37 Trending Ways To Combine Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Dark Brunette with Caramel Streaks

The hair has a dark, rich brunette base color with added caramel highlights. The hair is styled with very loose or wavy curls.

Long Fine Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights
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#2: Long Fine Hair with Caramel Highlights

Long, fine hair may lack volume and fullness. But, the addition of caramel or gold highlights can make it appear thicker. Hair dye creates subtle dimension. Enhancing natural tones with a balayage or foilayage technique is my recommendation. Fine hair is prone to excessive foiling or highlighting. So, choosing highlight color and placement with care is key.

#3: Caramel on Dark Copper Short Layered Hair

Such an astonishing shade of caramel on dark copper short layered hair! Style your shorter-length bob with waves to emphasize the caramel hue, and you’ll create a nice dimension. Always wash your short hair with cold water to prevent the caramel color from fading.

#4: Rooted Dark Brunette with Caramel Streaks

If you desire a hair transformation, choosing dark brunette hair with caramel streaks is an excellent beginning. This style offers a natural, blended tone. It provides an ideal balance of brightness, adding a gentle touch of color. It fits well for individuals with a dark base color. To maintain this look, it’s recommended to get highlights twice a year.

Dark Brunette with Subtle Caramel Highlighted Streaks
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#5: Dark Brunette with Subtle Caramel Streaks

If you love high gloss finishes, choose a darker base color. This color reflects light and adds some lighter areas to it. Use warm tones like toffee or caramel. These choices will offer a rich look. For shiny hair, try products like Kerastase Chroma Rich for healthier-looking hair.

#6: Dimensional Caramel Highlights on Wavy Hair

Highlights are a great touch for any hair. But for dark hair, highlights give a noticeable contrast and depth. Such depth and contrast are hard to get with a single color.

#7: Caramel Highlights on Dark Brown Curled Hair

Caramel highlights on dark brown curled hair are a spicy look you will not regret! One of the best looks for a warmer skin complexion is to tone with warmer tones. Bring some color inspo pictures to your stylist and choose the tones that will best suit you if you can.

#8: Brassy-Caramel Highlights

Remember to avoid an orange tone when combining dark brown hair with brassy highlights. I recommend a cool base color with neutral tones to balance out the warmth of the highlights. If possible, have your colorist use low volume developer when lightening. The integrity of your hair will be preserved. Then finish with a toner such as Wella’s Color Touch to achieve that caramel highlights on brown hair with added shine and depth.

Deep Caramel Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
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#9: Deep Caramel Highlights

Adding deep highlights will create unparalleled shine and dimension in dark brown hair with caramel highlights. To recreate this style, use a curling or straight iron and curl all the hair in one direction away from the face. These dark caramel highlights for brown hair need enough shine, so use oil-based serum after hot styling and lightly brush through with a soft-bristled hairbrush.

#10: Brown Highlights on Dark Caramel Hair

Brown highlights on dark caramel hair work well with a balayage technique. It helps create a soft, luxe finish. Warm caramel colors are for brunettes, particularly levels 3-6 brown tresses, to achieve a natural-looking hue. Despite the glam it gives, this brown balayage requires low upkeep.

Chunky caramel highlights for dark, thin hair
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#11: Chunky Caramel Highlights for Dark, Thin Hair

Chunky caramel highlights for dark, thin hair will make fine textures look fuller with added dimension and contrast. The best way to achieve thick ribboned highlights is to ask your stylist to balayage all around the top and sides of your hair to frame your face and leave depth underneath your hair. When styling your dark brown hair with highlights, use a 1.5-inch curling iron to curl your hair, then brush them out with a wide-toothed comb for effortless beachy waves.

#12: Brunette Hair with Caramel Highlights

Brunette hair with caramel highlights creates a rich and swoon-worthy finish to the tresses. If you have dark brown locks, ask for hand-painted highlights higher around the face and at the top of your head, just as if the sun had kissed your hair. You’ll want to ask your stylist for a toning gloss service to add extra warmth and richness to the hand-painted highlights.

Rich brown hair with dark caramel balayage
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#13: Rich Brown Hair with Dark Caramel Balayage

Rich brown hair with dark caramel balayage is the perfect hue to get endless warmth on your tresses all year round. This color provides a beautiful contrast to women with dark locks. For lasting results, use blue shampoo like Oligo. This will keep dark hair with caramel highlights from turning brassy.

Mocha brown hair with chunky caramel highlights
Instagram @lwoodssalon

#14: Mocha Brown Hair with Chunky Caramel Highlights

For women craving change, try mocha brown hair with chunky caramel highlights for added dimension and texture. The dark brown hair with hints of caramel has the perfect tone for women wanting to add brightness to their tresses. Take a 1 ½” barrel curling iron to help create beach waves to show its seamless dimension.

Dark cinnamon caramel hair highlights
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#15: Dark Cinnamon Caramel Hair Highlights

Dark cinnamon caramel hair highlights are delicious-looking hues that complement women with a dark mane. These highlights for dark brown hair are paired well with a warm skin complexion for a subtle yet eye-catching luxurious new look.

