Lindsay Lohan Goes (Back to) Red – So Can You!

Did anyone catch the Saturday Night Live recently where Lindsay Lohan donned a wig in her classic red shade?

It was HOT. And suddenly we all reminisced fondly for the Lindsay of a few years ago – the one who won our hearts in movies like Parent Trap and Mean Girls.

Maybe Lindsay got the memo, because  everyone’s favorite hair color chameleon finally went back to her red roots. Lindsay Lohan stepped out with a new red shade, ditching her previously bleach-blonde locks.

Thinking about giving red a try for spring? Elizabeth Hiserodt, a colorist at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in New York, believes almost anyone can go red – so long as they take their skin tone into consideration.

Look at your wrist

If your veins are blue, you have a cooler skin tone and should stay away from “warmer” hair colors. When warm hair color gets matched with cool skin tones, your skin tends to look pink. Reds that look best on your have blue undertones.

If you are seeing a greener tone in your veins

A greener tone means you probably have a golden skin tone. Feel free to play around with golden browns, reddish tones, and honey shades—this skin tones wears “copper” reds really well.

Olive skin tones are tricky – stay away from warmer hair colors

It can make skin with “green” undertones look sallow. Olive skin tones are really best matched with brunette shades.

If your skin is dark

Stay away from copper reds and look for reds with cherry and violet in them.