25 Gorgeous Mushroom Brown Hair Colors Ideas

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Long mushroom brown hair styled in soft waves, featuring subtle lowlights that enhance depth and texture for a rich, voluminous look.

#1 Mushroom Brown with Subtle Lowlights

This elegant hairstyle flaunts a sophisticated mushroom brown base enriched with subtle lowlights that enhance the hair’s natural depth and texture. The well-blended lowlights introduce a slight contrast, adding richness and dimension to the overall look. Styled into soft, flowing waves, the hair exudes a sense of volume and movement, making it appear full and vibrant. This choice of color and style is particularly flattering for those with medium to thick hair types, as it helps distribute the visual depth and maintain a lush appearance. The mushroom brown tone, paired with gentle lowlights, offers a versatile look that is both timeless and modern, suitable for various occasions and easy to maintain with regular conditioning to keep the hair healthy and the color vibrant.

Long, wavy hair in mushroom brown with subtle violet undertones, enhancing depth and adding a unique twist to the natural brown shade.

#2 Mushroom Brown Hair with Violet Undertones

This hairstyle exudes a captivating allure with its long, flowing waves tinted in mushroom brown enriched with subtle violet undertones. The color choice is fantastic for adding a unique twist to the usual brown, providing a hint of mystique without overwhelming boldness. This style is particularly suited for those with medium to thick hair, as the waves and color depth contribute to a fuller appearance. The violet undertones are a clever choice for those wanting to experiment with color but maintain naturalism. This look offers visual depth that changes under different lighting, a delightful surprise element. While stunning, maintaining the violet hues may require specific color-enhancing treatments to keep the undertones vibrant and noticeable.

Luxurious long waves in mushroom brown with dark roots, featuring a balayage technique that enhances the hair's natural volume and depth.

#3 Mushroom Brunette Hair with Dark Roots

This exquisite hairstyle showcases a captivating mushroom brown tone with darker roots, adding a touch of mystery and depth. The seamless transition from the shadowy roots to the lighter ends is achieved through a skillful balayage technique, which enhances the natural volume and movement of the cascading waves. This color scheme is perfect for those who appreciate a low-maintenance look, as the darker roots grow out gracefully, reducing the frequency of touch-ups needed. The waves are styled to perfection, highlighting the multi-dimensional color and providing a luxurious, full-bodied appearance. Ideal for medium to thick hair, this style maintains its stunning silhouette and depth, requiring only occasional use of a nourishing hair mask to keep the strands healthy and vibrant.

Long, wavy mushroom brown hair with hidden colorful peekaboo highlights in blue, purple, and pink, adding a playful contrast and vibrancy.

#4 Mushroom Brunette with Colorful Peekaboo

This hairstyle is a playful and imaginative take on the classic mushroom brown, featuring vibrant “peekaboo” highlights in shades of blue, purple, and pink nestled beneath the natural tones. The hidden colors offer a surprising burst of brightness that shows through with movement, ideal for someone looking to add some fun and personality to their look without full commitment to vivid colors. The base of mushroom brown keeps the overall appearance grounded and versatile for different settings. This style is particularly effective on medium to thick hair, as the volume allows for better distribution and concealment of the colorful accents. Maintenance involves protecting the bright hues with color-safe products and possibly more frequent salon visits to refresh the vibrant streaks as they fade.

Elegant woman with a stylish mushroom brown pixie cut, featuring precision styling and subtle highlights for added depth.

#5 Brown Hair Pixie Cut Edge

This chic pixie cut in mushroom brown is tailored to perfection, providing an edgy yet elegant look that accentuates the wearer’s features with its precise styling. The mushroom brown shade adds a contemporary twist, making the hairstyle versatile for various occasions and outfits. This cut is especially flattering for those with fine hair, as the layering and texture built into the style create the illusion of volume. The subtle highlights add depth and dimension, enhancing the dynamic cuts of the pixie. This hairstyle is low-maintenance, requiring minimal styling effort to look polished and fresh. Regular trims are advisable to maintain the sharp silhouette, and using a color-protective shampoo will help preserve the depth and vibrancy of the mushroom brown shade.

Side profile of a woman with light mushroom brown hair styled into soft waves, enhancing her features with a natural and gentle glow.

#6 Light Mushroom Brown Hair for a Soft Glow

This beautiful hairstyle demonstrates a light mushroom brown color that imparts a soft, ethereal glow. The subtle blend of cool and warm tones within the light brown spectrum complements the model’s complexion, enhancing her features with a gentle radiance. The hair is styled into flowing waves that add volume and movement, creating a romantic and feminine look. This length and style are perfect for those with medium hair density, as it provides body and fullness without being too heavy. The strategic placement of lighter tones near the face also helps to brighten the overall appearance, making this a fantastic choice for anyone looking to lighten their hair while maintaining a natural and effortless look. To keep the hair looking its best, a lightweight moisturizing product can be used to enhance the waves and prevent frizz.

