27 Dark Purple Hair Color Ideas for Women Trending in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Dark purple hair is the perfect color to wear if you wanna show off your adventurous personality without getting too much on the vivid side of fashion colors.

Trust me when I tell you to get excited, as there are a ton of enchanting shades in the broad spectrum of purple hues! Deep violets, although, pair most beautifully with darker and olive skin tones.

Getting pops of plum onto your hair can add depth and bring your strands to life! An almost-black purple mane has lustrous pigments that reflect light splendidly for a glossy finish. Take the plunge into this extraordinary hair color trend and experience the fun of owning a cool blackberry shade.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the most popular dark purple hair color ideas!

Rich Blackberry Purple Hair
Instagram @venomandvanity

#1: Rich Blackberry Purple Hair

This is a blackberry color balayage with a dark color at the roots and bright purple hair tones from mid-lengths to ends. It has a brown base with Jack Winn Pro Color melted into a custom mix of Pulp Riot deep purple tones over pre-lightened hair. This purple-black hair features long layers for the haircut. With this type of color, your hair will also need to be lightened to achieve the brightness of the purple, so they typically take around 4-5 hours for the first service.

Medium-Length Midnight Purple Hair
Instagram @steph.and.color

#2: Medium-Length Midnight Purple Hair

A sharp medium-length haircut with a midnight purple hair color is rich and edgy! The midnight purple color looks best on dark hair and blends seamlessly with bright purple. Finish this trendy look with a shine spray for an extra pop!

#3: Purple on Dark Silver Hair

Smoky hues are incredible, especially when they have a good vibrance. The purple dye on hair that is dark silver is the perfect example of style that is moody yet bright.

#4: Electric Purple Long Bob

An electric purple long bob is a great transitional style because purples more easily fade into a lived-in blonde. It’s the perfect color if you’ve never had a vibrant hue.

Long Hair with Purple Eggplant Balayage
Instagram @nkc_hair

#5: Long Hair with Purple Eggplant Balayage

This is a rich eggplant purple balayage, and the vibrancy complements natural dark brown hair. Adding soft waves helps show off the blend between the natural and violet balayage/ombré style. Considering this dark purple hair dye, consider how often you want to come for a color refresh. With most fashion colors, they fade faster. However, out of all the fashion colors, dark violet lasts a little longer, like this eggplant hair color.

#6: Stunning Red to Dark Purple Ombre

Pull off red to dark purple ombre hair and display a unique color melt. To achieve such beauty, your roots must be darker. That way, both mid-lengths and ends get a brighter result. Fashionable hair color like this is best when paired with a long haircut. This purple hair with dark roots would look great with waves for a seamless effect of tones.

Cute blonde hair with deep purple streaks
Instagram @elyserox00

#7: Cute Blonde Hair with Deep Purple Streaks

Blonde hair with deep purple streaks creates an interesting shadow and dimension next to a contrasting blonde. A deep purple hair color looks great with golden and platinum icy blondes. Ask your stylist to add Olaplex to the direct dye for better-staying power.

#8: Saturated Purple Tone on Dark Tresses

A saturated purple tone on dark tresses looks subtle when indoors but gives your hair a pop of color under the sun. This is great for women who want a fun, more vibrant shade. Touch-ups are required every 6-8 weeks. Meanwhile, use cold water when washing, as it’s important to help the color last. You can also buy color deposit shampoo or conditioner to refresh your color.

#9: Yummy Purple-Merlot Wine with Dark Roots

Enjoy the goodness of purple-merlot wine with dark roots now! If you think it’s time to go red, here’s a chic hair inspiration. Those dark roots are what make this trend low-maintenance. Hair color is best when polished and vibrant, so use a shine spray or oil. This purple-red hair shade looks best on women with olive skin tones. It helps bring out the color in your lips and cheeks, which gives you a natural glow. I suggest AVEDA’s Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner for maintenance.

Curly Hair with Yummy Raisin Purple Balayage
Instagram @maymary.beauty

#10: Curly Hair with Yummy Raisin Purple Balayage

This purple curly hair isn’t possible without such a gorgeous and yummy raisin balayage. The touch of purple makes an excellent addition to your dark tresses. It can pair with dark roots so that maintenance will be manageable.

This purple black hair dye is a high plum balayage with tints of purple and red tones. Ask for the highlights higher without touching the roots. This way, when your hair grows out, it still looks nice. This plum purple color is a fun color that all women can pull off. It’s a fun color that isn’t too dramatic.

Contrasting Red to Dark Purple Hair with Ombre
Photo Credit: Instagram @cindyzuleyma

#11: Contrasting Red to Dark Purple Hair with Ombre

Embody a mystical feel with a magenta to purple-violet transition that’s terrific on lengthy hair! A bright burgundy would also be a great hue to match the dark purple streaks. Wear these gorgeous colors that can be easily paired with messy waves and milkman braids so you always look fabulous.

Dark to Light Purple Subtle Ombre
Photo Credit: Instagram @serahdoeshairahh

#12: Dark to Light Purple Subtle Ombre

An impeccable monochrome transition from deep to pastel purple-violet ombre that’s fantastic for fair to medium skin! You can style your deep purple hair up or let it down with a few face-framing waves and fringes.

