26 Icy Blonde Balayage Ideas for a Stunning Blonde Makeover

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Medium-Long Hair with Light Smokey Grey Ice Blonde Balayage and Dark Base Color Styled with Thick Waves
Instagram @aleejandraa.c

#1: Light Smokey Grey with Dark Base Color

This dark base with light smokey grey is a great option if you like a cooler vibe with your skin tone. This color will require more salon maintenance. So schedule a toner every few weeks to keep this tone on point!

Icy Honey Blonde Balayage Highlights
Instagram @hairby.ambermarie

#2: Icy Honey Balayage Highlights

An icy honey balayage highlights the hair beautifully. If you want striking results, consider seeing a balayage specialist. Creating a beautiful balayage needs strategic placements that take more time. It would be best if you also had a stylist who can map your color.

Creamy Icy Blonde Balayage Highlights on Long Light Brown Hair with Choppy Ends
Instagram @ryleeheyzahair

#3: Creamy Blonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair

Women with light brown hair will look chic and enhanced with this creamy blonde balayage. The light brown hair creates dimension, contrasting the blonde and brunette. When toning the hair, ask your stylist to add a bit of warmth to your cool-toned toner. This will help to create a cool tone but maintain lightness and brightness. To enhance the contrast of your balayage, add curl or waves to your hair using a 1 1/4-inch curling iron or wand.

Long U-Cut Dark Hair with Smokey Icy Blonde Balayage Hue
Instagram @nerm11

#4: Dark Hair with Smokey Blonde Hue

Channel your inner ice queen with a smokey blonde hue and dark root shadow. A dark root will give you an edgy look and create a seamless blend with your natural color. This will let your hair grow out without lines. Smoke and ash hair colors look best on a cool or neutral skin tone and help to reduce to look of facial redness. To maintain this smokey hue, use a color maintenance conditioner. Try Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Silver Colorwash Shampoo for a subtle silver look or viral pastel graphite for a deeper grey tone.

Icy Ash Blonde Balayage with Root Shadow and Long V-Shaped Cut
Instagram @davidasalon

#5: Icy Ash Blonde with Root Shadow

Icy ash blonde with root shadow is a stunning winter-inspired hair color choice. It blends cool, silvery tones with darker roots for a dramatic and elegant look. This color combo creates a striking contrast that adds depth and dimension to your hair. The icy tones evoke a wintry feel. And the root shadow technique blends the darker roots with the lighter ends. This gives a natural and effortless appearance. Achieving this hair color requires the expertise of a professional stylist. They can ensure the perfect balance of cool and warm tones to complement your skin tone. Embrace the icy blonde with root shadow and enjoy its timeless beauty all year round.

#6: Multi-Dimensional Toasted Coconut Hair

Multi-dimensional hair is a popular hair color combination. It uses various shades of warm and cool tones. This color choice resembles the rich and creamy hues of toasted coconut. And it creates a luscious and sophisticated look. The multi-dimensional effect adds depth and texture to the hair. Achieving this hair color requires the expertise of a skilled colorist. They can blend different shades seamlessly to create a natural result.

#7: Long Icy Balayage Waves with Darker Roots

Long icy balayage waves with darker roots create a stunning and bright hairstyle. The icy tones of the balayage give a cool and refreshing vibe. All while the darker roots provide depth and a natural-looking contrast. This mix of colors enhances the dimension and movement of the waves. It makes them appear effortlessly beautiful.

Icy Pearl Blonde Balayage Highlights on Mid-Length Choppy Black Hair
Instagram @sidshair_

#8: Pearl Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

Try this pearl blonde on dark hair if you are looking for big contrast. You will want to talk with your stylist first to ensure your hair is in good condition to achieve this look.

#9: Dimensional Icy Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Ask for a dimensional icy blonde with highlights and lowlights. Try a gorgeous blend of icy blonde, golden hues to get the perfect balance of color. Ask your stylist for a full balayage. If you want icy blonde, a natural level 7/8 will lighten up well to get this result the first time. Maintenance can be glossing for tone every 6-8 weeks and blonde balayage touch-ups every 10-12 weeks.

Ice White Blonde Balayage Babylights with Darker Roots for Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @hairbyemilia.t

#10: Ice White Babylights with Darker Roots

Ask your stylist to create a root shadow or melt if you want an icy blonde with a lower maintenance option. This allows you to blend in the re-growth with less contrast between visits. This could look like a level 6 or 7 at the root melted into a level 10+ cool blonde. You would be re-touching highlights every 6-10 weeks.

