25 Gorgeous Mushroom Brown Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Light Chocolate Brown Balayage Hair

Ask for a light chocolate brown balayage hair color. If you have uneven tones and brass in your hair, ask your stylist to create a chocolate finish. This helps to blend and tone those colors down. Start with getting a balayage color to create some dimension, and try a color melt with a dark root and light chocolate ends.

#2: Multi-Dimensional Beige Bronde Hair

For the perfect bronde, ask your stylist for a beige mushroom color melt. This entails a balayage blonding session with a dark-rooted color melt into a muted gold. Muted gold colors are a gorgeous mix of a cool gold shimmering tone. This helps navigate brassy orange undertones and gives off a reflective finish.

#3: Dark Chocolate Brown Hair with Soft Highlights

When you have dark hair and need a slight contrasting dimension, try adding a partial balayage. You could also try a foilyage to create a few ribbons to cascade over the top layer of your hair. To keep the tones soft, choose a tone that is only up to a few levels of lightness to keep the color looking natural. A level 6 on level 3 hair like this picture gives you enough lightness to create a reflective color.

#4: Dark Brown Base with Mushroom Highlights

A gorgeous contrasting color to dark hair is a mushroom blonde. This tone is not quite brown or blonde, with the perfect balance of cool and gold. It’s a muted blonde with a creamy finish.

#5: Subtle Balayage with Smokey Brown Hue

Doing a smokey brown shade with a subtle balayage is the perfect combination for a natural look. It’s not ashy or warm, making it an ideal tone for almost all skin tones. Use a color-treated shampoo and conditioner. Try Kenra color maintenance, it’s best for upkeep!

Soft Mushroom Brown Balayage with Long-Length Waves
Instagram @jezzdiditt

#6: Soft Mushroom Balayage with Waves

A subtle mushroom brown over a dark base gives a dimensional color with a low-maintenance grow out. Balayage techniques will give you a soft diffused regrowth. And if you need a little more lift, foilyage will be your best friend. Add some waves to your locks to show off all of the pretty tones you’ll get in this color.

#7: Mid-Length Dark Mushroom Brown Hair

Give this mid-length mushroom brown hair a try. The natural color ensures low maintenance.

Dimensional Mushroom Brown Balayage on Long Virgin Hair with Choppy Ends
Instagram @locksbylauryn

#8: Dimensional Mushroom Brown on Virgin Hair

This is your vibe if you’re looking for a subtly dimensional color option for natural dark brown hair. Aim for a green/ash mushroom brown hue to balance out any orange/red tones that can be present in lifting dark hair. Don’t let the word green and ash scare you. It’s key to the perfect color, and a colorist knows exactly how to navigate these tricky tones.

Mid-Long Mushroom Bronde Ombre Balayage Hair with Money Piece and Beach Waves
Instagram @locksbylauryn

#9: Mushroom Bronde Ombre with Money Piece

A mushroom bronde ombré with a money piece is a gorgeous color mix. An icy blonde over a strong orange undertone creates a gorgeous mushroom bronde. With lighter pieces through the mid-lengths and ends, you will get a grayish tone with this cool hue. This should last for about 6-8 weeks before needing to get a refresh.

Partial Highlights with Warm Mushroom Brown Balayage Tone for Long Brunette Hair
Instagram @dvcolour

#10: Partial Highlights with Warm Mushroom Tone

Consider a partial highlight with warm mushroom tones. Ask your stylist for a face-framing balayage to highlight your face. It will also blend in old highlights. Sometimes a partial is all you need to stay consistent with color maintenance. Doing the whole head 1-2 times annually with maintenance partials in between. Create this brunette color with a cool, warm, and perfectly balanced mushroom tone.

Chestnut Mushroom Brown Balayage Highlights with Root Melt for Long and Thick Hair
Instagram @hairbypreya

#11: Chestnut Brown Highlights with Root Melt

A root melt with chestnut brown highlights is perfect for those who want something natural and subtle. The colors blend perfectly, and it’s the perfect warmth for summer! Make sure you ask your stylist for product recommendations for color-treated hair.

#12: Blended Silver and Brown Hues

Give these blended silver and brown hues a try! The combination of silver and brown color gives a seamless grow out!

Mushroom Brown Balayage with Ashy Undertones for Mid-Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @rusticrootssalon.mn

#13: Brown Balayage with Ashy Undertones

Try this brown balayage with ashy undertones! The dark root with muted ends gives you a subtle and soft dimension.

Mushroom Brown Balayage with Dark Roots and Long Layers
Instagram @off7thsalon

#14: Mushroom Brown with Dark Roots

Ask for a mushroom brown balayage with dark roots. Adding lightness throughout with a thick dark mane will help add dimension to the hair. A teardrop effect of darker roots helps the color become low-maintenance. It brings lightness up around the face and melts further down through the crown.

#15: Soft Beige Brown Bob

Creating those mushroomy hues can be tough, but it can be a stunning color on many skin tones once you figure it out. A beige-brown is the best way to describe a mushroom color. This is a combination of brown/ gold/ and cool tones. A muted gold to create a soft brown, sometimes more violet and sometimes more ash. This depends on your starting level and what you need to balance out to achieve the perfect hues.