Espresso hair with caramel ombre
Instagram @kimstylesme

#16: Espresso Hair with Caramel Ombre

Espresso hair with caramel ombre works beautifully on naturally dark-haired beauties. A low-maintenance color option with only a toner refresh is required every 6-8 weeks. Highlighting can range from 12 weeks and more, depending on your preference—warm honey highlights for dark hair pop the most on those with hazel-colored eyes. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to match the toner with your eye color to make it pop even more!

#17: Dark Brown Hair with Auburn and Caramel Highlights

Dark brown hair with auburn and caramel highlights screams dimension and aesthetic. Style your lengthy locks with beach waves; the sun-kissed hue will pop more.

#18: Dark Hair with Honey Caramel-Brown Highlights

Volume and dimension do work like magic! When you need a new look full of life, don’t forget about dark brown hair with honey caramel highlights that create soft creamy tones. Big waves are truly beneficial when flaunting this balayage.

#19: Dark Brown Black Hair and Caramel Hues

Mixing dark brown, black hair and caramel hues create your desired dimension. Let the highlights come out even more with waves and a layered cut. A shoulder-grazing wavy style perfectly emphasizes and integrates movement into dark hair with hair highlights.

#20: Mid-Length Dark Brown and Caramel

Longing for a new trend that will enhance your dense locks? Get a few layers and try this mid-length dark brown and caramel hair color. Highlights and lowlights will add shine to your look. These caramel highlights on dark hair are a great option for ladies with a warm or neutral skin tone.

#21: Dark Brown and Caramel on Curls

Curly dark brown and caramel hues have a dimension and texture that work well together. Maintain a shoulder-length cut to keep its shape throughout.

very dark brown hair with caramel blonde highlights
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#22: Very Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Blonde Highlights

Spice up your very dark brown hair with caramel highlights, and get ready to fall in love with its result! The dimension in this caramel blonde balayage looks creamy, especially on long hair with beach waves. The result is reminiscent of delicious chocolate hair with caramel highlights.

#23: Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Ombre Highlights

Flaunt some caramel ombre highlights on your dark brown hair. Balayage makes it appear effortless, as if you just exposed your dark brown hair color to the sun for hours.

#24: Dark Brown with Light Caramel Streaks on Medium-Length Hair

This caramel brown balayage is another promising color to match your medium-length thick mane. Dark brown with light caramel streaks creates a lively vibe with soft waves.

dark espresso brown hair with caramel balayage on straight hair
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#25: Caramel Balayage Ideal for Straight Hair

Ideal for straight hair, soft caramel balayage on brown hair is guaranteed to look natural on a mid-length haircut. Those golden highlights succeed in creating a dimension to most hairstyles.

#26: Subtle Caramel on Dark Brown Hair

Streaks of subtle caramel undertones on dark brown hair look best on an olive skin tone. Darker shades look more luscious when prepped with a shine spray or oil.

dark reddish brown hair with caramel highlights
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#27: Dark Reddish-Brown and Caramel

The lusciousness of the dark reddish-brown and caramel combo proves that a little balayage will result in a gorgeous dimension. With this color, all you need to do is add layers to your mid-length locks, then curl them for a graceful payoff.

#28: Dark Chocolate Brown Hair and Caramel Tones

The fusion of dark chocolate brown hair and caramel tones is staggering! It creates a dimension that appears great with soft curls on your lengthy chocolate hair. Even though this looks best in summer, chocolate and caramel balayage are fantastic year-round.

#29: Dark Caramel Balayage Hairstyle

Say yes to the dark caramel balayage hairstyle! This is how you incorporate pops of a caramel shade into your dark brown hair in a natural-looking way.

shoulder length dark ash brown hair with caramel highlights
Instagram @emilypstylist

#30: Dark Ash Brown with Caramel Shades

Go for dark ash brown with caramel shades to achieve a stunning dimension. You’ll love the payoff once you see it on your shoulder-grazing, wavy lob.

“This is dark brown hair with some caramel blonde babylights is low-maintenance,” says hairstylist Emily Priest of Ohio.

Priest’s advice for this caramel hair dye job is to invest in a good color-safe shampoo and conditioner and a leave-in conditioner/oil for the highlights.

#31: Dark Brown + Caramel + Blonde Hair Color

Stunning on long waves, this is dark brown hair with blonde and caramel highlights. It was created by hairstylist Taylor Parkes of Canada.

To achieve this caramel hair inspiration, Parkes explains, “She didn’t want to be too blonde, so I picked the more caramel side of toning. I didn’t let her lift too long, so I didn’t have to work too hard with the toning process. I’ve learned that for doing a soft brown highlight like this, you don’t generally want to go past a level 8.”

Parkes says to ensure you visit the salon in 4-6 weeks to get it touched up, so it wouldn’t look too grown out. While it’s a balayage technique, letting your hair grow out makes it look less put together.

