26 Perfect Examples of Lavender Hair Colors To Try

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Short Lavender Hair Color
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#1: Short Lavender Bob

Short lavender hair flatters women with fair skin tones. Its richness looks perfect on thick tresses, making them appear healthier than ever. Short lavender bob haircuts suit a sleek style and offer a softer finish if perked up with waves.

#2: A-Line Haircut with Lavender Tones

If you desire a purple hair color and aren’t certain about the style, consider an a-line haircut enriched with lavender shades! An a-line haircut offers a mixed approach to the bright color. It’s not just stunning at first sight but also grows out and fades wonderfully.

Edgy Light Lavender Purple Bob for Older Ladies with glasses
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#3: Edgy Light Purple Bob for Older Ladies

Consider trying an edgy light purple bob for older ladies if you want a subtle hair color. This color can bring your style a fresh and radiant look without being too bold. It works especially well for older ladies with glasses. It complements their complexion and adds a youthful touch. To achieve this hair color, consult a colorist who can customize the shade to your skin tone. Trust their expertise to bring out the best in your hair, and wear your hair proudly!

#4: Medium-Length Lavender Waves

Medium-length lavender waves are the perfect beachy hairstyle! This color is melted to perfection with a dark base into a stunning lavender. Ask your stylist for some products to extend the life of your color.

#5: Lavender Purple

Vivid hair colors are extremely fun but also require maintenance. However, darker roots that fade into a lavender purple on the ends will require the least maintenance and fade out to a beautiful color.

#6: Platinum Lavender Hair Color

Did you just say magical? A stunning platinum lavender balayage is what you are talking about! Match it with a beach-wavy hairstyle; every girl will envy your eye-candy locks. Style it with a braid and let them see its dimension. The contrast of the platinum and lavender hair colors to the dark roots is the key to this style.

Double-dutch lavender braids
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#7: Double-Dutch Lavender Braids

Double-dutch lavender braids will make quite the statement! Not only is the lavender color gorgeous but the style pairs perfectly well. Using a shine spray and styling with braids brings out the different tones of lavender.

Peach and lavender tones
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#8: Peach and Lavender Tones

Peach and lavender tones are two-toned hair colors that you must try. Ask your stylist for all-over pastel peach hair with a bold lavender money piece. The combination of cool and warm tones is trendy and looks amazing on all skin tones. Lavender and peach pastel hair colors are super shiny and luxe, leaving your hair looking and feeling amazing.

#9: Blue Lavender Blend

A blue lavender blended ombre is a beautiful way to showcase a dimensional fashion color. Blues and lavenders create a dreamy, mermaid-like look perfect for any woman wanting to add color to her life.

White lavender hair
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#10: White Lavender Hair

A white lavender hair is a must-try if you want a high-impact change. It is a beautiful color, but it will take a high level of maintenance to keep it. The hair needs to be lightened underneath then the bright color is applied to the bleached blonde. Bleached hair tends to be porous, so protein treatments should be given to keep your hair healthy. Bright colors are fairly high maintenance, so expect to be at the salon every 4-6 weeks.

Magenta-lavender hue for curly hair
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#11: Magenta-Lavender Hue for Curly Hair

A magenta-lavender hue for curly hair is saucy, making every curl pop with bright purple tones. Using a color blocking technique, alternating between different shades of lavender, magenta, and blue semi-permanent hair color. Your stylist will ensure that every curl on your textured curly hair looks defined and hydrated.

Dark rosy-lavender shade
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#12: Dark Rosy-Lavender Shade

A dark, rosy-lavender shade allows you to have a one-of-a-kind hair color with both pink and purple tones. These shimmering hues combine to make a gorgeous muted mauve shade. Rosy lavender hair color is completely customizable and unique to the formula your stylist will create for you, so have fun and be playful with your hair color.

#13: Faded Lavender Ombre

Faded lavender ombre hair color is a fun and colorful way to express individuality. A purple ombre is ideal for clients who like to try new hair colors and be trendsetters. Ask your stylist to hand paint the ends of your hair with a pastel purple semi-permanent direct dye that will complement your blonde highlights.

Mermaid hair-inspired lavender waves
Instagram @pixiechickhair

#14: Mermaid Hair-Inspired Lavender Waves

Mermaid hair-inspired lavender waves bring the beach to you. Using a smokey violet gloss, your hairstylist can create a stunning shade of lavender that is soft yet vivid and vibrant. Use a flat iron to add beachy waves for an all-over mermaid-inspired lavender hair colour statement.

Dusty Lavender with Dark Rose Gold Hues
Instagram @svlhair

#15: Dusty Lavender with Dark Rose Gold Hues

Dusty lavender with hints of rose gold hues on darker roots makes a fun hair color trend for women who don’t want the commitment. This particular color was created by salon owner and stylist Sara Larose of Southbridge, MA.

