21 Envy-Inducing Dark Purple Hair Color Ideas to Consider

Dark purple hair colors

Dark purple hair is the perfect color to wear if you wanna show off your adventurous personality without getting too much on the vivid side of fashion colors.

Trust me when I tell you to get excited, as there are a ton of enchanting shades in the broad spectrum of purple hues! Deep violets, although, pair most beautifully with darker and olive skin tones.

Getting pops of plum onto your hair can add depth and bring your strands to life! An almost-black purple mane has lustrous pigments that reflect light splendidly for a glossy finish.

Take the plunge into this extraordinary hair color trend and experience the fun of owning a cool blackberry shade. Keep on scrolling for the most popular looks of dark purple hair color ideas!

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Red to Dark Purple Ombre

Red to dark purple ombre hair color
Instagram @kimberlytayhair

Pull off a red to dark purple ombre and display a unique color melt. To achieve such beauty, roots must be darker. That way, both mid-lengths and ends get a brighter result. Fashionable hair color like this is best when paired with a long haircut. Make sure to amp it up with waves for a seamless effect of tones.

Merlot Wine with Dark Roots

Enjoy the goodness of merlot wine with dark roots now! If you think that it’s time to go red, here’s a chic hair inspiration for you. Those dark roots are what make this trend low-maintenance. Such a hair color is best when polished and vibrant, so make use of a shine spray or oil.

Q&A with style creator, Kayla Harrison
Hair Stylist @ Garbo A Salon and Spa in Austin, TX

How would you describe this?

This Merlot wine with dark roots hair color was achieved using Aveda products. Aveda is vegan, reparative, and semi-perminant and works great on previously lightened hair. By leaving the natural color at the roots, the color will be able to grow out softly and need less maintenance.

What’s your best advice?

This particular shade tends to look best on women with olive skin tones. It helps bring out the color in your lips and cheeks, which gives you a natural glow. Try AVEDA’s Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s the best color preserving line ever!

Curly Hair with Yummy Raisin Balayage

Yummy Raisin Balayage
Instagram @maymary.beauty

What a gorgeous and yummy raisin balayage! Ladies who are obsessed with every shade of purple, this is perfect. The tone isn’t too loud, but the vibrancy is evident. The touch of purple makes an excellent addition to dark tresses. And what’s best about it? It can pair with dark roots so that maintenance won’t be too demanding.

Q&A with style creator, Maymary Moua
Hair Stylist @ Hair by May in Maplewood, MN

How would you describe this?

This yummy raisin balayage is a high plum balayage with tints of purple and red tones. Ask for the highlights higher without touching the roots. This way, when your hair grows out, it still looks nice.

What’s your best advice?

This plum is a fun color that anyone can pull off. It’s a fun color that isn’t too dramatic. Use color treated shampoo & conditioner to maintain the color. Also, avoid washing your hair every day, and use styling products and heat protection.

Red to Dark Purple Hair with Ombre

Red to Dark Purple Hair with Ombre
Photo Credit: Instagram @cindyzuleyma

Embody a mystical feel with a magenta to violet transition that’s terrific on lengthy hair. Wear these enchanting purple red hair colors that can be easily paired with messy waves and milkman braids, and you’re sure to look your most fabulous!

Long Hair with Purple Eggplant Balayage

Dark Purple Eggplant Balayage
Instagram @nkc_hair

Q&A with style creator, Nicole Cournoyer
Balayage Specialist @ Hair by Nicole in Hudson, MA

How would you describe this?

This is a rich eggplant purple balayage. The vibrancy compliments the natural dark brown hair. With the soft waves added, it helps show off the blend between the natural and violet balayage/ombré style.

What’s your best advice?

If you are considering this dark purple hair, first think about how often you want to come for a color refresh. With more fashion colors they fade faster. However, out of all the fashion colors dark violet lasts a little longer than some others.

