Light Golden Brown Hair Color: What It Looks Like & 16 Trendy Ideas

Light golden brown hair color

A light golden brown hair is a lighter brunette hair color with hints of golden tones. It’s a rich and radiant hue that will add warmth and brightness to your hair.

NJ hairstylist Kelly Mccormick gave me all the deets on this sunny shade. Her number one tip? “Always keep the dimension in your hair to break up the color. This will give it some depth, so it will appear a pretty golden brown and not a flat brassy color as it washes up,” she says.

Kelly also shared a few points to ponder before getting a color appointment. “Will the tone look good on you? Know if your skin tone looks better with warm or cool tones in your hair. Sometimes, you see a photo and love the hair because it looks good on that person. But then it isn’t really the right fit for you.”

Another reminder from her is to talk clearly with your stylist. “Showing pictures helps a lot. Sometimes just saying the color to your stylist may mean something different to you than it does to them.”

Finally, I asked about her must-have product to have on-hand and keep things fresh. “I would recommend blue shampoo to keep the orange tones out. After some time, brassy tones may come through. A blue shampoo won’t completely get rid of the warmth but will control the brass until your next visit,” she tells us.

This glam hue is sure to get you shining under the sunlight in no time! Here are pictures of light golden brown hair colors for your next inspiration!

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Light Golden Brown on Natural Hair

Light Golden Brown on Natural Hair
Instagram @hairbyminnatervo

The payoff is unbeatable when a rich, warm hue combines with a fuller-looking, lengthy mane. Not believing? This shade of light golden brown on natural hair is the proof. With soft waves for a flawless movement, this look is a total trendsetter.

Light and Warm on Short Hair

Light and Warm golden brown on Short Hair
Instagram @pilorum

Short hair can really shine when paired with a light and warm hue. Lighter tones on shorter lengths tend to make the hair look more voluminous. Adding in some soft highlights will also increase the dimension of your golden brown, making your hue more interesting.

Light Golden Mahogany Brown Hair

Light Golden Mahogany Brown Hair
Instagram @corina_wellaproanz

A light golden mahogany brown hair is a luscious color that pairs amazingly well with waves and a long-length cut.

Light Golden Brown on Bleached Hair

Light Golden Brown on Bleached Hair
Instagram @hairby.kathryn

This shade of light golden brown on bleached hair seems classy. Its warmness forms a dimension, ideal for your smooth and straight strands. The dark root, meanwhile, lets you grow your natural hair color out to turn your mid-length mane into a long one.

Caramel Highlights

light golden brown hair with caramel highlights
Instagram @studionova_etrithair

Caramel highlights brings out a sunny tone in neutral brown hair. Big, voluminous waves on your long hair create a flow that’s looking so soft with this hair color.

Curly Light Golden Brown Hair

light golden brown curly hair
Instagram @gab_barroso

This one’s gold! Chop your locks and achieve a mid-length cut to show off your texture. With its bright and warm tone, this curly light golden brown hair will give you a priceless and lively style.

Black to Light Golden Brown Ombre

black to light golden brown hair ombre
Instagram @eccentric_beautysalon

Here’s a sweet and subtle change to amp up your thick, lengthy hair! This is a black to light golden brown ombre to complement your everyday styling. Whether for school, work, or special events, waves in this hair color will do something sublime.

Light Ash Golden Brown Hair

Light Ash Golden Brown Hair
Instagram @_unicornhair_

Who wants a shiny and soft look? Teasylights and babylights offer a glowing edge to this light ash golden brown hair. Style it with soft waves as they add movement, emphasizing the layers of your long haircut.

Light Golden Chestnut Brown Hair

Light Golden Chestnut Brown Hair
Instagram @headspotfalt

A light golden chestnut brown hair has a deeper shade and is brimming with elegance. The fullness of a long mane plus the soft waves at the hair ends will work like a dream with this hue.

Very Light Golden Brown Hair

Very Light Golden Brown Hair
Instagram @hairartbyyvonne

Lovin’ your long locks? You better give them a revamp, so they can shine the brightest. Pull off a very light golden brown hair as it matches your classy vibe. Voluminous waves and texture make things better, so incorporate them.

Light Golden Copper Brown Hair

Light Golden Copper Brown Hair
Instagram @brittneywinklerhair

If you want a subtle change, try a light golden copper brown hair. Lighter streaks serve a natural glow to your long, wavy locks that you’ll love.

Light Golden Brown Balayage

light golden brown hair balayage
Instagram @sarahnicholehair

A light golden brown balayage delivers a gorgeous result to add more dimension to your hair. Match it with a mid-length chop and waves for an ultimate hair transformation.

Light Golden Brown with Blonde Highlights

light golden brown hair with blonde highlights

Light golden brown with blonde highlights compliments fair skin tones. It brightens up facial features, and also add character to wavy, long locks.

Light Golden Brown Highlights on Black Hair

Light Golden Brown Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @beautydufva

If your desiring more dimension in your dark hair, considering adding light golden brown highlights. This is what Tanja Dufva of Helsinki, FI did for their client. “We wanted to go close to earth colors. Balayage technique was chosen because we wanted to keep a dark color around her face to frame her beautiful face features. The warm color in balayage parts gives that warmth, so the skin doesn’t look so pale,” says Dufva.

Another benefit of this stunning color creation? More volume. Dufva says, “if you want more volume to your hair, the balayage color technique can give you a different dimension so that the hair looks fuller.”

Light Golden Brown on Dark Hair

Light Golden Brown on Dark Hair
Instagram @alissathesauce

Forget your dull tresses ’cause the sun-kissed trend is here! With soft waves, the streaks of light golden brown on dark hair will be more intensified. Keep your hair length just above the chest to explore different styles.

Hairstylist Alissa Grossi of Newport Beach, CA created this stunning color. “My favorite thing about this look is definitely the dimension. I love creating depth in my work so the light reflects on the hair differently,” says Grossi.

Considering keep some of your roots to create a shadow root effect. According to Grossi, “the depth at the root allows the natural hair to grow softly which keeps this cut and color low maintenance.”

Light Golden Brown on Dark Brown Hair

Light Golden Brown on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @hair_by_ada_

A medium chocolate brown base color paired with a honey blonde balayage creates a stunning light golden brown hue. It’s creator, master colorist Mirsada Kuci of Ridgewood, NY says that this color looks great on almost any base hair color. However, consult with your colorist first. According to Kuci, “one thing that remains tricky – honey is warm, so you need to check if it flatters your skin tone.”