38 Light Blonde Highlights for a Radiant Look in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Light Blonde Highlighted Voluminous Waves and a Side Part
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#1: Voluminous Waves and a Side Part

Voluminous waves paired with a side part are the perfect duo for creating a hairstyle loaded with volume. A side part gives you one of the most effortless ways of achieving your hair’s natural volume. Just tossing your hair in the opposite direction will give the root area of your hair that extra bounce. If you can afford to spend the extra time curling your tresses in the morning, this hairstyle calls out your name.

Before and after of blonde highlights transition on dark hair showing warm to cool tones

#2 Beautiful Blonde Highlights for Dark Hair

Embrace the versatility of blonde highlights for dark hair. The image showcases a dynamic transformation from warm caramel ends to a cool ash blonde. It’s perfect for medium-density hair seeking dimension without full commitment to bleaching. Transition highlights blend seamlessly, but remember, cool tones may need more salon visits to maintain their multi-faceted luster. Ideal for those looking to evolve their style gradually.”

Very Light Blonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair
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#3: Very Light Highlights on Light Brown Hair

To achieve this look, ask your stylist about blended baby lights. These blended highlights are easy to maintain, leading to a more relaxed maintenance schedule. Hair that’s straight, fine to medium, and cut above the shoulders suits baby lights best.

Caramel and Blonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair

#4 Caramel and Blonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair

These caramel and blonde highlights on light brown hair combine shades. These make a stunning upgrade for your natural hair color. They form a charming dimensional blonde with caramel highlights that work well with waves on darker hair.

Light Metallic Vanilla Blonde Highlights
Instagram @romeufelipe

#5: Metallic Vanilla

If you prefer a lighter hair length but also want an easy-to-maintain root color, try metallic vanilla blonde. The metallic vanilla blonde with a sunkissed balayage effect is easy to grow, allowing you to skip appointments and avoid harsh root lines.

Vanilla Toffee Light Blonde Highlights with layers
Instagram @romeufelipe

#6: Vanilla Toffee Blonde Highlights

If you want to make your hair warm and radiant, vanilla toffee blonde highlights with layers could be ideal. This hair color blends soft, creamy tones with hints of golden blonde. It creates a beautiful mix that suits many skin tones. Both olive and tan skin benefit from this shade as it boosts your complexion to give a bright summer look. For the best outcome, ask your colorist to raise your color to at least level 7, especially on lighter skin.

Glowing Light Blonde Highlights for long messy hair
Instagram @romeufelipe

#7: Glowing Light Blonde Highlights

Glowing light blonde highlights are a method of placing strategic highlights that incorporate golden hues. These glowing light blonde highlights are perfect for a low-maintenance lifestyle. Ask your stylist to add a bright, prominent highlight, and try to keep your hair tones warmer for the best contrast.

#8: Light Blonde Highlights on a Brunette Lixie

Light blonde highlights look great on a brunette lixie. Ask for balayage highlights if you want to add some dimensional color to your dark hair. This will give you thick panels like lasagna vs thin spaghetti in traditional foils. Light blonde highlights on short hair styles should be focused around the face and crown. This way, they avoid any tiger stripes on the nape.

#9: Balayage + Light Blonde Highlights

Mixing balayage and light blonde highlights is the best way to saturate your hair. And it will give off an all-over lighter look. Using these two techniques, you can get light blonde at the base of your hair and sun-kissed pieces on your ends. Ask about a balayage technique next time you’re in your salon.

#10: Messy Stacked Bob Haircut

A messy stacked bob haircut and bright blonde highlights are a great way to add texture and dimension. I suggest using subtle balayage techniques. It’s the best way to create natural-looking lighter pieces of hair that blend with your existing color. Try a texturizing spray or mousse before styling to emphasize the layers in this look. This will give you an effortless yet polished finish. Apply a light serum after styling to keep your locks glossy for added shine!

#11: Curled Long Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

Are you curious about going blonde? A perfect style is curled long hair paired with light blonde highlights. A helpful way to go lighter is to start slowly with progressive lightening. It keeps your hair dimensional and healthy. I recommend maintaining the blonde with frequent glosses and toners.

