40 Amazing Partial Balayage Hairstyle Ideas

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Partial balayage is a hair coloring technique where highlights are placed only on specific areas. It’s a free-form painting that creates a softer and more natural dimension in your hair.

Changing the color of your locks is a process. Some shades, like chocolate, copper, and caramel, are achievable during the first session.

Opting for a lighter hue, such as blonde and ash, will take more than one session. It’s smart to ask for the partial balayage price range, especially if you’re on a restricted budget.

A salon director from New Zealand, Cas Roycroft, gives her opinion on this trend.

“This would be the best time to invest in good hair care products to prepare your tresses for the balayage. These must nourish your hair with protein and moisture,” says Roycroft.

A partial balayage can be low-upkeep, yet some colors need high maintenance. These include bright or ashy tones like red and copper or silver and grey.

Roycroft’s top recommendation is to use tinted and hydrating shampoos and conditioners. She states, “Our hair needs hydration, especially after having any color services. Using a serum or oil is also great to replace the natural oils removed from your hair due to bleaching.”

When struggling to keep your hair color, pop into your trusted salon and ask for the toning service. “It’ll be a quick procedure to give you a relaxing wash and fresh tone of your desire,” Roycroft adds.

This photo gallery will inspire you to revamp your hair color. Find the most stylish ways to get a partial balayage here!


#1: Bronde Partial Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

A bronde partial balayage looks stunning on dark brown hair; thankfully, it’s low-maintenance. The high contrast between these two colors creates many dimensions and has a unique take on bronde. If you want to add hints of brightness to your natural locks, a dark brown partial balayage is a terrific alternative.

Deep Purple Hair with Partial Balayage
Instagram @vivohairnz

#2: Deep Purple Hair

Partial balayage highlights can create a night sky effect on deep purple hair. The expertly placed bits of lightness in this look gain an extra POP from the purple overlaid on top. Women with this hair color can extend the life of their look at home by incorporating purple shampoo into their routine.

Medium Length Wavy Hair with Partial Balayage Highlights on Woman

#3 Partial Balayage Waves for a Sun-Kissed Look

Featuring a fresh take on the classic wave, this medium-length cut is elevated by sun-kissed balayage highlights that enhance natural texture and add depth. The styling brings out a soft, voluminous look that’s incredibly flattering for round or oval faces. This technique is low maintenance, making it perfect for someone with a busy schedule who wants to keep their hair looking effortlessly chic. Use a wave-defining product and a touch of hairspray to keep the waves intact. This hairstyle radiates casual sophistication and is well-suited for those who value a stylish, yet understated, appearance.

Long Thick Hair with Ash and Platinum Blonde Highlights

#4 Ash-Platinum Contrast on Voluminous Waves

This luxuriously thick mane features a striking contrast of ash and platinum blonde highlights against a darker base, perfect for adding depth and movement to thick hair. The voluminous waves are cut in layers to flaunt the hair’s natural body and to accentuate the multidimensional color work. While the style provides a bold and modern look, it does require upkeep to maintain the crispness of the cooler tones and to manage the volume of such a dense hairstyle. Ideal for those willing to invest in regular toning sessions and who possess a good quality wave-defining product, it’s a style that can withstand the hustle and demands of a busy New York lifestyle.

Medium Length Wavy Hair with Warm and Cool Highlights

#5 Dynamic Waves with Multi-Tonal Highlights

This captivating hairstyle boasts a cascade of dynamic waves, accentuated by a symphony of multi-tonal highlights. Perfect for medium-density hair, the blend of warm and cool tones creates a rich, multidimensional look that’s both modern and timeless. The style, likely flattering on an oval or heart-shaped face, brings out a youthful vibrancy. It requires minimal upkeep; just a wave-enhancing product and occasional toning treatments to keep the highlights vibrant. This is the ideal choice for those seeking a fresh and fashionable look that’s easy to manage, whether you’re heading to the office or out for an evening.

