19 Best Golden Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Your Skin Tone

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Before your next hair appointment, check out our pictures of golden blonde hair color ideas. A golden blonde hair color is a multi-tonal hair color that is a mixture of honey, golden, and buttery tones of blonde. With a warm, luxurious treasure in your hair, you’ll always have fun with golden hues.

Proper and premium care is needed to prolong a golden blonde shine. Lighter and brighter hair colors demand moisture to avoid damage, so using at-home products such as deep conditioning treatments and color-safe shampoos and conditioners will help conserve your sunny hues and avoid brassiness.

Gloss and dimension: these come naturally with golden strands, especially when you style your mane with waves. Marvel at how natural-looking Beyonce, Emily Blunt, and Karlie Kloss’ golden manes are!

You’ll be amazed at how this gleaming shade can make your skin glow and brighten up instantly! Wear the rays of the sun right on your tresses with one of these golden blonde shades.

Here are pictures of the best golden blonde hair color ideas for every skin tone.

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Rose Golden Blonde on Long Hairstyles
Instagram @jonilaulumaa

#1: Muted Rose Gold Blonde on Long Hair

A rose gold blonde on long hair is a muted down gold with slight hints of mahogany. Unlike traditional golds, this color fades very gently into a creamy blonde as the mahogany helps to keep the brass at bay, while giving you a color that isn’t high maintenance.

If you’re currently an ash blonde, consider a rose golden hair color and step away from the colors everyone else wears.  Olive based skin tones might clash with these colors. Using professional-based products keeps a golden rose color optimal. Also, use a color-saving shampoo and conditioner with a heat protectant after using a golden blonde hair dye.

Warm Golden Blonde for Curly Hair
Instagram @takihodi

#2: Warm Golden Blonde for Curly Hair

A warm golden blonde for curly hair is an effortless, sun-kissed golden blonde color. With beautiful natural springy curls, the natural balayage highlights pop within your hair.

Sexy Long Dark and Golden Blonde Hair
Instagram @williammleite

#3: Sexy Long Dark and Golden Blonde Hair

You can’t go wrong with dark and golden blonde hair. This classic look can be pulled off by almost any woman. Make sure to see your stylist for regular trims to keep your long hair healthy.

#4: Sultry Golden Blonde with Light Blonde Highlights

If you have a natural blonde base, consider adding highlights to your hair. Go for this look when you’re looking for brightness around your face while keeping the rest slightly more natural and subtle. The money piece will make your beautiful colored eyes pop.

#5: Best Light Golden Blonde Balayage

A light golden blonde balayage is a great option for long hair. Balayage means to paint on highlights, the method creates a smooth transition from roots to ends mimicking how the sun would lighten your hair as a child. The soft root makes for a lower maintenance color as you won’t see a harsh line of outgrowth. Balayage will tend to be toned more warm or golden to keep it natural.

Dimensional Dark to Light Golden Blonde Ombre
Instagram @hairby_clayre

#6: Dimensional Dark to Light Golden Blonde Ombre

A dark to light golden blonde ombre is best achieved using the Kevin Murphy color line. Tone it using ice, beige, and natural colors to get an even more natural look. Finish up by blow-drying your hair and adding some curls using a 1-inch iron.

golden blonde hair color in balayage
Instagram @maggiemh

#7: Golden Blonde Hair Color in Balayage

Golden blonde hair color in balayage adds an awesome compliment to your brunette hair. Golden blonde hair seems to be the star of the show for this subtle gold balayage. Balayage is a technique that features hand-painted highlights using a clay lightener. If you’re wanting a “natural look”, do a balayage root smudge and more of a natural golden blonde toner to help you achieve what you want.

#8: Yummy Blonde and Strawberry Red Balayage

A blonde and strawberry red balayage can only be described as rich honey with streaks of a champagne color.

#9: Amazing Light Gold Blonde Hair

A classic light golden blonde hair color is truly timeless. When you add waves, bangs, and a solid color, they team up for a youthful look.

Sweet Golden Highlights on Brown Hair
Instagram @davidsolis22

#10: Sweet Golden Highlights on Brown Hair

Golden highlights on brown hair mimic that of a natural brunette glow, enforced by light brown highlights onto your hair. Now you can have twice the fun!