#12: Light Blonde Highlights for Long Hair

A light blonde highlighted style is great for girls who have long hair. The best way to avoid brassiness is to use a purple shampoo. Try Milkshakes Silver Shine Shampoo.

#13: Waist-Length Brunette Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

If you are dyeing your hair lighter, I recommend you ask your colorist to explain the upkeep. Also, ask about how to care for your new color. Light blonde ashy tones create contrast against darker colors. And they will show off the ribbons of added color well.

#14: Brown Balayage with Light Blonde Highlights

Try a high-contrast balayage if you’re looking for a blonde color that blends with your base color. This will ensure that your natural color will pop throughout your balayage. Try to leave some dark pieces directly behind the money piece. It will make the light pieces stand out. Prebook your maintenance appointment when you can. That way, you keep your hair healthy.

#15: Light Ashy Blonde Highlights

Try a platinum silver color if you’re looking for a cooler blonde. After pre-tone my ashy color clients, I gloss them with blondor liquids /16 and /18 to add shine. Don’t use purple or blue shampoo to dull out to keep your blonde bright. Instead, book a toning appointment.

#16: Lighter Blonde Highlights with a Dark Base

Try lighter blonde highlights if you have a dark base and prefer a low-maintenance hair color. Leave your natural color at the root area so it grows out without a harsh demarcation line, meaning fewer trips to the hair salon. Tone the bottom color a few shades lighter than the color that is on top if you want to try to create a good contrast of depth and dimension between the two colors.

#17: Stunning Light Blonde Balayage Highlights

Make your strands bright and bold with stunning light blonde balayage hair highlights. Give your hair tons of dimension with swirling tones of buttery blonde. Studies show over time, the blonde becomes dull. Toning your hair every 4-8 weeks will keep it looking healthy and shiny. If you’re concerned about the health of your strands, weekly conditioning will keep them strong. This is important for future lightening sessions.

Light Blonde Highlights on Short Hair with a Deep Side Part
Instagram @romeufelipe

#18: Light Blonde Highlights on Short Hair with a Deep Side Part

Light highlights on short hair with a deep side part are bold, especially when pairing it with bright red lipstick. Babylights create a soft, seamless blend.

Light Blonde Highlights on a Dark Pinkish Base
Instagram @valeconcas

#19: Blonde Highlights on a Dark Pinkish Base

Blonde highlights on a darker base will give you the contrast you want in your hair color. The warmness of the base next to the pops of blonde highlights is a stunning combination.

#20: Blonde Hair with a Light Blonde Money Piece

Blonde hair is the epitome of a casual-cool girl. Ask your stylist for a brighter face-framing highlighting or “money piece” to frame the face. The rest of the hair can be left more rooty or with low lights added to make the money piece pop! This low-maintenance color will likely require touch-ups of just the face framing or a partial highlight.

Light brown hair with blonde highlights
Instagram @jadebyida

#21: Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Try light brown hair with blonde highlights for an effortless look. Light brown with blonde highlights work well with lighter hair types, making hair look dimensional and full.

#22: Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Keep your long tresses nice and bright! Incorporate big waves on your dark brown, highlighted hair. Its volume and movement will emphasize the streaks of light blonde.

honey blonde with light blonde highlights
Instagram @kacilleshi

#23: Light Honey Blonde

Are you going for a youthful and dimensional look? This light honey blonde hair is the way to go! Waves would accentuate the dimension in this light brown hair with blonde highlights. And the balayage will give your lengthy strands cooler hues for a fresh vibe.

#24: Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights

Dirty blonde hair with highlights has the right amount of cool tones that bring out the brightness in your long mane. The subtle dimension pops out with soft waves added to your highlighted hair.

#25: Auburn Locs Hairstyle with Light Blonde Highlights

You can have fun with colors if you have a long protective hairstyle! These auburn locs with light blond highlights are a fashion statement. The blonde shade is sure to brighten up your face.

#26: Purple with Lighter Blonde Highlights

Give your lengthy, fine tresses new life by incorporating vivid colors. Consider purple with lighter blonde highlights to bring radiance to your dark base. Balayage always combines with waves, so don’t doubt getting them.

light brown hair with really light blonde highlights
Instagram @kevin_moshier

#27: Light Brown and Really Light Blonde

Achieve the natural-looking blonde hair of your dreams! Let the shades of light brown and light blonde create a beautiful dimension. Highlights that are light blonde will add depth to otherwise boring hair.

