26 Magenta Hair Color Ideas for Women Trending Right Now

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Magenta hair color combines three shades — pink, purple, and hints of red — blended to create a vivid hue. This fashion color stands out, great for showing off your creativity and boldness.

Sydney Ann Lopez is a hair artist and salon owner in Denton, TX. According to her, these are the fundamental things to remember if you want such an eye-catching, vibrant hair dye.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Be someone who enjoys or can embrace the fade every time you wash or heat-style it.
  • Find a hair artist who specializes in creative color and color corrections.
  • Do minimal washing with cold water and style with minimal heat.
  • Goldwell Elumen Shampoo and Conditioner are great for maintaining fashion colors like Magenta.
  • Avoid swimming in the pool, as the water will fade your hair out almost completely after one swim.

The finest makeover for your hair is this one right here. Look at these pictures of vivid magenta hair colors for inspiration for your next salon visit.

Bright Magenta with an Orange Money Piece
Instagram @bangmyhair

#1: Bright Magenta with an Orange Money Piece

Bright magenta hair paired with an orange money piece is a hair color to try if you’re bold and want a hairstyle to show off your loud personality. Not only is this hair color hot, but it’s sizzling with bright, colorful magic. If you love warm hair colors and have pink undertones to your skin tone, experiment with fun colors like this magenta and orange hair.

#2: Long Thick Hair with Magenta and Pink Tones

Consider long, thick hair with magenta and pink tones. Please take advantage of having a surplus of thick hair and add dimensional colors to make it pop. Request a mix of pink and magenta for an edgy vibe. Ask for strategic color placement to add a classy and feminine touch to the bold tones.

Bold Magenta and Burgundy Hues
Instagram @guy_tang

#3: Bold Magenta and Burgundy Hues

A fusion of deep magenta and burgundy hair tones boosts shine, richness, and dimension. The dark magenta hair tone makes the long, thick locks look full of life. Color your hair magenta so it’ll now look edgy and girlish at the same time.

Flowing Berry Magenta Hair
Instagram @shutupandye

#4: Flowing Berry Magenta Hair

Flowing berry magenta hair is a fun fashion shade to try. These shades fade quickly, so invest in great home care products. They help to prolong the life of your color. Remember to ask your stylist what will work best for the longevity of the color.

#5: Magenta Highlights on Dark Hair

These magenta highlights on dark hair are very versatile. Magenta is a bright reddish color for women who want to break from the standard colors but do not overdo it. These hot pink and purple hues on dark tresses create a unique maroon hue that can always make you at the top at all times!

#6: Magenta Babylights

Magenta babylights with a brown base are finely woven for a beautifully blended color. The combination of tones creates a plum dimension, which suits everyone as it can be customized to suit your complexion and natural hair color the best.

#7: Magenta with Lowlights

Try magenta with lowlights if you’re looking for a bold color change. The different hues of color will leave your friends amazed! The different shades of color will give you the dimension you want.

Magenta peekaboo hair
Instagram @raymondleee

#8: Magenta Peekaboo Hair

Magenta peekaboo hair is a different yet beautiful way for brunettes to have more fun and play up their hair. Adding a peekaboo color to the bottom half of the hair still gives the appearance of naturally dark hair, but when the sun hits, or the hair is styled, the magenta can peek through and give a rad appearance.

#9: Pale Magenta on Blonde Hair

Pale magenta on blonde hair is a perfect way to add fun to naturally blonde hair. Adding subtle pieces of magenta throughout the hair is a low-maintenance way to create in-depth dimensions. A pale magenta color also fades beautifully.

#10: Magenta Lavender Balayage

Magenta lavender balayage is a great choice for a cool-toned fashion color. Remember that your hair must be lifted to pale yellow to achieve a lavender hue. Prepare to spend the entire day at the hair salon. Hydrating masks are essential to keep hair healthy after an intense color service.

Wild orchid magenta shade
Instagram @robindeltoro

#11: Wild Orchid Magenta Shade

The wild orchid magenta shade is a must-try if you love experimenting with bold and fun hair hues. Magenta is vivid, unique, and completely customizable hair color to suit your individuality and personal style. Ask your stylist to paint your hair, alternating between bright purple-pink shades, deeper blue-purple hues, and any magenta shades your heart desires.

Magenta and rose gold hair
Instagram @hairby_bdavis

#12: Magenta and Rose Gold Hair

Magenta and rose gold hair is such a fun and bold hue to try on. Magenta roots help with growth maintenance if you have dark hair. Rose gold hair will require color maintenance to keep the vibrancy of its color.

Electric magenta hair
Instagram @_heyhelena

#13: Electric Magenta

Electric magenta hair is a bold and fun hair color to try, especially for women who want to make a statement with their hair hue. To get this color right, ask your hair colorist for an electric magenta all-over balayage.

