16 Beautiful Golden Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Best golden blonde hair colors

A golden blonde hair color is a multi-tonal hair color that is a mixture of honey, golden, and buttery tones of blonde. With a warm, luxurious treasure in your hair, you’ll always have fun with this hue.

Proper and premium care is needed to prolong a golden blonde shine. Lighter and brighter hair colors demand moisture to avoid damage, so using at-home products such as deep conditioning treatments and color-safe shampoos and conditioners will help conserve your sunny hues and avoid brassiness.

Gloss and dimension: these come naturally with golden strands especially when you style your mane with waves. Marvel at how natural-looking Beyonce, Emily Blunt, and Karlie Kloss’ golden manes are!

You’ll be amazed at how this gleaming shade can make your skin glow and bright instantly!

Wear the rays of the sun right on your tresses with one of these golden blonde shades. Experience the golden luster when you try one of these popular colors below!

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Golden Blonde Hair Color in Balayage

Golden Blonde Hair
Instagram @hairbysamhostad

Any lighter accent would make such an awesome compliment to brunette hair. This golden blonde hair seems to be the star of the show for this one.

Blonde and Strawberry Red Balayage

Blonde and Strawberry Red Balayage
Instagram @mia.lynn.hair

Rich honey with streaks of a champagne color. The tight curls on shoulder-length hair and some bangs to wrap up this semblance.

Light Gold

Light Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @hairstylist_on_a_mission

The classic golden blonde hair with bangs takes is truly timeless. The waves, bangs, and the solid color team up for a youthful package.

Golden Highlights on Brown Hair

Golden Highlights on Brown Hair
Instagram @saxonhairatx

Mimic a natural brunette glow by enforcing light brown highlights onto your hair. Now you can have twice the fun!

Caramel Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Caramel Blonde Hair with Lowlights
Instagram @suzycolorist

Be a southern Belle courtesy of colorist Suzy! That warm glow from the honey-colored ends ties up the whole look.

Medium Blonde

Q&A with style creator, Amanda Roberts
Hairstylist @ Hair By Amakaye in Murrieta, CA

How would you describe this look?

With this particular client she had about 6-8 inches of regrowth, and her mid shaft/ends had old black box dye. Luckily she was not looking to achieve an ashy blonde rather a beautiful golden blonde shade! Personally, I think golden blondes are overlooked because clients hear gold and think yellow like a banana.

This golden blonde hair color is natural honey complemented with ribbons of butter toffee. It has all the warmth in all the right tones. The cut was very minimal as we wanted the color to be the star of the show. We complimented her face with a heavy face frame and side bang to give her more style when she wears it up, also because she has amazing cheekbones that we wanted to accentuate. She’s a mother of 2 young ones and sometimes she just gotta throw it up and go, so having the shorter texture around the face still give her a more styled look! My favorite thing about this color is how it looks like her natural color as if she was born with it. It will grow out very seamlessly.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Go for the gold (pun intended)! Hair color is meant to be fun, and golden tones don’t have to be scary or intimidating. Often times clients want that bright blonde but what they don’t realize is in order to get that bright blonde, you need gold. Golden blonde tones reflects light, and it also brings a very nice glow to the client’s face. Golden blondes come in a variety of tones, all of which can be tailored to each individual client. I definitely believe there’s a tone for everyone!

Dark Blonde

Dark Blonde
Instagram @hair.blush

Q&A with style creator, Katie Lynn Sheridan
Master Stylist @ Hour Rose Salon in Brooklyn, NY

How would you describe this look?

I cut and color corrected her hair – so I guess I would describe this as a golden makeover! My favorite thing about it is definitely how low maintenance golden blonde hair color is. Because she had several inches of new growth it was a long appointment up front, but it’s now easy breezy using a baby light technique and a warmer toner. Warmth will always last longer and fade nicer than ash tones!

Any advice for someone considering it?

A golden blonde hue is perfect for anyone who wants low maintenance, naturally warmer blonde tone. The cut is great for either a wash and go client or one who spends the extra 20+ minutes styling before their day!

Ash Blonde on Shoulder Length Hair

Q&A with style creator, Jenny Magalde
Hairstylist @ Be-YOU-tiful Creations By Jenn in El Paso, TX

How would you describe this look?

We focused mainly on blending her greys and all the while doing so giving her an overall youthful appearance. In conclusion, we came to the consensus that the lowest maintenance option to fit her needs would be baby lights which gave her dimensions of colors and that sun-kissed look we all look for! What’s better than to use a mix of gold and ash?!

For the finishing touch, I trimmed her hair to a shoulder-length, blunt haircut for a thicker look. I also added some beachy waves for a more flattering and trendy look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would recommend this look to anyone who is looking to enhance their features because it’s perfect for any face shape and size. The haircut and style add volume and makes the lower half of the face appear thinner.

Recommended “Be-YOU-Tiful” Maintenance: Ensure use of a color-safe, sulfate free shampoo, and conditioner. Initially stay away from bathing in extremely hot showers. Consider a hair mask and oils for your weekly routine to nourish and replenish hair. Keep your blow drying, curling, and other forms of heated styling methods to a minimum, and it is preferred to air dry when possible. Consider getting regular trims to keep hair looking healthy and fresh.

Honey Blonde on Wavy Hair

Q&A with style creator, Erin Barr
Owner / Master Stylist @ Hour Rose Salon in Brooklyn, NY

How would you describe this look?

This is a natural golden blonde hair color. It’s modern yet effortless.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I always suggest to consider the maintenance before choosing any look and if this is something you can keep up with. If the tones and styles are complementary and if not, I will suggest a great version for each individual.

Golden Highlights on Black Hair

Golden Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @jtcolours

Q&A with style creator, Joseph Trace
Salon Owner / Master Colorist @ Jtcolours in Baltimore, MD

How would you describe this look?

