Ginger Copper Is The Trending Hair Color Right Now – See 25 Ways to Get It

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Balayage with ginger copper on the lengths

#1 Balayage Ginger Copper Hair Color

A seamless balayage that transitions from a darker root to ginger copper ends. It’s a low-maintenance color option that gives a natural, sunkissed look, perfect for adding dimension to straight or wavy hair.

Medium-length ginger beer copper hair with textured waves

#2 Ginger Beer Copper Hair Radiance

Here we see a textured, medium-length cut awash in a ginger beer copper tone. This hue gives off a subtle radiance, ideal for those who want color with character but not too loud. Works well with most hair types and requires moderate maintenance.

Short and chic ginger copper bob cut

#3 Short and Chic Ginger Copper Bob

This short, chic bob in a vivid ginger copper is for those wanting to make a statement. It’s a fresh, modern cut that’s low maintenance yet striking, and the color will require some care to keep its vibrancy.

Long waves with a sun-kissed ginger copper hue

#4 Sun-Kissed Ginger Copper Waves

These long, sun-kissed waves in ginger copper are what summer hair dreams are made of. Ideal for adding a touch of warmth to your look, but be mindful that long hair like this will need protection from the sun to keep the color from fading.

Graceful ginger copper hairstyle for women over 70

#5 Graceful Ginger Copper for Women Over 70

This ginger copper is perfect for the graceful woman over 70. The soft layering adds volume, while the color warms the complexion, offering a stylish yet age-appropriate look with easy upkeep.

Dimensional Coppery Auburn for Short Hair
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#6: Dimensional Coppery Auburn Hair

The dimension in this coppery auburn bob is nothing short of captivating. Each strand seems to dance with different shades, from deep auburn roots to brighter copper highlights. The textured, choppy ends give this style a lived-in look that’s both edgy and effortlessly chic—a fabulous choice for someone who’s all about dimension and movement in their hair.

Polished ginger copper with blonde highlights for women over 40

#7 Elegant Ginger Copper for Women Over 40

For the sophisticated lady over 40, this ginger copper with a hint of blonde highlights offers a poised and polished look. The multi-tonal layers provide depth and an elegant, low-maintenance style.

Light ginger copper waves, full of life

#8 Light and Lively Ginger Copper

A dynamic and light ginger copper, full of movement and vibrancy. This shade is a cheerful pick-me-up and a good match for those with a fair complexion, though it may require regular salon visits to keep it lively.

Sophisticated ginger copper bob for women over 60

#9 Sophisticated Ginger Copper for Women Over 60

A classy bob with ginger copper tones that bring out the warmth in mature skin, making it a fabulous choice for women over 60 looking to add vibrance to their style without going overboard.

Ombre hair showing ginger top with copper blonde ends

#10 Ombre Ginger Copper Hair Transition

A stunning ombre transition from a rich, velvety ginger top to a bright coppery blonde at the ends. It’s perfect for someone with a bit of an adventurous streak but who also values an easier grow-out phase.

Smooth waves showing golden brown ginger copper tones

#11 Golden Brown Ginger Copper Tones

Subtle, golden brown ginger copper tones woven through a soft, flowing hairstyle. It’s an ideal choice for someone who wants a touch of ginger without a drastic change, with the added benefit of minimal maintenance.

Burnt orange ginger copper hair in soft waves

#12 Burnt Orange Ginger Copper Fusion

For a daring and fiery look, this burnt orange ginger copper is the way to go. This color choice stands out and is a commitment—it needs care to preserve its intensity, especially on textured or layered cuts.

Soft waves in a strawberry blonde ginger copper mix

#13 Strawberry Blonde Ginger Copper Mix

Effortless waves in a strawberry blonde ginger copper blend, ideal for those looking for a warm, yet light hair color with a sunny disposition. It’s less intense than deeper reds and requires a bit less upkeep.

Warm ginger copper balayage on brown hair

#14 Ginger Copper on Brown Hair

This ginger copper balayage on brown hair is a great way to add some flair without full commitment. The gradual blend is low-maintenance, yet the color gives a striking contrast that’s sure to pop.

