25 Amazing Holographic Hair Color Ideas You Have to See

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Light Prismatic Long Hair

Go for a light prismatic color for a striking look on long hair. This color blends soft pastel tones on a bleach blonde base. The color technique forms a prismatic effect, as it makes the light reflect off the hair. Try to wash your hair less often to avoid color loss. It would be best if you also used cold water, as hot water can strip out the color.

#2: Pink Holographic Rainbow Hair

The product in question is a pink holographic rainbow hair color. It’s a trendy color that reflects the shades of a prismatic rainbow. You can achieve this vibrant color over a uniformly blonde base to ensure an even color spread. Typically, this process takes hours and may span several salon sessions to ensure the hair is properly prepared for the vivid colors.

#3: Pastel Babylights on Short-Blonde Hair

Pastel babylights on short blonde hair are the perfect way to spice up platinum blonde. Platinum blonde is the best canvas for pastel colors. When the hair is almost void of color, with no yellow tones, pastel colors are at their brightest. Applying light blue to hair with yellow tones will give a greenish hue because yellow and blue combine to make green. Similarly, if you add baby pink to yellow-toned hair, the result will likely be a peach or orange shade. Therefore, the lighter the hair color, the better the results. Moreover, applying the bubble technique adds depth to the hair color, offering a holographic vibe.

#4: Dark Holographic Mermaid Hair

If you desire a vibrant color, consider dark holographic mermaid hair. Mermaid hair offers multiple colors at once, eliminating the need to select only one. The peekaboo style of mermaid’s hair offers a slightly safer choice as it can be discreetly hidden. If the situation requires, the peekaboo style allows you to hide your mermaid hair. But why?! Always wash your vivids in cold water with a sulfate-free shampoo so they don’t run together or fade.

#5: Dimensional Rainbow on Gray Hair

A dimensional rainbow is a technique used for gray hair coloring. Like gray clouds bring rain and rainbows, gray hair can display a spectrum of colors. The dimensional rainbow technique is an artistic expression of color, creating a holograph-like prism of hair color. Whether starting with a blonde wig or natural blonde hair, it must be light enough to effectively display the vivid tones. This will ensure colors come out the way you see them in the tube.

Grey Lob with Cotton Candy Holographic Highlights
Instagram @beksbeauty_

#6: Grey Lob with Cotton Candy Highlights

A stunning grey lob with cotton candy highlights is edgy. The way the colors interact creates an effect similar to an optical illusion. For color-treated hair, it’s critical to use the right home products. These include shampoos, conditioners, and heat-styling products. Overheating and frequent washing are the main reasons for the fading of color-treated hair.

Dark Holographic Hues with Black Tips for Long-Length Hair
Instagram @anna_althair

#7: Dark Holo Hair with Black Tips

Dark holo hair having black tips facilitates a vibrant color range. Holographic hair combines different tones, creating an illusion of color reflection.

Pink-Violet Holographic Color for Shoulder-Length Bob
Instagram @lexy.didmyhair

#8: Pink-Violet Holographic Bob

Try a pink and violet holographic bob for your next hair transformation. Its short length draws attention to the fun color blend. The color placement perfectly merges pink and violet.

#9: Opalescent Highlights and Long Soft Waves

Style your hair to have a shimmering opalescent effect with soft rainbow highlights and long, gentle waves. The hairstyle, with its opalescent effect, soft rainbow highlights, and long waves, could remind you of a Barbie doll’s hair.

#10: Ash Blonde with Holographic Balayage

Ash blonde hair colors pair well with the holographic balayage technique. The cool tones of both styles complement each other well.

#11: Rich Purple Holographic Hair Color

Channel your inner Rainbow Brite with a rich purple holographic hair color! This head-turning hue will require an expert’s touch, but the result is well worth it.

#12: Holographic Mint Green Hair

The holographic vivid hair color in mint green is very attractive and will make you feel like a fairy princess every day. Vivid hair colors require high maintenance, but if you love showcasing a work of art on your head, the effort is worth it.

Neon Rainbow Holographic Mid-Length Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @swamp.stylist

#13: Neon Rainbow Mid-Length Hair

Give your mid-length hair a bold and beautiful look by trying a neon rainbow color. When you opt for such a vivid hair color, consult your stylist on the appropriate home care and maintenance.

#14: Holographic Peekaboo Blonde Hair

The hairstyle called holographic peekaboo blonde hair uses bright colors to create a striking look. This method applies by mixing up various colors. It gives hair a touch of light and depth. The mixed colors peeking out from the blonde base, adding a unique charm to all hairstyles.

