25 Gorgeous “Fall” Hair Colors Women In Their 60s Are Getting in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Fall hair colors for women in their 60s are youthful, rich, and vibrant tones that offer autumn hues. These are the shades that make one of the most flattering styles for mature women out there!

The fall’s trendiest shades are more on the red, brown, and dark or dirty blonde hues. Those have similarities to the changing colors of the leaves. They can be super dull or very bright, depending on a woman’s preference.

Some of the best color techniques for ladies over sixty are balayage or ombre. The first one gives a more dimensional edge, while the latter provides a flawless color melt.

Freshen up your locks with these astonishing tones and get inspired by these images of the most popular fall hair colors for women in their 60s!


#1: Dark Blonde with Subtle Copper Highlights

A shade of dark blonde with subtle copper highlights blends well with gray roots. The result? Low-maintenance hair color for women in their sixties! It’s a great fall hair color and is easy to achieve for natural blondes.

#2: Textured Copper Bob

A textured, copper bob suits women over 60 with cool or neutral skin tones. If one’s skin is more olive, a darker copper hue is recommended. Bob cuts are easy to style, although frequent maintenance is essential. You should plan to visit the salon approximately every 6 weeks.

Short Edgy Red Orange Asymmetrical Fall Cut for Ladies Aged 60
Instagram @tania.mazuru

#3: Edgy Red Orange Asymmetrical Cut

The creative edgy cut, in bold asymmetrical fashion and a rich red-orange shade, is designed for those ready to make a statement. The vivid copper color of the same haircut adds further allure, assured to draw people’s attention. This very haircut is an edgy reinterpretation of the classic bob style. Incorporating a dash of asymmetry into this style creates a fresh and uniquely inspiring look.

#4: Warm Strawberry Blonde Tone

If you want to go copper but are a bit hesitant, try this warm strawberry blonde tone. This color includes hues of soft copper paired with golden tones as well. Ask your stylist to incorporate some golden highlights, allowing the color to feel blended and soft. This color combination is perfect and just in time for fall!

Fall-Inspired Fire Copper Short Hair for Older Ladies Aged 60
Instagram @flint_hair_

#5: Fire Copper Short Hair

If you are searching for a powerful punch of color, consider this short hairstyle in fiery copper. This vivid orange-copper hue is perfect for those wanting to make a big statement with their hair color. To achieve the fiery copper color, it’s important to note that a double process may be necessary. This could involve using a top coat or gloss in order to achieve the desired level of vibrancy and shine.

Fall-Inspired Short Haircut with Natural Ginger Color for 60-year-olds
Instagram @wendyhshih

#6: Short Haircut with Natural Ginger Color

This short cut with ginger tint is ideal for a change in season. Getting a ginger hair tint can be hard. It’s key that the copper stays soft and real-looking! I suggest adding parts of gold highlights. This makes the whole look soft and nice.

#7: Red Mini Mullet with Baby Bangs

Try a red mini mullet with baby bangs for a super edgy vibe. This cut is easy to style, but regular salon visits are needed to maintain its sharp look.

Autumn Creamy Honey Blonde Highlights on Older Women's Over 60 Short Hair
Instagram @rleneshairlair

#8: Creamy Honey Blonde Highlights

With its warmer undertones, the creamy honey blonde highlights bring softness and lightness. This blonde shade also lasts long, reducing the frequency of salon visits.

#9: Copper Orange Bob with Bangs

Go for a copper orange bob with bangs for your new fall look! This color will allow you to embrace your natural red hair while adding some bright orange to your ends for some added flair.

Short-Length Autumn Dark Crimson Layered Bob for Women Over 60
Instagram @cp.hairartist

#10: Dark Crimson Layered Bob

A dark crimson layered bob is a soft short hairstyle perfect for any woman looking to embrace short hair with a modern twist. This layered hairstyle mimics the shape of a traditional bob. However, it sits slightly shorter with added volume and layers around the nape. This shape perfectly pairs with a powerful color like this crimson red. Vivid red hair color and a soft bob are a wonderful way to have an eye-catching hairstyle while still maintaining a bit of classic elements.

#11: Glossy Cinnamon Brown

For your autumnal look, a cinnamon-glossy brown hair color would be just perfect. This hair color is ultra-shiny, displaying beautiful warm light brown and darker shades throughout. Complete your hair look with a shine spray for an extra sparkle.

