a hair coloring technique that dyes only a few sections of the hair. These highlights on any length of hair are sure to leave a marvelous impression!

Expert colorist Justine Petrucci shares everything she knows about this technique. She tells us that “partial highlights are for a girl wanting something a natural look or a refresh. It’s a way to freshen their color and make it look done before they are ready for a full highlight.”

“Dry shampoo! Sometimes it’s not about doing more, it’s about doing less – less washing,” Justine tips about her most recommended product. “A partial highlight is going to change the texture [of the hair] making it dryer, so you should be able to go a little longer without shampooing,” she says.

No need for high maintenance and complicated hairstyling routine! The coloring style adds a very natural dimension that lets you enjoy your hair every day. Keep in mind to use color-safe products for your new partial hair color!

Take a look at these stunning pictures of how to wear partial highlights.

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Partial Highlights on Brown Hair
Instagram @makeupbyreign

#1: Partial Highlights on Brown Hair

A fresh-looking balayage, indeed! Here are the right amount of highlights to brighten your tresses and go well with soft waves. These partial highlights on brown hair will give you the most relaxed aura ever. Pull off a long haircut because that’s how you can rock different hairstyles.

Balayage Partial Highlights
Instagram @hiddenbeautybyd

#2: Balayage Partial Highlights

If there’s a queen of dimensional blonde, you can be crowned for that as you wear this trend! These balayage partial highlights will bring the best in your long, wavy locks. The stylishness proves no match for others!

partial highlights on light brown hair
Instagram @samantha.does.my.hair

#3: Best for Light Brown Hair

These partial highlights are best for light brown hair to lighten up the current color. These even make the most flattering shade for a fair skin complexion. A root smudge on long hair is a trick to let your hair grow out with ease.

Partial Highlights on Short Hair
Instagram @laurenlovesfoils

#4: Partial Highlights on Short Hair

Turn your neck-length blunt cut to a much modern look. Jazz it up with beach waves to emphasize the chop and bring out movement and flow. Adding dimension is also cool, so here are the partial highlights on short hair for you!

Partial Highlights and Lowlights
Instagram @haleighbeautyy_

#5: Partial Highlights and Lowlights

Partial highlights and lowlights to balance out the shades of brown! Achieve a lighter and softer finish as you come up with a bright brown hue. Nothing beats the calming vibe if you match it with your thin, mid-length hair.

Platinum Blonde Partial Highlights
Instagram @beautepardest

#6: Platinum Blonde Partial Highlights

Love and embrace your grey hair, and the next thing you know, it’s one aspect to achieve a new stunning hairstyle. Enjoy having a long, straight hair with platinum blonde partial highlights. Your greys will very much blend with the color as if everything about it is natural.

Partial Caramel Highlights
Instagram @beauty_by_robinmarie

#7: Partial Caramel Highlights

The color features partial caramel highlights as a sweet addition to a dark brown base. Shoulder-length bob with layers and waves are ideal for showing off the dimension.

partial blonde highlights on brown hair
Instagram @tvonchale

#8: Perfect on Brown Hair

You can always go back to the ever-favorite and traditional coloring method, and yet, nail it! Decide where you want to place your highlights for a lived-in balayage edge. Also, try rocking some money pieces, perfect on brown hair. Its medium-length chop and beach waves are what complete the style.

Partial Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @_jeniferrose_

#9: Partial Highlights on Black Hair

Yep—partial highlights on black hair do the trick! The result is convincing when you only desire a subdued lightness to your hairstyle. Texture and soft waves at the ends will spice up and contribute to your transformation.

partial highlights on dark brown hair
Instagram @nu.hair

#10: Ideal on Dark Brown Hair

Ideal on dark brown hair, these half head of highlights do nothing but to liven up your balayage. It creates a refreshing finish that carries out more of the dimension to your look. Find it very suitable for your long, thick tresses, styled with classy waves.

Partial Highlights on Straight Hair
Instagram @sagespaandsalon

#11: Partial Highlights on Straight Hair

Accentuating blonde color is truly versatile for any type of tresses. In fact, partial highlights on straight hair work wonders! It’s the trend that brings you out dimension even when your lengthy locks lie flat, and without waves.

Before and After Partial Highlights
Instagram @ashlee_michelle.hair

#12: Before and After Partial Highlights

Partial highlights give the illusion of an all-over effect using your darker color as a lowlight. The transformation of before and after partial highlights is breathtaking! Do your mid-length hair suffer from a brassy-toned blonde with so much depth at the root? Give it a new life by doing a foilayage. It’s sure to lift your diamond blonde hue, adding dimension to your mane. Style it with gorgeous waves, and with that color, you’ll look bomb!

Ash Blonde Partial Highlights
Instagram @meganhaulbrookhair

#13: Ash Blonde Partial Highlights

Works on your long layered hair, here are the ash-blonde partial highlights for you! The balayage finish has a natural feel, which helps you to be yourself. The dimension here seems neutral and easy to match with whatever vibe you have. When you want a gentle touch of styling, loose beach waves will do magic.

partial highlights on curly hair
Instagram @hair_by_c.j

#14: Curly Hair Partial Highlights

Low-maintenance and very stylish look? Who wouldn’t want that? Bring your long natural waves back to life with shades of blonde handpainted to them. These curly hair’s partial highlights are a superb choice to complete the beachy vibe.

partial highlights for dirty blonde hair
Instagram @tashcart

#15: Gorgeous on Dirty Blonde Hair

Half head of highlights that look gorgeous on dirty blonde hair! Opt for partial highlights if you don’t want to be out of the trend. Wear it on a ponytail for a simple approach or add curls and waves for a much more glamourous finish. As long as you have your locks longer than your shoulders, the sky’s the limit when it comes to styling.