Dark to Light Purple Subtle Ombre

Dark to Light Purple Subtle Ombre
Photo Credit: Instagram @serahdoeshairahh

An impeccable monochrome transition from deep to pastel violet fantastic for fair to medium skin. You can choose to style it up or let it down with a few face-framing waves and fringes.

Bold Purple with Hints of Blue

Bold Purple with Hints of Blue
Photo Credit: Instagram @elissawolfe

These purple swirls of color are an eye-catching work of art that fits fairer skin with pink undertones. These cool colors mix excellently to give beautiful dimension and improve density.

Dark Purple Highlights on Black Hair

Dark purple highlights on black hair
Instagram @ellyselim_

These dark purple highlights on black hair are a game changer! They spice up the tresses, yet they don’t result in a drastic change. Since it’s a balayage, the roots can still keep their depth. And, that depth makes this hair idea low-maintenance.

Merlot Wine with Dark Purple Roots

Merlot Wine with Dark Purple Roots
Photo Credit: Instagram @priscillahairart

When it comes to purple hair styles, you can never go wrong with this rich crimson hue. The flawless transition from black to red-violet is a no-brainer and perfectly pairs up with any texture.

Shoulder Length Hair with Purple Dip Dye

Shoulder Length Hair with Purple Dip Dye
Photo Credit: Instagram @desireebelcour_

Dark roots that shift to a deep violet hue towards the end creates an ethereal finish to a simple lob.

Darker Purple Plum Bob

Darker Purple Plum Bob
Instagram @pophairart

A darker purple plum bob has a color that complements fair and pale skin tones. The richness of the dark purple shade makes the skin look flawless. This has dark purple streaks that are very subtle. Yet, they add more texture to the hair color, and they accentuate layers on a short haircut.

Q&A with style creator, Trista Walker Hughes
Hair Stylist @ Hair by Trista in Kerrville, TX

How would you describe this?

This darker purple plum bob is trendy and edgy.

What’s your best advice?

This purple bob is amazing with medium to thick hair with natural texture. It’s asymmetrical and perfect for a round face shape.

Dark Violet Purple Hair

Dark Violet Purple Hair Color
Instagram @hairby_jessiealb

To pull off dark violet purple hair, having a thicker density is vital. The hair is sure to appear shinier and fuller without letting it look bulky. This color trend is perfect for any lady with natural dark tresses. It makes a low-maintenance option to brighten the hair a bit.

Dark Purple Hair with Lavender Highlights

Dark Purple Hair with Lavender Highlights
Instagram @letsgohairsalon

Try this dark purple hair with lavender highlights—it’s loud, bold, and fun! Those hints of various purple tones complement the movement of a wavy style. Add extra pop to the lavender shade by ensuring the roots are dark enough.

Dark Purple Hair Color

Deep Purple Balayage
Instagram @_karleighdawn

Q&A with style creator, Karleigh Dawn
Hair Stylist @ in

How would you describe this?

This deep purple balayage could be called Purple Reign. It’s a fun dark vivid with minimal maintenance. It’s dark and regal. But also a loud punch you in the face color.

What’s your best advice?

Purple fades the prettiest of all the fashion colors. This cooler deep purple shade suits just about all women. Joico’s color intensity line was used in a few different shades to create this deep luxe purple. Maintenance on something like this would be a refresher every 6-8 weeks. Use cool water when washing, and always make sure you’re using a heat protectant when styling.

Rich Blackberry Purple Hair

Rich Blackberry Purple Hair
Photo Credit: Instagram @graffiti_studio

Q&A with style creator, Willow Box
Owner / Stylist @ Graffiti Studio in Cornelius, NC

How would you describe this?

It’s a blackberry color balayage with a rich dark color. It has a brown base with Jack Winn Pro Color melted into a custom mix of Pulp Riot deep purple tones over pre-lightened hair. This purple black hair features a V-shaped haircut with long layers for the haircut.

What’s your best advice?

