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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Green hair is a high-fashion, elemental hair color that will get you the spotlight wherever you go. From vibrant emeralds to rocker neons to leafy pastels, the green hair trend has taken over the feeds of famous personalities like Kim K and Dua Lipa and is getting colorists thrilled and inspired to create similar color creations.

Green hair dye is being infused into highlights, lowlights, ombre and other coloring techniques. Don’t think of the color of grass when you think of green hair color when there are so many shades available. Hair dyes are essential to creating that green hair color and a professional colorist can help those who are not confident in DIY hair dyes for such a unique color.

It’s an impeccable color that promises magic and attention, but also requires lots of love and maintenance. To get started, having well and evenly bleached hair is a must to maximize dye absorption. Washing your tresses with cold water and using color-safe and color-depositing shampoos and conditioners also help prolong this grassy green goodness.

It may take a great deal of effort to maintain a viridescent mane but the results are astonishing and always worth it!

Before your next appointment, check out these photos and flaunt one of these popular green hair colors!

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#1: Green and Blue with Asymmetrical Bangs

Green and blue with asymmetrical bangs are perfect for a bold, statement color. And it’s if you have olive or neutral skin tones. Green accentuates facial features as well as a blunt asymmetrical bang. Personally, color blocking is so much fun and can easily be the fashion piece you’ve been missing.

#2: Electric Lime Hair Color

When it comes to bold and vibrant hair colors, electric lime is a shade you should consider. This eye-catching hue is best for those looking to express their unique style. Electric lime hair color is perfect for those who want to stand out and embrace a daring look. It suits adventurous, confident individuals who love experimenting with their hair. However, maintaining and preserving the vibrancy of this color requires regular maintenance. You’ll also need to use specialized hair care products.

Dramatic Green Asymmetric Cut for women with an edgy style
Instagram @john.n1115

#3: Dramatic Green Asymmetric Cut

Consider a green asymmetric cut for those seeking a bold new hair color that will turn heads. The unique combo of vibrant green hues creates a color perfect for confident women. This color works best on those with neutral to cool skin tones. It can be adjusted to a lighter or darker shade based on personal preference. To keep the color looking fresh, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Give your hair a break by avoiding excess heat styling if your hair is feeling dry.

Bright Neon Green Tresses for women with an edgy style and long hair
Instagram @ongiga4__

#4: Bright Neon Green Tresses

Bright neon green tresses are a great way to make a bold and unique statement with your hair. This vibrant color allows you to stand out from the crowd and showcase your style. It’s a great way to express your creativity and adventurous spirit. The neon green hue adds a playful and energetic vibe to your overall look. To maintain the vibrancy of your tresses, use color-safe hair care products and avoid excessive heat styling.

Dark Emerald Green Hair Color for women with long straight hair
Instagram @haiier_hair

#5: Dark Emerald Green

Try this dark emerald green if you want a new hue in your dark locks. This is a vivid tone for women with dark hair. It’s important to know natural or unnatural dark tones are tough to lift. With that, deeper vivid tones are easier to deposit. Instead of searching for colors like “pastels” or “vibrant,” try searching for “gem stone tones”. This helps your stylists, and yourself bridge the gap while still leaving your hair with gorgeous results.

Very Long Dark Green Box Braids for black women with a slide part and gold cuffs
Instagram @thamy_melchior

#6: Very Long Dark Green Box Braids

Long dark green box braids are a great way to wear your hair if you want an easy style that’s literally wash and go! If you struggle with unruly frizz, these braids will keep your mane under control.

#7: Dark Blue and Neon Green Streaks

Dark blue and neon green streaks are for the adventurous! If you like to think outside the box, you are perfect for this type of vivid hair color. This type of service can be lengthy and time-consuming. So it’s important to discuss the appropriate aftercare to help aid in the longevity of the color. Avoid using shampoos with sulfates and extremely “soapy” like lather. My favorite shampoo for maintaining vivids is the Hairstory New Wash Original.

#8: Dark Teal-Green Hair

Ask for dark teal-green hair for your next fashion color. Teal green is a beautiful color to wear with many different hues. And it’s perfect for mermaids and unicorns alike. Have a thorough consultation with your stylist. I make sure my guest knows that green tones require regular salon visits to keep the color looking fresh. A heat protectant is highly recommended as well.

