53 Stunning Money Piece Hair Highlights for a Face-Framing Trend

Money piece hair highlight
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Do you need a fresh, new look without making a drastic change to your hair? Look no further then the money piece hair trend – an innovative hair highlighting technique that accentuates your facial features and adds a touch of glamour to your everyday appearance. If you’re searching for information, inspiration, and tips on how to get these stylish highlights, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is A Money Piece?

The money piece is a hair coloring technique where the front sections or face-framing pieces of hair are highlighted or dyed a different color than the rest of the hair. This creates a contrast that draws attention to your face and enhances your overall look. The name “money piece” comes from the idea that these face-framing highlights make a big impact and are worth the investment.

Jessica Ann Brown, a hairstylist from Frisco, TX, shares her tips on the money piece trend. “The partition of the hair is vital. It won’t look the same if you part your hair in a different way all the time,” she says. “If you prefer a hair shade opposite to the one you have, it’s best to consult your colorist.”

Brown urges women to trust the opinions of the experts and to set realistic expectations. “If you present a photo reference and they tell you it won’t look the same, be receptive to suggestions,” she notes.

Once you get the look you’re craving, keep in mind that maintenance is essential. Touch up your highlights every 6-8 weeks. Use a color-safe or tone-specific shampoo to keep the hues fresh and vibrant.

Brown suggests the use of Aveda’s Color Conserve for all color maintenance. She uses Eleven Australia’s Keep My Colour Treatment Blonde to maintain a cool and neutral blonde and Fanola’s No Orange Toning Shampoo to fight the brassy tone on brunette hair.

Prepare for your next hair salon visit. Grab ideas from our pictures of popular money piece hair colors and styles!

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Light Brown Hair with a Light Blonde Money Piece
Instagram @danielmbeauty

#1: Light Brown Hair with a Light Blonde Money Piece

Ugh, I am literally lusting over light brown hair with a light blonde money piece. I am not kidding when I say this type of color-blocking style lights up the face. This beautiful trend is an amazing way to create change in your hair, without breaking the bank. The biggest advantage to this specific coloring style,
is that it’s long-lasting and long-wearing.

Dimensional Straight Brunette Hair with a Money Piece
Instagram @jenndidthat__

#2: Dimensional Straight Brunette Hair

If you want to add depth to your hair, consider going for a straight brunette look. In this style, the money piece technique is used, which is trendy now. The ‘money piece’ technique involves highlighting the hair portion that frames your face. This way, it creates a striking contrast with your natural hair color. Have your stylist pick a shade. It should match your skin tone and blend well with your base hair color. This dimensional look works well for women who want to add visual interest to their hair without making a drastic change. The money piece technique gives your hair a fresh and stylish look. It also brings out your natural features.

#3: Bright Blue with a Light Blue Money Piece

Consider bright blue with a light blue money piece if you want to make a statement with your hair. This vibrant mix is sure to turn heads and showcase your bold personality. I recommend Pulp Riot’s Barcelona Toning Shampoo and Tokyo Color Protect Conditioner to maintain the vibrancy.

Rich Brunette with a Caramel Money Piece and face-framing
Instagram @xoxo_balayage

#4: Rich Brunette with a Caramel Money Piece

A rich brunette with a caramel money piece is a stunning choice. It adds warmth and dimension to your hair. The caramel money piece frames your face and highlights your best features. You can wear your hair straight when styling, add soft waves, or use a sleek updo. Each will showcase a gorgeous color blend. Avoid using excessive heat and styling tools. It will help to maintain the health and integrity of your hair. Embrace the brunette base’s richness and caramel’s pop, enhancing your natural beauty and giving you a radiant look.

Modern Shag with a Money Piece for women with longer fine hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#5: Modern Shag with a Money Piece

Ask about a modern shag with a money piece. If you add an early 2000s flair to your collection of styles, try a color block money piece for an extra pop. A modern shag brings the color technique current and has a soft flowing effect on wavy hair. The only drawback to a bold blonde money piece is the grow-out. It becomes noticeable after about 4 weeks. So, you can either schedule frequent visits or add a root shadow to diffuse the grow-out line.