Ashy Grey Icy Tones for Mid-Length Balayage Hair with Soft Layers
Instagram @hairdr._3

#11: Ashy Grey Tones for Mid-Length Balayage Hair

Try this balayaged ashy grey tone on mid-length hair for your next look! You will want to use a purple shampoo at home to maintain these ashy colors.

Cool Gray Icy Blonde Balayage Highlights with Root Shadow for Waist-Length Locks
Instagram @blondebymaddy

#12: Cool Gray Highlights with Root Shadow

Adding a dark root shadow to cool, gray highlights make the grow-out less harsh. The cool highlights are a great color, and the shadow root makes it less maintenance. I recommend seeing your stylist every 4-6 weeks to maintain the highlights. Ask them about their product recommendations!

Icy Blonde Ombre Balayage for Medium to Long Hair
Instagram @skylar.pevler.stylist

#13: Icy Blonde Ombre Balayage

Try this stunning icy blonde ombre balayage for a new bright tone for the summer! Adding cool tones can be tricky. So be sure you’re opting for silver tones complimenting your hair and skin tone. Try a smokey gray hue if your hair tends to lift orange or brassy. If you lift yellow or pale yellow, silver is a great option.

Silvery Icy Blonde Balayage Ombre for Long-Length Waves
Instagram @beautybyjavii_

#14: Silvery Blonde Blayage Ombre Waves

Embrace your natural color while enjoying bright, blonde hair with an ombre. Ask your stylist for a shadow root to match your natural color. It will help to create a seamless transition between your hair color and the blonde hair color. The contrast between the root and the ends will create a beautiful but bold look. To maintain your tone, book a toner refresh appointment with your stylist every 4-8 weeks, depending on your hair. A toner appointment is a quick salon service that will make your hair look freshly done again.

Rooted Frosty Icy Blonde Balayage with Long Loose Waves
Instagram @meganelysehair

#15: Rooted Frosty Blonde Hair Balayage

Try this bright tone for high impact. But only if you’re interested in a rooted frosty blonde hair balayage ombre. A balayage technique is a hand-painted way to transition dark tones to light softly. This is a great technique for people wanting to stay more low maintenance. I still recommend getting the toner touched up every few months to keep the frosty effect.

Mid-Length Straight Icy Blonde Balayage Hair with Lowlights
Instagram @purstrandsalon

#16: Straight Icy Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Try this straight icy blonde hair with lowlights if you like bold dimensional hair. The super dark color next to the bright blonde gives the hair maximum depth. Be sure to use a good color-safe shampoo at home to keep these colors from fading.

#17: Metallic Silver Blonde Balayage

Metallic silver blonde balayage is a trendy and eye-catching hair color technique. It combines silver and blonde tones. It involves the application of silver highlights and lowlights on a blonde base. This creates a multi-dimensional and edgy look. The metallic finish adds a futuristic touch to the traditional balayage style.

Long V-Cut White Icy Blonde Balayage Hair with Root Melt
Instagram @skylar.pevler.stylist

#18: White Blonde Balayage with Root Melt

A white blonde balayage with a root melt is a stunning high-contrast look! This blonde balayage is a fun way to incorporate an icy hue and a high-contrast style. Be sure to add a root melt to keep the rooted area darker. I recommend doing a Demi-permanent hair color. This ensures you can lift through the old color when re-lightening your hair.

Glossy Ice Blonde Balayage with Shadow Root for Long Waves
Instagram @davidasalon

#19: Glossy Ice Blonde with Shadow Root

Try this glossy ice blonde with a shadow root on blonde hair to shift your highlights. This color is perfect if you don’t enjoy getting your roots touched up often. Adding a shadow root can be a great way to diffuse your natural grow out and keep the longevity in your highlights.

#20: Icy Grey Balayage Hair with Dark Roots

Adding dark roots to an icy, grey balayage makes the grow out of the color a lot less harsh. To maintain the icy grey color, it’s important to ask your stylist for products. This color is a little more upkeep, so I recommend seeing your stylist every 4-6 weeks!