Autumn Tousled Pixie with Blonde Highlights for Ladies Over 60
Instagram @definedbysav

#12: Tousled Pixie with Blonde Highlights

The tousled pixie cut with highlights is an excellent choice for women with fine, straight hair. It gives the effect of denser, thicker hair that’s a breeze to style on a daily basis. For this hairdo, a texture spray is the ideal styling aid.

Fall-Inspired Light Brown Pixie Bob with Grey Blending for Ladies Over sixty
Instagram @dorishairday

#13: Light Brown with Grey Blending

For a more low-maintenance color, try grey blending with a light brown color. Adding a solid, more neutral color allows your hair to gain more tone and helps avoid an all-over color change. This also ensures that as your hair grows, it maintains a softer appearance.

Short-Length Bright Ginger Bob Perfect for Fall and Ladies Over 60
Instagram @tiffanykrystal.hair

#14: Bright Ginger Bob

Go for a bright ginger color on a shorter bob haircut! Reds are a great way to add brightness and depth to your look. Be sure to ask your stylist what red best suits your skin tone, which is a very important factor in choosing your new color.

#15: Red Brown Wavy Short Bob

A red-brown wavy short bob is a fun and beautiful way to embrace your natural texture. This haircut and style is designed to embrace and bring out your natural texture. Bobs are the perfect way to incorporate a shape for your naturally curly texture. In order to achieve this style, I’d recommend introducing some curly hair products into your routine. My favorite lightweight curl gel is from Amika.

Rich Auburn Brown Short Hair for Autumn and Seniors over 60
Instagram @roya_one

#16: Rich Auburn Brown

Try adding a rich auburn hue to your brown hair for fall! Adding warmth to a darker color will give more shine and depth to your hair. I recommend using a color shampoo and conditioner at home to maintain your sultry new color.

Red Maple
Instagram @komtani.studio

#17: Red Maple

Red maple is a lovely color that offers a rich and classy tone. It does a great job of spicing up a pixie haircut, giving it an alluring finish. The hue is sure to enhance a warmer skin tone, too!

Dirty Blonde with Subtle Plum Highlights
Instagram @beicapellierie

#18: Dirty Blonde with Subtle Plum Highlights

Pull off dirty blonde with subtle plum highlights for an out-of-this-world dimension! This trend makes the first-time hair coloring experience so fun and not scary. It’s a low-maintenance shade that’s perfect for seniors growing out their grey hair.

#19: Peachy Rose Gold

A peachy rose gold helps an edgy haircut to appear feminine and chic. It features cooler, richer tones that flatter neutral skin complexion the most. Direct heat can dull the hair color, so use a heat protectant before styling.

#20: Dark Chestnut Brown

Try a dark chestnut brown shade on short, straight hair if searching for your next go-to hairstyle. On-point, sleek and silky—how can you not love it? For 60-year-old brunettes, this one demands only minimal upkeep.

Golden Red Cider
Instagram @haidynsmama

#21: Golden Red Cider

Here’s a golden-red cider to allow hair to have a more classic and fresher style. The tone offers a more feminine finish yet looks edgy on a short haircut. It can be an excellent choice to make fine hair seem bulkier during the fall.

Auburn Red
Instagram @amariechihair

#22: Auburn Red

Wearing auburn red hair for the fall is never disappointing as it suits the season very well. It creates a rich, warm hue to give locks a much exciting result. Ladies with cooler skin complexion will love this hair trend the most!

Cinnamon Bronde
Instagram @clifpop

#23: Cinnamon Bronde

Consider a cinnamon bronde hair color if you’re a natural brunette. The shade makes a glamorous gloss that can freshen up dark tresses. It’s an appealing option for older ladies who want a change for the fall season.

#24: Pumpkin Spice

A pumpkin spice shade makes one of the best fall hair colors for women over 60! It complements fair to pale skin tones the best. If painted on thick tresses, the hue appears luscious more than ever!

Warm Creamy Blonde
Instagram @beauty.by_katy

#25: Warm Creamy Blonde

A warm creamy blonde is sure to flatter older women 65+. The shade blends well with the natural white strands, which makes it low-maintenance. It looks so classic on a short, wavy haircut.