26 Stunning Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights to Try

Light brown hair with blonde highlights

Light brown hair with blonde highlights is when any light brunette shade of hair is foiled or hand-painted with a shade of blonde applied some strands of the hair. Unparalleled dimension and brightness are what you’ll instantly get with this trendy bronde (brown plus blonde) hair color!

Blondes and brunettes don’t need to be foes at all times! Proven by hotties Miranda Kerr, Lucy Hale, and Ciara, these two light shades absolutely work together to give you a soft and natural-looking mane, no matter the length and hair type.

We all know that blonde has a wide selection of shades to work with, and it might be overwhelming at first. Remember that cool blondes go with cool-toned hair bases. Warmer shades of blonde can offer you an intense, sun-kissed look and add shine to your tresses.

Highlights also come in different forms – a balayage, an ombre, full or partial highlights. Your choice should depend not just on your style but also your lifestyle and commitment. An ombre can leave you more time between your next touch-up.

Fitting for all seasons, this flattering combination certainly defines a fun and flirty look! Get inspired to make the switch to one of these popular looks on light brown hair with blonde highlights!

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Blonde Medium Bob Hairstyle + Brown Balayage

blonde medium bob hairstyle with brown balayage
Instagram @zoeestyles

A blonde medium bob hairstyle brown balayage? That pairing is exceptional! The finish looks so feminine and modern with a little bit of a flirty vibe. A style like this requires little to no effort depending on the hair’s natural texture. If tresses are fine and straight, adding soft waves for movement is necessary.

Q&A with style creator, Zoe Ribley
Balayage Specialist / Hair Artist @ Zoe Styles in Woodstock, GA

How would you describe this?

This is the perfect low maintenance honey, brown balayage. The honey and golden tones compliment her natural hair color very well. This cut is a short blunt bob, and styled with effortless beach waves to give off the perfect vibe!

What’s your best advice?

Balayage is perfect for women wanting a low maintenance hair style! Women usually come back to see their stylist anywhere from 3 months to a year. When wanting the blunt short cut, be prepared to style your hair more often. Short hair can tend to become more maintenance depending on the hair type you have.

Thin Blonde Balayage Highlights for Mocha Hair

thin blonde balayage highlighs for mocha hair
Instagram @bassamrachid

These thin blonde balayage highlights for mocha hair bring out a chic dimension. The result is eye-catching and looks elegant with voluminous waves. Because of the balayage method, it makes a low-maintenance hair color.

Long Brown Hair with Beige Highlights

long brown hair with beige highlights
Instagram @beautybyaudreyyy

Go for long brown hair with beige highlights for some depth and dimension. This hair trend is ideal for toning down an old blonde hue. Streaks of beige are more prominent if styled with voluminous waves.

Light Brown Hair Color with Blonde Balayage Highlights

light brown hair color with blonde balayage highlights
Instagram @whitney_pierce_hair

Light brown hair color with blonde balayage highlights are perfect for fine locks. That hair type suits the softness of the hue. This trend offers a money piece to add brightness around the face. The seamless, flawless-looking finish is achievable with proper lowlight placements.

Creamy Blonde Hair

creamy blonde highlights on light brown hair
Instagram @sheque.hair

Creamy blonde hair suits gorgeous women with lighter and warm skin tones. The hue appears even richer if the hair is thick and styled with soft waves. For this shade, it’s better to use less heat when styling to keep its healthy-looking edge.

Blonde Ombre Highlights for Light Brown Hair

blond eombre highlights for light brown hair
Instagram @brushedtoblonde

These blonde ombre highlights for light brown hair are beautiful! The hair color idea is sure to add a wow-factor to a lady’s entire appearance. It works best on a longer haircut. The darker shade from the roots to the crown area makes the blonde hue at the ends pop even brighter.

Bronde Highlights for Women with Light Brown Hair

bronde highlights for women with light brown hair
Instagram @melissa.glamor

These are the perfect bronde highlights for women with light brown hair! Fused colors creates neutral tones that works best on neutral skin complexions, too. To achieve versatility, keep the hair longer to look great with either a wavy or a sleek style.