“A lavender rose color easily washes out as it has a few pastel hair strands with lighter tones that fade over 6-8 shampoos,” notes Larose. “You need to have light hair to achieve lighter fashion colors. Talk to your stylist about longevity and what you can expect for the fade-out.”

metallic silver lavender
Instagram @maggiemh

#16: Metallic Silver Lavender

If you feel messy yet edgy, try this lavender hair dye! This silver lavender hue is low-key fab and the latest shade women love! Metallic purple hair is super trendy right now.

Pastel Lavender hair color
Instagram @hairby.quirina

#17: Pastel Lavender

The pastel lavender hair color idea is a cross between shades of pink and bright lavender with purple. It makes a fun, fashionable hue that isn’t too loud and still looks edgy and classy. This pastel lavender appears more luscious when paired with a straight, dense mane.

#18: Black to Lavender Ombre

Black and lavender ombre is a seamless transition on this medium wavy lavender violet hair. This low-maintenance hair dye job is perfect for every day of spring!

Light Lilac-Lavender Shade
Instagram @hairbypilvi

#19: Light Lilac-Lavender Shade

Getting a light lilac-lavender shade is a colorful way for blonde hair to achieve an icy purple-ish hair color. The process takes a lot of time, so be patient! Especially if starting with a very dark base and transitioning to blonde. It will take more than one sitting to achieve a lighter tone, pale lavender. Do conditioning treatments, regular haircuts, and always use a heat protectant.

Lavender Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @aprilpavia

#20: Lavender Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

“Lavender highlights on dark brown hair create a lavender balayage. The purple highlights and lavender tones create a boldness of color and will fade beautifully,” explains hairstylist April Johnson of Dallas, TX.

“Any woman can sport vivid lavender hair color.,” says Johnson. “For women considering this type of hair color, you must consider the maintenance. Purple tones out yellow, so, like with red hair, this color will fade. However, colors like pink or red will require more attention. Lavender is a great choice for women who want a fun color that will wash out quickly.”

Lavender-Blonde Balayage
Instagram @planejanesalon

#21: Lavender-Blonde Balayage

With a light lavender and blonde balayage hair trend, different lighting will affect the color. Sometimes, it’s more violet. Other times, it gives off a silvery hue. What’s great about this lavender-blonde hair color is its honey-blonde roots create different dimensions. Plus, it looks so much better with waves and curls!

Long Lavender Grey Hair
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#22: Long Lavender Grey Hair

Lavender grey is a mix of ash grey and lavender hues. Hair needs to be healthy because it needs to be bleached very light. For a few months, the shine of the lavender-colored dye will stay in the hair. It slowly fades into grey, so use a purple shampoo to balance out the tones.

Dark Lavender Tone
Instagram @lupayyy

#23: Dark Lavender Tone

A dark lavender tone is a vibrant electric purple, ideal for a warm skin tone. It was created by hairstylist and Guy Tang Educator Lupayy Trujillo of San Jacinto, CA.

“It’s not your ordinary purple or lavender. Three colors were mixed to create this unique shade of purple,” explains Trujillo. “Dark lavender hair is somewhat high-maintenance. Use a color-safe shampoo and a hydrating conditioner like Guy Tang products.”

Use cool water and the least amount of heat as possible. Use 325 degrees on your hot tools or lower. These are two of the best things you can do for your locks.

All women can rock this hair color! It’s so fun and makes you feel so powerful! This color is for a lady who is ok with going to the salon at least every two months.

Smokey Lavender Color
Instagram @daisydoeshair

#24: Smokey Lavender Color

Wear a smokey lavender color and let the hair have a healthier, richer finish. It may look super cool, but there’s a catch in flaunting this hair color. This lavender shade isn’t for women who want a low-maintenance option. Nor is it for women who don’t wish to invest in take-home products.

Black and Lavender Balayage Hair Color
Instagram @lanateam.hair

#25: Black and Lavender Balayage

A black and lavender balayage on long, wavy hair? It’s sure to make a unique and epic result! With this trend, no need to settle for just a natural hair color. The lavender purple-on-black hair has a cool tone flatters fair or pale skin complexions. Ask the colorist for a subtle color melt effect to pop out the vividness of the purple hue.

#26: Pastel Purple-Lavender Hair Color

An unlikely pastel lavender hair color but a must-try. Several visits to a professional salon could get you your perfect two-tone lavender and pastel purple hairstyle. Match it with stunning makeup, and you’re good to go!

Lavender hair is a hair color known for the lush pastel goodness it brings to your style. Lavender locks are delicate and feminine and bring softness and individuality.

Ranging from edgy purple-silver tones to muted lilac hues, this cute color is versatile with its sea of shades and complements all skin colors. Pinkish skin undertones look charming with cool and deep hues, while medium and neutral complexions are perfect with any lavender tone.

Ensuring your tresses are always healthy and moisturized will keep this enchanting color lasting long while staying vibrant. Hydrating and color-safe products are highly encouraged to prevent them from fading!

Before your next hair coloring appointment, check out these photos of popular lavender hair ideas.