24 Trendy Hair Colors for Women Over 50 to Look Younger

Hair colors for women over 50

Hair colors for women over 50 are younger-looking shades that either hide or enhance gray hair without damaging the hair too much. It can be a challenge to choose one that suits you well, covers your silver strands, and keeps your hair healthy. Don’t lose hope because I’m here to help you do just that!

From brunette to blonde, silver to red, your options are definitely endless. Not to mention the newest hair trends – balayage and ombres, it’s only a matter of picking one that will suit you best.

According to colorist Lizett Gomez from the Artika Salon in CA, when it comes to hair coloring she says, “I like to recommend staying more natural. I definitely try to make them stay away from going too dark because it’s harsh on them and their features. Dimensional and more natural colors are better because they soften their features and camouflage grays.”

A hair color that adds warmth back into your mane will help you bring back that youthful glow – and make it last for long!

Gomez’s go-to product is Aveda’s hair colors. “Either permanent or demi depending on the person,” she says. “Older women are more susceptible to allergies and chemicals. Aveda is plant-based, so it’s not harsh on the skin. It also covers those grays really well.”

Before a dye job, Gomez recommends doing these things. “Do color switching and put it next to your skin and face, so you can see it. Also, ask about your options – you can choose full color, highlighting, lived-in color, or demi color.”

If you’re indecisive about going lighter or darker, always opt to go lighter. Hair naturally lightens as we age, and lighter colors like ash blonde, honey, and platinum are sure to blend into your natural gray hair better.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring pictures of the most popular hair colors for women over 50.

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Youthful Bright Blonde with Dark Roots

Youthful Bright Blonde with Dark Roots
Instagram @tinamarie.hair

When it comes to hair colors for women over 50, a youthful bright blonde with dark roots will take years off your look. The blonde balayage helps the long, layered hair bring out a dimension for added texture.

Though a light hair color with shadow roots has low upkeep, never forget to use a purple shampoo to avoid an unwanted brassy hue.

Rich Brown with Babylights

Women over 50 can look ten years younger by pulling off a shade of rich brown hair with babylights! It’s paired with face-framing highlights and a shadow root for an easy grow-out process.

“With a hair idea on an older woman, the variations of colors, especially the brightness around the front, frame the face,” says salon owner and hairstylist Emily Hafele of North Hollywood, CA. “The color placement is done in a way that is less maintenance than traditional high lightening techniques.”

She adds, “the combination of tones is sure to set you apart from another simple hair color. A golden brown hair color for older women works extremely well on any hair type, either thick or finer hair.”

Caramel Balayage for Ladies Over 50

caramel balayage for ladies over 50
Instagram @paraizohairstylist_

A caramel balayage looks exceptional on ladies over 50. Bronde highlights are soft and muted warm tones that add shine and luster to maturing hair, given tone-on-tone coloration. You’ll want to ask your hair colorist for a caramel beige gloss at your next color service to refresh your dull and lifeless tresses.

Beige Blonde Hair Color with Glasses

Beige blonde hair color with glasses
Instagram @stylebydanielleleeann

Beige blonde hair color with glasses works great for women who are over 50 because the beige blonde blends well with natural darker roots. To get a blonde color, ask your colorist for soft beige blonde highlights.

Auburn and Burgundy Color Blend for an Elderly Lady

Auburn and burgundy color blend for an elderly lady
Instagram @joannadraffen

An auburn and burgundy color blend for an elderly lady is classy, sophisticated, and fun. Deep violet and red tones make all skin tones pop and give life and brightness to dull-looking hair. Pair these auburn tones with a short, pixie haircut to spice up your hair.

Ash Blonde Hair on 50-Year-Old Women

Ash blonde hair on 50-year-old women
Instagram @deborahlynnhairartistry

Ash blonde hair on 50-year-old women is great for those who want to embrace their natural sparkles gradually. Cool, ashy highlights help blend grey streaks while leaving dimension to your hair. An angled bob haircut accentuates the icy, ash-blonde tones when combined with warmer lowlights underneath, complementing a fair skin complexion.