Gorgeous Money Piece on Straight Hair for ladies in their 20s with style
Instagram @kortri

#6: Gorgeous Money Piece on Straight Hair

Ask about a gorgeous money piece if you have straight hair. This bold color is best for young women in their 20s who want to brighten their faces and try out block colors. Invest in a purple shampoo when doing a platinum money piece. This will help keep brassy and yellow tones at bay when used twice a month.

Dark Brown Long Hair with a Peach Money Piece
Instagram @artistic.aestheticss

#7: Dark Brown Long Hair with a Peach Money Piece

Money pieces are a huge trend. And nothing is more eye-catching than a peach contrast against a dark brunette. You must have a perfect even lift to a level 9 before you apply your peach tone. This is so you can ensure an even tone throughout. You may be able to do this in one session, but it may take a couple if the client has pre-colored hair. This look will look amazing, sleek, or curled with a soft wave to play with different looks!

Gorgeous Pink Money Piece Hair for women with an oval face and middle part
Instagram @nataliarok

#8: Gorgeous Pink Money Piece

Consider a pink money piece if you want to add a soft pop of color to your hair without coloring the whole thing. This hair color trend has a splash of pink hair color around the face-framing pieces. It creates a gorgeous contrast against your natural hair color. But be aware that pink is a light shade that will fade quickly. It works best for women with an oval face as it draws attention to your best features. Try to achieve the perfect pink by asking your colorist to mix a pastel pink tone with a hint of peach. It will create a soft and feminine look.

Dark Pink Lob with a Bright Pink Money Piece with choppy ends and no bangs
Instagram @bricia.g_artistry

#9: Dark Pink Lob with a Bright Pink Money Piece

If you’re looking for a great way to make a dramatic, attention-grabbing style, a two-toned vivid color is a way to go. The two shades of pink are perfect for those looking to add some flair to their look. But without committing to an all-over color. Before dyeing your hair, ask for a strand test. It will ensure that the desired hue is achievable and that your hair will be healthy afterward. To keep the color fresh, be sure to ask about a good color wash.

Mid-Length Dimensional Highlights and a Money Piece
Instagram @megumicolor

#10: Mid-Length Dimensional Highlights

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance style, try highlights starting from the mid-length. If you can, keep the front highlights higher. It’s gonna give you a brighter money piece. You must maintain your blonde every 4 to 6 months. If starting the highlights at a mid-length point, when it grows out the roots can appear dark but natural.

#11: Coppery Long Fluffy Hairstyle with a Blonde Money Piece

A coppery long fluffy hairstyle with a blonde money piece may be just what you’re longing for! If you are looking for some layers around your face, ask for some face-framing layers. This color and cut combo will leave everyone speechless.

Chocolate Mid-Length Cut with a Pink Money Piece
Instagram @artistic.aestheticss

#12: Chocolate Mid-Length Cut with a Pink Money Piece

The number one trend is the money piece. And this chocolate mid-length cut with a pink money piece is a great way to show it off. I advise asking your stylist to book a touch-up 5-6 weeks after your initial color appointment. It will keep your money piece vibrant.

Dark Brown Balayage with a Subtle Money Piece
Instagram @_hairbykinsey

#13: Dark Brown Balayage with a Subtle Money Piece

Bold dark brown hair complements a subtle money piece. To help with a seamless grow out, I suggest doing your money piece in a balayage style. When you add subtle lightness to dark hair, it frames your face and makes your eyes pop.

Soft Pink Money Piece on Brown Hair
Instagram @artistic.aestheticss

#14: Soft Pink Money Piece on Brown Hair

A soft pink money piece is such a fun way to spice up brown hair. The two colors complement each other and add a cool contrast. Your hair will look the best when the front is lightened first with foil, making sure it’s lifted to a pale yellow. Doing this allows you to see the soft pink’s true tone. The best way to maintain your pink is to wash with cool to cold water and use color-safe shampoo.

Long Lived-In Hair with a Blonde Money Piece
Instagram @_hairbykinsey

#15: Long Lived-In Hair with a Blonde Money Piece

A foilayage service is a great way to achieve a low-maintenance blonde. The highlights are finer on the top and stronger around the face and ends. My advice would be to have your stylist make a toner formula with both warm and cool tones. This will help in the weeks between your blonding appointments. And your hair will fade nicely. Keep in mind, that you may want to use a color-depositing conditioner (purple for light blondes). It will maintain your blonde.