Toffee Brown Hair

Q&A with style creator, Dena
Hair Stylist @ Rebecca’s Hair Studio in Carrickfergus, ANT

How would you describe this?

This toffee brown hair features a soft highlight that blends the natural tone with a soft beige blonde.

What’s your best advice?

This toffee brown color will last 2-3 months with a good after care routine. Use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner at home. The natural tone of the toffee brown is sure to bring out your complexion and enhance your beauty.

Light Brown Lob with Cool Toned Blonde Ends

light brown lob with cool tones blonde ends
Instagram @un.rooted

Here’s a light brown lob with cool-toned blonde ends that you must see! The warmth of the dark roots makes the color of the ends pop even brighter. It looks sensational and can give a haircut a fresher, more modern payoff.

Bright Blonde Hair Highlights

bright blonde hair highlights
Instagram @alchemy_by_allison

These bright blonde hair highlights give a natural-looking shine to tresses. With waves on a layered cut, a magnificent dimension comes out. Blonde highlights emit a cooler tone that goes well with the warm brunette tone.

Golden Blonde Hair

golden blonde highlights on light brown hair
Instagram @caleighsstyles

This golden blonde hair will flatter babes with olive or warm skin complexions! The color offers a richer tone that goes well with thick density, making the locks appear healthy. To keep its gloss, use a purple shampoo and conditioner, but don’t overdo them.

Blonde Highlights on Light Brunette Hair

Light Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @katherineseakx99

These blonde highlights on light brunette hair are not the usual striking blonde color yet the variation suits this brunette color amazingly!

Caramel Highlights on Light Caramel Brown Hair

Light Caramel Brown Hair
Instagram @rileyhopp

This light brunette hair with blonde highlights is stunning. The soft waves make this look even more special.

Light Honey Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Honey Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @elevationhair

These light honey brown hair with blonde highlights are a pure hair transformation anyone can certainly pull off.

Gorgeous Ash Blonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair

Ash Blonde Highlights
Instagram @syltoriahair

This is what (hair) dreams are made of! Twisted streaks pulled at the back makes for the perfect partner for this light brown hair with blonde highlights.

Light Chestnut Brown Base with Platinum Blonde Highlights

Platinum Blonde Highlights
Instagram @chameleoncreations92

Christmas came early with some freshly roasted chestnut dye job! Winter highlights made this all better.

Light Ash Brown Hair with Soft Blonde Highlights

Ash Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Loose Waves
Instagram @hillshairartistry

A new trend is in town! Light ash brown hair with blonde highlights seems to be stealing the spotlight. Effortlessly good-looking, highlights, waves, and all.

Caramel & Blonde Highlights on Lighter Brown Hair with Dark Roots

Caramel and Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairbymacyyy

Shoulder length hair with waves is enough of a head-turner to begin with. What adds the bow in top of this is the delectable caramel light brown hair with blonde highlights.

Brown Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Q&A with style creator, Nikki Pierce
Hair Stylist @ Attractions Hair & Nail Salon in Athens, GR

How would you describe this?

This brown hairstyle with blonde highlights and lowlights is a dimensional blonde. You get the brightness of a blonde, but the lowlights add enough darkness for depth. Plus, the lowlights give the illusion of volume within the brown hair coloring.

What’s your best advice?

This brown and blonde color is low maintenance. Meet with your stylist every 6-8 weeks to freshen up the highlights and lowlights. Use a purple toning shampoo between salon visits to keep your blonde looking bright.

Rotate in a color safe shampoo when you aren’t using the purple shampoo. This will keep your toner and lowlights from fading. Shampoo & conditioner are the most important products to protect your hair color. Think of it as insurance for your hair.

Light Auburn Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights for Long Hair

Auburn-Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights for Long Hair
Interview @los_pastel

Q&A with style creator, Grace Clayton
Owner @ Los Pastel in Subiaco, Western Australia

How would you describe this look?

