26 Light Blonde Hair Color Ideas About to Start Trending

Best light blonde hair color ideas

A light blonde hair color is a color that ranges anywhere in the lighter and whiter end of the blonde spectrum: vanilla, ash, platinum, white, champagne, silver, and a whole lot more in between these muted shades.

First things first – consider your skin tone! Lighter blondes generally go with fair to medium skin colors with pink to yellow undertones. Working with your complexion is super important to know which shade matches you the best!

Top blonde babes include Nene Leakes, Amanda Seyfried, and Eva Marcille who ditched their natural hair colors and went for lighter and edgier tones! Pennsylvania colorist and blonde specialist Danielle Hess points out how beautiful the resulting dimension can be when the process is done on healthy and well-maintained hair.

Pulling off a color this light might be damaging for some especially those who are unnaturally blondes. This is where at-home care using only the best and stylist-recommended products save the day! Monthly meetings with your colorist are essential as well.

There is a blonde for anyone who has the confidence to wear it! Below is my selection of the most popular photos of expertly done light blonde hair on the internet this season for you to see!

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#1: Long Wavy Light Blonde Tresses

Long light blonde tresses are simple, bright, and natural-looking. A soft wave can really bring out the different hues of blonde. The cool and warm tones of the blonde really pull this look together.

#2: Thick Shag Cut with Middle Part Bangs

#3: Light Champagne Blonde Straight Hair

#4: Stunning Light Blonde Waves

Long hair with waves is stunning when it’s highlighted with light blonde pieces. Ask your stylist for a full highlight of fine baby lights and glaze them with a toner that has a drop of gold in it if you can. It will give you that killer reflection. Don’t forget to maintain the health of your hair at home with a reparative treatment like K18 molecular repair hair mask. This mask will help to keep your hair strong and long.

#5: Balayage Ombre Light Blonde Hair

A balayage ombre is dream hair for a lot of women. The brightness of the cool blonde throughout with the darker root adds so much contrast, giving it such a vibrant finish.

#6: Very Long Curled Light Blonde Hair

Try a hair color that’s always trending with very long curled light blonde hair. If you want to keep maintenance low, make sure to root your color so the grow-out will be less harsh. The most important rule about having blonde hair is making sure you keep it healthy. You can do a conditioning treatment once a week and frequent trims every 6-8 weeks.

Light blonde balayage hair color
Instagram @xcellent_kevin

#7: Light Blonde Balayage

It really feels ecstatic when you get to see a new color on your glorious hair. With that being said, why not try this bright semi-platinum blonde and see how much more beauty you can exude.

#8: Buttery Light Blonde Straight Hair with Darker Roots

Buttery light blonde straight hair with darker roots adds brightness to your ends and softness to your base. To keep your strands buttery avoid purple shampoo. Purple shampoo’s job is to cancel out yellow which also cancels out brightness. Remember the color wheel? The colors opposite of each other cancel each other out. Having your natural color peaking through the top helps keep your salon visits to a minimum, since it will look more natural as it grows out.

#9: Sleek Silver-Blonde Straight Hair

Don’t be afraid to dive into a new silver blonde tone! I would only suggest doing an ash tone on a blonde who is truly lifted to a level 9. Toning at level 8 you will pull an ash green tone that would not be appealing. One other thing to avoid is the overuse of purple or silver toning shampoo. It can add a dull cast to your color that will need to be cleansed out.

Very Light Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @brysonblonde

#10: Very Light Blonde Hair Color

Fragile wheel-spun hair straight out of the fairytales. rapunzel must be so envious with this glossy take on ashy platinum blond.

#11: Light Blonde Hair with Red Highlights

#12: Light Ash Blonde

Tones of tan and gray with yellow and platinum hints. Talk about color combination!

Blonde Hair with Dark Roots
Instagram @kuna_hair

#13: Light Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Like an elven waiting to cast a spell in the woods, go for a mystical look with a solid platinum look.

#14: Light Blonde Hair with Lowlights

To add contrast and make your hair look more three-dimensional, having some streaks two shades darker with greatly help in achieving this look.

#15: Light Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Colorist Marina did this airy brunette-blonde great for bringing dimension to thin hair.

Platinum Blonde
Instagram @boomboomshank

#16: Platinum Blonde

This is a pure platinum blonde. Her name is Tanya, and she actually has Danish roots so her natural hair color is pretty light so achieving this look isn’t too hard for me a blonde specialist. One thing I like to point out to anyone that points out this picture to me is that we have been doing her hair like this for about five years.

