14 Perfect Examples of Lavender Hair Colors

Best lavender hair colors

Lavender hair is a hair color known for the lush pastel goodness it brings to your style. Lavender hair color is delicate and feminine and brings softness and individuality.

Ranging from edgy purple-silver tones to muted lilac hues, this cute color is really versatile with its sea of shades and complements all skin colors. Pinkish skin undertones look charming with cool and deep hues, while medium and neutral complexions are perfect with any lavender tone.

Making sure your tresses are always healthy and moisturized will keep this enchanting color last long and vibrant, so hydrating and color-safe products are highly encouraged to prevent it from fading!

Ready to experience the magic? Take a plunge into this modern lavender hair trend and look downright adorbs every day!

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Platinum Lavender Hair Color

Platinum Lavender Hair Color
Instagram @daniellehoneyluxe

Did you just say magical? This stunning balayage is what you are talking about! Match it with a beach wavy hairstyle and every girl will be envious of your eye-candy locks. The contrast of the platinum and lavender color to the darker roots is the key to this style.

Dusty Lavender

Dusty Lavender
Instagram @svlhair

Q&A with style creator, Sara Larose
Owner @ Volume Hair Studio in Southbridge, MA

How would you describe this?

Dusty lavender is a fun color for women who don’t want the commitment. Lavender colored dye easily washes out. Pastels or lighter colors fade over 6-8 shampoos.

What’s your best advice?

You need to have light hair to achieve lighter fashion colors. Talk to your stylist about longevity and what you can expect for the fade out.

Silver Lavender

Silver Lavender Hair Color
Instagram @hair_by_na_na

Feeling a bit messy yet edgy? This silver lavender hue is low key fab! Metallic purple is super trendy right now.

Pastel Lavender

Instagram @fullhairalchemist

Also called mermaid hair, these sweet waves look gorgeous with the created dimension and softness of this pastel lavender hair color.

Black to Lavender Ombre

Black to Lavender Ombre
Instagram @salonsavvyspa_plantation

Black and lavender ombre a seamless transition on this medium wavy lavender violet hair. This low-maintenance hair dye job is perfect for spring!

Light Lavender Shade

Light Lavender
Instagram @alosardo_hair

Q&A with style creator, Alicia LoSardo
Future Stylist @ in Chattanooga, TN

How would you describe this?

The way this light lavender shade fades is amazing! This is a colorful way for a blonde to also achieve an icy lavender hair color trend.

What’s your best advice?

Be patient! Especially if you’re starting off with very dark hair and transitioning to blonde. It will take more than one sitting to light lavender hair. Do conditioning treatments, regular haircuts, and always use a heat protectant. Shades of lavender can take more than one salon visit, but the result is amazing.

Lavender Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Lavender Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @aprilpavia

Q&A with style creator, April Oneil
Hairstylist @ Dazzle Hair Bar in Dallas, TX

How would you describe this?

Lavender highlights on dark brown hair creates a lavender balayage. The purple highlights and lavender tones create a boldness of color and will fade beautifully.

What’s your best advice?

Any woman can sport vivid lavender hair color. For women considering this type of hair color, you must consider the maintenance. Purple tones out yellow so this color will fade. However, colors like pink or red will require more attention. Lavender is a great choice for women who want a fun color that will wash out quickly.

Lavender and Blonde Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Felipe Rogel
Color Specialist @ Hair Drezzers On Fire in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this?

With lavender and blonde balayage hair, different lighting will affect the color. Sometimes it’s more violet, other times it gives off a silvery hue. You’ll be able to achieve different dimensions with this lavender color hair.

With light purple, the violet tones cancel out the yellow tones. However, it will eventually produce a perfect neutral blonde color.

What’s your best advice?

Lavender color is beautiful but may not be suited for all women. It can be hard to achieve if you have darker/denser hair. Because it’s so light, your hair needs to lifted to the lightest blonde to achieve it. Also, being such a light color, it does fade very fast.

Color safe hair products can prolong the life of your hair color. Use filtered water when washing and reduce the temperature on hot tools to about 325 degrees F.

Short Lavender Hair

Short Lavender Hair Color
Instagram @sammihair11

Juicy grape and an asymmetrical pixie with some shaved back sides coming right up!

Lavender Grey

Q&A with style creator, Julie Vu
Salon Owner @ Fantasy Hair Cut Ltd in Vancouver, BC

How would you describe this?

Lavender grey is a mix of ash grey and lavender. Believe it or not, lavender looks great on Asian skin tones.

What’s your best advice?

Your hair needs to be healthy because it needs to be bleached really light. When you first get this color, the lavender will stay in your hair for about a month. So use purple shampoo as it slowly fades to a grey tone.

Dark Lavender Tone

Dark Lavender
Instagram @lupayyy

Q&A with style creator, Lupayy Trujillo
Hairstylist & Guy Tang Mydentity Educator @ Hair Studio & KRAFT West Hollywood in San Jacinto, CA

How would you describe this?

This dark lavender tone is a vibrant electric purple. It’s not your ordinary purple or lavender. 3 colors were mixed to create this unique shade of purple.

What’s your best advice?

Dark lavender hair is somewhat high maintenance. Use a color safe shampoo and a hydrating conditioner like Guy Tang products.

Use cool water and the least amount of heat as possible. Use 325 degrees on your hot tools or lower. These are two of the best things you can do for your lavender hair.

All women can rock this lavender hair dye! Hair color is so fun and really makes you feel so powerful! This lavender color is for a lady who is ok with going to the salon at least every two months.

Smokey Lavender Color

Q&A with style creator, Kalie Clunk
Colorist @ Blank Canvas Hair Studio in Rocky River, OH

How would you describe this?

This is a smokey lavender color and lilac hybrid. Different tones of purple were used to cancel out brassy tones and to give dimension to the hair. Depth shadows the root, continues through the head in lowlights, and creates dimension.

What’s your best advice?

Stay on top of your at-home care if you want this smokey lavender color. It’s definitely a pricey color service, so if you want what it’s worth, invest in your at home products and routine.

Keep in mind that any heat we apply to our hair is stripping the color little by little.

Limit your hot tools usage. Let your hair air dry if you can, and use a heat protectant every time you are using said hot tools. If you can stand it, wash in cool or cold temperatures as well.

This lavender shade isn’t for women who want a low maintenance option. Nor is it for women who don’t wish to invest in take-home products.

Black and Lavender Balayage

Black and Lavender Balayage
Instagram @jmcintyrehair

As blooming as the blossoming flower, this color combination is attainable by swiping lavender-purple on black hair.

Pastel Lavender Hair Color

Pastel Lavender Hair Color
Instagram @mojkahair

An unlikely pastel lavender hair color but a must-try. Several visits to a professional salon could get you your perfect pastel purple and lavender hairstyle.