Medium Blonde Hair Color Ideas – 31 Trending Ideas for 2023

The best medium blonde hair color ideas
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Medium blonde hair is a shade of blonde paired with a shoulder-length haircut. If you love a soft and subtle contrast, then these blonde tones will be your new favorite hair color!

Medium blonde shades can go anywhere between honey, sandy, dirty, ash, copper, or golden blonde hues. These warm and cool blonde shades are beautiful and natural-looking that’s ideal if you want to do a balayage or ombre.

Blonde and balayage specialist Justine Petrucci recommends getting a trim or a haircut especially when you’re trading darker shades for blonde. “I want to know they’re leaving the salon with healthy blonde hair that will grow out beautifully,” she says.

“Trust your hair colorist to give you an opinion on the medium blonde tones and placements that will suit you,” Petrucci shares. “It’s important that you consider your skin tone and eye color first before choosing which shade to rock.”

When asked about maintenance, Petrucci suggests “to replace your regular conditioner with a mask or treatment. After being lightened our hair needs more moisture. Everyone washes their hair, so I know even the busiest woman can do it!” Olaplex is her number one must-have product, as it strengthens and mends the hair beautifully.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the best medium blonde hair color ideas.

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#1: Medium Blonde with a Bright Money Piece

Try a lived-in color with a medium blonde with a bright bold money piece. Having babylight highlights on your root will give your natural root some lightness. Plus, this look requires little upkeep. If you’re worried about maintenance, a shadow root can be used to defuse the root even more. My advice would be to add a bold money piece right in front to make the color pop and brighten your face.

Dark Dirty Medium Blonde Hair
Instagram @anhcotran
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#2: Dark Dirty Medium Blonde

One of the most gorgeous ways to switch up your medium blonde hair is to try a dark, dirty blonde tone. Also known as “mushroom brown,” this color suits medium complexions best. Your best bet is to make a toner appointment every 6 to 8 weeks in order to touch up this high-maintenance shade.

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#3: Light Medium Blonde Color

A creamy bright blonde that will liven up your style and keep you modern. If your hair has a build-up ash tone from a previous color, you will have to do a cleanse before achieving this color. You can always mix your purple shampoo with your regular shampoo if you find the purple tone grabs too much.

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#4: Blonde Layers for Medium Hair

Blonde layers will keep you glowing like the bombshell you are. A soft money piece combined with face layers is a match made in heaven. No matter how this look is styled, you’re going to look and feel your best with bright blonde babylights paired with light layers.

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#5: Medium-Long Blonde Hair with a Side Part

A medium-long blonde hair with a side part is a chic look. If you have fine hair, the medium length will keep your hair looking full, and blonde will enhance and add volume to your hair. Styling will be moderate, if you use volumizing mousse and a round brush you’ll get lasting lift and curve. You should be able to make the blowout last a couple of days by using dry shampoo in between washes.

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#6: Honey Blonde on Shoulder-Length Hair

This honey blonde on shoulder-length hair is one great inspiration.

This color is perfect for natural blonde hair by adding in some beige blonde highlights on medium blonde hair.

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#7: Shoulder-Grazing Choppy Blonde Balayage

Shoulder-grazing choppy blonde balayage is perfect for women looking for a low-maintenance look. To get this medium blonde color, ask your colorist for a partial balayage with an in-depth dimension.

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#8: Medium Blonde Layered Hair for Women Over 50

Medium blonde layered hair for women over 50 is a smart combination. The softness of the cut and color creates a youthful and edgy vibe. To get this look, ask your hairdresser for medium blonde highlights and a short textured bob.

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#9: Blonde Balayage Highlights for Medium Curly Hair

A blonde balayage highlight for medium curly hair is a great choice to spice up your curls. Balayage looks amazing on curly textures. It softens the highlights and does not look super chunky to streaky by painting strategically throughout the hair. Medium blonde hair with highlights can look like a honey dream and looks gorgeous on warm skin tones. A great hairstyle for all the low-maintenance gals.

Mid-length blonde hair with rose gold hues
Instagram @teacupmermaid
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#10: Mid-Length Blonde Hair with Rose Gold Hues

Mid-length blond hair with rose gold hues is one of the most universally flattering new trends for women. From platinum to brunette, there is a shade for everyone.

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#11: Mid-Length Blunt Blonde Cut

A mid-length blunt blonde cut is a great cut for women with medium to thick hair. Add some lived-in highlights to create texture and dimension and bold face-framing pieces that will enhance facial features beautifully

Creamy Blonde on Collarbone-Length Long Bob
Instagram @combandpaint
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#12: Creamy Blonde on Collarbone-Length Long Bob

This long bob medium hairstyle with a lighter shade of blonde is as pale as creamy blonde waves on collarbone-length hair.

Adding a shadow root blonde into the blonde with soft waves adds volume and lightness to the entire hairstyle. When recreating medium blonde hairstyles, use a curling wand for easier manipulation.

Mid Light Ash Blonde Hair
Instagram @jennamachingo
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#13: Mid Light Ash Blonde Hair

Women with blonde hair can go towards a medium hue with a light ash blonde hair color.

Anything medium blonde is a great color to flatter light or tan skin tone and will frame your facial features.

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#14: Platinum Blonde on Medium Hair

This medium-length textured cut is perfect for thin hair and adding platinum blonde will flatter your medium complexion. Its cool tone looks so pretty with a blowout style. Sleek medium-length blonde hairstyles like this work wonder on natural straight tresses.

