49 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (2024 Pictures)

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Dark red hair is one of the most popular fashion colors this year. Bolder and edgier than the common red – this shade takes on a lot of forms. What is dark red hair called? These are the deeper tones and hues of a wide red spectrum. Chestnut, auburn, burgundy, and wine red are only a few fan favorites!

One reason why women and colorists are falling for this tone is how it can soften facial features. It gives your hair a multi-dimensional finish without too many dyeing processes. Dark reddish hair lets you have healthy locks while allowing you to dress your tresses in a super fashionable way.

What You Should Know When Choosing a Dark Red Hair Color 👇

  • 🤷‍♀️ Choosing a Shade: The lighter your current hair color, the longer the process will take and the more it will.
  • 💆‍♀️ Maintenance: Maintaining a dark red hue will require more frequent touch-ups the darker your hair is. Expect to visit your colorist every 2-4 weeks. To maintain your new red hue, wash your hair less often and use dry shampoo. If you have to wash it, use cold water.
  • 💵 Average Cost: The cost of getting your hair colored dark red by a professional hair colorist ranges from $75 to $200, depending upon how it’s done. For example, an ombre or balayage will cost more than getting a solid hue. The lighter your hair color, the more visits you’ll need to make too slowly darker your hair’s pigment.
  • 🙋‍♀️ Best Skin Tones: According to hairstylist Melvin Walden, “the darker your skin tone color, the darker red your hair should be.” Medium to darker skin tones such as olive and brown are best.
  • 💁‍♀️ Best Natural Base Color: Light brown, dark brown, and jet black.
  • 🎨 Similar Shades: Mahogany, maroon, dark burgundy, dark auburn, plum, chestnut
  • 🧴 Best Products: The best products to maintain a dark red tone and keep it from fading quickly are sulfate-free blue shampoo, hair masks, dry shampoo, and a deep conditioner once per week.

Is dark red hair natural? Sure, it can be! Natural redheads produce more pheomelanin, giving the hair red pigment (source). So, for women with naturally red hair, getting a darker shade will be easier and cheaper. If you have brown hair, which means you have less pheomelanin and more eumelanin (source), it’s slightly harder and will cost a little more.

Lastly, if you have blonde hair, which means you have the least amount of eumelanin, it will take longer to color process your hair, costing you more.

Before your next hair coloring appointment, check out these pictures of the most popular dark red hair color ideas!

Gorgeous Dark Red Wine Hair Color
Instagram @eunicekimhair

#1: Gorgeous Wine Hair

Let’s consider a gorgeous wine hair color. For a shift in hair color from brown to red, you should choose a red that suits the client’s skin tone and style to achieve a lovely hue. A red wine tone with a violet base will work particularly well with a warm golden skin tone. Swarzkopf is a wonderful color line known to bring out stunning reds in all hair hues. These colors can be specifically formulated for dark hair to bring out a rich tone.

#2: Dark Cherry Curls

A dark cherry curly style can be created by following some steps. You might need a pre-lightener if you are a dark-haired woman and want a rich, illuminating red. There’s no need to go platinum blonde for this. But, you must lift your hair a few levels to red-orange for a lighter red tone. If your hair naturally sits at level 1-2-3, you need this process. If it’s level 4 or higher, you can achieve a dark cherry color with one step of color and developer.

#3: Rich Dark Red

A shade of rich dark red can enhance your natural hair color, assuming you’re one of the natural redheads. It offers a darker tone that shines the best with long and wavy tresses.

#4: Fall-Inspired Dark Hair

This warm, dark color inspired by fall is a dreamy way to dye your hair, regardless of its length. This look is full of red and copper tones. You can apply it all over or just in an ombre style. This makes it a low-maintenance and versatile option that doesn’t require touch-ups at the roots. If you’re drawn to this rich color, discuss with your stylist how to adapt this look to fit your needs and your hair length.

