26 Trendiest Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas in 2022

The best dark brown hair colors are right here

Dark brown hair colors have several brown shades ranging from light to dark, and are super attractive! Natural brunettes benefit the most from this dark hair color. Adding babylights or highlights to darker brown hair is a common way to lighten the hair.

From deep espresso shades to warm gold or red-infused hues, usually going in between brown and black. A classic natural color that will never get old, dark chocolate hair colors are always present on the red carpet for their luxurious and reflective abilities.

With today’s avant-garde hair dyeing methods, it is now easy to switch up a simple brunette look to a more interesting one. You can get ribbons of highlights or a sexy ombre for added warmth and shine, or stay with a solid dark color for a dramatic and glossy effect.

Cool and dark brown shades suit creamy and warm skin tones the best, as these contrasting tones complement each other to create a gorgeous brightened appearance for your complexion. If you’ve been dying to rock a new style to liven up your strands, you’re definitely on the right track!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular dark brown hair color ideas!

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Warm Dark Brown with Auburn Highlights
Instagram @_danielledoeshair

#1: Warm Dark Brown with Auburn Highlights

Consider a dark brown hair with auburn highlights next time you visit the hair salon. If you have naturally black or very dark brown hair, these auburn highlights will really pop against your natural hair color. Ask your hairstylist to bring up the auburn highlights closer to your root just around your face for an even bigger pop. If you do have naturally dark hair, and you don’t have to color your roots dark, this will be a seamless grow-out in which your hair would blend beautifully as it grows out instead of creating a line of demarcation.

Long Dark Brown Straight Hair with a Side Part
Instagram @vstudiobyvolkan

#2: Long Dark Brown Straight Hair with a Side Part

Long dark brown straight hair with a side part is such a beautiful display of shine and depth. It brings back a healthy look to every head.

Very Dark Chocolate Brown
Instagram @haileywaves

#3: Very Dark Chocolate Brown

Try very dark chocolate brown for a bold and beautiful color. Dark chocolate can be easy to maintain with regular salon visits and can make facial features pop.

Dark Brown Hair with Brown Highlights
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#4: Dark Brown Hair with Brown Highlights

Dark brown hair with brown highlights is a great color for those wanting to go lighter, but not too light. Brown on brown can be achievable by lightening the hair and adding a tone to perfect the look.

long dark brown hair
Instagram @tyler_the_hairstylist

#5: Long Dark Brown Hair

Natural dark brown hair is sexy especially when styled with luscious waves! This long, dark hair promises minimal maintenance yet vows to give you a really feminine and beautiful vibe.

Very dark brown hair
Instagram @coloredbyphuong

#6: Very Dark Brown Hair

Very dark brown hair suits ladies with all skin tones and complexions. It appears extremely glossy and shiny if kept in a good condition because the healthy cuticles reflect the light. Use regular treatments and good shampoo, conditioner, and mask such as Olaplex. Leave in oils or serums like Paul Mitchel Awapuhi treatment styling oil should be a part of your hair routine.

Brown Locks with Lowlights
Instagram @mfbeautylounge_

#7: Brown Locks with Lowlights

Stunning brown locks with black hair lowlights fit skin tones that lean towards the lighter side of olive with hints of yellow. Caramel lowlights look really beautiful on a naturally dark base.

Golden Dark Brown
Instagram @glorified.hair

#8: Golden Dark Brown

One of the best dark brown hues to go for when you’re looking for a warm and natural hair color – these alluring hair colors for dark brown hair work their magic best on cool undertones! The soft golden highlights are sure to give dark natural brunette hair enough radiance.

Very Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights
Instagram @alex.jacobshair

#9: Very Dark Brown with Red Highlights

Give a pop of crimson to your rich chocolate locks! This different shade of red tones add movement to wavy hair.

Dark Ash Brown
Instagram @tatahairstudio

#10: Dark Ash Brown Hair Color

This ultra rich dark brown color with an ash brown tone is wonderful for styled waves and layered hair especially when under the light. Its perfect gloss gives those deep brown hair tresses a two-toned look.

Shoulder-Length Dark Caramel Balayage
Instagram @kaansayar1

#11: Shoulder-Length Dark Caramel Balayage

These subtle medium brown highlights painted on flattering medium-length hair is one of the most popular ways of getting dark brown hair color shades. It’s super easy to style – add a wave for body or pull up into a bun, you’ll always end up being a stunner in this medium brown locks with subtle highlights.

Short Hair with Dark Brown Ombre
Instagram @amys_ponytails

#12: Short Hair with Dark Brown Ombre

Need hair color ideas if you’re wanting to switch to the dark side of brown? This dark brown hair color features a smooth transition of bronze and caramel hues that are perfect for shoulder-length lobs. Natural yet sophisticated, this flattering ‘do makes any woman a stunner!

Silver Highlights with Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @_brandifranciscohair

#13: Silver Highlights with Dark Brown Hair

The masterpiece made with silver and brown tones is the perfect shade for a winter hue! Add some cool pearly accents to your dark brown locks for a more contrasted, voluminous style that creates dramatic changes.

Natural Dark Chocolate to Dark Golden Brown Ombre
Instagram @beauty.by.julie2

#14: Natural Dark Chocolate to Dark Golden Brown Ombre

Rich mahogany locks with almond dipped-ends on beach waves are certainly a match made in heaven! This faded dark brunette hair and the golden brown tones can soften and take the weight off your hair. A chocolate brown hair color like this works best on a medium to a long-length haircut.

medium-length coffee brown
Instagram @hirohair

#15: Medium-Length Coffee Brown

Give your naturally dark brown hair life when you try this modern coffee color! Pair this dark brown hair with your favorite flattering shag haircut for a fresh vibe.