Dark-Rooted Icy Balayage Short Bob with Money Piece
Instagram @sarasotablonde

#21: Dark-Rooted Icy Balayage Short Bob

Enhance your best features with a short bob with a dark-rooted icy balayage. Ask your stylist for a root shadow matching your natural base color. This will help create a seamless blend as your hair grows out. The best part of a money piece in the front of your hair is that it’s complementary to all face shapes and skin tones. The money piece will bring light and focus to your face and add a subtle glow to your skin. Keep your blonde icy by washing it every 2 weeks with a purple or color maintenance shampoo.

Dirty Silver Icy Blonde Balayage for Very Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @dejadoeshair

#22: Dirty Silver Blonde Wavy Hair

A dirty blonde color with silver highlights is more maintenance than regular blonde highlights. Visit your stylist every 4-6 weeks to maintain that fresh salon look! Adding loose waves helps accentuate the highlights!

Long Wavy Ice Blonde Balayage Hair with Soft Honey Hues
Instagram @meganelysehair

#23: Ice Blonde Balayage with Soft Honey Hues

Try this icy blonde balayage with soft honey hues if you like both cool and warm tones! This is a great hybrid color that offers tons of dimension and depth. The icy blonde has Elsa vibes, while the honey hue gives a subtle pop of color.

Medium to Long Frosted Icy Blonde Balayage Hair with Layered Waves
Instagram @jam.ramoneshair

#24: Frosted Balayage with Layered Waves

This frosted balayage with layered waves is gorgeous. This is a pretty easy color to achieve if you have naturally light to medium-colored hair. The layers will give you added volume and texture.

Platinum Icy Blonde Partial Balayage for Dark-Haired Long Bob Cut
Instagram @daltonhager

#25: Platinum Blonde Partial Balayage for Long Bob

Give this platinum blonde partial balayage a try with a lob haircut! You can add a color melt to this look for added depth!

#26: High-Contrast Icy Balayage with Money Piece

For bold contrast, try this beautiful icy balayage with a money piece! Overall this is a pretty easy color to maintain. You will want to use a purple shampoo at home to keep this blonde cool and on-trend!

Icy blonde balayage is a trendy and stunning hair color choice that can beautifully complement various skin tones. Niki Marie, an expert hairstylist, shares her valuable insights on how to achieve the best results for different skin tones. With years of experience in the industry, Niki Marie’s expertise shines through as she provides advice and helpful tips for discussing the process with your colorist/stylist.

Meet The Expert

Niki Marie
Niki Marie
Niki is a hairstylist & salon owner with over 20 years of experience.
You can find Niki at her own studio in Ilion, NY

Ideal Skin Tones

Niki Marie believes it can work well with most skin tones. However, she emphasizes that it tends to look best on individuals with fair skin tones that have a pink undertone. The contrast it creates on darker skin tones can also be incredibly striking and beautiful.

According to Niki Marie, “Icy, blonde balayage can work well with most skin tones, I feel it works best on more of a pinky fair skin, but then it also can add beautiful contrast and darker skin tones.”

Maintaining Icy Blonde

Achieving and maintaining an icy blonde requires commitment and proper aftercare. Niki Marie stresses the importance of regular touch-ups and offers specific product recommendations to keep the color looking fresh.

“I said blonde balayage is a lot of work. It takes a lot of maintenance. I recommend my gas come every four weeks for a toner to keep the blonde looking fresh. I also sent them home with specific shampoo and conditioner to keep their hair from getting brassy in between appointments. A really good purple shampoo is a necessity, and you also want to make sure that you are using a good leave-in and good heat protector.”

Considerations and Communication with Your Stylist

Before taking the plunge into this color, it’s crucial to consider various factors and have open conversations with your stylist. Niki Marie offers valuable insights into what to discuss, including your current base color, shade selection, lifestyle, and cost.

“If you’re considering getting this, I highly recommend that you take a look at your budget to make sure you can maintain it. You’re not going to achieve the icy blonde results in one appointment. It is going to take more than one to get to the desired result, and then plan on coming in every four weeks for a toner or a glaze plus your regular balayage refresh appointment.”

Niki Marie also emphasizes the necessity of at-home maintenance for icy blonde hair, using professional products to preserve hair integrity and the desired icy cool color. Finally, she highlights that the average appointment duration for an icy, cool balayage from start to finish is usually about 5 to 6 hours, so it’s important to allocate enough time for the process.

Pictures of the Most Stunning Icy Blonde Balayage