Chic mushroom brown bob cut with subtle layers adding volume and style, perfectly framing the face and enhancing natural beauty.

#7 Mushroom Brown Bob Cut Elegance

This elegant bob cut in mushroom brown is a perfect blend of style and practicality, offering a fresh, modern twist on a classic hairstyle. The color is a soft, neutral brown with subtle ashy undertones that complement cool skin tones beautifully. The length and layers are meticulously crafted to enhance the natural volume of the hair while making it easy to manage on a daily basis. This style is particularly flattering for those with fine to medium hair density as it gives the illusion of thicker hair. The cut also frames the face delicately, drawing attention to the cheekbones and eyes. It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle that requires minimal styling products to look polished, making it an ideal choice for a busy lifestyle.

Long, wavy hair colored in a cool-toned icy mushroom brown, providing a chic and modern look while adding volume and texture.

#8 Cool-Toned Icy Brown Hair Color

This stunning hairstyle features cool-toned icy mushroom brown hair, a color that is perfectly suited for those who desire a chic and modern look. The cool tones blend beautifully with the natural warmth of the model’s complexion, creating an exquisite contrast that highlights her features. The soft, flowing waves add volume and texture, enhancing the multidimensional hues of the hair. This style is particularly flattering for medium to thick hair types, as the waves keep the hair looking full and vibrant. To maintain this icy hue, using purple shampoo regularly will help manage any warm undertones and keep the color looking fresh and cool.

Luxurious long waves with a balayage technique on mushroom brown hair, highlighting depth and movement with expert color blending.

#9 Balayage Technique on Mushroom Brown Hair

This image showcases a luxurious balayage technique on long, mushroom brown hair, demonstrating masterful color blending that creates a stunning visual depth and vibrancy. The balayage enhances the natural flow of the hair, with lighter strands meticulously painted to accentuate the cascading waves. This method is particularly effective for adding dimension and movement to the hair, making it appear fuller and more dynamic. It’s a superb choice for those with medium to thick hair textures as it highlights the hair’s natural contours while maintaining a smooth, healthy appearance. Maintenance involves periodic touch-ups and hydrating treatments to preserve the color’s richness and the hair’s lustrous appearance.

Medium-length mushroom brown hair styled in soft waves, perfectly complementing tan skin with its warm, dimensional tones.

#10 Mushroom Brown with Tan Skin Compatibility

This stunning display of mushroom brown hair beautifully complements tan skin, as the warm undertones of the color harmonize with the skin’s golden hues. The hairstyle features soft, luxurious waves that add volume and movement, creating a vibrant, youthful look. This medium-length cut is perfect for those who desire a style that provides versatility and elegance, with layers that enhance the hair’s natural texture and body. The blend of shades in the mushroom brown spectrum not only enriches the overall color but also offers a dimensional look that brings out the best in tan complexions. Regular use of nourishing hair treatments will help maintain the silky texture and prevent the color from fading.

Long, voluminous mushroom brown hair styled in soft, cascading waves, adding depth and elegance to the flowing locks.

#11 Long Mushroom Brown Hair for Flowing Locks

This hairstyle exemplifies the beauty of long, flowing locks in a gorgeous mushroom brown, meticulously styled with soft, cascading waves that highlight the depth and richness of the color. The layered technique adds volume and dimension, making it an ideal choice for those with fine to medium hair seeking a fuller appearance. The color itself is versatile and suits a variety of skin tones, lending an effortlessly elegant look that can transition smoothly from day to night. While the style is undeniably attractive and luxurious, maintaining such length and vibrancy requires regular conditioning treatments and possibly a heat protectant during styling to preserve the hair’s health and sheen.

Voluminous dark mushroom brown hair styled in soft waves, enriching the rich, warm hues perfect for medium to dark complexions.

#12 Dark Mushroom Brown Hair for a Rich Hue

This hairstyle beautifully demonstrates the richness of dark mushroom brown hair, enhanced with soft, sweeping waves that add a touch of elegance and movement. The deep, warm tones of the hair are perfect for those looking to make a subtle statement while maintaining an air of natural sophistication. This color works exceptionally well for those with medium to dark complexions as it complements and highlights natural undertones in the skin. The thick, voluminous waves are ideal for those with medium to thick hair, providing body and depth, making the hair appear luscious and full. Care for this style involves hydration-focused products to keep the waves lush and the color vibrant.

Long, wavy mushroom brown hair featuring a lighter "money piece" highlight around the face, enhancing the overall style with a modern twist.