#5: Rooted Red Balayage Highlights

A rooted red balayage highlight is an easy way to add bright red tones to your look without much maintenance. As long as you keep the root color close to your natural hair color, you can go up to 8 weeks between appointments!

#6: Hot Red Tone on Black Hair

If you’ve got naturally dark or black hair, try a hot red-toned highlight or balayage! Hot red tones look stunning on black hair.

Dark Crimson Red Color with Long Waves
Instagram @hair.artistry.by.chloe

#7: Dark Crimson Red with Long Waves

Dark crimson-red hair with long waves is the number one way to channel your inner mermaid!

Warm Dark Red Balayage with Teasylights for women with slightly wavy hair
Instagram @alex.mercedesss

#8: Warm Caramel Red Balayage with Teasylights

Try a warm dark caramel red balayage with teasylights. To create a reflective warm red, adding highlights can help add this dimension. Toning with more than one toner is sometimes necessary to create the perfect color. Reds can get vibrant super fast. Tone them down with neutral warm, bringing them back to a balanced copper. To maintain your reds, try a red toning shampoo that your stylist recommends. Or try Hairstory New Wash Original for gentle cleansing in between a toning shampoo.

#9: Stunning Dark Cherry Hair Color

For dramatic and alluring hair color, a cherry red shade is a great choice for long, curly hair. This vibrant color is the perfect shade of red hair on dark skin. It will surely be a head tuner, adding a flair of sophistication to your look.

Deep Copper Red Hair with waves for dimension
Instagram @_watchmepaint

#10: Deep Copper Red Hair

If you want a rich and radiant hair color, a darker tone of copper can be a head-turner. This hair color is gorgeous and is a great choice if you want to show off your inner fire. Aim for a color that is bright enough to bring out the copper tones but dark enough to be able to fit any occasion. If you want to try something new, this hair color is a great option.

Vivid Dark Ruby Red Hair
Instagram @georgeeblancoo

#11: Vivid Dark Ruby Red Hair

If you’re looking for a bold color, try this vivid dark red ruby red hair. I recommend salon-quality, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. This color will compliment women with neutral and warm skin tones. To keep this as bright as possible, your best bet would be to refresh the color every 6 weeks.

#12: Dark Red Long Curls with No Bangs

Take a peek at these long dark red curls if you’ve been curious about dyeing your hair! When consulting with your stylist, try to work with them to color match the right level of red that works for you! You should keep your red hair dark to complement your brown eyes.

#13: Cranberry Red with Copper Bangs

If you have been thinking of dyeing your hair, check out this cranberry red with copper bangs on a textured bob. Color blocking has been a huge success and will live on. A hair color placement such as this paired with texture at any length is a dream team!

Gorgeous Dark Red Long Hair
Instagram @hair.by.jessv

#14: Gorgeous Dark Red Shades for Long Hair

If you’re looking for a warm, vibrant color, I would choose a dark copper balayage. My favorite way to show off a red tone is to put it up against contrasting colors. Ask your stylist for a base color that is 1-2 shades darker than the tone of copper. Plan on washing with cooler temperatures to preserve your color.

Dark Brick Red Wavy Hair
Instagram @lmariehairr

#15: Dark Brick Red Wavy Hair

Wavy hair in a dark brick red shade is a great option. Your hair will stand out amongst the crowd. To keep your hair moisturized and healthy, treat yourself to a weekly mask.

#16: Dark Rusty Red Bob for Thick Hair

If you want to spice up your style, a dark, rusty bob is stunning, especially if you have thick hair. Don’t forget to ask your stylist which dark and rusty shade will suit your skin tone best.

Dimensional Dark Red and Brunette Balayage
Instagram @colour.jade

#17: Dimensional Red and Brunette Balayage

A dimensional red and brunette balayage is a fun way to play with colors while transitioning back to a dark one. Going from light to dark takes time to properly fill and create a dimensional tone. With this in mind, try that bold red or copper you’ve always wanted to. There’s no commitment, and it will be more gentle on your hair as you transition back to a dark color.