When she came to me another stylist had been doing highlights and she was more of a golden blonde so it was a full-color correction and she knew it was going to several sessions to get to this shade of blonde. It honestly took about 8 months to get to a solid consistent platinum blonde throughout the hair strand (no banding). I love how it complements her skin tone. She is also very good about her upkeep and her at-home care.

Platinum blonde is not cheap. You have to get your roots done at least every 4-6 weeks, and you must be vigorous with your at-home care. This means using only the best products. I wouldn’t suggest this style for the low-maintenance kinda gal or for someone that hates coming into the salon.

Also when considering shades of blonde there is an equation I love to use that works on everyone. Warm + warm = cool and cool + cool = warm. What this means is if you have warm eyes and warm skin tone I’d suggest cool or ashy-toned hair, and for cool colored eyes and cool colored skin, I suggest warmer tones in the hair. It is the perfect equation that complements every skin tone.

natural blonde hair color
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#17: Natural Blonde

This look is foliage, and the best thing about it is its natural blonde color.

To achieve this tone, don’t use color box dye 6 months prior to your salon visit. Sulfate-free shampoo is a must, too.

Consultation is important to achieve the perfect blonde for every single lady. Ask your stylist to look at your skin color, eyes, and face shape.

Light Golden Blonde
Instagram @hairbywendi

#18: Light Golden Blonde

This look is a soft honey blonde. My favorite thing about it is how multi-dimensional it is, especially when curled.

I love a style that enhances your own natural curl and body. This is the perfect color and style for someone who needs to thicken up the look of their hair.

Honey Blonde Hair
Instagram @surbi.ahuja

#19: Honey Blonde Hair

This look is an effortless blend of natural tones complemented by hand-painted balayage that gives a luminous sun-kissed effect. The tone is neutral and sandy which is perfectly balanced by a long-layered cut to show off that soft blonde dimension.

My favorite part about this look is that it requires minimal maintenance! The hair color growth line is very diffused allowing the client to go longer in between salon color visits. The color will grow out beautifully, and refreshing the color while enhancing shine is easily achieved with a toner and glossing treatment!

Perfect for almost all hair types and lengths (apart from very short/cropped hair), this blended blonde look is versatile and doesn’t discriminate! It complements faces of all shapes long, round, square, or heart-shaped.

This look is also a smart solution for any woman with natural grey hair as it allows the colorist to target the specific strands without touching the scalp directly. The balayage technique has evolved and is widely used in the industry to create buzz-worthy dimension, texture, and tone! Free-hand painting is the best method to achieve unparalleled results that look natural and spring-ready!

Brown to Light Blonde Ombre
Instagram @huntlynnhair

#20: Brown to Light Blonde Ombre

Going lighter with summer around the corner can sometimes get expensive with many trips to the salon, so for this busy mom of 2, she needed something with less maintenance.

Balayage is customizable to each mane and can create many different looks. My favorite thing about this one is the lived-in seamless blend of her own color to those light blonde ends.

When lifting her natural color it usually tends to be warm so instead of fighting it, we enhanced it with a Redken Shades EQ Gloss to give her that milk and honey mix. This way her natural hair can grow out with no harsh lines at the root. Enhancing your own naturalness will be healthier for your hair and prevent breakage in the future.

Of course, your cut and style can also be low maintenance. Less is more with one length and long layers. Blow drying with a round brush creates more shine and volume, then finish the ends with a slight bend from your curling iron. A perfect everyday style.

Light Brown-Blonde
Instagram @brittadairhair

#21: Bronde Color

I would describe this look as soft and natural with just enough smooth, hand-painted highlights to accentuate the client’s natural hair color. I love how the waves really make the highlights pop and the cut is just simple with a few layers to make styling easy for her.

This is a great option for first-time color clients to ease into the world of color since the look works with their natural color instead of changing it completely. It’s also a great option for someone looking for a little pop of color but wants something low maintenance and that looks great totally styled or thrown in a ponytail.

#22: Beige Blonde

My favorite thing about this color and tone is that it looks natural and complements several skin tones.

My client had never colored her hair before so we wanted a big change, but it still needed to look natural overall. For clients wanting this style, explain if you’d rather your blonde tone be more golden, ashier or simply neutral. It helps your stylist pick the best toner for you.