#13 Mushroom Brown with Money Piece Highlight

This stunning hairstyle features mushroom brown as its base color, accented brilliantly by a lighter “money piece” highlight that frames the face. This strategic placement of a lighter shade draws attention to the facial features, illuminating the complexion without the need for heavy makeup. The waves add texture and movement, creating a lively yet relaxed style that’s versatile for both day and night wear. Suitable for those with medium to long hair looking to add a modern twist to their look, this style balances trendy coloring with classic elegance. Keep in mind, the highlighted sections may require more frequent care to maintain the vibrant contrast against the deeper mushroom brown.

Luxurious long waves in toner-enhanced mushroom brown, reflecting a multi-dimensional sheen and adding volume to the hair.

#14 Toner-Enhanced Brown Hair Color

This hairstyle is an enchanting example of toner-enhanced mushroom brown hair, achieving a glossy, multi-dimensional look that catches light beautifully. The rich waves cascade flawlessly, providing an added sense of volume and depth. This coloring technique is ideal for those wanting to enhance natural hues while adding a subtle uniqueness to traditional brown hair. It’s particularly suited for medium to thick hair types because the weight of the hair helps maintain the definition of each wave. This style requires minimal styling effort day-to-day but will benefit from periodic toning refreshes to maintain the cool, rich tones and counteract any brassiness that may emerge over time.

Shoulder-length mushroom brown hair with subtle layers, ideal for light skin tones, styled straight to enhance natural shine and texture.

#15 Mushroom Brown Color Suited for Light Skin

This style showcases a beautiful, soft mushroom brown shade tailored to complement lighter skin tones perfectly. The shoulder-length cut with subtle layers offers versatility and a modern look that’s easy to maintain. This color and cut combination enhances natural luminosity, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a subtle yet impactful makeover. It is ideal for fine to medium hair, providing enough body to create movement without weighing down the strands. The simplicity of the cut allows for easy styling, whether you choose to wear it straight or add some curls for extra volume. To maintain the richness of the color and prevent fading, using color-safe hair products is recommended.

Long, sleek mushroom brown hair with subtle layering, embodying a chic Korean style influence, suitable for enhancing natural beauty.

#16 Mushroom Brown for Korean Style Influence

This gorgeous look captures the essence of Korean style with its sleek, long mushroom brown hair, skillfully layered to add subtle volume and bounce. This shade and style are particularly flattering for those looking to achieve a soft, natural look with a touch of glamour. The color is understated yet versatile, complementing various skin tones and suitable for both casual and formal settings. This hairstyle is especially effective for those with fine to medium hair, as the layers help create an illusion of thickness. While the long length offers numerous styling options, it may require regular conditioning treatments to maintain health and sheen.

Long, wavy hair with mushroom brown and blonde highlights underneath, creating a playful, dynamic contrast and adding volume.

#17 Blonde Underneath Mushroom Brown Hair

This alluring hairstyle blends the depth of mushroom brown with a playful twist of blonde highlights peeking from underneath, offering a stylish and contemporary look. The layers and waves bring out the dynamic contrast between the two shades, making it a perfect choice for someone wanting to add a splash of lightness without committing to a full blonde look. The subtle blonde underneath not only adds a sun-kissed feel but also illuminates the face, enhancing your natural features. Although this style is versatile and appealing, it might require maintenance to keep the mushroom blonde tones vibrant and the hair healthy.

Medium-length wolf cut in mushroom brown with voluminous layers transitioning from dark roots to lighter tips, enhancing texture and movement.

#18 Mushroom Brown Wolf Cut for Trendy Appeal

This striking wolf cut, highlighted in a trendy mushroom brown, is a perfect blend of edge and style. The layered texture gives a voluminous look, great for adding body to fine hair, while the darker roots transitioning to lighter tips offer a low-maintenance color style that doesn’t require constant salon visits. Ideal for those seeking a hairstyle that’s both stylish and easy to care for, the uneven layers create a lively, dynamic effect, emphasizing movement and dimension. However, to keep the layers well-defined and the color vibrant, using volumizing products and occasional toning treatments would be beneficial.

Curly dark mushroom brown hair beautifully styled to highlight natural textures and depth, perfect for embracing curls.

#19 Curly Mushroom Brown Embracing Natural Textures

See a stunning example of curly hair in a rich, dark mushroom brown shade. This hairstyle celebrates natural curls, adding depth and dimension with varied tones. It’s particularly flattering for those with natural curl patterns, as the color enhances the texture beautifully. This style may require more frequent moisturizing treatments to maintain the health and sheen of the curls.

Medium-length wavy hair in a mushroom brown color, styled with volume and movement for an effortlessly chic look.