Long Wavy Hair with Chocolate Caramel Partial Balayage Highlights

#6 Chocolate and Caramel Partial Balayage Waves

The opulence of chocolate blends with the sweetness of caramel in this stunning balayage, designed for those who wear their hair long and full of volume. Each layer catches the light, showcasing the dimensional waves that give a sense of constant motion. The richness of color works well with the natural wave, requiring minimal styling for a breathtaking effect. Although the look has a carefree allure, the length and color might necessitate regular conditioning treatments to maintain the silky texture and prevent color fade. It’s a perfect match for someone with a taste for the dramatic and a love for luxurious hair.

Young Woman with Short Asymmetrical Layered Haircut and Highlights

#7 Chic Layers with Color Contrast

This chic layered cut combines edgy, choppy layers with a striking color contrast that’s perfect for adding depth and dimension to straight, medium-density hair. The darker roots transitioning to lighter ends create a contemporary look that accentuates the dynamic cut. Ideal for heart or oval-shaped faces, the style frames the face beautifully without requiring extensive maintenance. While the look is low-effort, it’s essential to use color-protectant products to preserve the integrity of the lighter shades. This haircut is suited for someone with a bold sense of style who enjoys a modern, easy-to-style look that stands out.

Young Woman with Medium Layered Balayage Hair

#8 Beachy Tousle with Dimensional Balayage

For a youthful, effortless vibe, this medium-length cut with tousled layers and dimensional balayage highlights is the way to go. The style suits an oval face and gives an easygoing yet put-together look, ideal for teens to those in their early twenties. While this hairstyle has a carefree appearance, the waves may require some texturizing product to define, and the color can benefit from a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain the balayage’s depth. Frequent deep conditioning treatments can help ensure the hair stays healthy and the ends don’t fray. This ‘do is a fantastic match for someone who wants a style that’s both chic and low maintenance, perfect for school days or weekend outings.

Long Layered Blonde Hair with Mixed Tones and Soft Curls

#9 Beachy Blonde Curls with Dimensional Tones

This hairstyle is a harmonious blend of cool and warm blonde tones, creating a dynamic and versatile color that complements a youthful oval face shape. The soft curls bring out the layered cut, adding bounce and movement, which can give the illusion of thicker hair. While the look adds depth and can brighten the complexion, it may require careful product selection to maintain the integrity of both warm and cool tones. Use color-safe products to keep these dimensional blondes looking pristine. For upkeep, a toner refresh every couple of months, along with a curl-enhancing serum, can keep those waves defined and the color rich. This style is a fantastic choice for someone with a moderate pace of life who enjoys a stylish yet manageable mane.

Long Layered Hair with Honey Caramel Balayage

#10 Honey Caramel Gradient on Luscious Locks

Embrace the warm richness of honey and caramel tones melting through your locks. This gradient color suits those with medium-textured hair, adding the illusion of depth and volume. The soft, seamless layers culminate in a gentle curl, perfect for movement and a touch of elegance. While this look radiates warmth and is versatile for many skin tones, the lighter ends will require some maintenance to prevent brassiness and retain moisture. Ideal for a medium-density mane, this color can be kept vibrant with a color-safe shampoo and a nourishing conditioner to keep your hair looking as rich and luscious as it feels. A fabulous choice for those looking to brighten their look with a natural yet polished appearance.

Long Golden Ginger Curled Hair with Highlights

#11 Golden Ginger Curls with Bright Accents

These vibrant, golden ginger curls are a true masterpiece for those with naturally wavy hair looking for a dimensional and lively look. The careful placement of brighter highlights creates an enchanting effect, illuminating the curls and enhancing the overall shape. While this style exudes vitality and is incredibly flattering for a heart or oval-shaped face, the highlights will need regular glossing treatments to maintain their luster. The natural wave provides a beautiful texture, but to keep these curls looking their best, a lightweight curl-enhancing product is recommended. This spirited hairstyle is perfect for the young and the young at heart, offering a fresh, playful, yet sophisticated aura.

