23 Mushroom Blonde Hair Color Ideas for a Unique Blonde Hue

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Mushroom Blonde Teasylights on Black Hair
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#1: Mushroom Blonde Teasylights on Black Hair

Ash-blonde teasylights on black hair will take your style from simple to stunning. The teasylight technique will give your mane a diffused and seamless melt, making it impossible to have any harsh defined lines. Hairstyles with a mushroom blonde color prefer to see them every 6-8 weeks to keep the ashy hue alive and looking as silvery as possible.

Long Dark-Rooted Hair with Mushroom Bronde Highlights
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#2: Dark-Rooted Hair with Mushroom Bronde Highlights

Mushroom blonde hair color is a lighter variation of mushroom brown. Dark-rooted hair with highlights blends these two hues, creating a cool, matte hair color. This is best suited for naturally darker hair and skin tones.

Mushroom Ash Blonde with Root Smudge for Mid-Length Straight Hair
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#3: Mushroom Ash Blonde with Root Smudge

The hair color known as mushroom ash blonde with a root smudge is perfect for a brunette wanting to enhance natural tones and add depth. The medium mushroom blonde color adds extra brightness and depth, helping brunettes maintain their natural look.

#4: Dimensional Mushroom Blonde

A dimensional mushroom blonde is a beautiful color choice for women wanting a natural yet ashy tone. Once lightened and toned, the shade of mushroom blonde hair may work best for ladies who have medium to light hair and want less warmth.

#5: Faded Mushroom Silver Blonde

Lots of women love the light mushroom silver-blonde color. To achieve this look, it may take more than one session. Keep that in mind. It would be best to reach a pale yellow to get mushroom colors without looking muddy. I recommend visiting the salon every 6-8 weeks to keep your seamless ombre looking as stunning and ashy as possible.

Mushroom Balayage Ombre
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#6: Mushroom Balayage Ombre

Mushroom brown balayage will make you feel like a gorgeous bombshell. Its seamless color melt between the root and ends is flawless. Use a one-inch curling iron to give your bouncy waves that make a luxury color look effortless.

Deep Mushroom Blonde
Instagram @floshifu

#7: Deep Mushroom Blonde

Rock dark mushroom blonde hair to spice up naturally darker hair. The earthy, ashy hue will make dark eyes pop and go perfectly with cool skin tones. A mushroom blonde shade is less maintenance than a bright blonde for fewer visits to your hairstylist.

#8: Cool-Toned Mushroom Blonde

If you have cool-toned skin, try a mushroom blonde tone. The mix of multi-dimensional cool shades of blonde and brown are just what you have been looking for. Make your dark eyes pop with this dusty blonde hue.

#9: Lived-In Ash Blonde Balayage

For a multi-dimensional hue, try a lived-in ash blonde balayage. This in-between shade of ashy blonde and brown gives the perfect low-maintenance color. Balayage is a more natural technique that will give your highlights a seamless, natural blend for a longer time between salon appointments.

#10: Vibrant Buttery Blonde

Get the perfect neutral color with a vibrant buttery blonde. Get the oh-so-perfect beige blonde you have always wanted. Keep the yellowish color away with frequent toners and purple shampoo for at-home maintenance. This mushroom blonde hue is trending and is here to stay.

Full Mushroom Beige Blonde Highlights
Instagram @jazzys.hairstudio

#11: Full Beige Blonde Highlights

Full beige blonde highlights, or mushroom blonde, are a beautiful color achieved by mixing warm and cool shade toner applied on pre-lightened hair. You can easily get light mushroom blonde hair if your natural base is lighter. Always ask your colorist for a bond-building treatment such as Olaplex or Innolux while bleaching your hair.

Soft Mushroom Blonde with Shadow Roots
Instagram @theharestudio

#12: Soft Mushroom Blonde with Shadow Roots

Rooted mushroom blonde is perfectly balanced with warm and cool tones, which suits many women with different skin tones. To keep your color looking fresh, I recommend using a deep purple shampoo once a week for the best results.

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Platinum Highlights on Mushroom Blonde Hair
Instagram @londapro

#13: Platinum Highlights on Mushroom Blonde Hair

Say goodbye to yellow hair, and say hi to these platinum hair highlights on mushroom blonde hair. All the neutral hues will complement your cool skin tone. Show your hairdresser this shade in mushroom blonde to get your desired ashy-colored locks.