#16: Black Hair with Caramel Beige Money Piece Highlights

Less is more when you adorn black hair with a subtle beige money piece highlight. If you want to switch up your look while keeping it natural, this alluring style is the way to go. Some helpful advice: go with a less dramatic money piece. It’s lower maintenance and adds a soft brightness to your face.

#17: Long Side Parted Bob with a Money Piece

Creating lived-in hair color is all about the placement and seamless blend. So plan your pieces around the front for a statement money piece. My advice is to start the lightening with back combed sections two inches from the root in the front. And, in the back sparsely a few sections the last few inches at the ends for a diffused look.

Naturally Blended Light Brown Hair with a Money Piece
Instagram @cabelodemadame

#18: Naturally Blended Light Brown Hair

Look breathtaking with naturally blended light brown hair. Blended balayage is one of the best ways to get natural-looking highlights. Balayage is low-maintenance, however, sometimes it takes a few sessions to get the desired level of lift. Once you have your desired color, get toners often to keep your color looking fresh.

Dark Brown Hair with a Thick Blonde Money Piece
Instagram @hairhecker

#19: Dark Brown Hair with a Thick Blonde Money Piece

Create a bold look with dark brown hair with a thick blonde money piece. A bold chunky money piece is great if you want to go lighter without the commitment of going all blonde. Get a nice pop of color without the upkeep of a full head of highlights. Try to maintain the cut and toner every couple of months to keep your hair looking healthy and fresh.

Long Brunette Hair with Loose Waves and a Money Piece
Instagram @sami.hair

#20: Long Brunette Hair with Loose Waves

Long brunette hair with loose waves is a great way to level up your hairdo. One of the best ways to add spice to natural brunette hair is with a money piece. Plus, a few lighter pieces peaking through the length. With money pieces, they should look natural like the sun has lightened the strands near your face. Avoid chunky, clunky face framing by doing a combo of slices, weaves, and teasey lights.

Mid-Length Low-Maintenance Money Piece
Instagram @modernsalon

#21: Mid-Length Low-Maintenance Money Piece

Consider a mid-length, low-maintenance money piece if you love the look of high-contrast color, but hate the upkeep two-toned hair typically requires. You can add a couple of free-handed highlights towards the ends of your hair to create lighter dimensions in your dark tresses, but avoid adding too many or it can quickly start to take on a different visual. Wear your hair in soft waves or curls to truly harmonize with this dimensional, texture-filled hairstyle.

Peach Blonde Money Piece
Instagram @romeufelipe

#22: Peach Blonde Money Piece

A peach blonde money piece is a great option if you have dark to olive skin tones. You can ask your colorist if a peach tone will be right for you during your consultation. Don’t forget to ask about the upkeep of the peach color, as light warm tones are the quickest to fade. You’ll need to schedule regular color glaze appointments to keep your color looking fresh.

Amazing Dimensional Balayage Highlights with a Money Piece
Instagram @glamourbycee

#23: Amazing Dimensional Balayage Highlights

Go for subtle glamour with a dimensional balayage. Hand-painted highlights give a soft and easy grow-out. Balayage highlights have no harsh lines for a seamless and natural-looking multi-dimensional color. Give your complexion a pop of brightness with a bold money piece to frame your face.

#24: Brunette Balayage with a Bright Blonde Money Piece

Consider a brunette balayage with a blonde money piece because it’s a high-dimensional color that opens up the face with a bright money piece. Depending on your face shape, ask your stylist to create a money piece that either opens or closes your facial features following the rule of fifths and the rule of thirds. This is a low-maintenance color giving you 4-6months between maintenance.

#25: Thin Money Piece

A thin money piece is great for a softer version of the money piece. Having lighter pieces around the face brightens and lightens making a beautiful lived-in color. Ask your stylist for a more subtle money piece.

#26: Money Piece Face-Frame

A money piece face-frame can go with any base color. Hairstyles with a money piece will amp up your current color! Whether cool or warm-toned, these face-framing highlights are a go-to trend by many women.

