30 Incredible Ways to Get Galaxy Hair in 2024 (Photos)

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Galaxy hair is a hair color trend that combines purple, blue, and magenta-colored hues. These celestial shades create a color melt that mimics the galaxy, hence the name ‘galaxy hair.’ These cosmo hair colors are bold, beautiful, and bright. Galaxy hairstyles are a very popular trend right now.

What is galaxy hair?

Galaxy hair is achieved by coloring your tresses with the various blue, red, pink, and purple hair colors we see in distant galaxies. As you can see from space photos, there are many shades to choose from. Even though the photos are digitally colored, they’re what we’d see with our naked eyes if close enough.

Note that these are fashion colors so they can fade quickly without the right care. Washing your hair with special color shampoo, using cold water, and washing as little as possible help.

Also, prepare yourself for a full day at the salon. It can often take 3-5 hours to get this galaxy color, so plan accordingly!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these trendy photos from the world-renowned hair colorists who’ve created incredible galaxy hair colors.

Galaxy-Inspired Colorful Butterfly Cut
Instagram @pinupjordan

#1: Colorful Butterfly Cut

A butterfly cut is a 70’s hairstyle with a modern punch of vivid colors placed throughout. Using 3-4 colors in the same color family or tonal range might be helpful. Your hair colorist should mention that such galaxy hair styles will be highly maintained. Expect to lighten your roots every 6-8 weeks. Vivid colors, being semi-permanent, do fade a bit quicker than permanent hair color. Make sure only to shampoo your hair 1-2x per week to prevent your hair color from fading too quickly.

Cosmic Color Melt

#2 Cosmic Color Melt

This strong and deep galaxy balayage hair is truly attention-grabbing, with vivid colors that suit fair skin tones. The aqua blue color starts at the roots and ends in a bright teal, with purple as a transition shade.

Aqua In Space Galaxy Hair

#3 Aqua In Outer Space

The expertly painted galaxy colors in this stylish hair prove that having enough imagination can do wonders! This wild mixture of shades of aquamarine and purple gives this outer space balayage a lot of movement and texture.

Spiral Galaxy Lavender Magenta

#4 Spiral Galaxy Lavender Magenta

There is no better combination in the galaxy than lavender and magenta; this color melt has proven it. These two colors were done with such seamless blending that it’s difficult to point out where they meet!

Light Velvet Galaxy Mid-Long Hair
Instagram @hair.by.taylor.dale

#5: Light Velvet Galaxy Hair

If you’re drawn to unusual colors, try mixing violet, blue, and lavender. These hues blend well with light galaxy-like hair. Bright, vibrant colors look great on hair, whether it’s straight, curled, or styled in French braids. Each style makes the colors pop in unique ways.

#6: Fuchsia Purple and Turquoise Blue Highlights

Try fuchsia purple and turquoise blue highlights for a fun, galaxy-inspired look! Fuchsia and blue are strikingly contrasting, providing a bold dimension that blends seamlessly. Plan extra salon visits roughly every month to refresh the purple and blue colors.

Galaxy-Toned Chunky Highlights on Long Hair
Instagram @manicpanicnyc

#7: Galaxy-Toned Chunky Highlights

Galaxy-toned chunky highlights are a fun color trend that never goes out of style. The colorful highlights standing beside each other create a bold contrast for a unique dimension. To enhance this look, use a shine spray for a glossy effect.

Vivid Galaxy Straight Hair
Instagram @heididoeshair

#8: Vivid Galaxy Straight Hair

Vivid galaxy straight hair is a fun option all year round. Avoid using hot water on your hair to keep the vivid colors of the hair bright. Always ask your stylist for product recommendations because they know what is best for maintaining the beauty of your locks.

Futuristic Galaxy Wavy Hair
Instagram @cgannhair

#9: Futuristic Galaxy Waves

Futuristic galaxy waves are fun and vibrant and best for women who want a little vibrancy, dimension, and texture in their hair. One of the best ways to add dimension and depth to your hair is by coloring your hair in multiple shades. Dyeing your hair a darker color on top and a lighter/different color on the bottom will create a beautiful 2-toned color melt and give you the depth and dimension you’re searching for. Styling your hair with messy waves will add the messy texture you want.

#10: Hidden Galaxy-Hued Highlights

Hidden galaxy-hued highlights are achieved by bleaching the hair and depositing the blue, pink, and purple to achieve a brighter color scheme. Have your stylist place them on the mid to lower back of your head to achieve a peek-a-boo look.

Deep Dark Galaxy hair
Instagram @uggoff

#11: Deep Dark Galaxy Hair

These multi-toned galaxy hues look beautiful, with each deep shade seamlessly blending into each other.

The big waves enhance the result and suit all hair types with the right upkeep. This is perfect for women with natural brown hair.

Interstellar Indigo Hair
Instagram @jeni_does_ham

#12: Interstellar Indigo Hair

We’re deeply in love with the creative blend of rich blue and purples in this galaxy hairstyle.

Colorist and stylist Jeni incorporated buns and stellar accessories to add a magical and unique touch to the look, creating a stunning galaxy-inspired ‘do.