#14: Faded Mushroom Blonde on Brunette Hair

A faded mushroom blonde complements cool or neutral skin tones. If your natural hair color is ashy, toning the highlights to a beige cool blonde color will create a soft, creamy blend. Since cool tones absorb light, finish your look with a shine spray such as AIIR Hair Shine Spray for added brilliance.

#15: Natural Mushroom Blonde Color

Natural mushroom-rooted blonde combines warmth and ash tones, giving you this natural beige blonde. The hue of mushroom blonde is an excellent option for women who want to keep their color on the lower maintenance side. Every 12 weeks, a root touch and tone will do the trick while using purple shampoo for home care.

Subtle Mushroom Blonde on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @stylist.cyd

#16: Subtle Mushroom Blonde on Dark Brown Hair

Go for natural-looking locks with a subtle mushroom blonde on your dark brown hair. Subtle ashy highlights offer a lived-in hue with little upkeep and keep hair looking natural. Ask your stylist if a mushroom hair color is for you.

Mushroom Dirty Blonde Hair
Instagram @chaddofficial

#17: Mushroom Dirty Blonde Hair

Try dirty blonde hair for a cooler, beige-like color. Mushroom blondes look best on certain skin tones, including neutral. A tone so ashy may require at-home maintenance, so ask your stylist what products you may need.

Rich Mushroom Blonde Balayage Highlights
Instagram @_ara_hair

#18: Rich Mushroom Blonde Balayage Highlights

Mushroom blonde balayage is seamless; doing hair balayage highlights will give you a much softer grow-out than the traditional technique. Keep this in consideration when talking to your stylist. Mushroom blonde hair dye combines ash and beige tones to give you this beautiful color.

Low-Maintenance Mushroom Blonde
Instagram @hairbykimn

#19: Low-Maintenance Mushroom Blonde

Rock a mushroom blonde color to fit in with the cool crowd. Earthy, ashy tones blend seamlessly and effortlessly in this low-maintenance color. The mushroom blonde trend is a must-try any season.

Warm Mushroom Blonde with Dark Roots
Instagram @meag.doeshair

#20: Golden Warm Mushroom Blonde with Dark Roots

If you’re looking for a change, try a warm mushroom blonde. Darker roots help keep maintenance low for less time between touch-ups and keep your hair looking more natural. The mushroom blonde pigment can be customized lighter or darker depending on your skin tone to get your perfect match.

Mushroom Blonde Babylights
Instagram @yessi_hairlove

#21: Mushroom Blonde Babylights

Deep mushroom blonde babylights with a dark shadow root will give dreamy hair. There are so many variations of mushroom shades that always seem to go so well with a simple dark brown root, making it super low-maintenance as it will have a soft grow-out with your natural hair. Finish off this beautiful color with waves that will bring out the shine and dimension.

#22: Sun-Kissed Mushroom Blonde with Lowlights

Try a sun-kissed mushroom blonde with lowlights for a dimensional and cool-toned color. Remember, lowlights are a great way to contrast your hair if it has been over-lightened.

#23: Light Mushroom Blonde Shade

For a different approach to cooler-toned hair, ask your stylist if a mushroom shade is right for your blonde hair color. The color of mushroom blonde may require maintenance appointments.

Mushroom blonde is an ashy and cool-toned pearl hair color, popular for its rich dimension. A cool, ashy tone makes a nice option for blondes going darker or brunettes going lighter.

UK-based color specialist Bryley Lougher says it’s a great transitional shade. “It’s the perfect balance when done correctly,” Lougher states. “The pearl tones on the blonde strands work great against the natural dark base,” she adds.

You can always consult your stylist about what shade suits your skin tone. Also, ask how many sessions it requires to achieve the best result.

If your tresses have copper or red tones, lifting or neutralizing unwanted warmth would take a couple of sessions. Lougher suggests not focusing on one image to manage expectations. Each step can still be beautiful.

The balance of lightness is crucial in ensuring you get a radiant mushroom color. “With too many highlights, your hair will easily look warm. If you want ribbons of blonde, these work better with a shadow root,” says Lougher.

As for maintenance, use a toning shampoo or mask to keep warm undertones at bay. Wait until your salon toner has faded before using home toners. Lougher recommends Wella’s Cool Blonde Recharge shampoo, which doesn’t dry or overtone your hair.

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