#9: Green Jade Waves

If you want to look like a luscious green sea, give yourself some green jade waves. Remember to keep a similar natural color close to your own at your root area to create dimensional hair that will help make for an easier grow-out. To add volume, you can style your hair in loose curls and finish your style with a volumizing hairspray or tousle spray.

#10: Half Neon Green, Half Teal Long Thick Hair

If you want to make a bold statement, but still feel like embracing subtle tones, go for a two-tone look. Half neon green and half teal, this dramatic yet stunning vivid is exciting and daring! Ask your stylist to combine shades that range from light to dark green to create contrast. To maintain the unique style, use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a month. Also, use a leave-in conditioner like OGX’s Nourishing Coconut Milk Hydrating Treatment Mist.

#11: Gorgeous Green Waves

Rock these gorgeous green waves if you want a fun hair color to reflect your fun personality. This hair color will require you to pre-lighten your hair to a pretty light shade of blonde prior to coloring it green and can be a process that will take multiple sessions if you have dark or already colored hair. Don’t forget to add a few green colors that are just slightly different as opposed to just one green color if you want a dimensional color that shines when the light hits. Dyeing your hair with these vibrant shades can be high maintenance, but is totally worth it.

Green and Yellow Balayage
Instagram @keybreeglam

#12: Green and Yellow Balayage

If your hair is pre-lightened and you’re looking for a daring change, try an earthy mix of greens and yellows! This balayage is a unique color and will make you stand out in a crowd. Ask for a mix of different tones to add dimension and appeal.

Green Aurora Color for Long Hair
Instagram @guy_tang

#13: Green Aurora Color for Long Hair

Green aurora for long hair is fun, funky, and playful. When doing fashion colors, I personally recommend custom mixing your colors. When you custom mix you create a color that’s unique to you and your client. Also, when you custom mix you can make colors not provided by the color brand. Remember to weigh your color, so you can easily remix for long hair or for your client’s next appointment.

#14: Bright and Bold Mid-Length Style

A bright and bold mid-length style is great for the adventurous woman looking for a change. Green tones or gemstone tones typically stick around for longer periods of time. So if you’re looking for longevity in your vivids, try green or blue hues. To help the vibrancy of the color, try co-washes or shampoos without suds. This is best to maintain longevity in your color.

Bright Radiant Neon Green Hair Color
Instagram @georgeeblancoo

#15: Bright Radiant Neon Green

Get ready to glow with this bright radiant neon green! Be prepared to get all the stares as you’re walking down the street or just making your weekly stroll to the grocery store because this hair color is brighter than bright! You’ll want to make sure you’re using professional hair products such as a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and a dry shampoo if you’re someone who has a hard time going multiple days without shampooing. This color will require frequent trips to the hair salon every 8-10 weeks to re-lighten your roots and refresh your neon green.

Vivid Blue to Green Ombre
Instagram @pravana

#16: Vivid Blue to Green Ombre

Rock a beautifully blended vivid blue to green ombre if you love hair that screams personality and style. Creative colors do require a bit of maintenance, and hair appointments every 8-12 weeks to re-lighten and refresh your vibrant colors. You’ll want to avoid shampooing often, using hot water when shampooing, swimming in pools, and spending lots of time in direct sunlight. Dry shampoo will be one of the best products you’ll want to have in your hair arsenal.

Amazing Long Thick Green Hair with Black Roots
Instagram @court_gannhair

#17: Amazing Long Thick Green Hair with Black Roots

Consider black roots when trying green hair to create a somewhat natural blend with vivid color and also a lower maintenance look. When dyeing your hair green, remember your at-home maintenance to help the longevity of your color. Don’t forget to wash your hair in cooler water with sulfate-free shampoos, such as Amika’s Vault Color Lock Shampoo, as this helps maintain the color and will limit the amount of bleed from the vivid color.

Olive Green Hair Color
Instagram @unme_salon

#18: Olive Green Hair

This olive green hair is an unconventional green hue in every way. Olive hair color brings a sheen to the hair and is surprisingly vibrant and cool.

