The DIY Hair Coloring Secrets You Need to Know | DIY Hair Color

Visiting the salon can be one of life’s great luxuries – but sometimes, it’s a luxury we can’t afford.

If you want to stretch the time between salon visits, the secret to a low maintenance hair color routine over the summer is using a non-permanent, like Non-Permanent by Nice ‘n Easy says Marie Robinson, Clairol Color Director.

With a hair color formula like Non-Permanent, women can easily enhance their color with gorgeous natural-looking tones and highlights and dimensional shine without the 6-8 week color cycle, as it gradually washes out.

DIY hair coloring with Nice 'n Easy

Are those gray hairs or pesky roots ruining your day? One of the best tricks for that instant  touch-up that is totally semi-permanent is to use a “mascara” that matches your hair color.  Just brush it on your hairline or part and “voila”, there you have it.

Plus, there are way more shades of mascara to match to your color and it washes right out. Why run the risk of messing your salon professional color just for an instant fix, says Steven Jackson, owner of the Greenroom Salon in South Florida.

gray cover DIY hair color

Hailing from the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in Los Angeles, Master colorist Alen Mehrabian suggests these great tips for at home color touch-ups:

1. Always get a lighter version of the color you have in mind. You can always make the color darker, but can’t make a darker color lighter.

2. Follow all instructions on the box carefully. If it says leave treatment in for 30 minutes, do so. Don’t fudge on the process.

3. Always do a strand test on the back to assure you get the desired color before dying all your hair. This gives you an out if you’re not happy with the shade.

4. Don’t have a friend choose your color because it’s never what you want it to be!

5. Using a good color line is always best. Alen recommends John Frieda Precision Foam Color or color from Sephora’s Couture Color line – it’s ammonia free!

John Frieda precision DIY hair color