Medium Length Textured Lob with Partial Balayage Money Piece Highlights

#12 Face-Framing Partial Balayage on Textured Lob

This medium-length textured lob is brought to life with a striking face-framing money piece partial balayage, offering a chic and modern flair. The technique brightens the face and provides a stylish contrast to the deeper shades throughout the rest of the hair. Perfect for adding a pop of dimension on medium to thick hair, and particularly flattering on an oval face. While the style is low-maintenance, protecting the balayage with color-safe products will ensure longevity. Ideal for anyone seeking a fashionable update that’s still subtle and not too demanding to maintain.

Long Straight Hair with Dark to Light Gradient Color

#13 Elegant Gradient on Sleek Tresses

This hairstyle is an exquisite representation of a dark-to-light gradient, ideal for those with long, straight tresses seeking a touch of elegance. The subtle layering at the ends adds a softness to the overall look, while the color transition lends length and sophistication. Perfect for medium-textured hair, this style remains low-maintenance with the right care, though the light tips may require periodic toning to maintain their hue. Use a smoothing serum to keep the strands sleek and protect against heat when straightening. This hairstyle is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile, easy-to-maintain look that transitions seamlessly from the office to a night out.

Medium Length Wavy Hair with Balayage Highlights

#14 Sun-Kissed Balayage Waves

The beauty of this medium-length cut lies in its beachy waves and textured ends, paired with perfectly blended balayage highlights. It’s a go-to for a young, vibrant look that’s full of movement. Ideal for oval faces, these highlights illuminate the hair’s natural wave and texture. Maintenance-wise, this style is wonderfully straightforward, with the balayage allowing for more time between salon visits. For styling, a bit of sea salt spray can enhance those tousled waves. However, keep in mind to use a nourishing mask regularly, as highlighted hair can sometimes become dry. This effortless look captures a carefree spirit while remaining chic and polished.

Young Woman with Brunette Layered Hair and Face-Framing Highlights

#15 Luminous Face-Framing Brunette Waves

This hairstyle is an exemplar of how face-framing highlights can elevate a simple brunette base, imparting a sunlit touch that accentuates youthful features. The smooth, medium-textured hair is styled in long, luxurious layers, with waves that add bounce and movement. This look is particularly flattering for an oval face, enhancing the visage’s natural symmetry. While the color requires minimal touch-ups, the waves will need styling to maintain their shape. For this reason, I’d suggest a thermal protectant before using hot tools to ensure the hair stays healthy and the color vibrant. It’s a sophisticated yet easy-to-manage style, ideal for a young adult with an active, on-the-go life.

Long Thick Brunette Hair with Soft Brown Highlights and Waves

#16 Subtle Brunette Melt with Soft Waves

This look is a testament to the subtle beauty that can be achieved with a soft gradation from a rich brunette crown to lighter brown hues. It’s perfect for adding dimension to thick hair while maintaining a natural appearance. The layers are cut to enhance the soft curls at the ends, providing movement and a touch of glamour. Suitable for many, this color technique especially flatters medium-textured hair. The main consideration is ensuring that the lighter tones are kept vibrant with color-safe hair care products. To preserve the curls’ bounce, a light mousse or curl cream can be used. This style is splendid for those who appreciate a natural yet polished look, with manageable upkeep that fits well into a busy lifestyle.

Young Woman with Long Curled Hair and Highlights

#17 Voluminous Curls with Face-Framing Highlights

Showcasing a modern romantic style, these long voluminous curls create a dramatic, yet soft look, perfect for round or heart-shaped faces. The deep side part and face-framing highlights draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones, offering a flattering contrast with the natural base color. The style’s natural waves provide fullness, which is ideal for those with thick hair seeking both volume and movement. Although the curls add a touch of glamour, they might require extra hydration and occasional use of a defining curl cream to keep them looking luscious. Suitable for younger individuals, this hairstyle captures the essence of youth with an elegant twist, making it as fitting for daily wear as it is for special events.

