Top 25 Fall Hair Colors for Older Women in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Fall hair colors for older women consist of the colors of fall – copper, chocolate & richer warmer tones. After summer, and especially after the pandemic when salons were closed, older ladies are even more hungry for a change.

According to hairstylist, Aimee Jörliden of Helsingborg, Sweden, “If your hair is dyed in a darker color it’s not realistic to ask for a blonde tone in one appointment. Talk to your stylist about tape extensions. You can always put in some strands of tape extensions, in whatever color you’d like to try, without actually dying your hair.”

She continues, “If your hair is dyed blonde or has highlights mixed with strands of grey or white, don’t be afraid to add some butterscotch or/and peach-toned lowlights. Don’t be afraid of warmer fall hues, it gives the hair shine and dimension, and it’s always complimentary to the skin.”

When ask about at-home care, Jörliden says, “It’s important to understand that our hair, just like our skin, transforms with age and life. Give your hair the best foundation with good products, like Olaplex no6 and no7, because hair that is more coarse, like grey/white hair tends to be drier and can get frizzy because of lack of moisture.” She adds, “Olaplex products are moisturizers, which are needed when the seasons get colder. You don’t want your hair to lose its shine and flexibility so you have to upgrade the products and take care of it.”

So during this autumn season, embrace your age and consider one of these fall hair colors at your next hair coloring appointment. Feel free to show your stylist these inspiring photos!

creamy blonde with dark brown lowlights
Instagram @krissief28

#1: Creamy Blonde with Dark Brown Lowlights

Here’s a creamy blonde with dark brown lowlights for a fall hair color that suits older ladies! The combination of depth and brightness brings out an astonishing dimension and contrast. It radiates two tones to flatter a neutral skin complexion.

Autumn Warm Brown-Blonde with Dark Roots for Mature Women with Mid-Long Hair
Instagram @danbaracho

#2: Warm Brown-Blonde with Dark Roots

If you have dark roots, consider adding warmer tones to your brown-blonde highlights. Bronde can be a great choice for anyone, especially in the fall season. Stylists blend warm hues of brown with bright blonde, then integrate the root color into the highlights. Adding waves or curls can enhance the depth and variation in your hair color.

Fall Short Golden Brown Wavy Pixie for Seniors with Glasses
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#3: Golden Brown Wavy Pixie

A golden brown wavy pixie is a suitable hairstyle for older women. Soft golden browns are beautiful on women who are older, as gold reflects light and can be a helpful tool in covering up grey. Wavy hair can flow nicely with a pixie cut, creating a voluminous look around the crown, with soft waves brushing back from the face. When you want to add volume, mousse is helpful, and hairspray can provide extra hold if needed.

Light Caramel Short Feathered Bob for Mature Women during Fall
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#4: Light Caramel Feathered Bob

For thin hair types, a textured bob combined with bangs and caramel highlights is flattering. Light caramel highlights can camouflage grey hair and also give an illusion of fullness. The Living Proof Volumizing & Thickening Mousse is perfect for a full, bouncy blowout at home.

#5: Soft Honey Brown Color

Add a soft honey highlight to brunette hair to create a beautiful fall color. To achieve a younger look, consider letting your hair grow longer. Short hairstyles might make you look older, so choose a shoulder-length cut with layered colors. For a sleek look, use a frizz-free serum, like Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum, to smooth your gray hairs.

#6: Sleek Bronze Bob

A sleek bronze bob includes muted copper tones to achieve a bronze-like effect. This color scheme blends browns, coppers, and gold, creating a soft, multi-dimensional hue. Pair this hair color with a classic sleek bob styled for a bit lengthy around the chin for a powerful yet sophisticated appearance.

#7: Medium Honey Waves

Medium honey waves are a beautiful lived-in style perfect for everyday glam. This hair color and style combination results in a soft and beachy look. The honey, sun-kissed color around the face and hairline mimics the natural sun’s impact on hair. To achieve these waves, use a larger barrel curling iron for best results. My favorite tool is the curling iron, which is an inch and one-quarter in size.

#8: Chocolate Shag for Women of Any Age

A chocolate shag for women of any age gives instant richness and shine to hair. Rich chocolaty tones instantly warm up any complexion. Warm rich browns look great on warm, olive skin tones. Gold-based browns reflect off light more giving the most shine!

Gray blonde balayage
Instagram @skylerguldin

#9: Gray Blonde Balayage

Grey blonde balayage is a gradient blonding technique for naturally light bases or for gray camouflaging. Purple shampoos like Matrix So Silver can help keep the color polished and void of warmth in-between visits.

#10: Bronde with Warm-Toned Highlights

Bronde with warm-toned highlights are perfect for the seasonal change. Warm colors tend to stick longer so maintenance can be low when paired with a sulfate-free shampoo. The tones are within the same palette of color so they lay harmoniously against one another yet a variety of combinations can be made to appeal to the guest complexion and preference.

