Top 15 Fall Hair Colors for Women Over 50 in 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Trendy fall hair colors for women over 50 consist of warm or neutral tones. These fall hues lift any harsh lines, giving you a youthful vibrance. Red and copper are the go-to shades, but it never hurts to spruce things up with a nice shade of brown!

Lynn Felix, a hairstylist from Scottsdale, AZ, identifies two keep factors in selecting hues. “Consider how you will feel getting a new shade, and how much upkeep you’re willing to have.”

To make the hue more personal, Felix says, “Examine the lifestyle you have and communicate this to your hairstylist. This way, your hairstylist could grasp an idea of how creative you want the colors to be.”

Felix warns how your desired hue may lead to unrealistic ideas about its upkeep. You and your hairstylist must consider your eye and skin color with your lifestyle. It helps you manage your expectations linked to the styling and maintenance of your new hair hue.

Check these popular fall hair colors for women over 50. These flattering tones will knock a decade off your style!

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Strawberry Blonde on Mature Women
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#1: Strawberry Blonde

A strawberry blonde on mature women is a beautiful choice for ladies looking to revive their hair color. Strawberry blonde looks stunning on those with a light complexion. If you naturally have red hair, this is going to be a low-maintenance color for you and will fade beautifully with your natural color.

#2: Auburn and Burgundy Fall Hair Color

Try auburn and burgundy fall hair color to bring in the fall. Wearing this soft and rich color is the perfect way to soften your skin and bring out your eyes.

#3: Brunette with Golden Brown Highlights

A brunette with golden brown highlights is the perfect way to welcome fall. The highlights are perfectly placed around the face to bring brightness and movement to the cut and facial features.

#4: Dark Cherry Red Hair

The dark cherry red hair is a trendy hue that suits women over 50. This shade enhances a woman’s eye color and helps smooth out any harsh lines in the face, creating a youthful-looking glow. This hue perfectly adds richness to dark hair. To achieve this color, ask your colorist for a violet-based red.

#5: Toffee and Caramel Brown Hair Color

Blending toffee and caramel hues creates a warm and light brown hair color in a chic, modern, and youthful style. It adds a soft dimension to a wavy, neck-grazing bob, optimum for older ladies. Its warm tones match a few gray pieces on your hair and are guaranteed to complement the colors of the fall season.

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rich dark chocolate hair for ladies in their 50s

#6: Rich Dark Chocolate

The rich dark chocolate tone makes a stunning fall hair color idea that works best on cool and neutral skin tones. It requires minimal to no lightening, which means a healthier coloring process. For dark hair to look shinier, shampoo and conditioner with turmeric plus saffron can help.

Maple and Mocha Blend on a Pixie Cut

#7: Maple and Mocha Blend on a Pixie Cut

A fusion of maple and mocha blend can turn a short haircut into a vibrant, full-bodied masterpiece. It enhances the appearance of hair that has a lot of density. To make tresses feel lighter and look voluminous, a pixie cut is the right choice for women over fifty.

#8: Dimensional Burnt Orange Hair Dye

A dimensional burnt orange makes a fresh autumn color that goes well with a nice, short haircut. The hue looks vivid but also offers depth at the roots. A gorgeous 50-year-old lady with thick hair can benefit from this—no doubt!

#9: Golden Toffee Color for Fine Hair

This golden toffee shade is a superb choice for a fall hair trend. It offers a warm, vibrant tone to pair well with the autumn season. For a complete style that flatters older women with fine hair, match it with a jaw-length graduated bob hairstyle with bangs.

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#10: Mid-Length Haircut with a Ginger Apricot Color

Try a ginger apricot shade to freshen up natural red hair. Shinier and prettier—the color suits the vibe of autumn. It’s sure to flatter mature ladies with fair or pale skin complexion.

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chestnut and cinnamon blend for women in their 50s
Instagram @tracydionstyle

#11: Chestnut and Cinnamon Blend

A chestnut and cinnamon blend on short hair? Yes, please! The shades blend seamlessly, creating a soft yet luscious effect. If you’re a 50-year-old woman, keep your hair looking fiery and edgy by styling it with piece-y texture.

#12: Cappuccino with Hints of Burgundy on Shoulder-Length Curls

Upgrade your natural hair color by opting for a shade of cappuccino with hints of burgundy. Classic and polished—this is one of the best color trends for 50-year-old women.

Its subtle dimension and warm hue match the colors of autumn. Accentuate the streaks of cappuccino and burgundy by styling the hair with curls.

#13: Dark and Vibrant Burgundy Balayage on Straight Hair

A dark and vibrant burgundy balayage results in an edgy, very stylish hair color. It has rich, deeper tones that give a nice dimension to dense hair. Ladies who are around their 50s and have natural dark tresses, try it! The burgundy hair dye only requires minimal care.

Dimensional Honey Bronde Hair
Instagram @jpiccohair

#14: Dimensional Honey Bronde Hair

A dimensional honey blonde hair is the perfect shade when you want to start going lighter. The honey tones keep the hair warm and soft and is a beautiful color for any skin tone.

golden caramel copper for women over 50
Instagram @susanfordhair

#15: Golden Caramel Copper

Here’s a golden caramel copper hair color that women over 50 must try! Ask for soft blonde hair highlights around the face to achieve a face-framing effect.

The dimension it offers can enhance a fair skin tone. The combination of tones creates a vibrant finish, perfect for autumn.

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