#20 Dark Brown Hair with Deep Tones

The hairstyle captures a beautifully styled medium-length hair with a captivating mushroom brown color. The flowing layers are enhanced by subtle waves, adding volume and movement. This style is perfect for those with a medium texture, providing a balance between elegance and practicality. It requires minimal touch-ups, making it suitable for busy lifestyles.

Luxurious waves in a mushroom brown balayage ombre, with colors transitioning from deep roots to lighter ends, adding dimension and volume.

#21 Mushroom Brown Balayage Ombre for Dimension

This hairstyle is a fabulous showcase of mushroom brown balayage, perfect for adding dimension and visual interest to your locks. The gradual blending from deep mushroom brown at the roots to lighter tones towards the ends creates a sun-kissed effect that’s both sophisticated and modern. Ideal for medium to long hair, the layers and waves work together to enhance the multidimensional coloring, making it appear more voluminous and lively. This style is especially beneficial for those with fine hair looking to give the illusion of thickness. The balayage technique ensures a more natural grow-out phase, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups. However, maintaining the color’s vibrancy may require specific products like color-safe shampoos.

Straight, sleek long hair in a uniform mushroom brown shade with subtle highlights, providing a chic and low-maintenance look.

#22 Straight Brown Hair with Sleek Finish

This sleek, straight style in a refined mushroom brown shade is a fabulous choice for those seeking a chic, low-maintenance look. Its straight cut highlights the uniformity of color throughout, with subtle highlights that enhance the natural depth and shine of healthy hair. This hairdo is especially flattering for those with a medium to thick hair density, as it lays smoothly and maintains its shape with minimal effort. The color itself is versatile, suited for both professional settings and casual outings, offering an effortlessly stylish appearance without the frequent upkeep associated with more vivid colors. While this style is easy to manage daily, regular use of heat protectant is advisable when styling to preserve the integrity of the hair.

Long, thick waves in a gradient of mushroom brown tones, showing depth and subtle elegance in hair color.

#23 Soft Mushroom Hair for Subtle Elegance

This luscious long hairstyle showcases a seamless blend of mushroom brown hues, creating a rich yet subtle elegance. The use of a deeper root shade gradually transitions into lighter mids and ends, enhancing the hair’s natural movement and depth. Perfect for those with thicker hair, as the colors add dimension without the need for constant styling. The waves add a soft, romantic feel, making it ideal for someone looking for a hairstyle that’s both practical and pretty. A great choice for anyone wanting to minimize the look of regrowth with a color that stays fresh longer, though be mindful, the length might require more product and time to style.

Medium-length mushroom brown hair with soft ombre transition to lighter tips, styled into loose waves.

#24 Mushroom Brown Hair Color with Ombre Effect

The showcased hairstyle is a striking example of a medium-length layered cut, expertly blending mushroom brown roots with a soft ombre transition into lighter tips. Ideal for those looking to balance low maintenance with trendy color techniques. The darker roots make growth less noticeable, extending time between salon visits. It’s styled into loose waves, enhancing texture and volume, particularly flattering for fine to medium hair densities. This ombre not only provides a dimensional look but also plays wonderfully with various lighting, giving a dynamic visual appeal. Keep in mind, lighter ends might require more frequent conditioning to maintain health and vibrancy.

A woman with stylish mushroom brown hair featuring curtain bangs and soft waves, enhancing her facial features and adding a modern twist to her look.

#25 Mushroom Hair with Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle perfectly captures the essence of mushroom brown hair complemented by trendy curtain bangs, offering a fresh, contemporary look. The bangs frame the face beautifully, enhancing the eyes and cheekbones, while the soft, flowing waves add volume and texture to the overall style. This color and cut are particularly flattering for those with oval or longer face shapes, as the bangs add balance and softness to the facial features. The layers and waves are crafted to maximize movement and light reflection, making the hair appear fuller and more dynamic. Suitable for various hair densities, this style remains relatively easy to maintain, requiring regular trims to keep the bangs in perfect shape and occasional toning treatments to maintain the cool, ashy undertones of the mushroom brown color.

Mushroom brown hair color, cool and earthy, is the refreshing trend you didn’t know you needed. This versatile shade pulls its subtle, ashy tones from the hues of a portobello mushroom, offering a neutral canvas that complements various skin tones. Ideal for those looking to transition away from the high-maintenance colors of summer, mushroom brown is perfect for creating a sophisticated look with depth and warmth.

The beauty of mushroom brown lies in its ability to be customized through techniques like balayage or babylights, allowing you to enhance your natural color with smoky undertones or vibrant highlights. Whether you’re aiming for a sun-kissed finish or a deeper, more dramatic effect, mushroom brown can adapt to your personal style. Why not explore this trendy color and see how it can transform your look for the upcoming season?