17 Dishwater Blonde Hair Colors You’ll Want to Show Your Hair Colorist

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Dishwater blonde is a dirty, mousy shade of blonde with soft brown hues in it. From warm to cool tones, this shade can be modified to match your style, skin complexion, and eye color.

Understanding your skin tone is crucial. Here are some tips from hair color specialist Stephanie Zurita of Carlsbad, CA.

“Look at your skin with silver and gold against it. Does one compliment while the other contrasts? If both suits you well, you’re likely neutral,” says Zurita. You can check the veins inside your wrist. If they’re purple or blue, you have a cool tone; green means you have a warm tone; and if blue-green, you’re neutral. As for the skin, pink or rosy is cool, golden or yellow is warm, and if both, you’re neutral. “The idea of knowing your skin tone and eye color is to channel that effortless dark blonde. This would naturally pick up some highlights from the sun,” Zurita states.

Lifestyle, budget, and maintenance—these things need to be discussed with your stylist.

While this color can be low-maintenance, it still requires some care. Use salon-grade products to ensure the health, integrity, and longevity of the blonde. Zurita’s favorite is Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting Color. “It keeps hair in its ideal ph range to keep color and hair fiber looking its best between salon visits,” she notes.

Feelin’ inspired to change your hair color? Check out these photos of gorgeous dishwater blonde shades to show to your stylist.

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#1: Dishwater Blonde Ombre on Light Brown Hair

Ombré blonde highlights on light brown hair look great on all hair types. With my years of experience, brightening up your ends is the best way to freshen up your hair color. Don’t forget to ask your stylist for color-safe products that will help keep the integrity of your hair.

Natural Bronde Dishwater Balayage
Instagram @hairby_baileyc

#2: Natural Bronde Balayage

A bronde balayage is great to transition out of bright, bleach blondes. A natural dishwater blonde hair color makes for a low-maintenance balayage. A healthy alternative to living in a blonde realm.

Light Dishwater Blonde
Instagram @rossiparkhair

#3: Light Dishwater Blonde

A light dishwater blonde with a little more brightness has a yellowish pigment to keep the reflection vivid. A perfect take on ashy tones while still allowing some reflection. Ask for a dishwater blonde hair color with a bit of contrast.

#4: Multi-Tonal Dimensional Blonde Hair

Get natural-looking locks with multi-tonal dimensional blonde hair. A natural-looking ashy shade of blonde will compliment your cool skin tone and is low-maintenance when done correctly. When it comes to ashy blonde tones they appear a little darker and more muted than bright blonde hues. Curl your locks and you will see all the swirling multi-dimensional blonde hues.

Dishwater Blonde Highlights
Instagram @kazumimmorton

#5: Dishwater Blonde Highlights

Dishwater blonde highlights with super bright pops around your face are gorgeous! A beautiful way to add lightness in strategic areas, while still allowing your natural brunette base to shine through. Dishwater blonde hair with highlights is a great tone for olive complexions.

#6: Dishwater Silver Blonde

A dishwater silver blonde is a great way to transition to your natural gray. Ask your stylist to go lighter blonde, and tone silver or ash to help camouflage your natural tones. It makes the grow-out seem a little easier and softer.

#7: Mushroom Blonde Hair

A mushroom blonde is a gorgeous trend that’s perfect for hair that’s resistant to lift. A dishwater blonde color can add coolness to any screaming warm blonde. Avoid blue tones, ask for taupe or beige to keep the reflect.

#8: Dishwater Beach Blonde

A beachy blonde hair color is very underrated and commonly under-appreciated. Getting highlights weaved throughout your hair will give you the best natural-looking beach hair. Make sure your stylist puts them into very small sectioned foils that will blend with your natural color. Natural dishwater hair color just became your new favorite hairstyle and color to try out.

Multi-Dimensional Creamy Dishwater Blonde
Instagram @thenook.hairandmakeup

#9: Multi-Dimensional Creamy Blonde

Getting highlights doesn’t have to be a major life change! While the upkeep can be difficult, a multi-dimensional, creamy blonde can be maintained a little easier. If you have lighter brown hair, a dirty, dishwater hair color will suit you best when it comes to maintenance.

Warm Dishwater Mousy Blonde Hair
Instagram @tdmhair

#10: Warm Mousy Blonde Hair

Warm blonde hair is usually a mixture of ash and gold toner. Two shades you wouldn’t think of combining together right off the top of your head, but it creates a stunning dimensional, shiny color. The color wheel is very important to factor in when figuring out what hair dye will work best with other hair dyes.

Golden Dishwater Blonde
Instagram @struwwelliese_

#11: Golden Dishwater Blonde

Blonde with golden hues is a beautiful in-between of warmth and cool tones. A low-contrast dishwater color is soft, yet adds enough dimension to create a seamless blend. One of the most requested colors because the grow-out is so soft and easy!

Lived-In Platinum Dishwater Blonde Color Melt
Instagram @planet21salon

#12: Lived-In Platinum Blonde Color Melt

A blonde color melt is a low-maintenance, high-quality blonde. If your looking for less time at the salon this color technique is the best. Platinum colors go best with cooler skin tones.

#13: Ash Brown Hair with Dishwater Blonde Tips

An ash brown with dishwater blonde tips is a gorgeous high-contrast ombré. If you want to seem a little brighter I suggest going a little more lavender with the hue instead of silver. This adds brightness without the warmth.

Low-Maintenance Dirty Dishwater Blonde
Instagram @amberrenesalon

#14: Low-Maintenance Dirty Blonde

A low-maintenance dirty blonde is best achieved by adding in highlights that are just a few shades lighter than your natural hair color. Let your stylist know you want to keep your highlights from touching your scalp, so they won’t create a line of demarcation as your hair grows out. Tone with a light, warm color to recreate this dirty blonde hair color.

Sandy Ash Dishwater Blonde with Dark Roots
Instagram @melmston

#15: Sandy Ash Blonde with Dark Roots

Sandy, ash blonde with dark roots is subtle enough for a change but not life-altering. In order to keep up the cool-toned, ashy coloring, invest in a high-quality purple shampoo to use bi-weekly. Doing so will neutralize the yellow helping maintain your color. Dirty, dishwater blonde hair color is beautiful year-round.

Dishwater Blonde Lowlights with Shadow Roots
Instagram @glambymeliy

#16: Dishwater Blonde Lowlights with Shadow Roots

While most highlights require a certain amount of maintenance, not all of us can keep up but we love the hair color ideas! To fix this dilemma, ask for subtle babylights, dishwater blonde lowlights, and a shadow root that matches your natural color. By doing this, you will achieve the easiest maintenance possible while also having a new, fresh, gorgeous hairstyle.

#17: Faded Dark Blonde Hair

Faded blonde hair can be achieved by asking for ashy tones, or cooler shades. Stay away from light, or bright shades of blonde if you prefer a darker dishwater blonde. This is perfect if you are looking for a soft blend without high contrast.

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