#11: Caramel Bronde Pixie Bob

A caramel bronde pixie bob is a mature approach to a soft and sophisticated style. The long fringe can be versatile in styling from smooth to tousled texture. The bronde hue is warm in color and softly compliments the haircut. The pixie/bob hybrid can allow flexible cutting maintenance in between color visits, allowing it to be paired with every other salon visit.

#12: Silver Balayage on Senior Women

Silver balayage on senior women is a gradient blonding technique for gray camouflaging. It’s a modern approach to prolonging visits to the salon and embracing the silver with a lived-in color. Purple shampoo like “Drybar Blonde Ale” is both a toning and conditioning series of products.

#13: Brown Hair with Honey Balayage

Brown hair with honey balayage is a blonde’s transition into warmer and cozier colors. The hues are fluid with one another and can easily be maintained with color safe haircare and routined visits for color refreshes. Balayage allows for a lived in color so highlighting services can range 2-3 times a year.

#14: Strawberry Blonde Fall Hair Color

A strawberry blonde fall hair color is a seamless color change for blondes or redheads, wanting to embrace the fall feels this season. Maintenance can range from cool rinses at home, to using color depositing shampoos and booking salon visits between 6-8 weeks apart.

Jaw-length ash blonde bob
Instagram @soubecas

#15: Jaw-Length Ash Blonde Bob

A jaw-length ash blonde bob is a great way to transition into a mature style. It reads polished and sophisticated with a minimalist effort. It pairs best with naturally light bases or clients with graying hair. This form of camouflaging is an alternative to root coverage which can have a 4-6 week demand. While camouflaging can extend a visit up to 12 weeks. Haircuts could be paired with that quarterly touch up or appointments can be split up sooner to support the hairstyles structure.

#16: Crimson Pixie for Mature Women

A crimson pixie for mature women can showcase your personality in one fun combination. The maintenance can vary depending on elements like layers and fringe or root touch-ups and color refreshes, however, all services can be paired into a routined salon visit for you.

#17: Cinnamon Spice Hair Color on a Bob Hairstyle

A cinnamon spice on a neck-grazing round bob hairstyle creates an astonishing result. The combination of tones complements the aura of the fall. It’s stylish yet not overdramatic for older females.

Dark Brunette with Golden Highlights fall hair color for older ladies
Instagram @smiling_moore

#18: Dark Brunette with Golden Highlights

Wanna try a dark brunette with golden highlights? What’s best about it is it’s easy to maintain while your natural roots grow out. Depth makes the golden streaks pop even brighter. This hair idea brings out a classic-looking dimension that ladies will love. It’s a great color to pair with a mid-length cut during the fall season!

caramel and copper tones fall hair color for old lady
Instagram @linzaveda1984

#19: Caramel and Copper Tones

Both the caramel and copper tones give the tresses a shinier appearance. If partnered together, they create a bright dimension and textured effect for a bob haircut to complement the fall season! This caramel and copper layered bob is perfect to wear by the older beauties with a fair skin tone.

Pixie Cut with Pumpkin Spice and Blonde Highlights fall hair color for elderly lady
Instagram @lenkahairsalon

#20: Pixie Cut with Pumpkin Spice and Blonde Highlights

Hair with pumpkin spice and blonde highlights hair colors are so vibrant and lively! The spicy shade suits women over 60, bringing their tresses back to life. If matched with a short pixie cut with lots of texture and layers, it results in a fall hair trend that older ladies must try.

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#21: Pinot Noir with Face-Framing Beige Blonde Highlights

A hue of pinot noir with face-framing beige blonde highlights is a blend of two tones. A pale reddish tone and a bright sandy hue, when combined, offer a unique dimension and an edgy contrast. It looks feminine with a solid impression. So, if you’re a mature woman who loves a bolder style and are looking for a fall hair trend, this is one to go for!

#22: Caramel Apple Balayage

Try a caramel apple balayage and see how it creates a chic dimension to your hair. The result looks soft yet rich in vibrance, and the warm tones match the fall season. This balayage hair appears natural on older ladies, making it one of the best color trends.

#23: Red Apple Cider Lob with Bangs

Get a red apple cider hair color and blend gracefully into the fall season! It has a deeper tone and provides hair a more vivid finish. Styling it with waves is sure to add a very subtle dimension to the locks. Any shades of red hair become popular during autumn, so don’t miss this trend!

#24: Hazelnut with Honey Blonde Highlights for Fine Hair

A color of hazelnut with honey blonde highlights can freshen up a layered bob haircut. The layers are what emphasize the chic, flawless dimension that this trend offers. It may look great in any season, but the warmth of a blonde hair tone complements autumn the best.

#25: Burnt Orange and Copper Balayage

A combo of burnt orange and copper balayage creates a softer, richer hair color for mature ladies. The tones go well together, offering a perfect balance of vibrancy and depth. Opt for this fall hair color if you’re a natural brunette who wishes to be a gorgeous redhead.

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