Half Dark Green and Half Neon Green
Instagram @tay.tiger.rose

#19: Half Dark Green and Half Neon Green

If you are looking for a bold contrast, ask for half dark green and half neon green. Why choose one color when you can half both? Split hair in green tones is great on any length and requires regular salon upkeep to keep your colors vibrant and your hair healthy.

Blue Green Hair Color
Instagram @pravana

#20: Blue-Green Hair Color

You don’t need to be a mermaid to have hair inspired by the sea – try a blue-green hair color and turn heads wherever you go. Do some research to find an artist that specializes in vivid work and has a style you like. There are so many variations one can take with blue green hair colors. Before you try vivid colors, your hair will need to be lightened to blonde so the colors can reflect true to tone. Additionally, your stylist will recommend washing with cool water and using professional hair care at home to keep the colors bright as long as possible.

Neon green roots a la Billie Eilish
Instagram @hoshiyuta

#21: Neon Green Roots à la Billie Eilish

Neon green roots à la Billie Eilish is a hairstyle meant for those who are bold and daring. This trend consists of bleach-blond roots and black hair with neon direct dye. This technique should only be tried if the hair is in good condition and hasn’t been color-treated for at least 4-6 months. Maintain hair color and integrity with Olaplex no 4, 5, and 8.

#22: Green Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Green semi-permanent hair color is a must-try to spice up your fantasy hair dreams. Make sure your hair is lifted to a level 9+ to get the best results. Try Arctic Fox to achieve this shade. A root melt to lighter green on the ends gives it more dimension and will last a few weeks before starting to fade away and need a re-touch.

Blonde to green ombre
Instagram @daisymayhair

#23: Blonde to Green Ombre

A blonde to green ombré is a super fun color. It works great with naturally light or naturally dark hair, too. As long as you go to a skilled stylist that handles bleach well for lifting, you can achieve this color within 1-2 sessions.

More than likely, this is semi-permanent color and will fade within a month and need some refresh of the green. Or jump to another color like blue!

Neon Green Hair
Instagram @ririfergharv

#24: Neon Green Hair

A sparklin’, pop rockin’ color that brings you back to the future! Bright pastel green is a refreshing take on the old grassy hue.

#25: Dark Green Hair Color

This dark green hair color is bold, edgy, and fashion-forward. It was created by stylist and colorist Jonah Crescencio of Covina, CA.

“Make sure that 4-6 week maintenance appointments would work well with your schedule to ensure that the hair color is well kept and vibrant,” states Crescencio. “Be sure not to wash every day (2-3 washes a week max) with cooler water using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to keep the green color from fading.”

#26: Lime Green Hair

You can see those deeper greens blending into an electric, highlighter green shade. “This color was created using the game-changing color line Pulp Riot. Something truly amazing about a bright, neon green, is that it’s definitely a show-stopper. Statement greens are definitely original and unique,” explains salon owner and stylist Danielle Gorewitz of Mooresville, NC.

For a woman wanting vivid colors, especially neons or greens (or both), Gorewitz says you need to be paired with a stylist who will educate you. “Proper at-home care and products are crucial in the fade-out process in vivids.”

Something like a neon green is definitely suited for babes with an edge. It’s an attention-drawing color. This lime green hair color can cover ahead or it can be placed as “peek-a-boo” highlights for just a pop of fun color.

Forest Green Hair Color
Instagram @vancouvhair

#27: Forest Green Hair Color

This color is forest green and was created by master stylist Amanda Vieira of Vancouver, BC.

“Think dense evergreens deep in the woods of the pacific north-west against the cool backdrop reflection of winter. It’s the fun of fantasy/vivid color without trying to be in your face about it,” says Vieira.

When wanting to maintain any fantasy colors like green, Vieira says avoid excessive heat styling for the first week or two and to wash with cool water. “Warm/hot water opens the cuticle of the hair and strips away color. Plus, any sulfate shampoo will strip color as well.”

Because of the logistics of a bleach-out process and touching up the roots afterward, women who want fantasy colors like this should be prepared to come in every 5-7 weeks.

“Vivid colors look their best for the first 3 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair,” she adds. “But it can stay fresher for longer if you don’t wash your hair too frequently, you’re washing with cool water and using sulfate-free products and custom color conditioners.”