#27: Long Copper Hair with a Blonde Money Piece

Long copper hair with a blonde money piece is super trendy. The bold money piece adds so much character to the overall look. Use a wand to create long voluminous waves, leaving you with so many compliments.

#28: Long Brown Hair with a Money Piece

Long brown hair with a money piece frames the face beautifully. Ladies with dark hair looking for simple lightening hairstyles should always ask for a bright, money-piece streak that frames their faces.

Simple Money Piece for Dark, Wavy Hair
Instagram @antoniofelipes

#29: Simple Money Piece for Dark, Wavy Hair

A simple money piece for dark, wavy hair is the perfect look if you want a low-maintenance look! A hairstyle with face-framing foiling is made with a quick appointment to the salon. It’s a budget-friendly hue to try, too. For ultimate results, pair a lighter hue with some waves.

#30: Money Piece for the Front Hairline

Adding a money piece to the front hairline is the perfect way to add boldness to your usual highlights! A money piece hairstyle can be in any color tone and customizable to match any skin complexion and hair base color. Have some fun with the trendy money piece hairstyle.

#31: Gorgeous Face-Framing Money Piece

A face-framing money piece is a great way to make a statement if your current hair is dull-looking. Money pieces are face-framing highlights that add contrast and dimension to your tresses. The money piece hair trend is highly desirable and won’t disappoint you.

Blonde Money Piece for a Brunette
Instagram @sami.hair

#32: Blonde Money Piece for a Brunette

A blonde money piece for a brunette is stylish, trendy, and a fun way to brighten up brown hair. On dark brunette hair, a blonde money piece will require touch-ups every 4-6 weeks. When adding a blonde money piece, consider asking your stylist for face-framing layers. It will turn out to be one of the most suitable haircuts for money pieces.

Thick Money Piece for Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @haircraftbyash

#33: Thick Money Piece for Mid-Length Hair

A thick money piece for mid-length black hair is a trendy look for women who want to try blonde but can’t commit to lightening their whole head with the blonde hue. To get this color, ask your hairstylist for some blonde-toned money piece that frames your face.

Trendy Beach Waves with a Money Piece
Instagram @saltedmane

#34: Trendy Beach Waves with a Money Piece

Beach waves with a money piece are a subtle and more natural choice for a money piece. Most women prefer hair with a money piece since the color frames their faces. To get this look, ask your hairstylist for a balayage with a money piece.

#35: Edgy Money Piece on Light Brown Hair

An edgy money piece on light brown hair is a fun way to add a bold hint of color to your tresses. Hair with money pieces has become super trendy lately! Achieve this color by asking your hair colorist for a chunky pastel pink-toned money piece framing your hairline.

#36: Brown Money Piece for Blonde Hair

A brown money piece for blonde hair is a unique and trendy money piece technique. Achieve this color by asking your hairstylist for some chunky brown-toned money pieces with a honey blonde hue in the back.

#37: Low-Maintenance Balayage Money Piece

The low-maintenance balayage money piece is a soft and natural gold-toned hair hue that compliments a lived-in look. To get a low-maintenance color, ask your hairdresser for natural highlights and a money piece.

#38: Simple Money Piece for a Round Face Shape

Consider a money piece for a round face shape if you want a hairstyle that will contour your face! A hairstyle with a money piece in combination with dark base contours your jawline, creating a defined, slimming look.

#39: Extra Light Money Piece for Darker Hair

Try an extra light money piece for darker hair if you’re looking for contrast in your tresses. Face-framing hairstyles are beautiful and look stunning when paired with waves. Money pieces look good on either short or long hair.

Rich Money Piece Balayage Highlights
Instagram @crownedhair_pr

#40: Rich Money Piece Balayage Highlights

Consider the placement of money piece balayage highlights if you want a seamless blend with a dramatic pop of blonde in the front! A money piece hair color is a rich and glamorous look that is low-maintenance. Finish your look with some waves to show off the different tones of color.

Messy Medium-Length Hair with a Money Piece
Instagram @hairlovebybree

#41: Messy Medium-Length Hair with a Money Piece

Try medium-length hair with a money piece if you’re looking for a trendy new hairstyle. Hairstyles with money pieces are taking the world by storm! Keep your locks looking fresh with highlights that focus on your front hairline for that extra pop of dimension.