I think of this golden balayage as elegant and sexy. Most people now days are scared of warm tones, but I love both warm and cool tones.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Anyone can wear this because the tone may be adjusted to skin tone. I would say do your research and find someone who knows what they are doing. Invest in your hair! You wear it every day.

Brown Blonde on Medium Length Hair

Q&A with style creator, Jenna Wentland
Hairstylist / Manager @ Shag Salon in Royal Oak, MI

How would you describe this look?

What I love most about a golden balayage blonde is that it is so natural and versatile, anyone can have it! My clients love how pretty it grows out and that they don’t have to commit to constantly having their color touched up. This was done on virgin hair, so it’s a much more subtle version of a balayage.

Any advice for someone considering it?

As far as advice for this specific color, it is definitely perfect for people who want a “change” but don’t want to go crazy. It is great for virgin hair so the client can get a feel for the process, but it doesn’t take them so far away from their natural look if they decide they don’t want to do it again. And if they do love it, it is easy to build on and make the highlights lighter, brighter, or even different tones. I encourage my clients to play around with different shades, once they get a feel for having the color on the hair.

Dark to Light Golden Blonde Ombre

Dark to Light Golden Blonde Ombre
Instagram @hairby_clayre

Q&A with style creator, Clayre Bandyk
Hair & Makeup Artist / Owner @ Hairby_Clayre in Chicago, IL

How would you describe this look?

The way I would describe this look is a subtle gold balayage. I used a technique called “balayage”, and that is hand painted highlights using clay lightener. This is how we create such a soft look. Then I used Kevin Murphy color line. I toned using ice, beige, and natural to get an even more natural look for my guest. Then we finished up by blow drying her hair and adding some curls using a 1-inch iron.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you’re wanting a “natural look”, do a balayage root smudge and more of a natural toner to help achieve what you want.

Bright Golden Blonde on Short Hair

Q&A with style creator, Isabella Doktor
Hairstylist @ Glo Hair Studio in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this look?

How cute is this trendy beachy bob? My client has a finer texture and wanted a change with low maintenance style. She can easily just add a salt spray/ texture spray, scrunch, and a few tousled curls to create this beach hair. This is perfect for living in Southern California because we are always on the go, enjoying our local beaches and sunshine.

This blonde and gold is great on pretty much everyone who is looking for a fun and flirty active lifestyle. Deciding to go for the not too short not too long beach bob can be limiting for round faces. Keep a little more length around the face and not to the chin because this will make the face appear more round. Also, hair that’s super long isn’t ideal for diamond-shaped faces, but the beach bob is the happiest, trendiest medium of all the haircuts, flattering every shape.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I always suggest using a deep conditioner every other week especially here in San Diego with our outdoor lifestyles and hard water. Blondes need more hydration when using salt sprays that can dry out our hair.

Warm Blonde for Curly Hair

Q&A with style creator, Kaycee Doyle
Curly Hair Stylist @ Clementine’s Salon in Denver, CO

How would you describe this look?

This look is an effortless sun-kissed golden blonde with her beautiful natural springy curls. I love how natural these balayage highlights are. It gives her this beautiful effect of just being in the sun for all summer like we did as children. I absolutely am obsessed with how bouncy and vibrant her curls are. I love how a great customized Ouidad curly haircut can really change somebody’s whole look and love for their own curls in just a matter of minutes.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I have been cutting curly hair for about 5 years. It has its trials and heartache like any hair type. But once I give them this Ouidad cut, product, and teach them how to style their hair, they can never look back or go back to any regular haircut. It really is life changing for these people which in turn makes my job so rewarding for me. Anyone considering making their life easier and just wants to start to embrace those beautiful natural curls needs to at least give this whole Ouidad process a try. Only then they will see the amazing transformation and effortlessness it can take to love and appreciate your curls as much as I do. Oh and sprinkle in a little bit of gorgeous balayage for dimension. You’ll never go back!

Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Q&A with style creator, Andrew
Management Stylist @ Luxe Salon in Chatswood, NSW

How would you describe this look?

This look is like a golden chandelier, but it’s had enough warmth and lightness to enhance many skin tones and hair lengths. The key is big at the front “brighter” and softer in the rear.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If someone has pale skin there’s enough darkness to refresh them without feeling washed out, or if they have darker skin there’s enough lightness to enhance their tones but not to again wash them out. It’s a great balance, but the pieces around the face bring attention to the eyes.

Styling – soft waves for higher cheekbones to draw them lower, tight curls for lower cheekbones. It’s all to bring attention to the eyes. Curls or waves bring attention to the eyes, cheekbones, or jawline just as make/up does.

Products to use are a good cream heat protector for coarse frizzy hair for moisture and smoothness and a light spray heat protector for finer hair for the added strength.

This combined with either a straight ING iron or curling tong will give the best results after comb out with a wide tooth comb and some hairspray for added sexiness.

Rose Gold Blonde on Long Hair

Q&A with style creator, Jade Jones
Hairstylist @ Halo Hair Studio in West Gladstone, QLD

How would you describe this look?

I would call the color below frosted golden balayage as it’s more a muted down gold with slight hints of mahogany. I love most about this look is unlike traditional golds this color fades very gently into a creamy blonde as the mahogany helps to keep the brass at bay while giving the client a color that isn’t high maintenance but still gives a lovely appearance

Any advice for someone considering it?

This color started its life as an ash blonde, so with recommending this sort of color, I would suggest it for someone who is already blonde but wants to step away from the colors everyone else wears. This color and style suits all hair shapes as well as personalities. I would not suggest olive based skin tones as the colors will clash.

Using professional based products keeps this color optimal. The client uses a color saving shampoo and conditioner with a heat protectant for any styling.