Salt and Pepper Hair for Grandmas

Salt and pepper hair for grandmas
Instagram @letmeloveyourlocks

Salt and pepper hair color for a grandma is very on-trend and a great way to add some dimension to grey hair. By adding ashy, darker lowlights create depth in grey hair and give fullness to finer hair textures. An edgy, shag style pixie cut with lots of layers will accentuate the salt and pepper color and help in adding texture and fullness to shorter haircuts.

Soft Blonde for Thinning Hair

Soft blonde for thinning hair
Instagram @murilobennemann

Soft blonde for thinning hair can create more texture in the hair, making it appear fuller after it is styled. Soft blonde is the perfect hair hue for women over 50 since it promotes a youthful glow. To get your new blondish color, ask your colorist for some soft blonde highlights.

Lovely Honey Blonde Hair

Lovely Honey Blonde Hair
Instagram @lauraessexhairstylist

Now that you’re in your 50s, it’s never too late to explore new hair color ideas! Try a lovely honey blonde hair, which works great with soft waves.

The medium blonde hair color for over 50 older women will add brightness to a thick, shoulder-length mane. To boost its glossiness, you can always apply oil to your strands.

Auburn Graduated Bob

Auburn Graduated Bob
Instagram @hannahrootshairqa

As a 50-year-old beauty with straight hair, you’ll love an auburn graduated bob. The tapered layers in the back will give volume to your neck-grazing, angled cut. For a glossier finish of the auburn hair color, apply a shine-inducing oil onto your strands.

Gray Hair with Blonde Highlights

Gray Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @breeyoutifulhair

As a gorgeous senior lady, you must try combining your natural gray and white hair with blonde highlights for something magical. If there are some unwanted ash tones, babylights will be your best friend.

Pair a gray-blonde hair with a layered pixie cut if you have thin hair for an added volume, creating such a chic hairstyle.

Flattering Chocolate Brown Hair

Flattering Chocolate Brown Hair
Instagram @prissyhippiebeautyshop

A flattering chocolate brown hair color works well with fine hair! Opt for a neck-length cut and waves to make your dark hair look fuller and voluminous. With the help of oil for styling, the result is sure to look luscious and classy on older ladies.

If you want an extra dimension for your dark brown locks, cinnamon highlights are a great addition.

Burgundy Hair for Women Aged 50

Burgundy Hair for Women Aged 50
Instagram @jennieforsyth.hair

Look gorgeous every day by wearing a burgundy hair color for women aged 50 and up. The deep red hair dye creates a blazing effect when matched with a textured and wavy lob.

Strawberry Blonde to White Ombre

Strawberry Blonde to White Ombre
Instagram @hairbysamanthakane

Yes—you can pull off long youthful hairstyles with bright shades as if you’re born to wear one! And, if you need an idea, here’s a strawberry blonde to white ombre that will work great with your lengthy and wavy mane. Once you adopt a blonde hair trend, keep the shades bright by using a purple shampoo.

Black and Brown Balayage

Black and Brown Balayage
Instagram @themoorehair

Brunettes should try a lovely black and brown balayage hair color. It provides a soft yet striking dimension. To bring out more shine, tonic oil, and volumizing foam your long, layered cut would be beneficial.

Warmer hues like brunette hair with highlights work on every woman—you just have to find what suits your personality the best.

Honey Bronde for Older Ladies

A shade of honey bronde for older ladies has a subtle grow-out and dimensional finish. Look creator Kim Cunningham of Australia says it’s ideal for an old woman with grey roots.

Cunningham adds, “It’s for the busy professional lady who loves to look her best at all times. Style-wise, she can recreate it at home with education on styling and optimum results.”

Platinum Blonde Bob

Platinum Blonde Bob
Instagram @alissathesauce

Go for a blonde bob that is a textured platinum hair color on a short haircut. It’s a classic look that is on-trend at any age and was created by hairstylist Alissa Grossi of Newport Beach, CA.

“Blonde hair color is great for gray hair because the line of demarcation isn’t as harsh when the gray grows in,” says Grossi. “For the color, ask for a base color and highlights for maximum brightness.”

