Is Your Hair Color Aging You?

aging hair colorWe wear clothes, makeup and attitudes to stay looking young for as long as possible — but are we being aged in an area we least expect?

Your hair — its color, that is — may be aging you as you read this!

“Hair color can age women and (men) if tonality is wrong,” shares Gary P. Gemma of Gary Patrick Salon in California. If someone has olive skin, cooler colors will compliment while warm colors will actually age someone.

Men should also stay with cooler colors because men do not wear makeup and warm hair color can look artificial. Blonde, red or brunette can work on all age groups. Just because someone is mature does not mean they have to be lighter!

A colorist should always consider a woman’s natural skin tone sans foundation, concealer and bronzers. Color can highlight or weaken one’s appearance.

If an olive-toned woman gets extremely brightened highlights, it can wash her out and create a monotone appearance. If a woman of paler skin with freckles goes too blonde or black, it can make her appear ghastly and aged.

“The key to coloring, is to work with a hue that complements your natural skin tone.  Going to dark or light can result in a dull appearance.  Selecting a shade that is one shade lighter to your natural hair color can soften the look, which results in a youthful appearance,” says Raphael Reboh, master stylist and founder of Femme Coiffure Hair Spa in Miami Beach.

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