Woman with Short Messy Partial Balayage Bob Hairstyle

#18 Tousled Partial Balayage Bob

This tousled bob with partial balayage highlights is the epitome of effortless style. Its choppy layers create movement, making it ideal for medium-textured hair, while the highlights add a dimension that catches the light. Perfect for oval or heart-shaped faces, the look provides a flattering frame for the face. This style is a cinch to maintain with a bit of texturizing spray for that lived-in look. The coloring technique used means less frequent salon visits for touch-ups, although using a color-protective shampoo will keep the highlights looking fresh. This casual yet stylish cut is suited for those with a playful personality and a busy lifestyle.

Stylish Medium Partial Balayage Hairstyle with Textured Waves

#19 Textured Partial Balayage Elegance

This mid-length cut, textured with casual waves, embodies an effortless elegance, enhanced by the natural-looking balayage that brings out a sun-kissed warmth. It’s particularly flattering for oval face shapes and offers versatility for those in their twenties. The medium hair density is given life with the layers, creating movement and volume. Care for this look is straightforward: a color-safe shampoo to maintain the balayage, and a light hold texture spray for those waves. It’s the perfect style for someone who desires a trendy, yet low-maintenance look that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Long Layered Balayage Hairstyle with Blonde Waves

#20 Sunkissed Waves with Seamless Balayage

This stunning balayage boasts a seamless transition from natural dark roots to luminous blonde ends, perfect for those seeking dimension without high maintenance. Ideal for fine hair, the strategic placement of lighter tones enhances volume, making tresses appear fuller. The layered cut with soft waves accentuates the color gradation, amplifying movement. One downside might be the potential for the blonde ends to dry out, so investing in a quality hydrating treatment is key. To maintain this look, I recommend a gloss treatment every 6-8 weeks to keep the blonde vibrant and the transition flawless. For our blondes, avoiding brassiness is crucial, so incorporate a violet-based shampoo into your routine. This look suits a busy lifestyle, as it allows for more time between salon visits.

Short Textured Layered Hairstyle with Brown Partial Balayage for Mature Woman

#21 Voluminous Layered Pixie with Dynamic Color

This short and chic hairstyle combines textured, voluminous layers with a tasteful brown partial balayage that breathes life into the cut. It’s particularly flattering for a heart-shaped face and offers an age-defying look. The layered cut provides volume that’s essential for medium-textured hair. The strategic use of color accentuates the layers and adds depth. To maintain this style, a volumizing product can help retain lift, and regular trims will keep the shape defined. It’s an ideal style for a mature woman who desires elegance with a modern twist.

#22: Brown and Blonde Partial Balayage

Brown and blonde balayage has become the most cost-efficient look. A partial balayage is a great way to receive a refreshed look by receiving about 15 foils, mainly on the top of the head. I suggest asking your stylist for a money piece with a grown-out balayage effect. It will give you the longest wear out of this specific look.

Trendy Ash Brown Partial Balayage Ombre
Instagram @sonder_kelly

#23: Trendy Ash Brown Balayage Ombre

An ash-brown balayage ombre is a natural take on hair painting. Hair painting is always the best option for women who prefer a more natural hair color. And this partial balayage on brown hair adds a delicate, natural depth.

#24: Stunning Rose Gold Balayage

Women who love red waves should try a rose gold balayage. This elevated take on the “traditional red” looks particularly stunning on women with longer hair but looks amazing on any skin tone.

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#25: Warm Honey Balayage

A warm honey balayage is a great way to add warmth to your strands. Women with dark hair will find that this half-balayage technique can still make a huge difference in their overall color. If you go for this look, staying light with your highlights is best, as the color will appear too stripey and not as blended.

#26: Soft Ash Brown Balayage on Black Hair

A partial balayage and black hair are possible with a soft ash-brown balayage! It’s often thought that there isn’t much you can do with black hair without creating a “skunk” effect, but that is not the case. A soft, subtle partial balayage can create much interest in this traditionally one-dimensional color.

On-Trend Golden Brown Highlights and Partial Balayage
Instagram @stiil_studio

#27: On-Trend Golden Brown Highlights

Golden brown highlights are a backyard balayage hair color that should ease into the trend. Try a golden brown hue first before going to light.

