26 Jaw-Dropping Dark Burgundy Hair Colors for 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Dark burgundy hair color is a red-based color that blends brown, purple, and black hues, creating a deep and rich wine-inspired shade that leans towards the darker side. The hue is bold, sexy undertone, and livens up dark hair instantly! Shades of dark burgundy can go from cherry to purple hair.

Darker burgundy hair absolutely shows up on brown hair. In fact, brunettes (such as black, dark brown, and medium brown hair) achieve the burgundy color easily because of their already dark mane that results in a much cooler and rich shade of burgundy. Cool-toned complexions or those having pink undertones are the best matches for this shade because of how this hue can brighten up these skin tones.

Another plus is that dyeing your strands this color doesn’t damage your hair as much compared to more vibrant shades of red. There are also many DIY hair dyes to achieve a deep burgundy hair color. Garnier Nutrisse has a Bold Burgundy hair dye that creates a gorgeous purple hair color. This also means that maintenance is not that demanding.

Although, using color-safe shampoos and conditioners, heat-protectants, and moisturizing products will not just prolong your hair’s color but also enhance its shine and make it healthy-looking. To help you achieve this alluring hair hue, I’ve prepared only the best looks of this wine-inspired color done by expert colorists.

Before your next hair appointment, check our photos of dark burgundy hair colors.

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#1: Dark Violet Plum and Burgundy

This really dark burgundy plum hair color was pre-lightened by doing a balayage hand paint. After drying that, I applied a violet and added a purple booster. With this type of burgundy tint on long hair, I recommend you use a good shampoo and conditioner. I love the Bedhead brands and Joico. No drugstore products. I have seen a lot of thinning in the hair and color not lasting as long.

Chocolate cherry-burgundy hair
Instagram @beautyxdiana

#2: Chocolate Cherry-Burgundy Hair

Chocolate cherry burgundy hair is the perfect color to try for those who prefer the dark side. The warm tones in the hair color will warm up the skin complexion as well. This is a relatively low-maintenance color. However, it will still require proper hair care routines to stay vibrant.

Dark Berry Burgundy Balayage
Instagram @iamerictsering

#3: Dark Berry Burgundy Balayage

A burgundy balayage makes everything transcendental, but this deep purple makes everything so ethereal, and this dark berry burgundy shade is a fun gloss for natural dark tresses.

#4: Gorgeous Burgundy and Deep Caramel Blend

Burgundy and deep caramel blend are best for women who love trying on fun colors and don’t mind maintaining colored tresses. Burgundy and caramel tones create a smooth and dimensional transition from dark hair to lighter hair. However, any red or burgundy shade fades quicker than most colors. Expect more visits to the salon if you want to keep a freshly colored look.

#5: Stunning Layered Dark Burgundy Hair

Layered dark burgundy hair gives richness, shine, and boldness to any dark-haired gal. Burgundy tones blend naturally with brunette making it the ultimate shade if a woman prefers a bold change without adding some lightener. The rich warm tones usually work best with warmer, darker skin tones.

#6: Bright Burgundy Highlights on Very Dark Hair

Bright burgundy highlights on very dark hair are beautiful when evenly blended with a few chunky, brighter pieces, especially around the face. For better growth maintenance, blend the color into your root with a balayage technique.

Beautiful Red velvet and deep burgundy
Instagram @crystalxhair

#7: Beautiful Red Velvet and Deep Burgundy

Rock a red velvet and deep burgundy hue for bright locks that will appear delectable to every person who sees it. Add a subtle base shift for a seamless balayage finish.

Tawny and burgundy blend
Instagram @bora_kalaj

#8: Tawny and Burgundy Blend

Try a tawny and burgundy blend for a subtle yet filled with rich dimensions that will look great either straight or wavy. Having tawny mixed in the formula will still help keep the richness of the color to achieve a more natural hue.

#9: Easy Deep Burgundy and Magenta Balayage

Consider a deep burgundy and magenta balayage that will shine through and pop when it catches light against a dark base. Let the color speak for itself by adding some sleek waves, and a shine booster like Love Touch by Evo.

#10: Medium Dark Burgundy Hair Color in Balayage

Red-brown hair with loose barrel curls make for an interesting three-dimensional burgundy hairstyle. Whether you have a mid-length or long chop, this wavy burgundy red hair is a must-try!

#11: Glowing Deep Maroon Red Burgundy Hair

This burgundy and maroon balayage is the next hair trend to try! Add that cellophane gloss over the dark red hair color to create a dark maroon hue and a nice glow. This maroon hair looks even shinier on a thick density and wavy style.

Dark Rooted Burgundy Red Hair Color
Instagram @bettina.jnzn

#12: Dark Rooted Burgundy Red Hair Color

Achieve shadow roots to show deep wine color transitions within your deep burgundy locks. When styled with loose curls, this dark burgundy hair with a root fade is perfect for casual or formal occasions.

