19 Best Light Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Match Your Skin Tone

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Light strawberry blonde hair features vibrant and luscious gold-copper tones. It looks subtle and natural and definitely matches a youthful vibe.

Skin tone must be your #1 basis when choosing a hair color, according to California-based stylist Sokonthy. Consult your hair colorist for a better assessment.

Lifestyle is another aspect to consider. Know how soon you need to visit the salon to freshen up the strawberry blonde hue.

At-home maintenance is also essential. Sokonthy states, “Use products like the salt fade-free color protection shampoo and conditioner. Don’t forget the heat protection when styling with hot tools to keep the color longer and healthy.”

Learning how often you should wash your hair and the water temperature is crucial, too!

A strawberry hue is easier to achieve when your locks are lighter. Otherwise, a color correction would be required. Sokonthy explains, “We’ll have to lighten the darker hair at least to level 9 and up to achieve the best results.”

Sokonthy warns about bleaching or dying your own hair using a box dye. It’s a definite no-no when you don’t have enough education about the chemicals in the product.

If looking for a fun way to show off your “darling” side, you’ve reached the right place. Here’s a photo gallery that features the trendiest light strawberry blonde hair ideas!

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#1: Strawberry Ginger Blonde

Strawberry ginger blonde is a deep copper color. The balayage through this strawberry color adds ribbons of brightness. This color would compliment girls with warmer skin that have yellow and red tones.

Light Strawberry Champagne Blonde
Instagram @jo_ionescu

#2: Strawberry Champagne Blonde

Strawberry champagne blonde, also known as light strawberry blonde hair dye, is an amazing mix of blonde, copper, and a hint of pink. This color is not to be confused with strawberry blonde, which is much darker. Remember, with very subtle colors like this one, it’s important to wash with cold water and use color-safe shampoos to not lose that very faint tone of pink in the hair.

Light Strawberry Blonde Balayage
Instagram @hairbygitanti

#3: Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Try a strawberry blonde balayage if you’re looking for a low-maintenance strawberry color. Light strawberry blonde highlights are painted to create a more lived-in effect. This makes for a graceful grow-out for women seeking something fun and easy.

Light Golden Strawberry Blonde Hair
Instagram @brookelovelee

#4: Golden Strawberry Blonde Hair

Golden strawberry blonde hair color will cause people around you to question whether or not that’s your natural color…in a good way! A touch of gold/copper light color mimics a natural redhead tone. Keep in mind that red tones tend to fade quickly, so this type of color may require frequent touchups at the salon.

Copper Light Strawberry Blonde
Instagram @allcutupsalon

#5: Copper Strawberry Blonde

Copper strawberry blonde hair, also referred to as light reddish blonde hair dye, exists on many different levels of the color scale. Copper red blonde can be as light as a dusted pink copper, or as dark as a copper penny. Whatever your preference in tone, this beautiful color looks great on most skin colors. Depending on the level of color chosen, this blend can bring out the best fashion sense in any season. Keep in mind, this is a very high-maintenance color. Because it fades so quickly, it does require some TLC and home maintenance, to maintain its vibrancy!

#6: Faded Strawberry Blonde with Shadow Roots

Faded strawberry blonde hair makes a fresh color look lived-in. If you have a more relaxed, low-maintenance style, try keeping the look of your color a little further away from the shadow roots.

#7: Strawberry to Buttery Blonde Color Melt

A strawberry to blonde color melt provides a lot of contrast for women looking for a more dramatic hair color. Blonde hair color really stands out in contrast to strawberry red, making for a very playful combination.

Bright Light Strawberry Blonde for Pale Skin
Instagram @sidelightblog

#8: Bright Strawberry Blonde for Pale Skin

Try a bright strawberry blonde if you have pale skin. A light strawberry hair color complements fair skin and brings out different flecks of color in your eyes. If you’re already blonde, it most likely will be an easy adjustment to your gloss formula to create a gorgeously soft strawberry tone.

Natural Light Strawberry Blonde
Instagram @cicibeauty__

#9: Natural Strawberry Blonde

Natural strawberry blonde works best on women who are naturally a level 7 and up. Light reddish blonde hair color typically suits lighter skin tones. This color does tend to fade quickly back to blonde.

#10: Strawberry Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Strawberry blonde highlights and lowlights look like a swirled strawberry milkshake. Warm, bright colors cascade down making this light red blonde hair color anything but boring.

#11: Brown Strawberry Hair

Brown strawberry hair has been in high demand lately. This specific shade of brown/pink-red strawberry goodness is perfect for the brunette wanting to spice up her natural hair color, with just a little glow.

#12: Soft Reddish Blonde Hue

Strawberry blonde is a soft reddish-blonde hue that’s considered a light hair color. Add highlights to your copper color or a color gloss treatment if you’re a blonde to switch things up at your next appointment.

Light Blonde Hair with Strawberry Dark Roots
Instagram @stylesby_sadie

#13: Light Blonde Hair with Strawberry Dark Roots

Go for light blonde hair with strawberry dark roots if you’re looking for a high-contrast color. Light strawberry blonde hair color looks great on warm skin tones.

#14: Red Strawberry Balayage

Red strawberry balayage is all about the tone!!! This spicy color has been in high demand lately. The strawberry balayage has become a fun way to add movement to a natural red head of hair. By adding a toner (semi-permanent hair color) to match the natural hair color, and then accenting that color with a few blonde pieces, you can create a beautiful, glossy, natural-looking balayage.

#15: Light Strawberry for Fair Skin

Pastel strawberry blonde is the perfect hue for women with fair skin, its peachiness adds warmth to the skin. When achieving this color you want to make sure to protect the hair follicles in order for the color to last longer. Using Olaplex will help eliminate any damage, as healthy hair is always what you want in the end.

Light Strawberry Rose Gold Blonde
Instagram @xmhair

#16: Strawberry Rose Gold Blonde

Go for a strawberry rose gold if you’re looking to spice up your blonde hair. Adding a strawberry hair color to your blonde tresses is a great way to change up your style, but also stay light and bright.

#17: Subtle Strawberry Ombre on Light Brown Hair

Light brown hair with a soft strawberry blonde ombre is a great hair color idea for younger girls wanting a subtle change. The strawberry hues add the perfect touch of color making it so fun and vibrant. Style with soft curls to see the beautiful ribbons of dimension.

Face-Framing Light Strawberry Blonde Hair
Instagram @sydthestylist_

#18: Face-Framing Strawberry Blonde Hair

A strawberry blonde money piece is a sun-kissed look that goes well with natural warm blonde hair. The subtleness of the highlights add the perfect amount of brightness without overpowering the beauty of your natural base color. Consider styling this look with a big bouncy blowout to catch everyone’s eye.

#19: Pastel Pink Strawberry Hair

Pastel pink hair is a beautiful color for women who don’t mind a little bit more maintenance. Trendy light strawberry blond colors need to be touched up more often to maintain its strawberry vibrancy.

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