Light Golden Brown Hair Color: What It Looks Like & 25 Trendy Ideas

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

A light golden brown hair is a lighter brunette hair color with hints of golden tones. Its rich and radiant hue will add warmth and brightness to your hair.

New Jersey hairstylist Kelly Mccormick gave me all the deets on this sunny shade. Her number one tip is? “Always keep the dimension in your hair to break up the color. This will give it some depth, so it will appear a pretty golden brown hair and not a flat brassy color as it washes up,” she says.

Kelly also shared a few points to ponder before getting a hair color appointment. “Will the undertone look good on you? Know if your skin tone looks better with warm or cool tones in your hair. Sometimes, you see a photo and love the colored hair because it looks good on that woman. But then it isn’t the right fit for you.”

Another reminder from her is to talk clearly with your stylist. “Showing pictures will help a lot. Sometimes just saying the hair color to your stylist may mean something different to you than it does to them.”

Finally, I asked about her must-have product to have on hand and keep things fresh. “I would recommend blue shampoo to keep the orange tones out. After some time, brassy tones may come through. A blue shampoo won’t eliminate the warmth but will control the brass until your next visit,” she tells us.

This glam hue will surely get you shining under the sunlight in no time! Here are pictures of light golden brown hair colors for inspiration at your next hair salon visit!


#1: Light Golden Brown on Natural Hair

The payoff is unbeatable when a rich, warm hue combines with a fuller-looking, lengthy mane. Shades of light golden brown on natural hair like this are proof. With soft waves for flawless movement, this hairstyle is one of the best and a trendsetter.

Light Golden Copper Brown Hair

#2 Light Golden Copper Brown Hair

Feast your eyes on these sun-kissed tresses! Long layers of light golden copper brown hair cascade down, each one kissed by the sun, giving off a radiant shine that’s just divine. It’s a dimensional masterpiece with a natural flow that’ll have you ready for any close-up. The mix of gold and copper tones is like autumn leaves at sunset. Perfect for those with a penchant for color that looks lived-in and low-maintenance. Remember, copper can fade, so gentle care is key. And the payoff? A head full of warm tones that brighten up your complexion and bring a glow that’s nothing short of gorgeous.

#3: Light Brown with Golden Blonde Highlights

A medium brown shade called ‘natural level 4’ forms a stunning base for creating perfect golden highlights. Ask your stylist to apply both slicing and weaving techniques to your hair. This will create numerous streaks akin to ribbons of golden honey. Once your hair is pre-lightened, your stylist will adjust the color of your highlights to enhance your complexion perfectly.

Light Golden Brown Highlights on Black Hair

#4 Light Golden Brown Highlights on Black Hair

Imagine your hair, thick and flowing, with layers that dance to their own rhythm. Here we’ve got a luxurious cascade of curls, layered for that extra oomph, drenched in the sunniest golden brown. It’s a radiant look that’ll catch the light and turn heads. Perfect for you if you’ve got that thick mane and you’re not shy about a little upkeep. The highlights are strategically placed to play up your hair’s volume and give it that sun-kissed glow. Keep in mind, you’ll want to invest in some quality color-protecting products to keep those golden tones vibrant. It’s high maintenance, honey, but aren’t the best things in life?

#5: Golden Bronde Hair with Root Melt

Golden-brown hair stands out when you add a darkened root. This hair color is rich and warm, and it needs less upkeep due to the darker root. Ideal for your autumn aesthetic.

Light Ash Golden Brown Hair

#6 Light Ash Golden Brown Hair

Ready for a hair color that’s as multifaceted as you are? Take a gander at this light ash golden brown hair, a graceful dance of cool and warm tones blended to perfection. It’s like your locks were dipped in a sunset, with layers cut to bounce and sway with every step. Styled into soft curls, this look screams sophistication with a dash of playfulness. It’s low maintenance but doesn’t skimp on that voluminous look we all crave. Plus, it’s kind on the roots, so you can let it grow out beautifully without a care in the world. Perfect for the gal who wants to keep it classy with just a hint of edge.

Light Brown Golden Balayage for Long Hair
Instagram @echelon_salon

#7: Light Brown Balayage for Long Hair

This stunning light brown balayage adds seamless dimension to long hair. For adding color to very long hair, ensure it blends with your length, texture, and haircut. This makes the transition from roots to ends smooth.

#8: Wavy Brunette Hair with Golden Highlights

Golden highlights work well with wavy brunette hair. They add warm light reflections and shine. This makes your curls look more defined. Golden colors always enhance the shine and health of hair more than ashy tones do. To complete this style, I recommend using a high-quality curl gel or cream.

Sleek Light Golden Brown Long Hair with Fringe
Instagram @starlithair

#9: Sleek Golden Brown Hair with Fringe

This golden brown hair, which is sleek and has a fringe, is glossy and beautiful! The hair’s warm golden color gives depth and makes it more resilient. For extra sparkle on this golden brown hair, I recommend a good shine spray.