#28: Dark Blonde with Light Blonde Steaks

Add vividness to your dark blonde locks for a dimensional style! You’ll appreciate how the highlights add richness to your hair. Feel free to give your long tresses body and movement by adding beach waves.

#29: Brown with Very Light Blonde Highlights

A shade of brown with very light blonde highlights is exactly what your medium-length hair needs. It’s a brunette balayage with face-framing pieces for ladies with cool and warm skin tones.

#30: Red Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

Tone down your red hair by accentuating lighter blonde highlights and money pieces for a softer finish. And who doesn’t love a shoulder-grazing haircut with soft curls?

Silver Hair with Light Blonde Highlights
Instagram @kamhairandbody

#31: Silver Hair with the Lightest Blonde Highlights

With icy silver tones and a creamy hue, you’ll get a color full of dimension and depth. Silver hair with the lightest blonde highlights is a trendy blonde hair color idea.

#32: Light Ash Brown with Light Golden Blonde

Light ash brown with light golden blonde highlights is a fashion statement. The balayage blends the shades well, working like magic on long, straight hair.

Light Brown with Light Ash Blonde Highlights
Instagram @harverkstanthn

#33: Light Brown with Light Ash Blonde Highlights

Every hair transformation is sensational, and this one is no exception. Go for a hair color that grants you light brown with light ash blonde highlights! You’ll have no issue choosing between wearing it straight or with waves.

light blonde highlights on black hair
Instagram @jjuniorpro

#34: Blonde Highlights Ideal for Black Hair

Consider having these highlights, which are ideal for black hair. Your natural dark color remains intact as the blonde hue pops towards the ends. Feathered layers on a lengthy mane make it suitable no matter how old you are.

Light Blonde Highlights with Lowlights
Instagram @reneek.hair

#35: Light Blonde Highlights with Lowlights

with lowlights offer the right pop of dimension. Match the color with a cut past the shoulders to bring out your perfect waves. Ask your stylist if highlights on light blonde hair would look best with layers, too.

Platinum Hair with Light Blonde Highlights
Instagram @rene.teresa

#36: Platinum Hair with Light Blonde

Here’s platinum hair with light blonde highlights to spruce up your long, curly hair. The dimensional illusion looks dramatic with the visible flow of this platinum blonde hair highlights.

#37: Brown Hair with Lighter Blonde Highlights

Brown hair with light blonde highlights is a trendy balayage option. The depth and dimension are evident, while the money piece is subtle. It’s the perfect way to combine a sun-kissed vibe and soft waves on a mid-length cut.

Light Copper Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair
Instagram @juleshairtbay

#38: Light Copper Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

These light copper blonde highlights on dark hair were created by hairstylist Jules Carlson of Thunder Bay, ON.

She explains, “This hair on the model in the picture was easily done by foiling a copper lowlight throughout her full head to blend the old blonde highlights into her dark hair. We wanted to add dimension and break up the old foil lines.”

Carlson suggests using Joico Lumishine for styling and maintenance because it offers amazing coverage, health, and shine!

Light blonde highlights are a hair coloring technique that adds streaks of bright and light hues to a darker base color. It’s a perfect choice if you want to be blonde but don’t wanna go all in.

It’s the go-to hue for women who want a full of contrast color. Highlights come in different forms – a balayage, an ombre, or full or partial highlights. Your path to blonde should depend on your style and level of commitment.

Blonde and balayage specialist Stefan Riccardi says, “Understand that going light blonde is a commitment and will require regular visits to the salon to maintain.”

Going light blonde usually requires pre-lifting the hair with bleach. The hair will become more porous from this process, so it’s essential to regularly use some form of the bond builder at home to help rebuild the cuticle. Riccardi recommends the Olaplex hair product line for this process.

Ask your stylist whether your hair is healthy enough to handle the process of going lighter, and ask what shade of blonde would be most suitable for your facial profile.

Before your next hair coloring appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the best ideas for light blonde highlights.