#15: Dark Hair with Face-Framing Holographic Highlights

Face-framing holographic highlights pop beautifully on dark hair. Make sure to wash your hair with cool water to prevent bleeding and extend the life of these vibrant colors.

Blonde Short Hair with Holographic Light Blue and Pink Highlights
Instagram @_lookzbyg

#16: Short Hair with Light Blue and Pink Highlights

This short hairstyle with light blue and pink highlights will give your hair a unique look. The blue and pink tones work well when light changes, creating a color-shifting effect.

#17: Colorful Highlights for Blonde Waves

Colorful rainbow highlights create a beautiful pop of color in bright blonde waves. This bright neutral blonde is the perfect base to support a waterfall of holographic vivid colors. Make sure to ask your stylist about best care practices to extend the life of your color.

#18: Platinum Holographic Hair with Green Roots

The green roots of the hair draw your eyes to the colorful platinum holographic tones at the ends of each strand. This hairstyle will require more regular salon visits. Be ready to make time for these appointments. A shine spray would be the perfect final touch for this hairstyle to achieve ultimate shine.

Pastel Holographic Highlights for Older Women's Short Haircut
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#19: Pastel Highlights for Older Women

Holographic pastel highlights are so fun for older women with white hair looking to add playfulness to their style. Pastel shades look attractive and don’t last long, making them a low-commitment option.

#20: Half-Rainbow, Half-Black

Wear a half-rainbow, half-black split dye if you want to show the duality of your personality. A half-black split dye will enhance the contrast and make the rainbow side more noticeable.

#21: Rainbow Hues on Dark Smokey Hair

Apply a rainbow hue to your dark, smokey hair. The dark hair provides a striking contrast to this creative array of colors, creating a nice display. Start by bleaching your hair. This will help achieve the blue-toned grey smokey look. The blonde base will also serve to enhance the rainbow colors. Use sulfate-free cleansers to maintain the color. Also, book touch-up sessions every 6 to 8 weeks to keep the look fresh.

#22: Silver Pixie with Holo Highlights

The holographic highlights on this silver pixie hairstyle add a rainbow-like texture to it. All these hair tones stay on the same color spectrum.

Holographic Rainbow Glitch for Short Brown Bob
Instagram @ptichka_hair

#23: Rainbow Glitch for Brown Bob

Applying a rainbow glitch color to a brown bob can make a bold statement. The rainbow of colors makes the natural color really stand out. Use a strong heat protectant to prevent the color from fading on the strands of your brown bob hair.

Long Dirty Blonde with Holographic Highlights
Instagram @hair_by_river

#24: Dirty Blonde with Holographic Highlights

If you have dirty blonde hair, try holographic highlights. The dimensional placement of hues gives the illusion of movement and reflection in the hair.

#25: Iridescent Rainbow Hair Color

Blonde hair would look great with iridescent rainbow color. The blend of rainbow color tones can mimic bright neon lights.

Picture yourself with hair that shines like a rainbow under the light, that’s what holographic hair color is about. Let Alex Duckworth, a hair color expert, guide you on this journey.

Meet The Expert

Alex Duckworth
Alex Duckworth
Alex is a hairstylist with over 7 years of experience.
You can find her at Cameo Salon in Atlanta, GA.

Achieving the Perfect Holo Hair

The first thing, says Duckworth, is to lighten your hair to a platinum blonde. This may take a while, it all depends on your natural hair color and texture. The key is patience. Once the hair is light, you then apply the vivid colors.

What about the major skin tones? Duckworth suggests if you lean towards a peach or olive tone, warmer colors will suit you better. Cooler tones, on the other hand, look nicer on pink or blue complexions.

Preserving the Rainbow

Maintaining this hairstyle isn’t a task to take lightly. A color-safe shampoo comes to the rescue. Ideally, it should be sulfate and sodium-free, Duckworth advises. Products like Olaplex or K18 can keep your hair healthy. Hold back from chlorine, salt water, and hot water. Your shiny hair will thank you for it.

Prepping with Your Stylist

Discussion is key. The kind of lifestyle you lead, and the frequency of your salon visits, are all important factors. “If you’re low maintenance and expect salon visits 3-4 times a year, highlights are your best bet,” Duckworth points out. If frequent salon visits don’t faze you, a solid bleach and tone might be what you need.

Bear in mind your current hair condition may affect the final color. If you have a dark color or overprocessed hair, your stylist may suggest opting for a vivid tone over a pastel one. With the right advice and care, holographic hair can be within your reach. So go ahead, take the leap, and let your hair reveal its true colors! Or, check out our hair color ideas.

Photos of the Most Extraordinary Holographic Hair Colors