#10: Low-Maintenance Straight Light Brown Hair

Add a soft gold highlight to a low-maintenance, straight, light brown hair for a better look. Keep the gold highlight near the ends of your hair to maintain a beautiful look, whether straight or wavy and embrace your natural color.

Subtle Gold Highlights on Longer Light Brown Hair
Instagram @hair.byjem

#11: Subtle Highlights on Light Brown Hair

You can have color and still be low-maintenance by doing subtle highlights on your light brown hair. The golden tones of these highlights blend really well with the brown color of your hair. To avoid frequent salon visits, keep your highlights a shade or half lighter than your hair’s natural color.

Dimensional Honey Light Golden Brown Color with Long Waves
Instagram @abigailshmu

#12: Dimensional Honey Brown Hair Color

Opt for the ultra-luxurious and multi-faceted honey-brown hair color! This color is an excellent choice for people with medium to darker natural brown hair. The golden hues will highlight your natural hair, making it shiny and deeper in tone.

Light and Warm golden brown on Short Hair
Instagram @pilorum

#13: Light and Warm on Short Hair

Short hair can shine when you are coloring your hair with a light and warm hue. Lighter tones on shorter lengths tend to make your hair look more voluminous. You can add some soft highlights that will also increase the dimension of your golden brown hair dye, making your hue more interesting.

#14: Light Golden Mahogany Brown Hair

A light golden mahogany brown hair is a luscious hair color that pairs amazingly well with waves and a long-length cut. Leaving your roots dark will help your hair fade nicely into the lighter ends.

Light Golden Brown on Bleached Hair
Instagram @hairby.kathryn

#15: Light Golden Brown on Bleached Hair

This shade of light golden brown on bleached hair seems classy. Its warmness forms a dimension ideal for your smooth and straight strands. The dark root, meanwhile, lets you grow your natural hair color out to turn your mid-length mane into a long one.

#16: Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights bring out a sunny tone in neutral brown hair. Big, voluminous waves on your longer hair create a flow that’s so soft-looking with this hair coloring idea.

light golden brown curly hair
Instagram @gab_barroso

#17: Curly Light Golden Brown Hair

You can chop your locks and achieve a mid-length cut to show your texture. With its bright and warm tone, this curly light golden brown hair will give you a priceless and lively style.

#18: Black to Light Golden Brown Ombre

Here’s a subtle, sweet change to amp up your thick, lengthy hair! This edgy black to light golden brown ombre complements your everyday styling. Whether for school, work, or special events, you can add waves in this light golden brown hair dye to showcase your hair’s dimension.

Light Golden Chestnut Brown Hair
Instagram @headspotfalt

#19: Light Golden Chestnut Brown Hair

An easy light golden chestnut brown hair has a deeper shade and is elegant. The fullness of your long mane, plus the soft waves at your hair ends, will work like a dream with this light golden brown hair colour.

#20: Very Light Golden Brown Hair

Lovin’ your messy, long locks? You better give them a revamp so that you can shine your brightest. Pull off a very light golden brown hair color to match your sophisticated, classy vibe. Voluminous waves and texture make things better, so incorporate them into your styling routine.

#21: Light Golden Brown Balayage

A chic light golden brown balayage delivers a gorgeous result, adding more dimension to your hair. Match it with a mid-length chop and waves for an ultimate hair transformation.

#22: Light Golden Brown with Blonde Highlights

The best light golden brown hair with blonde hair highlights compliments fair skin tones. It brightens up facial features and adds dimensional character to lovely wavy, long locks. Remember to use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair soft for days.

Light Golden Brown on Dark Hair
Instagram @alissathesauce

#23: Light Golden Brown on Dark Hair

Forget your dull tresses because the sun-kissed trend is here! With soft waves, the streaks of light golden brown on your dark hair will intensify. Keep your hair length just above the chest to explore different styles. Consider keeping some of your roots to create a shadow root effect. The depth at your root allows your natural hair to grow softly, which keeps this cut and color low maintenance.

Light Golden Brown on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @hair_by_ada_

#24: Light Golden Brown on Dark Brown Hair

A medium chocolate brown base color paired with a honey blonde balayage creates a stunning light golden brown hue. This color looks great regardless of your base hair color. However, consult your hair colorist first to determine the correct color formula you need. One thing that remains tricky is that honey is warm, so you must check if it flatters your skin tone.

#25: Mid-Length Light Brown Hair with Curtain Bangs

Shaggy-like curtains in the window and mid-length light golden brown hair with curtain bangs are a low-maintenance take on bangs. Also known as fringe bangs, they’re long and flow effortlessly into your hair. Consider curtain bangs if you want to de-emphasize the width of your forehead or make your face seem narrower.