These are blonde highlights on light brown, auburn hair, creating a dimensional balayage. I worked with the client’s natural warmth, and I love how it blends from a softer highlight near the root to a brighter, thicker piece of blonde through the ends. Also creating a heavier face frame, but keeping it natural near the root means low-maintenance!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Be versatile with your styling – it can look great straight but even better when wavy!

Curly Light Brown with Dark Blonde Highlights

Q&A with style creator, Kim Costa
Hairstylist / Color Specialist @ Salon Esther in Bend, OR

How would you describe this look?

This is a dark blonde with dimensional highlights on long naturally curly hair.

This guest has an amazing head of thick, naturally curly hair that has begun to turn grey. She isn’t ready for the commitment of permanent color and had some old grown out color that has faded and turned brassy. Her cut was also grown out and out of shape.

We gave her some gentle blonde highlights to blend the lightness of the ends with the top. We then gave her a semi-permanent color gloss to blend the grey coming in, and finally added on a couple of toners to get her hair to a more neutral and less warm/brassy color!

For her cut, we brought up the length and gave her long layers to bounce up the natural wave she is blessed with!

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you have natural curls and want easy fuss freestyle, try long layers and adding texture to help bounce up your natural wave! I always say, “Let’s work with what you’ve got! Let your curls shine!” Great hair is only good without the help of appropriate products!

I recommend Moroccanoil Treatment to even the porosity of the hair (apply 1-2 pumps from mid-lengths to ends) followed by Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream! Scrunched into the hair, this wonderful smelling cream helps to moisturize and define curls (2-3 pumps applied from ends all the way up to the roots) Diffuse dry and finish with Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to tame flyaways and add a bit of lightweight moisture to ends!

All three of these products are great for all hair types.

Honey Blonde Highlights on Light Golden Brown Hair

Q&A with style creator, Grace Hinz
Hairstylist @ Salon Elia in Riverside, IL

How would you describe this look?

This dimensional honey blonde balayage radiates summer with a warm glow that will brighten up anyone’s look. The best part is the fact that she looks super bright overall but still has a lot of dimensions spread throughout. She isn’t just solid blonde but has a more sun-kissed and natural look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

More often than not I give golden blondes to clients who are about 50% gray and want to blend the silver into their natural base color. The warmer tones give a more youthful glow to the hair. Honey blonde highlights are also lower maintenance compared to super ashy blondes. This is good for clients who don’t want to come in often to re-tone their hair or for clients with well water and other harsh mineral-filled shower water.

Natural Light Brown with Blonde Highlights with Lowlights

Q&A with style creator, Nicole Carlini
Hairstylist @ Belle Vie Salon in Oxford, MI

How would you describe this look?

This look is a soft blonde balayage. This guest came in with previous grown out balayage. We first cut 5 inches off to freshen up the ends and make it more manageable for her with her busy lifestyle. With this length, she can wash and go or spend a little extra time to curl and style!

Next, we added highlights using Schwarzkopf Blondme in a traditional foil technique. I sectioned the hair off her part line with diagonal foils back. She is naturally about a level 7 so we left her base for added dimension. She had previous lightened ends so adding the foils made for a softer look and more of a balayage rather than an ombré. I then toned with Redken Shades EQ.

This is a pretty low maintenance style. Because we left her natural color at the base the grow out will be easier and we can maintain with a few foils mostly around the face then every couple appointments we will freshen up the ends by painting up the balayage.

I would also recommend a toner in between color appointments. I used Joico’s defy damage treatment to create all the shine! I styled with a volumizing mousse and texture spray and curled using the Beachwaver.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This is a pretty soft, low maintenance color! I would recommend this look for someone looking for some dimension in their hair but not needing to be in the salon every 4 weeks.

This particular guest has natural level 7, thick, straight hair texture. This look can vary depending on the natural level of the hair! She has a busy lifestyle being in school and an athlete, which makes for an easy “wash and go” type of style.

