15 Gorgeous Medium Blonde Balayage Ideas

Medium Blonde Balayage

Searching for an eye-catching hair color makeover that will give you a boost in confidence? A medium blonde balayage is the perfect way to add depth and interest to dark tresses or create an entirely new phase for blondes. Take your look from lackluster to luminescent with these stunning ideas!

Hairstylist Emily Jones of Edwardsville, Illinois, offered the following tips for ladies interested in attempting this color.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • A balayage is meant to be a low-maintenance color. It’s best when it adds brightness around the face and dimensional brightness throughout the hair but leaves most of the roots their natural color & keeping depth throughout.
  • Investing in salon-quality products is essential, and your stylist can advise you on the best options based on your hair, budget, and lifestyle.
  • A good heat protectant can prevent fade, which results in unwanted tones.
  • Do a deep conditioning treatment every few washes after a balayage (or any lightening service) to keep the hair feeling healthy and moisturized.
  • Trust the process if you have dark hair and want a blonde balayage. It may require a few balayage sessions to get your desired lightness.
  • Visit the salon for a toning gloss every 6-10 weeks and 3-4 months for another balayage session.

When choosing a shade of medium blonde, it’s essential to consider your skin tone. Generally, warm skin tones look best with warmer balayage shades. Cooler skin tones look great with a more ashy or ash-toned blonde. It’s also essential for your colorist to get a clear vision of what kind of low-maintenance color you’re going for before applying any lighteners. A good colorist can choose the right product and add toners accordingly. This will help you get the best shade that emphasizes your desired color while keeping low maintenance in mind.

Get ready to brighten up your face with this amazing look. Here are the photos of the best medium blonde balayage hair ideas to suit every skin tone.

Honey Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair

Stop scanning. This dirty blonde balayage has both darkness and lightness that are needed to make the color pop. Ask your stylist to keep the depth of the darkness the same as your natural color. This makes the regrowth softer and keeps the color seamless. Make sure to care for the condition of your hair by using a quality hair mask.

Medium Dirty Blonde Hair with Money Pieces

If you’re looking for a trendy new look, this mid-length blonde hair is the one. Keeping a good amount of darkness gives depth to the color. And it shows off the face-framed money piece in all pictures. Style with loose waves and brush for a real lived-in look.

Balayage Blonde Hair with Choppy Layers

Balayage Medium Blonde Hair with Choppy Layers
Instagram @hair.by.mckalyn

Try a balayage if you have medium-length blonde hair with choppy layers. Hair highlights can bring life to dull, solid-colored tresses. If you love dimension and movement, mix neutral blonde tones with a sprinkle of lowlights. Make sure they match the base color. Get regular trims to keep your layers fresh and free of split ends.

Brown to Blonde Ombre with Partial Balayage

Brown to Medium Blonde Ombre with Partial Balayage
Instagram @saltandsuli

Balayage is your best option if you’re looking for a color to compliment your natural base shade. It gives you a soft transition and blend of medium brown hair with blonde highlights. The placement of your balayage brightens up your featured areas. While lightening the ends of the rest of your hair gives a mid-tone. And that blends the colors together.

Dimensional Medium Blonde on Black Hair

Dimensional Medium Blonde Balayage on Black Hair
Instagram @bombshellbdb

If you want to change up your black hair, try a low-maintenance dimensional blonde. Your stylist will want to skip the free-form painting and foilyage the highlights. Then, tone with a medium beige blonde. Foilyage is a similar treatment to balayage. However, it is placed in foils for maximum lift. Finish with Moroccan Oil for shine, moisture, and heat protection.

Soft Neutral Blonde Balayage

A soft neutral balayage works best on fine hair because it doesn’t take much to get the impact you need. Many girls think they want a heavier highlight. But, most of the time, when they try out a subtle transition, they feel much brighter than expected. Tell your stylist to do babylights through the top to get this look. Then, to balayage the ends for that seamless glow.

Glossy Medium Blonde with Subtle Blonde Tints

If you’re looking for a cooler, softer balayage, a medium mushroom blonde is the soft ash tone for you. Just like a golden blend of blonde, the cooler tones melt together to give a more natural look. For a more true swatch match, lift your client a level lighter and toner 1-2 levels lower. A color melt is ideal for a seamless blend.

Sandy Blonde Balayage with Beach Waves

Medium Sandy Blonde Balayage with Beach Waves
Instagram @hair.by.mckalyn

Beach waves are ideal on a sandy blonde balayage. The highlights stand out by keeping the crown dark and giving your fair hair a lived-in and effortless feel. Use a curling wand and wrap various pieces to get a tousled look.

Beige Blonde with Dark Roots

Medium Beige Blonde with Dark Roots Balayage
Instagram @hair.by.mckalyn

Beige blonde with dark roots is a modern take on traditional highlights. The darker roots, from your natural color or a root smudge, will give you longevity for your style. If you want medium ash blonde hair, your stylist will have to use a toner after your lightening service. Lightener doesn’t determine the color of blonde, only how light your blonde can get. The tone of blonde, in this case, a sandy blonde, is from a toner. They also help to close the cuticle after a lightening service.

Bronde Balayage Highlights

Bronde balayage highlighted hair is perfect for the transition from a blonde color. Or, if you want to take your dark hair a little lighter. Starting with full foil, tone, or glaze with a medium blonde hair color. It can make your dark hair look lighter without lightening all of your hair. This is also fun to change up your hair often, using a different toner at every appointment.

Cream Blonde Balayage with a Face Frame for Thin Hair

Opt for blonde balayage with a face frame. If your hair is thinner, consider adding blonde pieces or going all blonde. Lightener swells the cuticle of your hair, making it appear and feel thicker. Adding blonde pieces doesn’t mean you have to be blonde. You can tone those pieces in almost any color. In this photo, they chose a medium champagne hair color.

Vanilla Blonde Highlights on Long Dark Hair

Vanilla blonde highlights on long dark hair look great on straight hair or curled. When curled, it shows off the dimension of the color. Talk to your stylist about the hue of blonde for your highlights. Do you want warm, cool, copper, strawberry, or neutral? There are lots of options of blonde to choose from. If you need clarification on what you want, bring example pictures. This will help you both to achieve exactly what you want.

Ash Blonde Highlights on Brunette Hair

Ash blonde highlights on brunette hair are the perfect shade of blonde for dark hair. Highlights can make a big impact on darker hair. They can look like highlights or make your dark hair look lighter. You also don’t need to highlight your whole head to make a big impact.

Shadow Root and Medium Blonde on Layered Hair

Shadow Root and Blonde Balayage on Layered Hair
Instagram @bg_hairology

A blonde balayage is a multi-step process that results in a natural-looking hair color. Shadow rooting a balayage is almost a must. It helps to blend the lighter color pieces into your natural hair color. And it helps to diminish harsh lines and splotches. Root shadowing can also be used on highlighted hair, allowing for a softer grow out.

Medium Warm Blonde Ombre

Medium Warm Blonde Balayage Ombre Hair
Instagram @saltandsuli

Consider medium blonde that’s warmer with an ombré if you want a low-maintenance hair color. Ombré is a French word meaning shaded. It’s a coloring technique that blends one color into another. Most of the time, brown hair color is blended into blonde. Ombré is also more of a solid color blended into a solid color. On this shoulder-length blonde hair, they blended dark into the blonde. This resulted in more dimension.

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