Crimson magenta for curly hair
Instagram @juzisoldi

#14: Crimson Magenta for Curly Hair

Try crimson magenta for curly hair if you want to make a statement. Adding a mixture of red and magenta will help you recreate this beautiful crimson hair hue. Using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner can help prevent your color from premature fading.

bright pink magenta
Instagram @joyahairdesign

#15: Bright Pink Magenta

Get intoxicated with this kind of bright magenta-red hair! Purple-red magenta hair color carefully swept on wispy strands draws you in.

Are you feeling confident to try these tones on your natural hair? Use Loreal’s semi-permanent hair color to achieve this girly, chic dimension.

Pastel Magenta
Instagram @goldenrosehair

#16: Pastel Magenta

The short blunt cut, wavy ends, and fuchsia magenta tresses are all about that millennial energy. Pastel magenta-colored hair like this flatters ladies with light or fair skin tones the most.

#17: Vibrant Red Magenta with Dark Roots

If you’re a bold woman, then this shade of magenta pink hair color is for you! Make those pinks pop, and this light velvet magenta hair will give you a bronze glow.

Dark Purple and Magenta hair color
Instagram @lets.rock.co

#18: Dark Purple and Magenta

A combo of dark purple and magenta is a fun hair trend to try for dark-haired babes. As long as the roots are deeper than the mid-length, it will stay low-maintenance.

The balayage offers a dazzling melting effect, too. Style it with soft waves and see how the magenta hair color pops brighter.

#19: Brown and Magenta Balayage

This hair color is a brown and magenta balayage created by hairstylist and colorist Jillian Leigh Meehan of Hauppauge, NY.

“High fashion colors (bright, bold shades), even on brown hair as the base, require more maintenance,” notes Meehan. “Bright colors like this require lightening hair to achieve this look. So if having your hair bleached is something you’re not looking to do, then a magenta may not be for you. High fashion colors are meant to fade, so you must get your color refreshed every 4-6 weeks.”

Also, Meehan says to kiss warm showers goodbye. “It’s recommended to shampoo your hair with cold water when rocking these bold shades. Any heat will speed up the fading process, whether it’s from the temperature of your water or curling iron.”

#20: Deep Magenta Red Hair

Now this hair color magenta is juicy cranberry done right! Colorist Melissa did not miss a spot and created this intense magenta red hair color on thick, fuller tresses.

dark magenta balayage on black hair
Instagram @lamacasias

#21: Dark Magenta Balayage on Black Hair

The dark magenta balayage did wonders on this fantastic, long hair! The streaks are guaranteed to add dimension to black hair. Those wispy, magenta hair tips balance the bold look for a subtle feminine touch.

Dark to Light Magenta Ombre
Instagram @hairbykaseyoh

#22: Dark to Light Magenta Ombre

A dark to light magenta ombre creates a loud and eye-catching hair color! It offers a vivid combination of shades. Those beauties with fair and pale skin tones can benefit from it. The magenta ombre hair on this mid-length cut is exquisite. Style the tresses with texture and waves for extra zest.

#23: Light Magenta Hair Color

Light magenta hair color is so radiant. Any babe who wears shadow roots and magenta hair can shine brighter than others. If roots have a darker tone, the reddish color pops even better.

#24: Bright Magenta with Violet Roots

A bright magenta is guaranteed to look exciting with long beachy waves. With darker roots, they create a shinier shade of magenta.

To keep its radiance, use color-locking shampoo and conditioner. A Hair Color Lock Shampoo is one of the best options. Get some color-refreshing hair products, too. Try Celeb Luxury Viral Magenta to add a pigment to your hair.

“This hair color is a bright magenta with violet roots color melt technique. If you want a vivid color, rinse the hair with a magenta celeb viral shampoo,” says stylist Alondra Castaneda of Pasco, WA.

She adds, “Your hair type is important, too. If you have oily hair, you need dry shampoo or wash your hair more often. By doing that, the color rises faster, so that is when a shampoo with additive color comes in handy. If you have dry hair, you need more of a moisturizer conditioner.”

#25: Fuchsia Magenta

Who’s obsessed with this fuchsia, magenta hair? This color has a cool tone that flatters a fair or pale skin complexion.

Use a high-quality hair mask to get the magenta hair dye to last longer. Such a product keeps the magenta locks hydrated.

Magenta and Blue Balayage
Instagram @hairbykaseyoh

#26: Magenta and Blue Balayage

This magenta and blue balayage with purple-dyed hair tips is a perfect way to wear loud colors.

These vibrant shades are way better on medium-length to long locks. Waves are a great addition to show off the gorgeousness of this magenta color hair. This entire magenta hairstyle is a must-try!