Hot Color Blocked Hair Ideas For Fall & Beyond

Color blocking is a hot trend right now amongst clothes, accessories, shoes and even hair. It is a simple way to add color and dimension to your style with a creative edge.a colored blocked hair style

Also referred to as paneling, coloring blocking in hair involves adding color to just a portion of the hair like the bangs or an unexpected streak peeking out from underneath a layer. This coloring trend can be done with bright, bold colors or with more natural tones. The effect of using contrasting or complimentary tones in the blocking or paneling process is very dynamic and adds an interesting dimension to the overall hairstyle. Here’s a few examples of this fun color trend…

bold color blocked hair

bold color blocked hair 2

neutral color blocked hair

neutral color blocked hair 2

This coloring technique looks best on hair that is styled straight and sleek. Positioning of the color blocks is critical to achieve the right effect, so make sure you are working with an experienced and trusted colorist if you are considering jumping on this hair trend. This is NOT a color technique to try at home! If done right, color blocking can add an amazing two to multidimensional effect to your tresses that is sure to turn some heads this season.

Will you wear the color blocking hair trend?