#18: Red Chestnut Highlights on Brown, Natural Hair

Red chestnut red highlights on brown natural hair can improve a lady’s everyday style! The hints of reddish-brown tone bring out instant shine to dark locks. Get this brown red hair color done by requesting a balayage to achieve a natural-looking red mane!

#19: Dark Reddish Strawberry Blonde Hair

Dark reddish strawberry blonde hair is a warm color that complements pale skin. It’s trendy, and any woman of any age can rock it.

Dark Auburn Highlights
Credit: Judy Salcido

#20: Dark Auburn Highlights

Auburn red highlights are a stunning addition to dark red hair. The payoff brings out a dimensional and glossy mane. This dark auburn hair color features the best tones on warmer skin complexions. Coloring your hair red as dark as this is perfect if you are trying to go lighter slowly or want a subtle hair color change. Dark red hair with highlights, especially with an auburn tone, is also a low-maintenance color.

Dark Purple-Red Hair
Credit: Jacob

#21: Dark Purple-Red Hair

Here’s a deep purple-red hair dye for dark hair that you must try. The combo of red hair and dark roots is refreshing to the eyes. When adding purple-red waves to a long haircut, the payoff is so shiny! It reminds us of red velvet cake!

Shoulder-Length Dark Red Hair with Copper Highlights
Credit: Nicole Janes

#22: Shoulder-Length Hair with Copper Highlights

Upgrade your dark red hair with copper highlights for a pinch of drama and various tones. These hues create a chic dimension to suit your shoulder-length cut.

Red Hair with Dark Roots
Credit: Presley Poe

#23: Red Hair with Dark Roots

Red hair with dark roots creates a vibrant color without leaving you with a harsh grow-out line. If you have long, v-cut hair, you’ll love this shade of red! Style your red locks with voluminous waves, and see the movement intensify the color.

Dark Ginger Hair
Credit: Cass Iskovic

#24: Dark Ginger Hair

Isn’t this dark ginger hair astonishing? With your lengthy dark red locks, a combo of middle-part style and old Hollywood waves is your best option.

dark red highlights on dark hair
Instagram @nadasalon_

#25: Dark Highlights on Dark Hair

Traces of red highlights on dark hair will never do you wrong. The reddish tone pops even brighter when styled with loose curls.

Black and Red Hair
Credit: Megan Alcala

#26: Black and Red Hair

This black and red hair color makes an ombre dark red hair color that matches a sleek or voluminous style. Customize your tresses with black-red hair color, and give them a fiery touch.

#27: Dark Plum Red Hair

A dash of plum red shade will keep the depth of your natural black mane. This dark plum red hair is a total match for a straight, medium-length chop.

dark cherry red hair
Credit: gretawagner_

#28: Dark Cherry Red Hair

What’s not to love about this dark cherry-red hair? The dark red is stylish and captivating, offering a flirty-looking finish. If you have a long haircut with blunt ends, style the mid-lengths with subtle waves for a soft movement.

#29: Medium Wavy Dark Red Hair

Medium wavy hair is the way to go if you want to brighten up your look! Everyone should try a red hue once in their lifetime.

#30: Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Ginger up your brown hair with red highlights for such a chic dimension. These curls accentuate even more when matched with a shoulder-length bob that keeps the curls full. Spritz a dry texture spray as a finishing touch to show off the movement better in your red hair.

Short Dark Red-Purple Hair
Credit: Lina

#31: Short Dark Red-Purple Hair

This dark red-purple is a super-easy way to spice your red hair up when craving something fun! Pair with a perfectly shaped haircut, and you’ll turn heads around!

#32: Dark Fire Engine Red

This dark fire engine red color is fire! This super hot, bright, fiery red hair will make you stand out! No matter your skin color, you can rock this one out if you’re committed to maintaining it!