I would recommend a toning shampoo and conditioner to this guest to keep up in between appointments. For styling, I would recommend a leave-in conditioner and texture spray.

Light Brown with Chunky Light Blonde Highlights

Light Brown Hair with Light Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairbykatieb_

Q&A with style creator, Katie Broyles
Hairstylist @ Addison Taylor Salon in Canton, GA

How would you describe this look?

For this light brown hair with blonde highlights, I did a free hand balayage highlighting technique. This gives me creative freedom to customize her color to fit her best! One of my favorite things about this look is the multi-dimensions of tones and ribbons of blonde. She overall has a beige tone with some pops of ice blonde and some hints of gold from gradually getting lighter and lighter.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Some tips for any clients who are interested in this look are deciding if they are comfortable with having some natural root showing or wanting more of classic highlight to the scalp. Balayage isn’t for everyone especially clients who are starting with any previous color. My client has the thickest hair and a little coarse, perfect for more of a soft grow out. Balayage is for anyone who isn’t able to come every 6 weeks but wants to get that longevity of color. Purple shampoo once or twice a week is a good way to make your blonde pop in between appointments.

Light Red-Brown Hair with Subtle Blonde Highlights

Q&A with style creator, Jessica Shippee
Hairstylist @ Lavish The Salon in Greenfield, MA

How would you describe this look?

This look is low maintenance “lived in color”. I love the fact when doing a balayage highlight you can go months and the color still looks amazing without the regrowth lines of a traditional foil highlight. She has super thick hair like my self so I find long layers w/ some debulking to ends always does the trick so you don’t get that choppy look that I find most clients complain about with thick hair.

I love my Bioionic 1 1/4 in curling iron to achieve this stunning waves. This iron curls super fast and really smooths out any frizz in the hair so it gets the job done quick and easy. Because let’s face it, our lives are too busy to spend an hour in the morning doing our hair!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I find this style and color perfect for the busy working women that need to stay on top of the trends but doesn’t have the time for every 4-week appointments.

For clients looking for low maintenance color, I always suggest playing off their natural color. Keep your root color the same or close to it and add pops of brightness around the face or ends so you can months in between appointments. When I styled her up I don’t go crazy with products, because who has time for that seriously! I stick to the basics of what they need. In her case, she has thick coarse hair with a medium wave to it. My favorite line right now has been Loma its a more natural Aloe based line that leaves all the chemicals behind!

For her on towel-dried hair, I used there smoothing creme and nourishing oil. The products are super concentrated so a little goes a long way. I blowdried her w/ a large round brush nothing fancy then curled her hair with my 1 1/4 in iron. Then took I took one pump more of the nourishing oil rubbed it on my hands and applied it to hair to add more shine and tame any flyaways.

Super easy – nothing fancy! It took me 25 mins all together to blowdry and curl. With a little dry shampoo and a touch up with the iron, she should be able to get a few days out of this style without having to wash again! I love Loma for the fact that their products aren’t heavy or greasy on the hair!

Strawberry Blonde Highlights on Sandy Brown Hair

strawberry blonde highlights on sandy brown hair
Instagram @allaboutsalon

Splashes of strawberry blonde highlights on sandy brown hair create a chic dimension. This gives hair inspiration to any woman with a natural brown shade. The blended colors of strawberry blonde and sandy brown give a flirty vibe that suits a wavy hairstyle.

Balayage Blonde Highlights on Light Chocolate Brown Hair

Q&A with style creator, Channing Bergey
Hairstylist @ Lemongrass Salon & Spa in Fort Worth, TX

How would you describe this look?

This is a rich dimensional lived-in balayage blonde highlights on light brown hair. My favorite thing about this look is the richness of the lows against the bright blonde pieces.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This is a great look for someone with medium brown hair to light brown hair. It’s super low maintenance. It’s also best for someone who likes to curl their hair because it really makes the dimensions pop.