Subtle Auburn Partial Balayage
Instagram @hairbyhao

#28: Subtle Auburn Balayage

A subtle auburn balayage is a balayage color that compliments darker hair colors. Women with dark hair who want to try a partial balayage will find that auburn and warmer tones make the best match for their deeper natural color.

Natural Partial Balayage with Chocolate Brown Shade
Instagram @hairbykimn

#29: Natural Balayage with Chocolate Brown Shade

Another hue that compliments darker shades is a natural balayage with chocolate brown. By keeping the balayage soft and close to the existing color, your stylist can create a nearly natural hue that looks almost sun-kissed and “born with it.”

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Gorgeous Blonde Face-Framing Highlights and Partial Balayage
Instagram @laudydoeshair

#30: Gorgeous Blonde Face-Framing Highlights

Blonde face-framing highlights can truly transform dark blonde tresses. Utilizing a partial blonde balayage in this way will draw light (and eyes) to your best features – your gorgeous face!

#31: Dimensional Gray Balayage

Dimensional gray balayage is among the latest and most creative hair color ideas. This unique take on a dark and smokey hue makes your lengths shine like glass or the surface of the water at night, extra shiny and super smooth.

Sweet Ash Blonde Partial Balayage Ombre
Instagram @ztouchsalonsf

#32: Sweet Ash Blonde Balayage Ombre

Dark locks look gorgeous with an ash-blonde balayage ombre. If you take this look to the salon, don’t forget to ask your stylist for an in-shower toner recommendation to keep your tresses extra sparkly.

Beautiful Light Brown Hair with Platinum Highlights and a Partial Balayage
Instagram @sarah.brownlee

#33: Beautiful Light Brown Hair with Platinum Highlights

Women looking for a partial balayage on light brown hair should opt for light brown hair with platinum highlights. The contrast between the two hues creates a strobing effect that draws light to your lengths, making your color look and shine brighter.

#34: Modern Blonde Partial Foilayage

Traditional foil highlights meet balayage in this new technique – the blonde partial foilayage. If you have hard-to-lift hair but desire a balayage style color, ask your stylist to incorporate foils. The heat inside the foiled balayage pieces will help push your hair to lighter, brighter levels. Thin waves will add complexity to this half-head balayage and set it off.

#35: Color Melt with Ashy Hair Color

Women who prefer lighter shades should try a trendy color melt with ashy hair color. Since subtle, natural tones are in, the color melt has returned to the top. This color technique is great for incorporating an on-trend look without taking your hair too far.

#36: Classic Brunette Partial Balayage

Ladies with dark hair should try lightening their look with a brunette partial balayage. The simple addition of free-frame printing can transform a brunette from standard to stunning.

Soft Balayage on Brunette Hair with Partial Balayage
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#37: Soft Balayage on Brunette Hair

Get gorgeous tresses with a soft balayage on brunette hair! Balayage is all the rage- and for good reason. This expertly created hair painting technique works wonders on almost any hair color, especially brunettes. The addition of slightly lighter pieces creates a hue that looks like the sun created this partial brown balayage.

Sun-Kissed Caramel Partial Highlights
Instagram @hairbyilianac

#38: Sun-Kissed Caramel Partial Highlights

Caramel is a much-loved hair color, and an easy way to incorporate this hue is with sun-kissed caramel partial highlights. No matter your natural or starting hair color, adding some strands or hints of caramel partial balayage will help boost the overall warmth, making your locks appear healthier and more youthful.

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#39: Subtle Highlights on Dark Hair

Subtle highlights on dark hair are a great option for women not looking for a full-color change. A partial balayage on dark hair will create points of impact by lightening carefully chosen areas. Ultimately, this partial balayage brunette hair creates an almost entirely new hue with little maintenance.

#40: Fun Copper Balayage Highlights

Maximize your mane with copper balayage highlights. Fun-colored hairstyles are often thought of as pinks, blues, and greens, but this copper hairdo shows you can have just as much fun with red tones too!