#16: Light Mushroom Brown Highlights on Dark Hair

Opt for a light mushroom brown highlight on dark hair. Low-maintenance highlights on brown hair are all the rage. Try a custom balayage for your hair with your stylist. Root melt with a base similar to your natural, maybe 1-2 levels darker. Finish off with a cool level 6 or 7 mushroom brown, complimenting any dark base.

#17: Long Ashy Mushroom Brown Waves

Ask for a long and wavy ashy mushroom brown color. A classic balayage is the perfect canvas for toning with beautiful ashy brown hues. The mushroom brown coloring looks great on most skin tones and dark hair bases. Maintenance on this color is every 6-8 weeks of gloss treatments and 10-12 weeks of highlights.

Ash Mushroom Brown Balayage Highlights with Long-Length Wavy Layers
Instagram @inspired_cara

#18: Ash Brown Balayage Highlights with Layers

Go for an ash-brown balayage highlight with layers. Who said you couldn’t go darker for summer? Try a neutral shade of brown with a cool and warm blend to balance the tones of your color. Create a reflective melt over your blonde highlights by staying within a level 7/8 level. Add just enough gold in your ash to create that shine. Brownish hair looks spectacular with mushroom hues, complimenting warm and olive skin tones.

#19: Bright Mushroom Brown Ombre Hair

Give this bright mushroom brown ombré hair a try! This color gives you a contrasting effect with the dark base and lighter ends. You will be right on trend with this look!

Dark-Rooted Mocha Mushroom Brown Balayage with Waist-Length Wavy Hair
Instagram @maggiemae.beauty

#20: Dark-Rooted Mocha Brown Balayage

Dark-rooted mocha brown balayage is this year’s new trend for dimensional brunettes. When going lighter, it’s important to note you’ll expose warm tones, tones like red or orange. The best way to combat these hues is by embracing them and using them to create a rich color. Brown is perfect for camouflaging any unwanted warmth during the lightening process.

#21: Mushroom Brown with Caramel Drizzle

A mushroom brown with caramel is an earthy and natural-looking balayage hair color. This trend is perfect for those looking to add dimension to their brunette locks. This color palette is so beautiful for anyone looking to enhance their dark hair. I suggest using a technique called a tease highlight for the best results. This technique allows you to lift the dark out of the hair while still maintaining a soft blend from roots to ends.

#22: Long Layered Neutral Brown Balayage Hair

Opt for a long layered neural brown balayage hair style. Pair it with a sleek face frame for a stunning and trendy way to incorporate dimension. This softly hand-painted highlight is subtle enough to give a dark brunette a hint of color. This hairstyle is best executed with a balayage technique. A balayage paints bleach to the ends to create a subtle gradient dark-to-light effect.

#23: Mushroom Brown Face-Framing Highlights

This mushroom brown color with face-framing highlights is a unique and beautiful color! The subtle contrast between the highlights and the brown gives this look tons of depth.

#24: Subtle Mushroom Brown for Long Bob

Try this subtle mushroom brown hair for a long bob. The long bob is still a very popular and versatile cut. The cool tones pop on the dark base color.

Dark Brunette to Mushroom Brown Balayage Sombre on Long Thick Hair
Instagram @hmh_byjaydelee

#25: Dark Brunette to Mushroom Brown Sombre

This dark brunette to mushroom brown sombre is gorgeous! The darker base makes the lighter ends pop!

Looking to transform your hair with a trendy mushroom brown balayage? Kaylee Burds, a seasoned stylist, shares her expertise and experience in achieving the perfect look. In an exclusive interview, she provides valuable insights on selecting the ideal shade for different skin tones, maintaining your balayage, and important considerations when consulting your colorist.

Meet The Expert

Kaylee Burds
Kaylee Burds
Kaylee is a cosmetologist with over 11 years of experience.
You can find her at Fringe Hair Studio in Louisville, CO.

Choosing Mushroom Brown for Your Skin Tone

To achieve the best results, Burds suggests that individuals with neutral to warmer skin tones are ideal candidates for this balayage color. However, this doesn’t mean those with cooler or olive skin tones are excluded. By adjusting the color formula and incorporating more neutral tones, the desired look can be achieved for anyone.

Maintaining Your Balayage

To extend the longevity of your color, Burds emphasizes the importance of using color-safe shampoos and conditioners. Proper hair care products are essential to keep your hair in optimal condition and prevent fading. For maintenance, regular root retouches and toning sessions are recommended. Burds personally recommends J Beverly Hills hair products for their quality and effectiveness in preserving the color and providing moisture without weighing down the hair.

Effective Communication with Your Hairstylist

Burds highlights key topics to discuss with your stylist during the consultation. First, sharing your hair history, including previous professional coloring or DIY attempts, helps the stylist determine the best approach. Honesty about your hair health is crucial for optimal results. Lifestyle factors, such as the frequency of salon visits, should be considered to ensure long-lasting color.

When choosing a color, focus on selecting shades that complement your skin tone rather than clash with it. A helpful tip is to visualize the hair alone in a photo and see if it aligns with your desired outcome. Finally, discussing the cost and budgeting for your hair goals is essential, as balayage prices can vary. Trusting your stylist and maintaining clear communication are key elements for achieving your desired look.

Photos of the Most Stunning Mushroom Brown Balayage