#32: Caramel on Long Dark Burgundy Hair

A subtle shade of caramel on long dark burgundy hair will enhance your natural beauty. Hints of red, violet, and caramel shades create a soft finish that still looks striking.

“This color can work for almost all women,” says hairstylist Lindsey Novasic of Wisconsin. If you like more subtle looks for your hair, the tones of brown and caramel highlights with red-violet hues can be more subdued. On the flip side, if you like bolder looks, Lindsey recommends making them very bright and contrasting.

#33: Caramel Highlights and Red Lowlights

Pair some caramel highlights and red lowlights to see a gorgeous result. Opt for these shades when you need a more dynamic feel to jazz up your long, wavy, dark tresses.

“I love this hair color because the red lowlights that I foiled in at the mid-shaft to the ends give it a nice hint of color. It also goes with the warmer-toned highlights,” says hairstylist Rachel Kuhnash of Ohio.

Kuhnash added a slight shadow root, so it’s good for a root touch-up every other appointment rather than touching up the highlights and lowlights every appointment.

#34: Dark Brown and Caramel Chunks

A perfect pop of depth and shine! Show off a classic dimension with dark brown and caramel chunks on your straight locks.

“I love the versatility of this golden brown color,” says hairstylist Brianna Evans of Kansas. “You don’t have to curl it to get the dimension. It can be straight, wavy, natural, thrown up into a messy bun, or even a sleek pony. With the proper placement, the thick, color-melted pieces beg for a second look at every angle with any style!”

It has rich, dark tones that allow smooth caramel accents to pop. Long, texturized layers and face-framing pieces add interest to women who need help achieving volume or movement in their hair.

This color is great for ladies who want a little less upkeep. Evans explains, “For those with naturally dark hair, you can grow out your roots without harsh lines. For those wanting to continue to cover pesky grey hairs, it gives you the option of an in-between appointment where you get a root touch-up and gloss.”

#35: Blended Caramel and Dark Chestnut Hair

This blended caramel and dark chestnut hair were made by balayage for easy maintenance and a more lived-in result. It was created by master stylist Danielle Deamelio of Massachusetts.

“This hair color is for a woman who likes a low-maintenance look,” says Deamelio. “The balayage highlights give the look dimension and brightness without the upkeep of traditional highlights.”

Deamelio says balayage only needs to be done around 2-3 times a year. She suggests getting frequent trims and toners every 6-8 weeks. She adds, “It keeps it looking healthy, dead ends off, and the tone fresh.”

Wavy Dark Mocha Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights
Instagram @hair_hangout

#36: Wavy Dark Mocha Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

This long, wavy dark mocha brown hair with caramel highlights was created by stylist Arianna Varastehpour of California.

A caramel toffee highlight complements the long layered haircut and the woman wearing it! It’s a low-maintenance choice for the busy brunette woman who wants to enjoy feeling lighter and brighter without having to be in the salon every few weeks.

When considering this look, Varastehpour says you can expect your initial appointment for the balayage/ombré to be a little time-consuming. She adds, “However, it’s worth it, as the following touch-up service is a quick 15-minute toner to brighten up the caramel and reintroduce shine!”

#37: Dark Golden Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

A dark golden brown hair with caramel highlights hairstyle shows a perfect balayage. Layers in this mid-length chop bring out more of the dimension. Meanwhile, face-framing pieces are a great finishing touch.

“The long layers in this haircut are accentuated by honey caramel or golden blonde highlights,” says hairstylist Rachel Megarry of Massachusetts. “The dimension these highlights create complements the cut by showing off the layers.”

To get this color, Megarry says to make sure your stylist keeps enough of your natural dark color or incorporates a lowlight between the highlights, or it can lose the dimension. To style this medium brown hair with caramel highlights, naturally wavy or curly hair can get this finished style with a smoothing cream and a round brush blowout, while straighter hair types can use a big barreled curling iron.

Dark brown hair with caramel highlights is a dark hair color with pops of a brown-orange tint. Soft and subtle, adding shades of caramel on dark brown hair has the most sophisticated dimensional effect, for sure!

Foil highlights, with root shadow and balayage, are a few optional coloring methods. Jessica Scott Santo of Pennsylvania says to ask your colorist how often you should be coming into the salon. She reminds us that when going from blonde to dark, the hue takes a few times to stick to the locks.

Let your professional colorist know your 3 to 5-year hair history, too. Is there any medication you’re on, or are the products they’ll use okay for you? Anything that may affect the outcome of adding caramel highlights to dark brown hair is essential.

Santo advises being mindful of proper hair care. “Buy the right products at a salon, not at drug stores, such as sulfate-free shampoos. Don’t wash your hair daily, and don’t use hot water. These things will keep the color locked into the strands.”

Santo’s favorite products include oils from Olaplex and RandCo for added glow. “With darker hair and caramel tones, it’s hard for the light to reflect, so shine them up!” she exclaims.

Before your next hair color appointment, check out these images of trendy dark brown hair with caramel highlights ideas!