Midnight Purple Is The Hair Color You Can’t Miss In 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Wavy Hair with Midnight Violet Tone

A wavy hairstyle with a midnight tone is trendy. Enhance your wavy hair with a subtle color that reflects light. If you have dark hair, a level 4 or lower, it contrasts beautifully with purple. Request your stylist to create highlight patterns that match your haircut and face shape. Then, finish it off with a midnight purple touch. Remember, you must visit the salon for touch-ups every 8-10 weeks.

Medium Midnight Dark Purple Beach Waves with Bangs
Instagram @locksbylauryn

#2: Medium Purple Beach Waves with Bangs

A hairstyle featuring medium purple, beachy waves with bangs. A moody purple shade from pulp root offers a mysterious, midnight appeal. In a dramatic color transition, your stylist will use a semi-color remover. Switching from light teal to purple is simpler due to their similar color profile. Pair this vibrant purple color with beachy waves and bangs for a look that’s soft yet edgy.

#3: Glossy Deep Purple on a Textured Bob

Use glossy deep purple on a textured bob for an eye-catching look. Glossy deep purple becomes extra vivid with cool undertones and a dark blue root. To maintain the color, use a good shampoo and conditioner at home. Also, regular salon visits are necessary for color refreshes. Remember, vivid colors tend to fade rather quickly!

Dimensional Deep Midnight Purple Long Hair
Instagram @angie.hairspraytion

#4: Dimensional Purple Long Hair

Fall is the best time to dye your hair with a purple shade! Apply different tones of purple to give your hair a fun and layered look. To maintain the color, wash your hair with cold water and use products recommended by your stylist specifically for bright hair colors.

#5: Amethyst Purple Hair Color on A-Line Bob

Consider an amethyst purple hair color on an A-line bob haircut. One method to enhance your bob cut is by adding a pop of amethyst purple. This soft transition gives an elegant feel to those vivid colors. Your hair stylist can create a highlighted Mohawk effect for a dynamic contrast, blending the color from a darker shade of midnight purple to lighter purple accents.

#6: Purple Highlights and Voluminous Layers

Pretty purple highlights on long hair with voluminous layers are stunning and glamorous! This color would blend best on hair that has been lightened and tinted a deeper shade of purple. Darker tones bring depth and richness to this vivid shade.

Midnight Eggplant Purple Hair Highlights for Shoulder-Length Cut
Instagram @styled.by.schneck

#7: Eggplant Hair Highlights

Opt for eggplant-colored highlights in your hair. If you want a bold look and are open to fun color ideas, consider vivid tones. Starting with balayage highlights gives your hair dimension. After that, you can add a fun purple tone for an extra pop of color.

Deep Blue and Midnight Purple Accents on Long Hair
Instagram @michelle.zapanta

#8: Deep Blue and Purple Accents

Try coloring your hair with deep blue and purple for a bold new look this season. The midnight purple hair color is a vibrant approach to achieving a daring look. Maintaining the midnight purple color requires regular salon visits for re-glossing.

Midnight Dark Violet Mid-Length Thick Hair
Instagram @hairbyowlz

#9: Dark Violet Thick Hair

This vibrant dark violet shade creates a high-impact look that is perfect for anyone seeking to make a statement with their hair. Despite their unnatural reputation, deep violet hues bring a pop of color ideal for anyone wanting a standout hair color. Midnight purple hair is the perfect way to describe this hair trend. It’s crucial to first bleach the hair before adding the violet tone to obtain the most vibrant results.

#10: Bold Purple Hair with Waves

Try a bold purple hair color with waves. Purple hair is modern and daring. Yet, a darker shade of purple, like midnight purple, can offer a measure of subtlety. You can achieve a purple hue over your dark hair by using a direct dye over your natural hair color. Add a lightener before using a direct dye if you wish to achieve light-reflective dimensional pieces in your hair.

Midnight Violet Highlights on Short Hair
Instagram @michelle.zapanta

#11: Violet Highlights on Short Hair

To add dimension to dark short hair, consider violet highlights. This color needs more care, but it can enhance your short hair’s texture.

#12: Long and Straight Midnight Purple Hair

Ask for a long and straight midnight purple. A sleek, edgy style will show off your bold color, no doubt. Try a pure violet with 20 volume in your style’s color line of concentrators to achieve this awesome color of pre-lightened hair. These tones tend to fade quicker and can be maintained with a gentle sulfate-free cleanser like Hairstory Cream Cleanser.

Dark Midnight Purple with Bright Purple Face-Framing Highlights and Bangs
Instagram @longshairstudio

#13: Bright Purple Face-Framing Highlights and Bangs

Think of bright purple highlights framing your face and bangs. For a contrast, add midnight purple to your hair’s back. Try adding lavender on the front to frame your face. This is definitely a color option for those who are edgy and creative. The colors complement cool skin tones and people who embrace bold styles.

Vivid Midnight Purple with Dark Roots for Medium Hair
Instagram @mwhairstudio.nh

#14: Vivid Midnight Purple with Dark Roots

The hair features a vivid midnight purple with dark roots. This hair color provides an edgy glam for those who love midnight purple. The first step to achieve this color is ombré bleaching which lightens your hair to a level 8 blonde. After that, we add a vivid midnight purple that compliments your skin complexion. The maintenance involves re-touching the purple color every 6-10 weeks.

#15: Dark Indigo Purple Wavy Hair

The dark indigo purple wavy hair is a unique hair color that combines the richness of deep, midnight blue with the striking tones of purple. The style effortlessly merges naturally wavy hair with a bold mix of violet shades. This makes it a great hair color and style for those who desire a bold midnight purple hair color.