Purple and Green Balayage Hair Color
Instagram @giannadoll13

#28: Purple and Green Balayage Hair Color

This creation is a peacock coloring that was handcrafted by creative colorist Gianna Lidgett of Bakersfield, CA.

“The coolest thing about this balayage is it’s perfect for darker hair,” says Lidgett. “When cutting long layers into hair, it gives movement to the color allowing you to see peaks of highs and lows.”

Lidgett encourages you to embrace the fade. “Pulp Riot’s colors fade true to the tone and become a more pastel version of themselves. It’s a hair journey to enjoy the ride. As always, the right shampoo and conditioner and cold water will always take you further.”

#29: Green Mermaid Hair

This curly green mermaid hair was created with Pulp Riot by color specialist Justine Louise of Leominster, MA.

“With Pulp Riot as the paint, the palette was fully customized with the use of 8 different colors, utilizing the contrast between rich greens and electric neon prisms to bring balance and movement to her hair,” says Louise.

“For women willing to invest in not only the initial service but also the proper home care products, these greens won’t disappoint,” she explains. “Use Pulp Riot’s color-protecting Bangkok shampoo, Tokyo conditioner, and Berlin dry shampoo in between wash days. Seven weeks later, at two washes a week, this beauty is still rocking the color vibrancy.”

“I hear so often, ‘I’d love to have fun colored hair, I just couldn’t pull it off,’ but rainbow hair is for everyone. There are women over 60 with either silver or grey hair who ask to be unicorns and mermaids,” she adds.

If you’re considering green as hair color but are hesitant, ask your stylist to start you off with some hidden or peekaboo panels. Keeping a natural colored root with either a melt, balayage, or ombre is also a great way to ease into the unconventional.

Pink and Green Balayage Hair
Instagram @melanniemillan

#30: Pink and Green Balayage Hair

Flaunt your mermaid hair with flattering beach waves on your long and flowing locks. Surely, all the mermen are going to dive in for this look.

#31: Bold Green Dip Dye

This bold green dip dyewas created by salon owner and stylist Erin Holder of Colorado Springs, CO. “Opt for a color that is edgy and vivid, but also low maintenance. Colored ombres are fun colors to have,” says Holder.

The coolest thing about this black and green hair is that it’s edgy, but still easy to maintain.

“A color depositing conditioner lets you maintain the color in the shower,” she adds, “and it’ll last as long as you keep using it! This is a must for any vivid colors, especially black hair with green highlights.”

Be ready to stain a few pillowcases and towels with any bright color, but it’s worth it. Keep the base close matching your natural one, so the grow-out is forgiving. Especially if you’re not someone who tends to get your hair done very often.

Pastel Green Hair Shade
Instagram @bree.little

#32: Pastel Green Hair Shade

“This minty fresh pastel green color is an amazing color to rock,” says hairstyle expert Bree Little of Encino, CA. “Green and mint tones are reminiscent of spring, as the cold starts to fade away and we start to see all the fresh new life growing in nature. It’s a beautiful hue on either cool or warmer color ranges,” she adds.

Mint color tones like this are a soft way of wearing a color that oftentimes can be intimidating to people. Little says, “a lot of women feel that green shades may not suit or complement them. However, most women can wear any color – it’s just finding the right tone and level of it.”

#33: Black and Green Ombre Hair

This is a black and green ombré hair color. “The base color was darkened and the ends were lightened. Then the dark green hair dye was applied,” explains hairstylist Amanda Campbell of Sedona, AZ.

“This style is more for a woman who is okay with a bit of maintenance,” says Campbell. “These fashion colors can stain towels, sheets, clothing, and more, especially when wet. These colors also fade very quickly. Use a pigmented shampoo to keep the color looking great!”

Bright Green Haircolor
Instagram @glamnash

#34: Bright Green Hair

This is a multidimensional green hair color. The way the neon green pops, produces body. Bright green hair is very high maintenance. You must have a blonde hair color for the vivids to grab on to. For those who have darker hair, lightning sessions are required. Maintaining green hair requires a color care shampoo and conditioner. For example, Eufora’s Bodyfying shampoo has a vibrant color complex which helps extend the life of the color, so give it a try!