Delicious Caramel Blonde Hair with Lowlights
Instagram @tracywhair

#11: Delicious Caramel Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Opt for caramel blonde hair with lowlights and become a Southern Belle! That warm glow from the honey-colored ends ties up your whole caramel golden blonde look.

#12: Beautiful Medium Golden Blonde

A medium golden blonde hair color is a beautiful golden blonde shade! Golden blondes can sometimes be overlooked because you hear gold and think yellow like a banana. A golden blond hair color is a natural honey complemented with ribbons of butter toffee. It has all the warmth in all the right tones.

A gold-yellow hair color is meant to be fun, and golden tones don’t have to be scary or intimidating. Often times women want that bright blonde but what they don’t realize is in order to get that bright blonde, you need gold. Golden blonde tones reflect light, and can bring a very nice glow to your face. Golden blondes come in a variety of tones, all of which can be tailored to you.

Low-maintenance dark golden blonde
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#13: Low-Maintenance Dark Golden Blonde

A golden makeover can be found in a dark golden blonde hair color if you’re in need of a color correction. Darker gold blonde hair is a low-maintenance blonde hair color. If you have several inches of new growth it could be a long appointment upfront, but it will eventually become easy-breezy using a baby light technique and a warmer toner. Warmth will always last longer and fade nicer than ash tones! A golden blonde hue is perfect if you want a low maintenance, naturally warmer blonde tone.

#14: Gorgeous Ashy Golden Blonde on Shoulder-Length Hair

Opt for ashy golden blonde hair if you’re wanting to blend your greys. Doing so will give you an overall youthful appearance. If you’re looking for the lowest maintenance option to fit your needs, baby lights will give you dimensions of colors and that sun-kissed look. What’s better than to use a mix of gold and ash?!

Use a color-safe, sulfate free shampoo, and conditioner. Initially, stay away from bathing in extremely hot showers. Consider a hair mask and oils for your weekly routine to nourish and replenish your hair. Keep your blow drying, curling, and other forms of heated styling methods to a minimum, and it’s preferred to air dry when possible. Consider getting regular trims to keep your hair looking healthy and fresh.

Modern honey golden blonde on wavy hair
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#15: Modern Honey Golden Blonde on Wavy Hair

Go for a natural honey golden blonde hair color on your wavy hair. It’s modern yet effortless. Consider the maintenance before choosing any golden honey blonde color and decide if this is something you can keep up with.

Elegant Golden Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @jtcolours

#16: Elegant Golden Highlights on Black Hair

Golden highlights on black hair can transform into a pretty golden balayage that’s elegant and sexy. Most women now days are scared of warm tones, but don’t be afraid to embrace both warm and cool tones. All women can wear this because the tone can be adjusted to your skin tone. Do your research and find a stylist or colorist who knows what they are doing. Invest in your hair! You wear it every day.

#17: Natural-Looking Brown Blonde on Medium-Length Hair

A brown blonde on medium length hair is so natural and versatile. It grows out beautifully and you don’t have to commit to constantly having your color touched up. Virgin hair works best on a subtle version of a golden balayage blonde. Again, a golden blonde balayage is great for virgin hair so that you can get a feel for the process. It doesn’t take you so far away from your natural look, giving you the option to not do it again. And if you do love it, it’s easy to build on and make the highlights lighter, brighter, or even different tones.

#18: Bright Golden Blonde on Short Hair

A bright golden blonde paired with short hair is great if you are looking for a fun and flirty bob hairstyle. Use a deep conditioner every other week, especially if you live in an area with hard water. Blondes need more hydration. Deep conditioners will help when using salt sprays that can dry out your hair.

#19: Golden Blonde Highlights on Deep Brown Hair

Golden blonde highlights on brown hair is like a golden chandelier. A gold hair color has enough warmth and lightness to enhance many skin tones and hair lengths. The key for a nice golden brown is brighter at the front and softer in the rear. If you have pale skin there’s enough darkness to refresh it without feeling washed out. If you have darker skin there’s enough lightness to enhance your tones, but not to again wash them out. It’s a great balance, but the pieces around your face bring attention to your eyes.

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