Bold Purple with Hints of Blue
Photo Credit: Instagram @elissawolfe

#13: Bold Purple with Hints of Blue

Inspired by mermaid hair, these cute purple swirls of color are an eye-catching work of art that fits fairer skin with pink undertones. These cool colors mix excellently to give your natural hair color a beautiful dimension.

Amazing dark purple highlights on black hair
Instagram @ellyselim_

#14: Amazing Dark Purple Highlights on Black Hair

These dark purple highlights on black hair are a game-changer! They spice up medium-length wavy hair, yet they don’t result in a drastic change. Since it’s a balayage, your roots can still keep their depth, making them low-maintenance. This black and purple hair is a gem that’s worth trying!

Rich Merlot Wine with Dark Purple Roots
Photo Credit: Instagram @priscillahairart

#15: Rich Merlot Wine with Dark Purple Roots

When it comes to purple hair styles, you can never go wrong with this rich crimson hue. The flawless transition from black to red-violet is a no-brainer and perfectly matches any texture.

#16: Shoulder-Length Hair with Purple Dip Dye

Dark roots that shift to a deep purple hair dye towards the end create an ethereal finish to a simple lob.

Darker Purple Plum Bob
Instagram @pophairart

#17: Darker Purple Plum Bob

A darker purple plum bob has a color that complements fair and pale skin tones. The richness of the dark purple shade makes your skin look flawless, though the streaks are very subtle. They add more texture to your hair color and accentuate layers on a short haircut. This darker purple plum tint on a bob cut is trendy and edgy. This bob is amazing, with medium to thick hair with a natural texture. It’s asymmetrical and perfect for a round face shape, too.

#18: Shiny Dark Violet Purple Hair

To pull off dark violet purple hair, having a thicker density is vital. Your hair will surely appear shinier and fuller without letting it look bulky. This deep purple color trend is perfect for any lady with natural dark tresses. It makes a low-maintenance option to brighten your hair a bit.

#19: Dark Purple Hair with Lavender Highlights

Try dark purple hair with lavender highlights—loud, bold, and fun! Those hints of various light purple hair tones at the ends complement the movement of a wavy style. Add extra pop to your lavender shade by ensuring your roots are dark enough.

Regal Dark Purple Hair Color
Instagram @_karleighdawn

#20: Regal Dark Purple Hair Color

This deep purple balayage could be called Purple Reign because it’s fun dark vivid with minimal maintenance. It’s dark and regal but also a loud color. Purple fades the prettiest of all the fashion colors. This cooler deep purple shade suits just about all women. Joico’s color intensity line was used in several shades to create this deep, luxe purple. Maintenance on something like this would be a refresher every 6-8 weeks.

Dark Blue Shade on Purple Hair
Instagram @iggyte

#21: Dark Blue Shade on Purple Hair

Dark ash purple hair like this can justify what “stunning” means. It has soft tones that complement soft waves. The dark shade of purple is placed on your roots and crown area to form a color melt effect. This trend is a must-try if you have thick hair.

Eye-Catching Dark Purple Red Tone
Instagram @noogiethai

#22: Eye-Catching Dark Purple Red Tone

Say yes to a dark purple-red tone and say goodbye to your old hair color. This one has a deep shade of violet with subtle touches of red. The purple and red shades combine well, creating an attractive finish. It’s an absolute eye-catcher on straight, thick locks.

Blended Deep Lilac Purple Hair
Photo Credit: Instagram @waveshairandbody

#23: Blended Deep Lilac Purple Hair

There’s a distinguished blend between the root and end color within this deep lilac purple hair. These are combined into this edgy, different, and vibrant color. When choosing violet or purple hair dye for dark hair, you should consider your skin tone. If you have darker skin tones, any shade of purple will suit. For olive skin tones, opt for blue-toned shades like a darker violet or purple; paler tones can rock the warm and cooler purples.

Vivid Dark Purple Hair Weave
Instagram @818hair

#24: Vivid Dark Purple Hair Weave

Wear a vivid dark purple hair weave if you have a warmer skin undertone. With this dark violet hair color, your roots must have a deeper tone, so the depth keeps your color shinier.

Short Hair with Dark Brown Purple Highlights
Photo Credit: Instagram @katiegct

#25: Short Hair with Dark Brown Purple Highlights

This short dark hair with purple highlights is on an asymmetrical pixie bob cut.

The purple and red tones appear brighter on the highlighted sections but softer on the natural medium-brown color. The color can appear softer in indoor lighting but brighter outside in direct sunlight. This brown and purple hair is perfect if you want a bright fashion color but still want to be work appropriate.

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Beautiful Dark Lavender purple hair
Photo Credit: Instagram @andejene_stylist

#26: Beautiful Dark Lavender Purple Hair

The color line used to achieve this dark lavender purple hair was Matrix ColorSync Watercolors. It was applied to the hair and pre-lightened to a pale blond. It’s seriously the perfect smokey lavender/mauve. Don’t be afraid to try a bright color like this deep purple tone. These are in, and it’s all a matter of personal taste. If you have purple hair ideas, then that’s all that matters!

Low-maintenance dark purple balayage
Instagram @mareksyriste

#27: Low-Maintenance Dark Purple Balayage

Dark purple balayage is the perfect way to go if you want to try something new without going a lot lighter. The deepest purple hair color is natural without being too flashy and can blend in with your dark hair for a low-maintenance look. After curling your black purple hair, spray with a layer of Redken Control Addict, let dry, and brush through for seamless waves.