To women considering this color, these types of colors do require specific care. A sulfate and paraben free shampoo is needed for longevity. Dry shampoo is also great to assist with keeping these types of color bright because you don’t need to shampoo as often when you’re using dry shampoo. With this type of color, your hair will also need to be lightened to achieve the brightness of the purple, so they typically take around 4-5 hours for the first service.

Purple is an amazing color to start with for anyone who has never had the bright vivid colors.

Dark Blue Shade on Purple Hair

Dark Ash Purple hair color
Instagram @iggyte

Dark ash purple hair like this can justify what the word “stunning” means. It has soft tones that complement soft waves. The dark shade of purple is placed on the roots and crown area to form a color melt effect. This trend is a must-try for bombshells with thick hair.

Dark Purple Red Tone

Dark Purple Red Tone
Instagram @noogiethai

Say yes to a dark purple-red tone and say goodbye to your old hair color. This one has a deep shade of violet with subtle touches of red. The purple and red shades combine together well, creating an attractive finish. It’s an absolute eye-catcher on straight, thick locks.

Deep Lilac Purple Hair

Deep Lilac Purple Hair
Photo Credit: Instagram @waveshairandbody

Q&A with style creator, Jaimee Rhone
Apprentice @ Waves Hair and Body Sanctum in Mandurah, Western Australia

How would you describe this?

There’s a distinguished blend between the root and end color within in this deep lilac purple hair. And all combine into this edgy, different, and vibrant color.

What’s your best advice?

When choosing purple/violet, you should take your skin tone into account. If you have darker skin tones, any shade of purple will suit. For olive skin tones, opt for blue-toned shades like deep purple and a darker violet, and paler tones can rock the warm and cooler purples.

Although you can take any of those “rules” with a grain of salt. Always choose a shade that makes you feel the most confident, as that’s what your purple and reds represent.

Majority of the time, to achieve that purple/violet color, you’re going to have to lighten your hair.

Purple is a shade that doesn’t last particularly long. It’s great! In between school breaks, you can mix it up and have a play around with some purple shades without it being a permanent choice.

Vivid Dark Purple Hair Weave

Vivid Dark Purple Hair Weave
Instagram @818hair

This features a vivid dark purple hair weave. Such a hair color fits those stunners with a warmer skin undertone. With this dark violet hair color, the roots must have a deeper tone. The depth keeps the purple color shinier.

Short Hair with Dark Brown Purple Highlights

Short Hair with Dark Brown Purple Highlights
Photo Credit: Instagram @katiegct

Q&A with style creator, Kate Gallagher
Hairstylist @ Essence Center For Beauty in Old Saybrook, CT

How would you describe this?

This short purple hair is an asymmetrical pixie bob.

The deep purple hair color was achieved by doing a light balayage using Oligo Clay Lightener and then coloring over the entire head with a mix of direct deposit purple hair colors by Joico. The purple and red tones appear brighter on the highlighted sections but softer on the natural medium-brown color. The color can appear softer in indoor lighting but brighter outside in direct sunlight which makes this purple hair perfect for women who want a bright fashion color, but still wants to be work appropriate.

What’s your best advice?

A color like this using direct dye will always fade more rapidly than permanent hair color, so at-home maintenance is key. Wash your hair as infrequently as can be based on hair texture and body chemistry. When you do wash, use a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and cold to lukewarm water. This kind of color will gradually lose vibrancy and will need touching up every 4 to 6 weeks – could be longer depending on how often they wash their hair.

Dark Lavender Purple Hair

Dark Lavender purple hair
Photo Credit: Instagram @andejene_stylist

Q&A with style creator, Phyllis Anderson
Master Stylist / Colorist @ JCPenney Salon in Greenwood, IN

How would you describe this?

The color line used to achieve this dark lavender purple hair was Matrix ColorSync Watercolors. It was applied to the hair, which was pre-lightened to a pale blond. It’s seriously the perfect smokey lavender/mauve.

What’s your best advice?

Don’t be afraid to try a bright color like this deep-purple tone. Dark purple’s are in and it’s all a matter of personal taste. If you have purple hair ideas, then that’s all that matters!