Are These Brightly Colored Hair Ideas Creative Or Just Weird?!

Pink Colored Hair StreaksThink hot pink hair is best left for pop stars and teenagers? Think again! It seems that summer’s fashion trends of embracing funky color has translated into the latest hair trends, too.

Starlets like Nicole Richie, January Jones, Lauren Conrad and Ashley Tisdale have all been spotted with dip-dyed tips.

And, any color of the rainbow will do; from pretty pinks to bright green, red and blue, it’s all about choosing the color that’s right for you.

If you’re thinking about trying this trend for yourself, we’ve got a few DIY tricks for you to try.


The easiest way to add brightly-colored streaks to your hair is to try some clip-in hair extensions. You can find clip in strips in a variety of fun colors like pinks, blues and greens at your local beauty supply store. The best part is, you can clip them in or out easily whenever you like without actually dying any of your strands.


Celebrity hairstylist and co-owner or Warren-Tricomi Salons, Edward Tricomi, says hair chalking is an easy and safe way to get brightly colored hair streaks at home. First, you’ll want to pick out pastel chalk that’s going to stand out against your existing hair color.

Then, wet the chalk and twist your hair as you apply it. Brush out any excess powder and finish with hairspray to lock the color in. If you are blonde, you may want to drop the chalk into a bottle of water, let it break down and then spray the water onto the sections of hair you want colored.

This way, you don’t run the risk of accidentally depositing too much color onto your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo and the color will wash right off!


Streekers has eight candy-colored options of temporary hair dye that you can apply to your tresses. Simply style you hair as usual and then separate the strands you want to apply Streekers to. Apply the forumla from root to tip and allow to dry.

If you want to do multiple color effects, simply wait a few minutes in between applications. You can apply hairspray when you’re done! Streekers temporary hair dye will come out when you shampoo as usual.

Streekers Temporary Hair Dye For Colored Hair