Deep Brown hair with Red and Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairby_courtneymorris

#16: Deep Brown Hair with Red and Blonde Highlights

A harmony of brown, earthly colors definitely steps up any kind of style for long hair. Make sure you try out this versatile combination of reds and blondes if your hair color is dark brown because it’s suited for any hair type and texture!

Dark Auburn Brown
Instagram @ohlucyy

#17: Dark Auburn Brown

Carry the autumn leaves with this fall hairstyle in auburn brown color that’s gorgeous on any hair length! Special tip – hazelnut eyes are best enhanced by this red-infused shade of dark brown.

Dark Brown Hair with Purple Highlights
Instagram @hairbydanettef

#18: Dark Brown Hair with Purple Highlights

Pair dark brown hair with purple highlights to create a fun, stunning dimension. Try the darkest brown hair color as the base to make the purple strands pop even brighter. When styling, jazz the tresses up with curls and waves to give them more movement and body.

Espresso Brown with Caramel Highlights
Instagram @ashley.reps

#19: Espresso Brown with Caramel Highlights

If you want a simple chic dark brown hair dye job to give your brunette hair a twist, this espresso-colored hair is for you. These lighter pieces are a great way to showcase your textured medium-length hair.

Dark Fudge with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hair_by_ryanelizabeth

#20: Dark Fudge with Blonde Highlights

These are sweet balayaged waves, made with blonde highlights that easily add depth to your long dark locks. Going with high-contrast dye jobs never fails in giving a totally eye-catching style.

Deep Mahogany Brown with Highlights
Instagram @hairby.lou

#21: Deep Mahogany Brown with Highlights

It’s a rich red-infused brown wavy hair cut to the shoulders. Perfect for the season, the warmth of the dark brown tresses creates a powerful color that is both easy and manageable to style.

dark brown black
Instagram @hair.helga

#22: Dark Brown Black

This black brown hair color is a dark brown mocha! It’s rich and shiny! The haircut is a simple one-length with longer layers to take away some weight.

If you do want to go dark,  make sure it’s what you truly want to do because it’s difficult to come back from.

If you are planning on going dark for fall and then back to blonde in the summer, use a semi-permanent color instead. It’ll cause less damage when you start lightening again and help save the integrity of your dark hair colors.

Deep chocolate-y brown hues are such beautiful colors. It’s nice to see beautiful dark brunette hair once in a while!

Dark Brunette with Ash Blonde Highlights
Instagram @page.paints

#23: Dark Brunette with Ash Blonde Highlights

This dark brown rooted blonde, lived-in hair colorwas created by salon owner and stylist Alycia Smith of Richland, NY.

“The loveliest thing about this shade of dark brown is that it allows a brunette to pull off platinum hair while still looking natural,” says Smith. “By keeping a darker root shade, the color tends to be more flattering on someone with naturally darker hair.”

Smith believes you get the best of both worlds with a color like this. “It’s also extremely low maintenance because of the way the blonde is blended. It only requires minimal upkeep compared to a woman who is completely platinum. So, go darker! The blend allows for it to grow out seamlessly.”

This style is great for women who want a high-end color but might not have the time to maintain an all-over blonde or traditional highlight. Shorter textured looks are best when not over-styled with dark brown hair colors.

Dark Red Brown Hair Color
Instagram @casskicksbrass

#24: Dark Red-Brown Hair

This dark red-brown hair is luxurious and looks flattering on a fair skin tone. It makes the thick tresses look vivid with its rich tones. To protect a reddish brown color, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner are the best. The red-depositing shampoo and conditioner will help preserve the dark copper highlights.

Chestnut Brown with Light Brown Highlights
Instagram @ga_beauty89

#25: Chestnut Brown with Light Brown Highlights

This dark chestnut shade with light brown highlights is a warm-toned dimensional balayage. It was created by hair artist Gaby Koite of Alrington, TX.

“The best thing about this is the color,” claims Koite. “It looks so natural, especially on a darker base! Focus on more brightness around the face and around the ends. Ask your colorist to create a root melt to make the natural brown roots blend perfectly together.”

This brown hair color is for women who are looking for a change in hair color but not ready to make that huge leap to go blonde just yet!

“There is maintenance to this dark brown color, but not too much,” she adds. “Just need to come in every 3-4 months for base and toner retouches. Use a blue shampoo once a week to keep brass away from your darker locks and keep your hair looking fresh in between retouch appointments. Lower the temperature on your heating tools and always use heat protection!”

deep dark brown shag cut
Instagram @nothingobvious

#26: Deep Dark Brown Shag Cut

A deep dark brown shag cut is bringing back the 70s vibe and we are loving it. Shag haircuts are great for any hair type. They create a lot of movement while maintaining volume at the crown of the head. Style options are a good round brush blow-dry or if you want more of a natural look, do a little hand styling with some blow-out cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dark brown hair is called black hair most of the time because it is a level lighter than black hair, and depending on the pigments in it, it can either have a cool or warm natural reflection to it. It appears darker when has a cool tone to it.

  • Yes, dark brown hair is considered brunette as well as all-natural bases that are below blonde, which includes even dark blonde and light brown hair.

  • Dark brown hair is not the same as black, it’s close, but especially in daylight, you can clearly see the difference. If the dark brown hair has a cooler reflection it will seem darker and if has a warmer reflection then it will look slightly lighter.

  • In some cases, it can make you look older especially if it’s just flat color without any lighter pieces. Also if the skin complexion is really pale the artificial dark hair color is a bit unnatural and can make you look older than your age.

  • The darkest brown color for hair has a depth on a level 2 and has a cool, almost blue reflection to it. One level below is black hair, the darkest. All professional coloring brands around the world have the same numbering system starting from 1 black to 10 lightest blonde.