Get The Look: Pretty Pastel Hair Colors For Spring

Have you noticed lately that some of your favorite celebrities have randomly been rocking pastel colored hair? Not bright or punky colors, but real pastel… like the color tones you just saw over Easter.

Pastel hair color trend for spring**As seen on Pinterest**

When I first saw this look it was on Kate Bosworth. She tipped out the ends of her blonde hair in a pastel blue color and I was confused with how I felt about it. But then Lauren Conrad and January Jones added pastel pink highlights to their hair that looked so soft and pretty. Katie Perry and Kelly Osbourne started rocking an all over purple pastel color, and I kind of dug it. Before I realized it, I started liking this trend and secretly wanted to add a pastel pink tone to my own hair.

Pastel hair colors**As seen on Pinterest**

If this is something you think you may want to try on your own hair there are a few important things you need to consider…

– These sort of colors will only show up on pre-lightened/bleached hair. When I say bleached, I mean white bleached, not yellow. If you put a pastel color on dark or medium blonde hair is will barely tint the color and could come out an icky shade.

– These colors fade quick, like really quick. To keep your new hue in tact, you will probably need to color it weekly.

– Once you’re over this color and want to go back to what you had before, it may be a tricky task for your hairstylist. Always consult with them before taking the plunge, just so you know what you’re signing yourself up for.

Pastel hair color from Pinterest**As seen on Pinterest**

If this has now scared you away from going pastel, you may want to consider a much easier and no-commitment way of adding the color with clip-in hair extensions pieces. Some wig stores and beauty supply stores sell individual clip-on pastel hair extensions which are the perfect way to enhance your look. Or you can try the newest trend to hit the hair scene, hair chalking. What is hair chalk? I’ll be telling you in a new post very soon!

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