We followed with a treatment to add some protein back into the hair that is sometimes lost from going lighter. The style was very simple. We wanted to show off the dimension in her blonde so we did a blowout and added an oil-based product to help smooth any frizz that remained when we were finished.

If this is a color you’re interested in, it can take a lot of time, however, the end result is worth it. Be willing to spend the afternoon with your stylist to be able to give them the time they need to devote to lifting your hair while keeping it healthy.

The coloring process was a full head foil with balayage in between the foils. It took us almost back-to-back foils to brighten this up to where it still remained natural. We did a balayage technique on the rest of her hair that wasn’t in foils to add a more solid blonde towards her ends. While most blondes tend to be drawn to a cooler tone, this is a great option for natural blondes who just want more brightness and subtle dimension.

white blonde
Instagram @mattrazook

#23: White Blonde

Opt for a pearl white hair color with a touch of a modern classic one-length bob. Not only does the color stand out among all but also the hair is easy to maintain in terms of length where the hair just stays right at the chin.

This look is suitable best for women with confidence, strong character, and someone who loves to be bold. However, it will take a long time to achieve this result if you have dark natural hair colors like black or brown. It took 2-3 sessions to achieve this final result. Once you achieved this result, the most important is how you maintain it. Ask your stylist about at-home care products.

Light Blonde Hair with Highlights
Instagram @hairbygreer

#24: Light Blonde Hair with Highlights

When my client Ashley came into the salon, she wanted an icy but still bright blonde. She still had some faded lowlights from the last time we colored her hair and we loved the dimension that created. I did a full head of baby lights in foils to create this look. Then glazed with Redken Shades EQ to give it an icier tone.

If you are considering this look just remember: blonde can be high maintenance. Lightening the hair dries it out and damages it so you have to take great care of it at home with the right products in order to keep it looking healthy. Olaplex is one of my favorite products to keep the hair at its best. Olaplex is a multi-step system that rebuilds the broken bonds in the hair created by coloring, styling, etc. Ashley comes in every 7 weeks to maintain this icy blonde.

#25: Strawberry Blonde

This is a soft strawberry blonde achieved with Redken Shades EQ in a light copper hue. We applied with a bowl and brush to clean, dry hair for optimal longevity and coverage. I trimmed with my Olivia Garden 6.5 inch shearers, deep point cutting long layers to give her texture and movement.

Then I blow-dried with Kevin Murphy’s Heated Defense for its ability to protect her hair from temperatures up to 450 degrees F, and our volumizing aid was Anti Gravity spray by Kevin Murphy for its ability to give memory to our style and weightless lift. Finally, I styled with my Paul Mitchell express-ion XL curling iron which gives large lazy waves to her long hair with a 1.5-inch barrel.

This color was tinted with Redken Shades EQ over previously blonded hair, therefore it is going to need some maintenance. Glosses only last 4-6 weeks depending on your at-home care. If using cool water to shampoo at home, shampoo 1-2 times per week while using dry shampoo in between you will be able to keep this color vibrant and beautiful for longer.

Summertime is fun in the sun and that can also cause some color fade age. If going outdoors for baseball games, cookouts or just a drink on a patio I always recommend using a product beforehand with UV protection. My favorite sunscreen for my hair is Shimmer Shine or Shimmer Me Blonde by Kevin Murphy. I love the fact that not only does it protect your hair from the sun, it also has super pretty opulent pieces of mica that sparkle in the sunlight.

When getting into a chlorinated pool or the ocean I also recommend using a leave-in conditioner prior to getting the hair wet. Using a leave-in conditioner will help even out porosity, lock in color and prevent the color from fading as much.

I always recommend wearing a hat in the summertime and trying not to completely submerge hair under water. Our last form of maintaining this particular color for this look would simply be to come back for a quick gloss and blowout when it starts to fade.

This particular tint is beautiful on lighter skin tones with a warm undertone to look the most natural.

#26: Dark Brown to Golden Blonde Hair

This is mahogany into a golden blonde ombré. My favorite part about this look is being able to see the darker tones as they transition into the lighter shade. Long layers and textured ends, and adding a little wave pulls it all together.

It’s a little higher maintenance look, but this is great if you wanted a bolder color and have a lot of brightness as well. This client is really bubbly so this look fits her so well. It’s always good when going blonde to hydrate well with a mask, use low heat settings on your hot tools, and use sulfate-free products.

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