#35: Light Green Hair Shade

“This light green hair was prepped with a leave-in conditioner and hair oil,” says stylist Rebecca Dorsey of Baltimore, MD.

“Firstly, prep your hair before your color visit with a treatment like Olaplex #3,” says Dorsey. “Do several treatments over a few weeks prior to getting the color done, then continue weekly treatments thereafter.”

Try New Wash for color-treated hair. It’s super gentle on hair color and nourishing to the scalp and hair. It seriously helps color stay longer. It cleanses and conditions in one step.

Even though the look shouts easy-going, Dorsey reminds us that maintenance is required on the scalp, with lightening every 6 weeks. “The color will be refreshed at each lightening and could be refreshed between visits if needed.”

Since it is a pastel color, it will fade more quickly than a deeper hue. Cleansing only once a week or when absolutely necessary is ideal to help the color last longer. Even getting it wet can take a tiny bit of color out each time.

If your hair is chemically damaged or weak, don’t opt for this type of color process.

“Follow your stylist’s recommendations for at-home care,” she adds. “Keeping the hair in its best condition will do wonders for the longevity of the color and the health of the scalp and hair.”

Ash Green hair
Instagram @j_joli

#36: Ash Green Hair

“If you’re looking for a fresh look, try this ash green hair color,” states hairstylist Jase Lee of Malaysia. “A warm color such as red/yellow/orange usually looks bored when you keep it for a long period. So instead, opt for an ombre color like this ash green.”

Lee reminds us that not everyone is able to carry this ash green hair color. “One will have to wear makeup to prevent herself from looking pale, as this is a cool tone. Without makeup, it will make you look pale and fair.”

Besides that, hair serum and mask are a must to create fewer tangles and also to make healthy and shinier tresses. Maintenance-wise, wash your dyed hair with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after 72 hours, and it is better to use color shampoo for the dyed hair too.

#37: Blue and Green Balayage

This short, multidimensional, blue to green balayage color was handcrafted by cosmetologist Hannah Rodriguez of Austin, TX. “The roots are a natural dark brown color and were highlighted to melt into the blue.”

“Ask for a dark blue, a pure green, and yellow color to achieve the melt,” explains Rodriguez. “Take into consideration the amount of color bleeding that will happen during the rinse out, which is why the yellow is used on the ends. By the end of the rinse and shampoo, the yellow will become the perfect lime green.”

This blue-green hair color is something you have to take care of, use the correct products on, and is expensive to upkeep.

“Because this blue and green hair requires the hair to be very light blonde, there are multiple bleaching services required before the green can even go on,” she notes. “The bleach can make the hair fragile, so get regular haircuts, deep treatments, and use protein masks at home. Depending on how your hair holds onto color and how fast it grows, you’ll need to make an appointment every  6-12 weeks.”

#38: Mint Green Hair

“This is a silvery mint color on a textured bob shape works on any skin tone. Don’t you love the reflection of this ultra-light pastel tone,” asks hairstylist Alexander Scott of Seattle, WA.

Pastel tones are beautiful – and fleeting. Scott says a color like this requires the lightest possible blonde undertones, “and every time you shampoo, the green-dyed hair color will change and fade. Typically with proper products and home care, a color like this will last 4-6 shampoos and then the hair will be back to blonde.”

#39: Emerald Green Hair Color

This lived-in vivid emerald green hair was created by designer hairstylist Natalie Reak of Wake Forest, NC. “That means you’re able to grow your hair out without the worry of having any harsh lines. The dimension in this hair color is amazing, especially if you have low lights and roots that are your natural color,” says Reak.

For maintaining the color vibrancy of this emerald green Reak wants you to wash minimally, “which means stocking up on dry shampoo! When you do need to wash, use cool water to keep the cuticle as close as possible.”

As far as other things you should consider while thinking about coloring your hair color green, take a look at your wardrobe and decide if you will feel comfortable in those clothes while your hair is green. Color combination is important.

metallic green
Instagram @judeviola

#40: Metallic Green

Metallic green hair is not a popular choice, but one that will definitely have you standing out from the crowd because it’s so unique. Pastel shades tend to be less difficult to get used to, so try one before taking the plunge. If you love change and want to do something wild, this color is perfect for you!

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