#33: Dark Red-Brown Hair

This red-brown hair is swoon-worthy! Want an effortless-looking fire on your locks? This is the reddish brown hair color you’ve got to try. It may look subtle at night, but it’s shinier and prettier under the sun. This is also how you can color your red hair while keeping it full.

Bold Red Hair with Blonde Highlights
Credit: A J Salon

#34: Bold Red Hair with Bright Blonde Highlights

Bold red hair with blonde highlights is impressive! There’s nothing wrong with retro chunky gold streaks on your auburn red and blonde mane. This funky style is great for women who want to add some brightness to their red hair.

#35: Red Wine for Wavy Dark Hair

Red wine for wavy dark hair is the easiest dark shade to get for natural brunettes. Ask your colorist for a dark red wine hair color to match your mid-length mane. Since your base color is already dark, applying a rich red takes your colorist less time and less money.

#36: Dark Copper Red Hair

Dark copper red hair is one of the most flattering shades that match almost every skin tone. Of course, you still can have the benefits of warm red tones to go with a darker shade. This vibrant and bold hairstyle is so smooth on straight hair.

#37: Medium to Dark Red Ombre

This medium-to-dark red ombre screams fire and passion. This color is strategically pigmented to bring out the deepest luscious red.

Dark Cherry Red Hair Color
Credit: Luna Jae

#38: Dark Cherry Red Hair Color

This dark cherry red hair color is a color mix that looks like a vampire’s black cherry red. It’s a black color melted root, which glides into bright, seductive red. It’s a great fall look for those wanting to spice up their appearance!

#39: Natural Dark Red Hair

This natural dark red hair color is bold yet beautiful. It’s sure to accentuate green eyes. To get this hue, ask your colorist to enhance your natural red hair color with bright copper and gold tones.

Maroon Red Hair
Credit: Haley Banks

#40: Maroon Red Hair

Maroon red hair is best described as red berries and wine! Ask your colorist for a very soft lavender, then add vivid colors later.

dark ruby red hair color
Credit: Ayla Schaap

#41: Dark Ruby Red Hair Color

It takes a dark ruby red hair color to transform yourself into one modish redhead. The ruby-red shade appears fuller on straight locks that graze the shoulders.

deep red violet hair
Credit: Kelly Daoust

#42: Deep Red Violet Hair

Pull off this red violet hair, and get ready to rock and roll! The tones blend seamlessly, especially with waves. An oil or serum will surely bring out a shine in your locks.

#43: Dark Red Brown Hair for Older Women

A dimensional dark red-brown hair coloring can often make older women look younger. Bringing out a youthful glow is best done by infusing the same warmth and softness into your locks.

#44: Plum Red for Curly Hair

This is a plum red for curly hair ombre. Don’t you love how vibrant the color came out? This is for women looking for something new and fun. It’s something that isn’t too crazy but will get people to notice your hair.

Sangria Balayage Dark Red Color
Instagram @locksbylaurynn

#45: Sangria Balayage Dark Red for Pale Skin

This sangria balayage color screams vibrancy and is perfect for pale skin. The red color looks different in the light, and it’s a color that’s shiny and rich.

Dark Red Hair with Highlights
Credit: Devon Crawley

#46: Dark Red with Highlights

Dark red with highlights and black roots offer contrast and shine. With multidimensional colors, you lose vibrancy and get a more blended color.

#47: Deep Auburn Red Hair Color

This deep, auburn red hair color looks a lot like dark mahogany. It may remind you of spices like cinnamon, clove, and saffron.

#48: Deep Mahogany Red Hair + Dark Roots

Deep mahogany red is a popular dark red hair color. It’s a gorgeous color, most commonly done via the balayage technique.

#49: Burgundy Red Short Hair

This is a rich burgundy red hair color paired with a trendy angled bob. Burgundy is a mysterious shade for women wanting darker. This is vibrant, stylish, and trendy!