Chunky Money Piece
Instagram @hairbymesina

#42: Chunky Money Piece

Consider chunky money piece highlights if you want to be blonde but still want to keep it low-maintenance! This lightening hairstyle is highly desirable by many women. Keeping that natural base color will ensure the grow-out is seamless.

#43: Stylish Blonde Money Piece for Dark Hair

Try a blonde money piece for dark hair if you want a high-contrast look. Money piece hairstyles are currently trending big time! The boldness of the blonde with a dark brunette base is flattering and glamorous. It’s a low-maintenance hue that makes styling a breeze.

#44: Unique Money Piece with Chunky Highlights

A money piece with chunky highlights will give you 90s grunge vibes. If you want to channel your inner Christina Aguilera or Beyonce, give thick, bold highlights a try. The technique is customizable. Just talk with your hairstylist about your desired thickness to the color that you want. Make sure to choose a money piece style that works best with your hair color, skin tone, and maintenance routine.

Thin Face-Framing Sections
Instagram @toriacurbelo

#45: Thin Face-Framing Sections

Thin face-framing sections are beautiful when creating a money piece. A babylight foiling technique can work with a face-framing hairstyle to add thin, blonde highlights in the right places to brighten and soften your face. When adding a money piece to brunette hair, consider asking your hairstylist what shade or tone of blonde will look best with your complexion and skin tone so that they can give you the blonde color that best complements your brunette hair.

#46: Bold Money Piece for Long Bangs

Add a funky money piece with long bangs to create fun on your tresses. If you have long curtain bangs, ask your hairstylist to use some money piece techniques with back-to-back foils to create a chunky, bold money piece. If you want to add an extra unique touch, ask your hairstylist to create a second money piece situated an inch away from the first one.

#47: Stunning Face-Framing Highlights

Face-framing highlights add life and brightness to your hair color. A soft yet bold and bright balayage with money piece trends, transforms your style, giving you a sun-kissed, lived-in blonde hue. To brighten your natural hair hue, add some hand-painted highlights and babylights foil around the face for an effortless, beachy hair hue.

#48: Bold Money Piece

A bold money piece on dark hair makes the eyes stand out. Money piece styles are all the rage and won’t be going out of style any time soon. Ask your hairstylist for a thicker, chunkier money piece done with a foiling technique for a soft blend.

Money Piece Hair with Bangs
Instagram @zoya_hair2

#49: Money Piece Hair with Bangs

Here is how to rock money piece hair with bangs. The color style is bold but allows women with fringe to have fun with their hair color and add a chunky money piece. A bold color-blocking money piece is achievable with some foiling hairstyles, where foils are placed around the front hairline, creating a fun two-tone look.

Sweet Money Piece for Long, Curly Hair
Instagram @thetaliasb

#50: Sweet Money Piece for Long, Curly Hair

Here is an example of a money piece for long, curly hair. A bold streak of blonde around the faces of curly-haired women looks perfect. If you have darker, textured hair, opt for a warm caramel blonde money piece hair coloring technique to accentuate your curls. It will leave your hair feeling healthy and not compromised.

Sexy Balayage Money Piece
Instagram @handtiedmanes

#51: Sexy Balayage Money Piece

A balayage money piece adds a bright blonde around the face while keeping it low-maintenance. A money piece is a foiling hairstyle that can be done at the roots or as a balayage style for less upkeep and a softer grow-out. With a 2-inch curling iron, waves emphasize the money piece for a beachy, tousled style.

#52: Easy Money Piece for Short Hair

A money piece for short hair is a good choice because it adds brightness and draws attention to your face. A pop of golden blonde adds gorgeous contrast to brunettes. Hairstyles with face-framing foiling are flattering and soften your features.

#53: Short Hair with Balayage Money Piece

If you’re thinking of trying short hair with a balayage money piece, then consider a collarbone-length bob. Short hairstyles with a money piece that falls below the chin, look fabulous on round face shapes. Ask your stylist for honey or caramel-toned highlights if you have naturally dark hair with a warm complexion.

Face-Framing Hair Colors