25 Trendiest Fall Haircut Ideas for Women Over 60 in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

The most ideal and popular fall haircuts for women over 60 vary from short bobs to mid-length chops. Added neutral and warm tones are a great choice to complement the autumn season.

There’s a broad spectrum of cuts and styles that ladies can choose from. Face shape and features are the fundamental aspects to consider.

For instance, a middle part with any hair length can elongate a round face shape. Feathered layers can even cover and help soften sharp edges in women with a square face shape. And, the list goes on!

Autumn is a temperate season known for its striking change in color. Like how maple leaves adjust their pigments, isn’t it the best time to sport a new shade, too?

Embellishing with dark fall hair colors gives an oomph factor to a woman’s look. Chocolate brown with toffee highlights is a cool-toned, low-maintenance shade. It’s a suitable option for women with natural brown undertones in their locks.

The fall season is for our natural red-headed beauties to shine more than ever. Copper, pumpkin spice, and even rose gold hues make the trendiest red fall hair colors. They can also go as vivid as a wheat-toned blonde!

A combination of a new cut and color does an epic back-to-back revamp to a woman’s style. This transformation creates a youthful-looking glow for older women age 60 and up.

With this trend being in season, check out these popular images of fall haircuts for women over 60!

Long Bob Hairstyle with Rich Burgundy Highlights
Instagram @beautybyjeneb

#1: Long Bob with Rich Burgundy Highlights

A long bob with rich burgundy highlights gives the perfect amount of warmth, enough to highlight your best features, especially if you’re a woman over 60. A long bob haircut coupled with rich burgundy highlights creates a youthful glow. Keep your dimension and tone down with a red-based demi-permanent color.

#2: Wash-and-Wear Bob with Soft Layers

For a youthful look, try a beautiful bob with soft layers, which is easy to maintain. In your bob hairstyle, layers can add lift and softness and can be adjusted to create the desired volume. I would recommend using a volumizing mousse and blow-drying for a hairstyle that stays full and in place all day.

#3: Copper Mullet with Crown Layers

Upgrade the style of your copper-colored mullet by adding short layers at the crown. Adding dramatic texture and layers will highlight the longer length in the back and increase volume. I highly recommend a texture spray to emphasize your hair’s feel and make your copper color stand out.

#4: Undercut Pixie with Thin Bangs

If you want a new look for your pixie cut, consider an undercut with thin bangs. The undercut with bangs suits 60-year-olds with fine hair the best. Keeping the back short makes the top seem longer and more full. Also, a delicate fringe can add volume to your face.

#5: Brown Bob with Blonde Babylights and Bangs

The style features a brown bob hairstyle with blonde babylights and bangs. This cute little bob, with light-reflecting highlights, aligns with the current trend. Babylights can create the appearance of natural, sun-kissed highlights. For fine hair, a bob cut in a blunt shape provides a full look and a bold finish. Softer shades of brown and blonde flatter aging skin by subtly defining facial features.

Autumn Golden Brown on Short Hair for Women Aged 60
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#6: Autumn Golden Brown on Short Hair

Apply an autumn golden brown color to short hair. With cooler weather on the horizon, short haircuts could be beneficial for you. If you have a short bob that finishes around the jawline, it can create a chic look. Not only will this style not get disturbed by a scarf, but it will also provide a little warmth by naturally contouring the face. For women over 60, shorter hair can be easier to style and create volume for face shapes and textures that favor more height or width. Use a round brush for blow-drying and add volume with a bit of back-combing, then secure your bob’s volume with hairspray.

Mid-Length Light Copper Hair with Feathered Ends for Mature Women Over Sixty
Instagram @alluredayspa

#7: Light Copper Hair with Feathered Ends

Opt for a light copper hair color that comes with feathered ends. You can easily achieve the best dimensional reds with a few shade shifts throughout your hair. Adding lighter ends to a deeper root color can significantly transform your hair coloring routine. Pair your color with a soft, feathered cut and light face framing. This helps give finer hair some movement without making it too thin.

#8: Autumn Maroon A-Line Bob

maroon a-line graduated bob completes a fall look. If you’re looking to add fullness around your face, a blunt cut will work well. If you have a narrow jawline and fine hair, try a full a-line cut.

Dimensional Golden Brunette with Long Waves for 60-year-old Ladies
Instagram @hairbynicc__

#9: Dimensional Golden Brunette with Long Waves

Golden brunette hair and long waves are perfect for the end of summer. Fall hairstyles call for warm, flowing locks. To achieve this look, ask your stylist for a full head of highlights with brown and gold coloring for a dimensional look. Gold, red, and light brown tones will give your hair a fall vibe. Adding waves will beautifully show off the color and cut.