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#15: Icy Blonde on Medium-Length Hair with Beach Wavy Style

This icy blonde on medium-length hair will make you love the balayage and ombre.

Depending upon the health of your medium-length blonde hair, both coloring methods work great the beach waves.

medium-length layered cut with light blonde hue
Instagram @romeufelipe
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#16: Medium-Length Layered Cut with Light Blonde Hue

Try medium-length light blonde hair if you want to go brighter this time.

This color works for any hair length, and the shadow root will secure depth to the color of your choice.

The layered chop on shoulder-length blonde hair is ideal when you wish to remove weight from your hair tips.

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#17: Collarbone-Length Dark Blonde

Medium brown with collarbone-length dark blonde hair is one of the best options if you want to style in beach waves.

If your tresses are healthy and hydrated enough, this dark blonde wavy lob will look so shiny on you.

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#18: Medium Ash Blonde Balayage

This gorgeous shade works on dark blonde hair with a shoulder-length lob cut.

Slay a medium ash blonde balayage that looks like a cooler blonde with depth.

Complete the style by adding waves to your tresses, and leaving the ends straight.

Medium-Short White Blonde with Darker Roots
Instagram @urbandyebar
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#19: Medium-Short White Blonde with Darker Roots

This medium-short white blonde hair with darker roots has a depth that helps the color to bring out a dimension.

Shadow root in this icy medium blonde balayage will make the process of growing out your hair the least of your concern.

Adding texture and waves to create movement is what makes this shaggy medium bob perfect for women with fine hair.

This hair with subtle shaggy layers is one of my favorites here!

Medium to Short Strawberry Blonde
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#20: Medium to Short Strawberry Blonde

A dark-rooted medium to short strawberry blonde hair is a beautiful medium shade of blonde.

These medium tones will boost your fair skin complexion, and of course, your glam.

Beachy and messy-looking wavy hair and texture are what add excitement to this whole trend.

shoulder-length warm blonde
Instagram @bescene
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#21: Shoulder-Length Warm Blonde

A shoulder-length warm blonde hair color that suits your smooth, thick hair!

This started as a golden blonde for warmth and fades into a lighter blonde shade.

This blonde is the perfect shade that’s guaranteed to flatter fair skin tones.

Dirty Blonde for Medium-Length Hair with Beach Waves
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#22: Dirty Blonde Color for Medium-Length Hair with Beach Waves

Here’s a dirty blonde for medium-length hair for such a classic look!

The colored dimension is undeniable and will turn out fantastic on your beach waves with a dark blonde base.

When considering medium blonde hair, stay away from the unwanted brassy tone by using a purple shampoo.

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#23: Mid-Length Bright Blonde

This mid-length bright blonde hair color will give you the dimension of your dreams!

The combo of babylights and highlights, done by balayage, form emphasis and depth.

A creamy blonde hue looks flawless on textured, wavy locks.

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#24: Golden Blonde Highlights for Medium Hair

If you want to try a little blonde for a change, then start with some gorgeous golden blonde highlights for medium hair.

Blonde highlighting with foilayage and a root melt creates an intense shade that pairs well with voluminous waves.

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#25: Medium Blonde Shag for Older Women

The medium blonde shag for older women never fails to carry out a lived-in and very youthful vibe. Hair trends like this are what Tennessee-based look creator McLaine Craig loves to do.

For this particular cut, Craig used shears for a crisp and feathered effect. “I detailed it out dry with texturizing shears. Then used deep point-cutting for softness and removing bulk,” Craig adds.

Medium-Long Cool Blonde
Instagram @janinawillgren
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#26: Medium-Long Cool Blonde

Perhaps by your next color appointment, you’ll find it’s time to switch to this medium-long cool blonde hair color for a whole new blonde hairstyle.

You can keep it a bit longer and blend with your natural roots for a more low-maintenance shade of blonde.

Dishwater Blonde on Mid-length Hair
Instagram @artandsoulhair
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#27: Dishwater Blonde on Mid-length Hair

If you want to go blonde, then this medium cut with a tone of dishwater blonde to caramel is perfect.

With a base of medium brown and a lovely caramel blonde shade gives it a sun-kissed hue.

Shoulder-Length Silver Blonde
Instagram @marisaaohio
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#28: Shoulder-Length Silver Blonde Lob

This bold hue is blended gray with darker blondes strands that look great on medium hair.

Dimensional blonde shoulder-length hair with a silver tint looks best as the tones accent one another.

Medium-Length Blonde Ombre
Instagram @hilawee
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#29: Medium-Length Blonde Ombre

The beauty of this medium blonde ombre is that you have enough tresses to style it.

The brown-blonde blend with a touch of honey with loose waves will emphasize naturally blonde ends.

Medium to Long Rich Blonde with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @geiovan_styles
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#30: Medium to Long Rich Blonde with Curtain Bangs

If you want to try a blonde, then this medium to long, rich blonde hair color is perfect! The long curtain bangs are a bonus and they look cute and edgy.

Mid-Length Sandy Blonde on Straight Locks
Instagram @klipplust
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#31: Mid-Length Sandy Blonde on Straight Locks

This mid-length blonde hair color has verged on sandy blonde.

If you’re thinking you might dye your hair blonde on your straight, medium hair, then this is for you.

So there you go! What do you do next? Save the picture of your favorite blonde hair color and show it to your hair colorist at your next salon appointment.