30 Greatest Honey Blonde Highlights Ideas to Try

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Honey blonde highlights are streaks of golden bronde tones, adding brightness around the face. These create a rich and warm dimension to elude lifeless hair.

Always consider maintenance when getting a new shade of hair. Let your stylist know how often you want to be in the salon to upkeep the color. “If you want a lived-in and low-maintenance color, get a foilayage or teasylights,” says stylist Megan Williams of Glastonbury, CT.

Restrain from having a faded hue by using the proper types of products.

Williams personally loves the Oligo Blacklight 18-in-1 Hair Beautifier. “It makes your hair feel amazing and protects it from damage. The violet tone helps kick any brassiness while leaving a honey-blonde hue,” she states.

For dark-haired women who want to go lighter, be patient and have faith in your stylists. Two blonding sessions might be required to achieve your preferred color while keeping your locks healthy.

You’ll need reference pictures to show your stylist once you book an appointment. Here’s our collection of the best and trendiest ways to wear honey blonde highlights. Take your pick!

Choppy Bob Cut with Honey Blonde Highlighted Hues
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#1: Choppy Bob Cut with Honey Hues

Opt for a choppy bob with honey hues to brighten up a short and funky bob style. Pair your bob haircut with texture for a modern take on the classic bob style. Adding golden highlights on a dark base can add a subtle glow, providing you with a low-maintenance way to revamp your look. A maintenance schedule of 6 to 8 weeks can help keep your hair ends trimmed and the toner on your highlights vibrant.

Stunning Honey Blonde Highlights for long thick hair
Instagram @hair_bykate

#2: Stunning Honey Blonde Highlights

Think about using honey-blonde highlights to brighten your dark hair! Adding brightness to hair during warm and bright months is a common choice. If you prefer these tones for a new balayage highlight, talk about using honey gold or other warm shades.

Gorgeous Long Honey Blonde Highlighted Waves
Instagram @joahhmendes

#3: Gorgeous Long Honey Blonde Waves

With gorgeous long honey blonde waves, you can expect all eyes to be drawn toward you. One of the most effective ways to create dimension in your hair is by giving your hair natural-looking highlights by doing a balayage technique. It’s important to leave some darker tones throughout, as this creates dimension and gets those honey blonde tones to pop. Style your hair with a big curling iron and curling away from your face. This will have you and your hair looking your very best.

Root Melt Balayage with Honey Blonde Highlighted Hues for Longer Locks
Instagram @glow.by.kyra

#4: Root Melt Balayage with Honey Blonde Hues

If you have naturally dark hair and are seeking low-maintenance brightness, I suggest a root melt balayage with honey-blonde hues. Opting for a balayage highlight is also a great idea. This method will provide a seamless blend, making the ends of your hair brighter. Also, consider adding a color melt to ensure maximum blending, while a honey tone can match perfectly with dark base colors.

Ash Honey Blonde Babylights on Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @colorbycarlyy

#5: Ash Honey Blonde Babylights

A golden dark honey blonde hair color can melt beautifully with a level 5 base color. You can ask your stylist for a full head of balayage and babylight to create a high-impact blonde with a soft root. After your hair is pre-lifted, your stylist will mix up the best honey hue for the level of lift your hair has. This blend of ash and gold creates a balanced tone. It won’t be too warm or too cool, and it will have light-reflecting properties.

Dark-Rooted Bright Honey Blonde with Warm Highlighted Tones for Medium Hair
Instagram @thegreenhouse.dubai

#6: Dark-Rooted Bright Blonde with Warm Tones

For winter vibes, consider going for a bright golden blonde shade. The rooted look offers a soft, blended appearance, needs less upkeep, and syncs well with the honey hue. Particularly, if you have skin with yellow or pink undertones, the honey-blonde color could flatter you all year round across seasons.

Dark Honey Blonde Highlights Hair Color
Instagram @nacirsomera

#7: Dark Honey Blonde Highlights

Love your blonde but getting bored? Consider trying dark honey blonde highlights! This darker honey-blonde color looks great on blondes who want a deeper shade for the season.

Honey Bronde Highlights on Mid-Long Layered Hair
Instagram @redstreetsalon

#8: Honey Bronde Highlights on Layered Hair

Looking for some inspiration? Show your hair colorist this look of honeybronde highlights on layered hair! Many people love honey blonde right now. It’s a perfect color for those who want to brighten their hair.

Honey-Toned Light Blonde Highlights on Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @sublimeblondee

#9: Honey-Toned Light Blonde Hair

Are you over the ashy colors washing you out? Try a honey-toned light blonde hair color to compliment your warm skin tone. A honey hue is such a warm, natural look.

