Top 25 Fall Hair Colors for Women Over 40 in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Fall hair colors for women over 40 are often warm and luscious shades that flatter older ladies. Skin complexion is the first factor to consider when choosing the best hue to wear. For instance, deeper hues complement an olive skin tone while lighter ones suit fair skin.

When it’s about to be autumn, get ready to see more red and brown tones. Copper, caramel, and dark blonde are also a few of the other popular shades to look forward to.

Getting a fall-inspired color is a fun way to gloss dark tresses. Natural brunettes who are in their 40s can enjoy the fall hair trend the most. It demands low maintenance and gives a youthful result.

If wanting to change your hair color to match the autumn season, you’re very welcome here. Read on to see our collection of photos of the trendiest fall hair colors for women over 40.

Cinnamon Ginger Fall-Inspired Hair Color for Ladies Over Forty
Instagram @jayromerosalon

#1: Cinnamon Ginger

Choose a cinnamon ginger shade if you’re craving a hair color that represents autumn. This fall trend gives the mane a softer and vibrant edge. It looks awesome on both a straight or wavy hairstyle.

Chestnut Pumpkin Bread Autumn-Inspired Color for 40-Year-Old Women

#2 Chestnut Pumpkin Bread

Here’s a shade of chestnut pumpkin bread that is worth a try during the fall season! It adds shine to the tresses and looks way better with soft waves. To appear younger-looking, keep the strands around the face bright.

Golden Copper Autumn Color for Women in Their 40s

#3 Golden Copper

A golden copper tone makes pretty eyes pop even brighter! The fall hair hue is intense and looks more polished on mid-length, sleek hair. Keep the locks moisturized and avoid oils so the copper color stays vibrant.

Maple and Chocolate Blend Fall Color for Women Over 40

#4 Maple and Chocolate Blend

Go for a maple and chocolate blend when wanting a yummy, luscious hair color. It appears richer on thick tresses. To amp up a hairstyle that suits a 40-year-old lady, a bump towards the crown area is eye-catching!

Autumn Shoulder-Length Red Brown Layered Hair on Older Women Aged 40
Instagram @apeshairart

#5: Red Brown Layered Hair

A warm reddish-brown hue is excellent for complexions. Avoid artificial bright reds for a softer result, and use color stay shampoo to prevent fading. Mix your reddish-brown hue with soft layers for a lively look. Use shine spray to finish for a glossy hair look.

Fall-Inspired Muted Orange Short Hair for 40-year-olds
Instagram @rosies_space

#6: Muted Orange

Choose a muted orange for a rich color effect. For a muted orange, think about strawberry copper in color terms. If you desire a deep strawberry tint, request a dark copper base from your stylist. The color should gradually lighten, ending in a stunning strawberry blonde.

Autumn Mid-Length Deep Cherry Red Hair for ladies over 40
Instagram @flthygorgus_

#7: Deep Cherry Red Hair

Consider a deep cherry red hair color, which might be just what you need to feel a change in your look. If you’re naturally a brunette, transitioning to deep cherry red is great. Your stylist can keep within your natural hair level and simply shift the tone for a slight seasonal change. If you’re testing out a new hair color, consider trying a gloss.

#8: Fire Copper with Dark Roots

The hairstyle is a fiery copper color with dark roots. Make your hairstyle unique with depth and dimension using vibrant copper balayage. If you like low maintenance, keep your natural root with bright copper ends. This requires salon visits for gloss touch-ups every 10 weeks and blonding every few months.

#9: Low-Maintenance Strawberry Blonde

A strawberry blonde hair color is low-maintenance. A roots look is always preferred by free-spirited individuals who enjoy low-maintenance hairstyles. This dimensional strawberry blonde allows you to enjoy both style and simplicity. Ask for highlights from the middle to the ends of your hair. Create a color melt with a darker root that gradually transitions into strawberry blonde.

Autumn-Style Burgundy Ginger Bob with Bangs for 40-year-olds
Instagram @shakti_salons

#10: Burgundy Ginger

The burgundy roots really make the bright ginger tones pop! The darkness and depth of the root also add richness and help keep your maintenance low. For the best shine and dimension, use a smoothing cream with a hot iron while styling this hair color.

#11: Soft Copper Balayage

Adding a balayage in soft copper to a brunette is a great transition from summer to fall. The balayage has a big impact on color and is low-maintenance. The warmer undertones give extra shine to the hair with the balayage.

Medium-Length Copper Hair with Lighter Ends for Fall and Mature Ladies Aged 40
Instagram @hollowaybeauty

#12: Copper Hair with Lighter Ends

Ask for copper red hair with lighter ends. These fall copper tones bring in all the light-reflecting colors. A light and reflective color palette can brighten your look at any stage in life. Ask your stylist for a balayage. Blend a lighter copper color into your hair, from the deeper root to the ends.