Vibrant curly ginger copper hair

#15 Curly Ginger Copper Hair Charm

Tight, bouncy curls in a rich ginger copper that enhances the volume and texture of natural curls. This shade is high-maintenance and may need regular hydration treatments to keep the curls healthy.

Ginger copper hair with a soft wave, inspired by Asian beauty

#16 Asian-Inspired Ginger Copper Hair

The ginger copper here is a modern nod to traditional Asian aesthetics, offering a balance between bold and natural. This shade requires care to keep the color vibrant, especially on naturally dark hair.

Dark ginger copper shade on brunette hair

#17 Dark Ginger Copper for Brunettes

A deep ginger copper that adds warmth to dark hair, giving a radiant, multi-dimensional look. It’s a lower maintenance color that enriches natural brunettes without the constant need for touch-ups.

Classic ginger copper hairstyle for older women

#18 Ginger Copper Hair Color for Older Women

A tailored, classic cut with ginger copper tones that can rejuvenate and add a youthful glow to mature hair. It’s a graceful color that provides full coverage and is forgiving with regrowth.

Faded ginger copper color on long wavy hair

#19 Faded Ginger Copper Elegance

This long, flowing style boasts a muted ginger copper, ideal for those who prefer subtlety. The lighter tone is less demanding on upkeep and suits a variety of skin tones, making it a versatile choice for everyday elegance.

Vibrant ginger copper waves on thick hair

#20 Vibrant Ginger Copper Hair Color

A fiery and vivid ginger copper that cascades in waves down the back. It’s a color for those ready to embrace a dramatic look and the maintenance it brings. Best for those with thick, wavy hair that can handle the color without compromising health.

Black woman with long, curly ginger copper hair

#21 Ginger Copper Glow for Black Women

This hair showcases voluminous, long curls in a dynamic ginger copper that beautifully complements deeper skin tones. The color transitions effortlessly from root to tip, giving a sun-kissed glow, though it may require frequent salon visits to maintain the luscious shade.

Chin-length ginger copper bob with a natural shine

#22 Natural Red Ginger Copper Shine

Captivating chin-length bob in a soft ginger copper shade. It’s a refreshing twist on the classic red that’s manageable and less of a commitment. Ideal for fine hair, as the color adds depth, and the length is easy to style.

Long, wavy hair in a vivid ginger copper color

#23 Spicy Ginger Copper Hair Color Fusion

Lush, shoulder-length curls drenched in a spicy ginger copper hue that’ll turn heads. The color has warmth that works with cooler skin tones, but upkeep is a must to prevent fading. Perfect for those with a medium texture and density looking for a bolder change.

#24: Full-Head Copper Highlights

This rich, dimensional hairstyle is adorned with full-head copper highlights that shimmer brilliantly in the light. Each wave is accentuated by the radiant hues, creating a full-bodied look that’s both warm and inviting. The depth and shine suggest meticulous care and high-quality coloring techniques, making it a luxurious choice for anyone.

Ginger-Copper Color Melt and Lowlights with Soft Medium Waves

#25: Ginger-Copper Color Melt with Lowlights

This hair color is a magnificent spectacle of ginger and copper shades melting seamlessly together, with lowlights that add a rich depth and dimension to the overall look. The waves catch the light and showcase the varying tones, offering a dynamic and vibrant finish that’s both striking and sophisticated.

Deciding to go ginger copper is a bold move that immediately amps up your style with its warm, fiery tones. This color works wonders at enhancing the natural depth and shine of your hair, especially when you choose a shade that complements your skin undertone.

While many know the visual appeal of this hue, understanding the right maintenance routine is crucial; this includes using color-protective shampoos and scheduling regular gloss treatments to keep the color vibrant. Copper tones can fade quickly without proper care, so integrating these steps is vital for lasting brilliance. Ready to flaunt a new, eye-catching look? Check out these fantastic ginger copper inspirations to find your perfect shade!