This is the latest hair color trend that ladies must go for!

Star-Gazing Blue Hair on Black Roots
Instagram @adlydesign

#13: Star-Gazing Blue Hair on Black Roots

This two-toned blue galaxy balayage is a magnificent mixture of cold shades of aqua that suit most skin tones.

Maintaining the dark roots saves you visits to your stylist, and the waves make an effortlessly easy look.

Milky Way Pastel Bob
Instagram @salondebear

#14: Milky Way Pastel Bob

This marvelous galaxy gradient begins in a vibrant purple and slowly fades into a lightened pastel blue.

It’s a great galaxy hair dye for those with fair to neutral skin tones and for medium to lengthy hair.

Stratosphere Teal & Magenta
Instagram @giannadoll13

#15: Stratosphere Teal & Magenta

These galactic colors are so rich and blended to perfection that they make the hairstyle unique yet versatile.

Starting with natural dark roots can lessen your trips to the salon so that you can keep this galaxy shade of teal and magenta for a long time.

universal layers galaxy hair
Instagram @pandora1215

#16: Universal Layers

This beautiful three-layered galaxy ombre hair defines movement by starting with deep violet roots that fade to a vibrant yellow and then to a cool pink.

If your hair needs more life and dimension, there is no way you can go wrong with a wavy style to match these jewel tones.

Galaxy Ombre of The Future
Instagram @xostylistxo

#17: Galaxy Ombre of The Future

This seriously dreamy galaxy ombre hairstyle begins with a cool, rich purple with dark roots and transitions into blue streaks.

The gradient is so subtle you don’t even notice it without the brightening effect of those white highlights.

Galactic Purple Hair for a Short Layered Bob Cut
Instagram @elyserox00

#18: Galactic Purple Hair for a Short Layered Bob Cut

This is the smoothest galactic purple layered bob cut you’ll ever see.

Taking on a cool purple base that transitions into a vibrant blue, then a beautiful violet, creating movement and dimension in this gorgeous galaxy hair.

Unicorn in Space
Instagram @thehairsphinx

#19: Unicorn in Space

You are sure to fall in love with these short color-popping galaxy tresses!

Infused with purple streaks on a rich blue base, this hair got a lot of texture with the messy wave.

Andromeda Braids
Instagram @niclynnhair

#20: Andromeda Braids

A brilliant proof that braids and dyed galaxy hair are stunning together.

This look incorporates perfectly placed shades of purple and blue, highlighted by a thick center braid and two cute loose braids at both sides.

Brunette-haired ladies will love this upgrade on their locks, for sure!

#21: Braided Peacock Galaxy Hair

This vibrant peacock and galaxy hair color will stand out with its aqua and purple blend.

Half of the hair was pulled into a wide loose braid, a super easy and casual semi-updo that enhances the whole look.

Cosmic Bow Galaxy Hair Color
Instagram @autumnlei_

#22: Cosmic Bow Galaxy Hair Color

This truly magical galaxy hair uniquely blends fashion colors from roots to ends!

It takes on alternating blue tones and purple to lavender ombre that is unraveled by that matching bow.

Photosphere Pastel Galaxy Shade
Instagram @makimakhair

#23: Photosphere Pastel Galaxy Shade

Stylist Maki Mak decided to have fun with these funky waves by painting pastel galaxy hues to tresses.

One side is pinker, and the other is bluer, which is mesmerizing!

You can never go wrong with these pastel hair colors if you have a fun imagination and, of course, a pro stylist!

#24: Short Galaxy Waves

Any hair length can have this magical galaxy color melt of purple, teal, and magenta.

This hair inspiration features electric, multi-tonal hair colors that need high and regular upkeep.

#25: Northern Lights and Galaxy Tones

This gradient teal is amazing for ladies with dark hair who want to experiment with galaxy tones.

It starts with a dark base and transitions into a vibrant lighter shade electrified by neon green pieces.

#26: Muted Milky Way

Spice up your shoulder-length straight hair with a super edgy purple lavender galaxy color melt like this one.

One trick to have easier maintenance and at-home hair care is to keep your roots dark so that you won’t have any problems with the grow-out.

Out of This World Look with Magenta Highlights
Instagram @hairbylyslord

#27: Out of This World Look with Magenta Highlights

Paint and color your hair with these funky galaxy vivid shades of purple, blue, and hot pink if you’re tired of your plain black hair.

Wearing hair color trends like this is a marvelous way to be unique with your galaxy style.

#28: Neon Nebula Hair

Stun people with this galaxy-inspired look; you’ll also feel like a mermaid!

You don’t need to wear super stylish outfits, as this hairstyle will do perfectly.

Intergalactic Bob
Instagram @makimakhair

#29: Intergalactic Bob

Feel all the vastness of the galaxy’s fashion colors right in your hair with this top-notch paint job!

It doesn’t matter if you have a short haircut. It only matters if you’re brave enough for a high-maintenance galaxy hair color like this!

#30: Galaxy Hair Color for Men

This galaxy hair hue is a vivid hairstyle for guys looking to spice up their old boring haircut.

Work that fade with a blend of dark purple while keeping the top a cool icy blue for a dimensional result.