Subtle Midnight Purple Ombre on Long-Length Black Hair
Instagram @haiier_hair

#16: Subtle Purple Ombre on Black Hair

Adding faint purple highlights to black hair can make your hair vibrant and vivid. It can be hard to add bright colors to dyed black hair. To get bright purple highlights, you need to bleach your dark hair first before adding the purple. The color violet shows up vividly on dark hair, making it the perfect choice for dark-haired people wanting a significant but subtle color change.

Dark Midnight Purple Medium Layered Hair
Instagram @_ara_hair

#17: Dark Purple Medium Layered Hair

Ask for medium-layered hair with a dark purple color. One way to show off your layered cut is with the perfect color. A deep purple balayage can create a stunning transition from a natural hair color to a vibrant purple for an edgy look. A balayage ombré will give you that soft transition with a bold end.

Subtle Midnight Purple Ombre on Long-Length Black Hair
Instagram @haiier_hair

#18: Subtle Purple Ombre on Black Hair

Adding faint purple highlights to black hair can make your hair vibrant and vivid. It can be hard to add bright colors to dyed black hair. To get bright purple highlights, you need to bleach your dark hair first before adding the purple. The color violet shows up vividly on dark hair, making it the perfect choice for dark-haired people wanting a significant but subtle color change.

Medium-Length Midnight Purple Curls
Instagram @krystalmoran_

#19: Medium-Length Midnight Purple Curls

Medium-length midnight purple curls are a fun and adventurous way to express your personality through your hair. These stunning purple curls start dark at the roots and gradually lighten towards the ends. This specific violet shade needs salon care. I recommend a color refresh every 4-6 weeks.

#20: Low-Maintenance Soft Dark Purple

The hairstyle is a low-maintenance, soft dark purple color. This hairstyle showcases dark natural roots gradually blending into a subtle purple hue. The subtle blending of dark and purple is achieved through a hair coloring technique known as ‘teased foilyage’. The teased foilyage technique results in a color transition that is gentle at the roots and bold towards the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. This foilyage technique uses foil with lifting power, enabling it to work well on darker hair colors.

Long Waves with Midnight Purple Streaks
Instagram @hairbyowlz

#21: Long Waves with Purple Streaks

Long waves with purple streaks offer a striking and vibrant hairstyle option. These waves are typically achieved using a one-inch curling iron, adding dimension and accentuating the striking contrast of the violet tones. Violet shades work best on naturally dark hair, especially if you want to add a vivid color. Mixing violet and black results in a captivating midnight-purple look.

#22: Purple Lob with Money Piece

A good way to make your purple lob hairstyle more vibrant is by adding a bright streak of color. This adds a striking feature to your hairstyle without the extra upkeep. You can create these cute waves using a curling wand or flat iron and finish them with a texture spray.

Midnight Purple Grape Soda Balayage for Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @celebluxury

#23: Grape Soda Balayage Hair

Try a new approach to balayage. Instead of blondes and brunettes, use dark raven and purple grape hues. Mix these colors well for a smooth outcome. Darker hair shines well in the light, giving it a glossy and healthy look. You must use color-safe shampoo to maintain the hair tones.

#24: Midnight Violet Hair with Tousled Layers

Ask for midnight violet hair with tousled layers. Consider deep midnight purple if you’re looking to add a unique color pop to your style and also desire a subtle effect. The best part about midnight purple is that it appears as a deep color under low indoor lighting, but it looks more vibrant under bright sunlight. If your hair is naturally dark, you will need to pre-lighten it for the purple to appear vibrant. Some color lines offer high-lift purples for dark hair to minimize your steps in coloring.

Midnight Purple Accents for Mid-Length Textured Curly Hair
Instagram @aberryhair

#25: Purple Accents for Textured Curly Hair

Consider this look for curly textured hair with purple accents. Try this chic look of highlighted purple for those with curly dark hair. The trendy look of dark roots with lighter ends works well in any shade. You can match it with the seasons or your style. First, bleach your hair to prepare it for the vivid purple color. Maintenance is key. Use a sulfate-free cleanser and cool water to keep your hair vibrant.

Midnight purple hair is more than a striking trend. It’s a journey into the world of bold color choices. Nicole Wehry, a seasoned stylist, will guide us through this exciting style adventure.

Meet The Expert

Nicole Wehry
Nicole Wehry
Nicole is an independent stylist with over 4 years of experience.
You can find Nicole at Blank Canvas Salon in Londonderry, NH

Skin Tones and Colors

Nicole stresses that “Darker skin with cool undertones will work well with bright purples and deep violets that can lean towards a blue tone. Purples with more of a red tone (think plum or merlot) would work well on skin tones that are warmer.” But don’t fret, Nicole believes anyone can pull off purple hair. If you love it, flaunt it!

Keeping Color in Check

Looking to keep that deep purple hue for longer? Nicole advises just a few washes a week in cool or cold water. Hot water, she says, makes your color fade faster. She stands by professional color shampoos/conditioners like Pulp Riot, Kevin Murphy, or Eleven Australia. Use a heat protectant if you love to style with heat. Touch-ups are a must every 4-8 weeks.

Planning with Your Stylist

Your lifestyle plays a big part in your hair care. Talk about your habits with your stylist. Be open if you prefer hot showers or need to wash every day. Your stylist will help set you up for success. And don’t forget the cost. Nicole says, “Fashion colors can get expensive depending on your starting point, base color, and hair history.” Be sure to have this chat before diving into that deep purple.

Photos of the Most Vibrant Midnight Purple Hair Colors