15 Incredible Examples of Magenta Hair Color

Best magenta hair colors

A magenta hair color is a combination of pink, red and purple shades blended together to create a dark and vivid pink hue. Magentas produce a very eye-catching fashion hair color. Fashion-forward gals who are daring and unafraid of attention (as well as a commitment!) are excellent for this choice.

Dark, medium or fair – all complexions have a place in the spectrum of magenta. This wine-tinged hue is a sure showstopper as fabulously proven by A-listers Georgia May Jagger and Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall!

Top consideration when trying a jewel-toned hue is that your strands need to be pre-lightened prior to coloring for a more vibrant result. This means you need the following – a pro hair colorist, color-safe and heat-protectant products, and lots of patience and TLC for your hair! Prepare for lots of treatments and hair dye to get that perfect magenta hair color.

Donned by straight, wavy, or curly hair, this popping hue is unstoppable on its way to the top of the most popular hair colors for the season! Blonding specialist Danielle Nicole demonstrates how Insta-famous her clients have become after joining the magenta trend!

Wait no further and start this journey ASAP by scrolling through these updated shades of magenta hair colors!

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Magenta Highlights on Dark Hair

Magenta Highlights
Instagram @selvsmakeawish

Q&A with style creator, Selvaggia Forcherio
Hairstylist @ Selvy & Bice Hair Saloon in Alagna, Italy

How would you describe this look?

For me, these magenta highlights on dark hair are very versatile. It’s rock, it’s sexy, it’s chic and romantic, and I love it!

The cut is a fantastic bob cut, one of the most versatile cuts and, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful!

The color magenta is a bright reddish color and character, and it’s a color for those who want to break from the usual colors but do not overdo it.

For styling, I made waves to emphasize both the cut and the color

Any advice for someone considering it?

Just do it! It is a look that looks good on all types of hair, skin tones, face shape, character, and lifestyle. It is necessary to have some precautions and a little more time to washing, using products to keep the color beautiful and brilliant.

With these hot pink and purple hues, you are always at the top at all times!

Bright Pink Magenta

Bright magenta pink hair color
Instagram @melmattison

Get intoxicated with this kind of wine! Purple-red magenta hues carefully swept on wispy strands definitely draws you in.

Pastel Magenta Hair

Pastel Magenta
Instagram @goldenrosehair

The blunt cut, wavy ends, and fuchsia magenta tresses is all about that millennial energy.

With Dark Skin and Dark Roots

Magenta color on dark roots
Instagram @goldenhairfetish

If you’re a bold woman then this shade of magenta hair color is for you! Make those pinks pop while giving you a bronze glow.

Dark Purple and Magenta

Dark purple hair color
Instagram @staceyskp

Violet hues sneaking up on you with this gorgeous magenta hair color!

Brown and Magenta Balayage

Brown and Magenta Balayage hair color
Instagram @mitziramirezz

Magical magenta strands coming at you from those authentic brown roots. What a stunning combo!

Deep Red

Deep magenta red hair color
Instagram @look_within_studios_msubia1

Now this is juicy cranberry done right! Colorist Melissa did not miss a spot and created this intense magenta red on thick, full hair.

Dark Magenta Balayage

Dark magenta hair color
Instagram @_iamronnie

The wine magenta balayage did wonders on this fantastic, long hair! Wispy ends balanced the bold look for a subtle feminine touch.

Medium Length Magenta Burgundy

Medium length hair with burgundy color
Instagram @skyes_creations101

This just goes to show that this deep of a magenta plum color also suits mid-length hair!

Ombre Magenta

Magenta ombre hair color on long hair
Instagram @gemsalonbyelizabeth

The magenta coloring on this one is so splendid, damaged ends were nowhere to be seen. Colorist Elizabeth has that magical touch!

On Naturally Curly Hair

Naturally curly locks with magenta color
Instagram @ebony.a.s

Having curly hair means doing extra protection. And coloring your hair a wild magenta color may be a doting addition to this. But as you can see, giving your hair extra time and attention pays off so well seeing the beautiful end result.

Light Magenta Hair

Light red hair color
Instagram @hairbymariahlee

Having doubts about what color to try? This light magenta-burgundy color makes isn’t harsh for first-timers on the hair coloring area.

Purple to Magenta Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Jacob Rodriguez
Owner @ DAPPER & DASHIN’ Salon & Shop in Temple, TX

How would you describe this look?

This shade of magenta is great for someone who wants to try a pop of color without it feeling like it’s too loud. This client trusts me and allows me creative freedom with her hair. So with her root color, I chose a permanent darker violet-red to help cover her grays and blended it into the brighter magenta ombre towards the ends. Her cut is created with seamless layers so when curled it bounces and shows dimension within the color.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I let all my clients know who want to consider bold vivid colors that it is a maintenance service. From the initial service of having to pre-lighten the hair (yes, you have to blonde your hair to make the colors pop), and many clients don’t realize that. Longevity of the color is based on how often you shampoo or don’t shampoo your hair the less the better. Use color-locking shampoo and conditioner like Vibrant Sexy Hair products, and also use color refreshing shampoos and conditioner like Celeb Luxury Viral Magenta that actually adds pigment every time you use it.

This color suits the client who isn’t afraid to make a statement and likes to have fun expressing herself through her hair color

Faded Magenta Pink

Q&A with style creator, Samantha Bradshaw
Owner / Master Hair Colourist @ The Vanity Loft in Innisfil, ON

How would you describe this look?

These faded pink magenta locks are bold and fresh for the girl who wants to have fun with her usual highlight appointment. My favorite thing about this magenta shade is that it is a bold change for a blonde but without the commitment.

These type of colors only last a few washes and you will be back to blonde in no time! I mixed Pravana magenta dye hair into Olaplex number 2 to dilute the color and used it on my client as a toner at the bowl. The color deposits to the levels of blonde differently and the styled waves really showcases the different pops of magenta styles!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Remember that the fadeout is really quick! To keep the magenta hair color longer, I have made custom color masques to use at home for my clients. If you are like me and have a hard time parting with your blonde, this rose gold inspired look is perfect!

Magenta and Blue Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Hollie Evans
Colour Specialist @ Afterpay Salon in Curlewis, Australia

How would you describe this look?

This magenta hair color was created using all Pulp Riot direct dyes. I custom mixed each color section to create a unique and tailor-made color creation, ensuring each individual client is never the same but still gets beautiful magenta tones.

I worked with the existing hairstyle and worked with the length to put some dimension to the color work.

My favorite thing about this magenta hairstyle is the seamless blend between each color melt and how the colors compliment each other to make the whole look pop. I love to always finish with a curl to see the end result with all colors intertwining.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Committing to a color like this can be exciting and fun, however, you need to be committed to giving it the TLC it requires. Maintaining these beautiful colors may throw a spammer in the works of your existing hair care regime. Professional products are a must to ensure the life span of the color. It can be quite a process to create the perfect result.

Ideally, a client should have blonde hair or be prepared to have it lightened to a desirable level. Direct dyes can be heat sensitive so for those who often use hot styling tools will need to consider minimizing the use and reducing the temperature. Swimming pools are also not your hair’s friend and will strongly jeopardize the integrity of the color.