#13: Gold Cinnamon with Ginger Undertones

The color being described is a golden cinnamon tint with ginger undertones. It’s a beautiful color that shines with a solid gold base and subtle shades of cinnamon copper undertones. You can choose this copper hue to highlight your face and create a radiant glow. Remember to consider your skin undertone while choosing the base – cooler base for cooler skin tones, and warmer for warmer. Your stylist can make the best decision for you. It’s important you understand this, especially if you’re considering transitioning to a red hair color.

Fall Mid-Length Cut with Warm Auburn and Face-Framing Highlights for Women Over Forty

#14: Warm Auburn with Face-Framing Highlights

The hairstyle is a warm auburn with face-framing highlights. This redhead hairstyle is in style all year and becomes more sought-after in the fall. Adding a few accent pieces of color will make your hair more vibrant. Golden-toned face-framing highlights add a nice glow and look natural.

Autumn Blonde Ginger Balayage on Long Haired Ladies Over Forty
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#15: Blonde Ginger Balayage

A blonde ginger balayage is trending. Use foilyage and color melt to create a deep autumn color. To get bold golden blonde tips, your stylist should apply foilyage to the ends of your hair. Next, your stylist will choose a combination of shades that blend well.

Collarbone-Length Ginger Brown Curls for Fall and Women over 40
Instagram @aoki_hair

#16: Ginger Brown Curls

Ginger-brown curls are stunning. Bring out your curls with the perfect cut and fall color. This shade will mix red and copper hues with a touch of brown. This hair color suits warm skin tones well. For square faces, ask your stylist for rounded layers to reduce the boxy look.

#17: Pumpkin Copper Highlights

Consider a pumpkin copper highlight. Brunettes can adopt the seasonal trend with this pumpkin spice highlight. Ask your stylist for babylights to create a soft, seamlessly blended highlight. Choose a gloss toner in your favorite fall shade to match your skin tone.

Dark Red Medium Hair with Blonde Money Piece for Women over 40
Instagram @hollowaybeauty

#18: Dark Red with Blonde Money Piece

Make your dark blonde hair pop with a blonde money piece. Use coloring and layering techniques on your hair to achieve depth and texture. Draw more attention to your facial features and add the desired height and width by framing your face with a blonde veil. Finally, add depth and dimension to your hair by draping a layer of dark red over it.

Ginger Red to Light Brown Ombre for Older Ladies Over 40 for Fall
Instagram @hairbyzoesmith

#19: Ginger Red to Light Brown Ombre

The hair color resembles a blend of pumpkin spice. From a ginger red to a light brown ombré, it’s perfect for the fall season. The hair color begins with a deep copper ginger red and gradually fades to a lighter copper hue for a beautiful ombré effect. The blend is ideal for people with light hair tones or those who lighten their hair before the color-melting process. To maintain its beauty, use a color-safe cleanser like Hairstory New Wash.

#20: Warm Chestnut

Warm chestnut is one of the shades that symbolizes autumn. The color looks fresher when matched with a layered, blowout hairstyle. This hair trend makes a flattering alternative to gloss natural brunette locks.

Natural Brunette with Bronde Highlights Fall Color
Instagram @buffybouz

#21: Natural Brunette with Bronde Highlights

Upgrade a natural brunette with bronde highlights for a more dimensional style! If the hair has a lot of density, the dimension and waves break up the thickness. It makes a chic fall hair color for a 40-year-old woman.

#22: Vibrant Plum Red

Opt for a shade of vibrant plum red! It isn’t the usual red shade, but it’s fiery and perfect for the fall season. It offers an edgier finish, especially when partnered with a short to medium haircut.

#23: Rooted Copper

With a rooted copper shade, a flirty-looking dimension is achievable! This hair color appears feminine, and it’s ideal for mature women with lighter skin tones. Copper hues are often high-maintenance, but if done with a balayage, magic happens. Dark roots can save a few salon visits for a gloss appointment.

#24: Light Cappuccino

Consider a light cappuccino hair color if you’re a woman with a golden skin complexion! It offers hair a vivid autumn effect, yet the black strands underneath give extra edge and depth, too! Finish the style off with a very lived-in vibe by adding in glamorous waves and texture.

Choose a cinnamon ginger shade if you’re craving a hair color that represents autumn. This fall trend gives the mane a softer and vibrant edge. It looks awesome on both a straight or wavy hairstyle.

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Pumpkin Spice Fall Hair Color
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#25: Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice is a type of hair color that suits the vibe of the fall season. The tone gives a shiny edge to dark tresses, which is ideal if you want to go light without committing to blonde. Wearing it with a classic short bob makes it optimum for women over 40.

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