23 Sweetest Honey Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Honey blonde balayage exhibits warm golden tones. The shade flatters women with neutral and warm skin complexions the best.

To determine your skin tone, stylist Viktorija Sinkeviciute of Lakewood, CO, provides a guideline.

“A honey blonde would look best on you if you have green veins, wear lots of gold jewelry, and have warm brown or green eyes. But, if you have a coolness to your complexion, it could make you look too brassy and washed out,” she explains. Achieving the honey hue without damaging your hair could take many sessions. That depends on your current color.

The opposite of a honey blonde is a cool blonde, which can be challenging during the transition. Viktorija recommends, “Build the warmth in sessions, so any over-processed hair can slowly heal and learn to accept the warmth.”

Once you get your desired honey tone, keep your eye on the maintenance. Maintenance appointments are essential for updating any fading from the toner. “After 6-8 weeks of post-lightening, a toner can restore shine and tone to the hair. This makes it appear even richer than before,” says Viktorija.

Minerals in the water can deposit too much warmth, making the honey look brassy. Avoid this by using a shower head filter to purify the water when washing your hair. Viktorija suggests using color-protective hair products. She loves Kerastase since its products are essentially skincare for the hair.

Here’s a photo gallery of the trendiest honey blonde balayage hair ideas in case you want a color change.


#1: Gorgeous Balayage with Honey Blonde Tones

If you’re looking to glam up your look, consider this stunning honey blonde balayage. Golden tones blend well with a dark base and the balayage technique. The balayage offers an advantage with maintenance due to its softer effect compared to traditional highlights. Most hair textures work great with this color placement. However, medium to long hair length can maximize the effect of your balayage highlights.

#2: Bright Honey Blonde with Shadow Roots

Go for natural-looking tresses with honey blonde with a shadow root. Bright honey blonde hair color will make your locks look shiny and luminous. Warm tones reflect light for the ultimate shine. Do a shadow root to get more of a natural feel and a soft grow-out for less maintenance.

Honey Blonde Balayage for Long, Healthy Hair
Instagram @romeufelipe

#3: Honey Blonde Balayage for Long, Healthy Hair

Ask for a honey blonde balayage for long, healthy hair. The best way to modify long hair is through a major cut or a color change. If you have never colored your long hair and want a subtle change, I suggest adding some balayage highlights. They are easy to maintain and give a look as if you spent your summer at the beach. Balayage is a milder approach to bonding that enables the beautiful inherent warmth in your hair to come out. It can always be adjusted if necessary.

#4: Bright Light Honey Blonde

Looking to add some warmth to your wavy long locks? This bright light honey blonde balayage may be just what you need. Ask for the perfect blend of honey and blonde tones to create a summery vibe. The color beautifully complements olive and tan skin tones. Ask your stylist to lift the blonde for a brighter, more radiant finish for those with lighter skin. This hair color is perfect for women who want to add natural warmth to their hair without going too bold.

Wavy Long Hair with Honey Blonde Balayage
Instagram @_hairbypaula

#5: Wavy Long Hair with Honey Blonde Balayage

Try a warm vanilla balayage if you’re thinking of dyeing your hair blonde. The brighter color complements long hairstyles by adding shape and a longer appearance. It’s better to schedule toning and trims every 4-6 weeks to maintain your neutral blonde. Avoid using blue or purple shampoo, as the build-up from the shampoos will dull out your brightness.

Stunning Honey Blonde Balayage Long Hair
Instagram @gustavomigli

#6: Stunning Honey Blonde Balayage Long Hair

Balayage is a trend that is not going anywhere, and there are great reasons for that! One of the advantages is the maintenance of balayage after the initial application. As it grows out beautifully and simply, it needs toning to keep it looking fresh. Plan your placements to highlight around your face to achieve such a stunning light honey brown balayage. Leave depth between your balayage for dimension.

Honey Blonde Balayage on Light Brown Hair
Instagram @isabel.lilles

#7: Honey Blonde Balayage on Light Brown Hair

Consider a warm honey blonde balayage on light brown hair to lighten your locks and a low-maintenance color. A brown to honey blonde balayage is a perfect warm color. By keeping your natural root, you won’t even notice the grow out!

#8: Natural Honey Blonde Tones

Natural honey-blonde tones are gorgeous and will pop on your warm skin tone. When describing what you’re looking for in your new hair color, ask your stylist to use a hair painting technique like a balayage for that natural, seamless color blend. Don’t forget to mention that you would like your hair toned with a honey-blonde toner to get that sun-kissed golden glow!

#9: Sweet Honey Balayage on Short Hair

Talk to your stylist about a sweet honey balayage if you have short hair. With this balayage with bangs, the honey tones will complement light-to-dark complexions while the cut is flattering on most face shapes. The balayage will grow out effortlessly. However, plan maintenance appointments to touch up the toner and keep the length short.