Ash Brown Lob

Ash Brown Lob
Instagram @salondecheveuxboston

Don’t let your age stop you from wearing a fresh warm hair color to feel younger and look cooler. Flaunt gorgeous ash brown lob if you’re a middle-aged woman, and feel the confidence. Featuring a warmer hue and face-framing pieces, an ashy color will enhance a fair and pale skin tones.

Dimensional Bronde for a Woman Over 50

Dimensional Bronde for a Woman Over 50
Instagram @dc.styles

It’s never too late to play around with gorgeous hair colors that feature highlights and lowlights for over 50 women. A short bob hairstyle features an eye-catching and dimensional bronde balayage that suits a woman over 50.

The dark root adds depth to the color, keeping it low-maintenance. Match your trendy bronde shade with a neck-length bob and waves for a completely stunning result.

Copper Layered Bob

Experience the fun of trying out new trends now, including a balayage ombre! Consider the copper-layered  bob that is perfect for a charming 50-year-old lady.

“The color is a dimensional copper-layered  bob. The root is a little deeper with some lighter copper pieces throughout,” says hairstylist Lisa Watson of Birmingham, MI.

She adds, “reds can be one of those scary hair colors for women over 50, but it’s just about knowing if you need to be cool or warm red. Copper is more on the warmer side. Always take your skin tone into consideration when choosing the right color for you.”

Gorgeous Classic Blonde

Gorgeous Classic Blonde
Instagram @amyspencerhair

Why don’t you play with a new hair color and give a gorgeous classic blonde a try? It is sure to upgrade your jaw-length round bob with bangs. The shade will add radiance to your face.

“The color is a warm classic blonde with a few lowlights,” says salon owner and stylist Amy Spencer of Draper, UT. “Stop oxidation using Malibu C De-Ox to lock in color and to normalize pH.”

When maintaining hair colors for women over 50, Spencer says you’ll need to get into the salon every 7 weeks or so. She also encourages you to use a large round brush, Olaplex 6 & 7, and a root lifter such as Unite Expanda.

Dark Mocha for Women Over 50

Dark Mocha for Women Over 50
Instagram @ilona.cyan

Give your wavy pixie a new look by painting it with a charming dark mocha shade. It will enhance natural volume and curls in the most sophisticated way. The end result offers a funky yet stunning short hair!

The charming dark mocha hair color for women over 50 is on a warm, medium brown pixie cut. It was created by hairstylist Ilona Krasnova of Ontario. “The brown offers a nice contrast to various skin tones,” she notes.

Krasnova goes onto to explain, “ask for a brown hair color if you want something very low-maintenance day-to-day. Maintain the color and cut every 6 weeks in the salon and choose a demi-permanent color to transition into your natural hair color with less damage!”

Silver Gray Curls

Silver Gray Curls
Instagram @rosiecurl

Don’t waste your time hiding your stubborn grays. Make it your best asset instead, and enjoy wearing silver gray curls. Some strands have a deep charcoal tone to create a contrasting effect like salt and pepper. Keep your locks in shape by maintaining the bob’s neck-grazing length.

“These silver-gray curls were created by doing a dry, curly cut,” explains salon owner and stylist Rosie Jablonsky of Minneapolis, MN.

A gray curly bob is perfect for maintaining a fun bouncy shape that is both easy to wash and go and looks professional for work.

To achieve the color, Jablonsky says to ask your stylist to hand-paint the curls using a Silver Transition method to create light and dark movement. She adds, “the movement seamlessly blends with the natural color, giving an enhanced and dynamic, and ultimately natural hair color.”

Ash Gray Hair for 50-Year-Olds

Go for the trendiest ash gray hair for 50-year-olds with silver hair. Who says you can’t be adventurous when it comes to your hair transformation?

An ash gray hair features a slightly inverted bob with a shattered textured vibe to it. It was cut and colored by stylist Stephanie Gardner of Pittsburgh, PA.

“If you are using an additional heat protection spray when using additional heat tools on the hair, such as flat irons, curling iron, or wands regularly, make sure you are getting as much protection on the ends of your hair as possible,” says Gardner.

She explains, “it will ensure the ends of your hair aren’t breaking down and getting damaged from too much heat styling. Try the heat protectant spray by Oribe’s Soft Lacquer. Their whole line is amazing!”