#10: Tousled Bob with Copper Red Tones

Fall is a wonderful time to reinvent your look. Red and copper tones might suit you if you want extra vibrancy but not vivid colors. A copper-toned sharp bob cut to chin-length gives a vibrant yet elegant look.

Autumn-Perfect Light Caramel for Fluffy Layered Bob for Older Women
Instagram @stylebynate

#11: Light Caramel for Fluffy Layered Bob

For a fun new fall hairstyle, try giving your fluffy layered bob a light caramel hair color to add volume. Caramel and copper are the perfect colors for enhancing your fall-inspired hairstyle. Your skin’s natural undertones can be highlighted by adding soft ginger accents to your hair. This also gives your hair a shiny and bright look with a subtle caramel hue. Consult your stylist about maintaining the color. Using demi-permanent glosses can add shine and enhance the hair shade.

Sleek Ginger Lob with Layers
Instagram @tacolourga

#12: Sleek Ginger Lob with Layers

Ask for a sleek ginger lob with layers to highlight your eye color. The right shade of copper complements and enhances your facial features, making you look half your age.

Collarbone-Length Cut with Bangs and Dark Auburn Lowlights
Instagram @colorme_sandy

#13: Collarbone-Length Cut with Bangs and Dark Auburn Lowlights

A collarbone-length cut with bangs and dark auburn lowlights is full of warm complementary colors that create movement and depth in the hair. If you’re 60-years-old, know that adding a full fringe and subtle layering to dark auburn lowlights create an illusion of thicker, texturized hair and will make you look 10 years younger.

#14: Merlot Wedge Cut

A merlot wedge cut for ladies over 60 offers a dramatic touch of texture, dimension, and volume. Adding vivid hues on dark hair creates a beautiful contrast, enhancing the layers created in this fall haircut.

Plumb and Chestnut Feathered Bob Haircut
Instagram @excapehair

#15: Plumb and Chestnut Feathered Bob

A plum and chestnut feathered bob consists of light and textured layers that soften any harsh lines and highlight your facial features in the best light. A feathered cut adds volume, which makes styling quick and easy.

Cinnamon Red Layered Cut with Long Bangs
Instagram @impressionsmke

#16: Cinnamon Red Layered Cut with Long Bangs

A cinnamon red layered cut with long bangs can have fun choppy layers for a messy lived-in finish. Ask your hairstylist to keep a strong perimeter to stop the hair from appearing too thin when opting for an autumn hairstyle and fall colors for women over 60.

Pumpkin Spice Short Angled Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @soubecas

#17: Pumpkin Spice Short Angled Bob

If you’re a woman in her sixties, going for a pumpkin spice short angled bob can brighten up your complexion in an instant. Keep in mind that an all-over color on dark hair will have a harsher grow-out. It will require more salon visits to maintain it and keep it from looking brassy.

#18: Neck-Length Bob with Wispy Bangs

A neck-length bob with wispy bangs transforms the face shape in the best light. Wispy bangs are light, highlighting the eyes as the focal point of the face, and making it an optimal fall hairstyle.

#19: Short Bob with Marigold Highlights

A short bob with marigold highlights gives an added depth that makes hair appear thicker than ever before. Adding light and textured layers in the crown creates height and gives a lived-in finish.

#20: Mid-Length Golden Blonde Waves

The mid-length golden blonde waves reflect a dramatic shine. Using an aerosol heat protectant gives necessary protection while also holding the waves longer.

#21: Edgy Brown Pixie

An edgy brown pixie is a fun hairstyle choice for women of any age, but especially women over sixty. Keep the layers short to create an easy everyday styling routine. A fringe can be worn on the side or a middle partition to highlight your facial features in the best light.

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#22: Rich Red Long Pixie Bob

Go with a rich red long pixie bob for a sultry and sophisticated finish. Mixing different tones of red adds dimension while creating a vivid, shiny hue.

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Short Inverted Bob with Reddish-Brown and Caramel Highlights
Instagram @thomasatmbh

#23: Short Inverted Bob with Reddish-Brown and Caramel Highlights

A short inverted bob with reddish-brown and caramel highlights is an edgy yet fun style choice. An undercut at the nape creates a strong weight line, making the angle of the haircut more pronounced. Adding reddish-brown and caramel highlights creates a sophisticated and youthful-looking finish.

#24: Medium-Length Cut with Dark Auburn Balayage

A medium-length cut with dark auburn balayage is a perfect option for women who desire to upgrade their dull-looking tresses into something jaw-dropping. This hue paired with this cut softens any harsh lines, creating a youthful-looking radiance to any woman wearing it.

#25: Jaw-Length Blonde Bob with Bangs

The jaw-length blonde bob with bangs is a timeless haircut for women over 60 who prefer sophistication on their tresses. Adding a fringe allows for easy volume in the front, giving a lifting effect to the face.

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