Cool-Toned Butterscotch Honey Blonde
Instagram @kc.hairart

#10: Cool-Toned Butterscotch Blonde

A cool-toned butterscotch blonde is a hair color that looks good on almost any skin tone and pairs well with any natural hair color. This blonde color is great for women who rarely visit the hair salon. With this butterscotch color, you must schedule an appointment every 4-6 months. Make sure to use a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep the longevity of your hair color.

Honey Blonde Balayage Ombre on Dark Hair
Instagram @mellahairsalon

#11: Honey Blonde Balayage Ombre on Dark Hair

Bring some brightness to your darker hair with honey-blonde balayage ombré. Darker hair is easily lifted to a warm tone like honey and caramel much earlier than lighter-tone blondes. Honey blonde balayage on dark hair is a go-to for just the right amount of brightness and is lower maintenance once you get the desired hue. You will get less damage on your tresses going for darker warm tone blondes than bright blondes.

Dimensional Honey Blonde Foilayage
Instagram @hairbydrea

#12: Dimensional Honey Blonde Foilayage

For a natural sun-kissed look, try a dimensional honey blonde foilayage. Foilayage is a softer way to bring blonde into your hair instead of the traditional stripy foil highlights. Foilayage will give your hair a softer grow-out for less maintenance. If you need to spend less time at the salon, a beautiful dimensional foilayage is just what you need.

Warm Beige Honey Blonde with Dark Roots
Instagram @hairbydrea

#13: Warm Beige Blonde with Dark Roots

Give your hair more depth with a warm beige blonde with dark roots. Adding warmth to your blonde will bring a glowing shine to your locks. A warm tone looks natural and sun-kissed, is very flattering, and will bring brightness to your complexion. A darker root will make your hair grow softer and not so harsh.

#14: Sun-Kissed Honey Blonde Hair

Have your hair look shiny and effortless with sun-kissed honey-blonde hair. Balayage will make your hair look so natural like it was lightened by the sun. Honey hair color is the perfect warm tone to make your hair glisten even on the darkest days and will brighten your complexion.

Golden Honey Blonde
Instagram @essenziale13

#15: Golden Honey Blonde

A golden honey blonde is a great color if you love warm tones. You can see a yellowish hue with this golden honey balayage, and it’s gorgeous. Warmer blonde tones are healthier and shiny looking. You will be obsessed!

#16: Honey Blonde Color Melt

A honey blonde color melt is a natural-looking color with some contrast. Ask your stylist for a honey-toned balayage melted from a medium brown base. Style it with waves, and you’ll love the honey balayage on brown hair with its fresh dimensional color!

#17: Honey Blonde Full-Head Highlights with a Root Tap

A full head of highlights with a root tap will give you brightness on your ends and smudge the roots for a nice grow-out. This honey color is perfect if you want a more natural-looking blonde. Try styling your hair with curls, as it always brings out the dimension of a honey-blonde balayage on brown hair.

Buttery Honey Blonde Balayage
Instagram @parisdoeshairk

#18: Buttery Blonde Balayage

Give your locks an extreme glow-up with buttery blonde balayage. Warm tones like honey blondes look beautiful, make your tresses look luxurious, and are more manageable than lighter blonde hues. Show your stylist hair inspiration pictures of buttery blondes to pick the right color.

Light Honey Blonde Tones
Instagram @mkdhair

#19: Light Honey Blonde Tones

Have your hair shimmer and shine with light honey-blonde tones. Blonde balayage is a more natural technique than traditional highlights that will give a softer grow-out. Shades of honey, gold, and butterscotch are warm tones that will make your hair look more luxurious and reflect light for sparkling-looking tresses.

#20: Honey Blonde with Caramel Tones

Try a honey caramel balayage if you have medium to dark brown hair. The warm tones complement natural brunettes and look fantastic against olive skin tones. If you have fine hair, blow dry with a round brush and QUAI volume spray for maximum fullness.

Dark Honey Blonde on Brunette Hair
Instagram @allaboutsalon

#21: Dark Honey Blonde on Brunette Hair

A dark honey blonde on brunette hair is a beautiful warm color that would suit women with warmer skin complexions. A honey brunette balayage is the perfect low-maintenance color that will grow out beautifully so you can limit your salon visits. Show off your new color by adding waves and using a shine serum.

#22: Honey Blonde Ombre on Dark Brown Hair

A honey blonde ombre is a beautiful combination of warm and cool tones. Tell your stylist you want a honey blonde balayage on dark brown hair! The balayage technique will give you that seamless and gradient grow-out!

#23: Subtle Honey Tones on Medium Brown Hair

Subtle honey tones are a stunning dimensional color. A brown and honey blonde balayage coloring will add those pops of brightness to your locks. If you want to show off the dimension, style your hair with curls!