#13: Dimensional Dark Hair with Burgundy Highlights

Jazzing up dark hair with burgundy highlights doesn’t only mean putting together two colors from opposite ends. Sometimes it can be as powerful as a rich plum color with your jet black hair.

Dark Merlot Wine Burgundy With Highlights for Wavy Hair
Instagram @kimstylesme

#14: Dark Merlot Wine Burgundy With Highlights for Wavy Hair

Enjoy this dark burgundy hair with highlights! A glass of true plum wine hair goes a long way for a powerful lady.

Lovely Purple Burgundy Hair
Instagram @lzhouseofhair

#15: Lovely Purple Burgundy Hair

Careful hand-painting made this deep purple and burgundy color mix lovely. The tones in this burgundy purple hair color are perfect for adding a fun dimension to straight locks.

#16: Luscious Brown Hair with Burgundy Highlights

This brown hair with burgundy highlights is a rich color that people will be envious of! Ask your stylist for a burgundy brown balayage with a mixture of brunette hues and mahogany color. Finish your hair off with a shine spray to let the lustrous color shine through.

#17: Rich Deep Burgundy Hair

A rich mauve-burgundy hue for your long, loose locks. Come through with that red-violet shine and stand out in the crowd!

Simple Dark Burgundy with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @jlucywoods

#18: Simple Dark Burgundy with Blonde Highlights

Ripe burgundy plum can be an exciting color in itself. Champagne blonde highlights add warmer tints and a distinction for both colors.

#19: Dark Burgundy and Scarlet Highlights

Dark burgundy and scarlet highlights give hair pops of vivid hues and a seamless grow-out. It’s an ideal color choice for women with darker/damaged hair because it can be applied to yellow or even slightly orange hair so you don’t have to lift past a level 8/9.

To achieve the color, start with a dimensional rooty balayage to lighten up your hair. I mixed up some pink shades using all Pulp Riot colors and applied them in triangular panels. Also, use an Olaplex bond builder during the process to ensure your hair’s integrity.

Subtle Dark chestnut burgundy
Instagram @blassomhair

#20: Subtle Dark Chestnut Burgundy

Dark chestnut burgundy offers a natural-looking color with a pop of fun! It’s great for ladies who want to try new tones that aren’t too bright and bold.

I painted all sections and used the natural base for the root color. I added a few red-brown lowlights throughout, leaving some natural color out. Finally, I toned my painted sections to a beautiful cherry cola color.

Dark Reddish Burgundy Brown with Hints of Mahogany
Instagram @caley_at_clhnb

#21: Dark Reddish Burgundy Brown with Hints of Mahogany

This dark reddish burgundy brown hair with mahogany streaks is a burnt plum root smudge feathered into deep mahogany. For at-home maintenance and styling, I suggest getting a good color care shampooing range and a beach styling spray are great for showing off the color texture and creating that effortless shabby chic look. This dyed hair would be great for any woman who has a medium-to-olive complexion, and the color can be slightly tweaked to enhance your features and tan you up during the summer.

Beautiful Dark Brown to Dark Burgundy Ombre
Instagram @ctoyyy

#22: Beautiful Dark Brown to Dark Burgundy Ombre

This dark brown to dark burgundy ombre is a dark burgundy hair dye that is great for women with lighter colors (balayage ombré) who are looking for a bold change! I’ve been calling it “raspberry truffle”. We loved the shine that Redken’s color gels and shades brought to her hair, so we decided to go with a sleek glass-like finish!

This look can be low-maintenance with the right products. She took home a Viral Wash in purple to keep the tones up at home in between until she needs a root retouch with a gloss refresh.

#23: Curly Burgundy Hair

This curly burgundy hair is a balayage, which is a technique of highlighting that allows for a softer and more natural grow out. I then used a permanent red-violet color because she wanted something a little more vibrant.

#24: Sexy Dark Brown Burgundy

This dark brown burgundy is rich in color and voluminous in the thickness of her curls/hair. You need to keep in mind that this dark brown hair is in the red family. Reds tend to fade a bit faster than most colors. This means it’s higher maintenance, but if you want to stand out, this is the color for you!

Vibrant Dark Red Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @karamizuhair

#25: Vibrant Dark Red Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

These dark burgundy highlights on a black base are simply gorgeous. To care for your black burgundy hair at home, I recommend limiting washing to once every two days, switching to a dark-colored towel and pillowcase, and drying hair immediately with a blow dryer.

The longer your hair sits wet, the more color will be released from the hair and drip out onto your clothes/pillowcase. After two weeks of wear, using a red color-depositing shampoo or conditioner once or twice a week will help to keep your color vibrant.

#26: Very Dark and Short Burgundy Hair

Opt for very dark and short burgundy hair. The best thing about this style is the plum color I was able to achieve using L’Oreal’s oil-based and ammonia-free line, Inoa. To maintain this very dark burgundy color, the color needs to be maintained every 3 to 4 weeks, and salon-quality shampoo is essential to keep fading minimal.

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