Medium-Length Blonde Straight Highlighted Hair with Honey Tones
Instagram @justsamruta

#10: Blonde Straight Hair with Honey Tones

The perfect hair color for individuals with warm skin tones is a shade of blonde straight hair featuring honey tones. Adding warm tones to your hair will beautifully compliment your warm skin, making your skin radiate with a natural glow.

Sun-Kissed Honey Blonde Balayage
Instagram @emmamargohair

#11: Sun-Kissed Honey Blonde Balayage

For the best beachy hair, try sun-kissed honey blonde balayage at your next appointment. This hair color can be more low-maintenance and great for naturally darker hair due to its natural-looking grow-out process.

#12: Bright Honey Blonde Highlights

If you’re looking for a bold hair color, try these bright honey blonde highlights. If you like warmer tones, this yellowish color is a must.

#13: Subtle Highlights with Honey Blonde Tones

Subtle highlights with honey blonde tones perfectly pair this classic haircut. Enhance more simple styles with honey blonde highlights.

Warm Honey Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @suzyface

#14: Warm Honey Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Warm honey highlights on dark brown hair give a beautiful dimension. If your hair feels flat or dull, a honey hair color adds warmth and brightness.

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Light Honey Blonde Foil Highlights
Instagram @salonki14

#15: Light Honey Blonde Foil Highlights

Light honey blonde foil highlights are a great way to brighten your overall hair color. This hair dye gives maximum brightness, which is idle for those already naturally light.

Honey Blonde with Red Highlights
Instagram @morgainnioline

#16: Honey Blonde with Red Highlights

Honey blonde with red highlights gives a beautiful dimension to long hair. Red or copper highlights add fun pops to a honey blonde color.

#17: Honey Blonde Highlights on African-American Hair

Honey blonde will create more dimensional highlighted dark tresses. To keep your new highlights healthy and shiny, ask your hairstylist for a deep conditioner that best suits your hair type.

#18: Honey Blonde and Caramel Highlights

Add honey blonde and caramel highlights for richer hair color. Hair painting can create multiple tones in a single session. This versatile technique adds a little or a lot depending on the desired result.

#19: Honey Gold Balayage

Honey gold balayage can bring so much life to your natural hair color. This shade of blonde and honey brown highlights complements brunette hair.

Golden Blonde Highlights on Brunette Hair
Instagram @linhhairartist

#20: Golden Blonde Highlights on Short Brunette Hair

Golden blonde highlights on brunette hair are a great thing to add. This can make a short hair cut pop and be more fun. For women over 50, highlights on a short haircut are the way to go.

#21: Creamy Blonde Balayage Highlights

Creamy blonde balayage highlights can completely transform boring hair. This technique is high coverage and will shift the overall tone of your hair. If you want something different without it being too high contrast, this is a perfect look for you.

#22: Honey Blonde with Platinum Highlights

Try honey-blonde hair with platinum highlights for the ultimate dimensional blonde color. This color would complement any length of hair and a more neutral skin tone.

Dirty Blonde with Honey Highlights
Instagram @rozlozhair

#23: Dirty Blonde with Honey Highlights

One way to keep a dirty blonde looking more natural is with honey highlights. Since warmth naturally occurs in every honey color, enhancing hair with a complementary tone makes it look as natural as possible.

#24: Honey Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair

Honey blonde highlights on brown hair can give a copper effect. If you’re looking for a warmer or even a more reddish tone, give these honey blonde balayage on brown hair a go.

Golden Honey Blonde Money Piece
Instagram @netoassis_hair

#25: Golden Honey Blonde Money Piece

A golden honey blonde money piece is perfect for summer. Honey blonde is great for enhancing or bringing warmth out in skin tones. Try this tone for the ultimate beach babe look.

Ashy Blonde Full-Head Highlights
Instagram @lambros.looks

#26: Ashy Blonde Full-Head Highlights

Ashy blonde hair can be achieved with a full head of highlights. For maximum brightness, you need maximum coverage. All hair types, whether curly, wavy, or straight, can receive a full head of highlights.

#27: Honey Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

If you’re looking for a bright and bold dimensional hair color, try honey blonde highlights and lowlights at your next salon appointment. Light brown hair with honey blonde highlights is a great way to pull off this flattering, dimensional style.

Dark Honey Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @aupremier

#28: Dark Honey Blonde Hair Color

If you’re looking to enhance your natural color, try dark honey blonde hair. Honey blonde hair with highlights is a great low-maintenance option.

Warm Highlights with Blonde Tones
Instagram @hairbyada_ny

#29: Warm Highlights with Blonde Tones

Warm highlights with blonde tones are the perfect way to bring dimension to long hair. This hair color is sure to be trendy all year long.

#30: Honey Blonde Ombre Highlights on Dark Hair

Honey blonde ombre highlights on dark hair is an easy introduction to hair color. Only adding honey blonde highlights on dark hair towards the bottom helps the change feel less drastic.